Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 119

189. Actor

Mount Kolpo.

It is the stronghold of a group of bandits in the Goya Kingdom of the East China Sea. The bandit leader is a female bandit named Kalidadan.

To be honest, Luo Yi was the first manga he read. He always thought that Da Dan was just a male thief with more flamboyant pectoralis major muscles.

But it turns out that she is the adoptive mother of Ace and Luffy.

Luo realized that if he was in the position of Da Dan, if he had some strength, he would have worked with Kapu a long time ago.

I treat you as a friend, you want to be my father?

Anyone who has seen One Piece knows that White Beard recognizes his son everywhere, but Karp is different, and directly asks his grandson to recognize his parents.

Isn't your white beard awesome? Ace is your son, and I am Ace's grandfather. Come and taste the iron fist that father loves.

With a cigarette in his mouth, a man with long orange hair and big waves on his face completely subverted Luo Yi's own criteria for mate selection.

No, my own requirements are really low, so I have to improve it.

For example, not under Boya Hancock?

"Markino, you are here again, Ace and Luffy are out hunting, they should be back soon, who is he?"

Although Da Dan looked rude and ruthless, he was actually like this, but he was kind in heart, that is, he committed more sins than the stars in the sky, nothing more.

"This is Mr. Luo Yi, a friend of Mr. Karp's. I'm here to send two sets of clothes to Ai Silu, and I will give them etiquette class later.

"Hahahaha, just forget Luffy, Ace can teach more."

Da Dan didn't seem to have any hope for Luffy.

"Well, on this point, I agree with Ms. Da Dan's point of view."

Luo Yi, who was next to Markino, agreed very much.

If Luffy now knows how to be polite, Luo Yi would dare to marry Tianlong people as his wife.

"Kapu's friend?"

Da Dan did not relax his vigilance against Luo Yi because of Mackinaw's words, but stared at Luo Yi seriously.

"It's barely counted, but I know Luffy and Ace's other brother."

Luo Yi did not explain his relationship with Karp too much.

"The other brother? You mean Sabo? Sabo is still alive?"

The smoke in Da Dan's mouth was all startled, and he squeezed away Mackinaw, and asked Luo Yi's shoulders tightly with both hands.

Of course, this news needs to be confirmed. After all, everyone thought that Sabo was dead. Ace and Luffy both cried and even changed their painting style, but now it seems that they are still alive.

The ship that Sabo was riding in was directly blown into wreckage by the Tianlongren. When they went to clean up the wreckage, they did not find Sabo's body at all, which confirmed the news of the death.

"Huh? Didn't Ace and Luffy tell you?"

"tell me what?"

"Tell you Sabo is still alive."

As soon as Luo looked at Da Dan's unawareness, he seemed to suddenly want to understand.

"Ace, what should I do? The news that Sabo is still alive has been revealed."

"Baga, are you talking in a dream?"

Behind them, there are two children. The one with freckle on his face is Ace, who looks the same size as Sabo, and the other with a straw hat is One Piece's hero Luffy.

However, two guys who looked like little ghosts were dragging a bear behind them that was bigger than the two of them combined, holding the same type of Sabo hose in their hands, and it seemed that the hoses in the entire One Piece world seemed to be the same.

"You two, why didn't you tell us about Sabo's still alive?"

Da Dan didn't care about so much, he passed Luo directly and asked the two of them.

Under Da Dan's majesty, the two of them also deeply "recognized" their own mistakes, one whistling, the other digging his nostrils, pretending to be stupid.

"Huh, come in first, I'll cook."

Da Dan knew it. As soon as Luo came to see Ace and Luffy, he directly raised the big bear and prepared to entertain the guests in a bear meat hot pot.

As for letting Luffy and Ace cook

It is estimated that their dream of becoming One Piece will be buried directly by their own cooking.

Although they came in and sit, they didn't.

The Dadan family carefully watched the situation outside at the door. Ace and Luffy held the water pipe and looked at Luo Yi, which was completely different from the situation they had just been taught.

Mackinaw was a little at a loss.

The conscience of heaven and earth, she just came to send clothes, by the way to teach etiquette, this is also what Esther asked her for help.

But today, they are very rude.

"Hey, who are you, why do you know about Sabo?"

Luffy was the first to speak.

"Luffy, you can't say hello, you have to call him Mr."

Mackinaw immediately changed into a teacher's face, but it was useless. She was such a gentle teacher, how could Nami teach well, that would be the character who slapped the future One Piece.

"Oh, what sir are you? Why did you know about Sabo?"

Although Luffy changed his mind, he didn't feel any better.

Compared to Luffy's recklessness, Ace would be a little calmer, but only a little bit more. If he really had a brain, there would be no such thing as going to war.

Looking at Luo Yi, Ace thought hard about the countermeasures.

His strength is not weak, although it is still a bit inadequate compared to Sabo, who is taught by his master now, but he can barely feel that the person in front of him is stronger than himself.

"Sabo didn't even mention me? I even asked him to come here to see you."

Luo Yi looked disappointed and shook his head.

But he also knew that the reason Sabo didn't mention himself and didn't let Dadan know that he was still alive was to ensure his concealment in the revolutionary army.

The less you say, the fewer flaws.

Sabo didn't even mention that it was Luffy's father who saved him.

"It's you? But Sabo lost his memory at the time. How did you know that Sabo came here."

This time Ace asked.

When Sabo met them at the time, he didn't recognize them at all. Instead, the two took Sabo around and made him think of something.

"You don't have to worry about it, I know anyway."

Do you believe what Oda told me?

He is also going to let you die in seven years, believe it or not?

"It turned out that Sabo came back because of you. You are a good person."

Lu Fei suddenly seemed to understand something.

"Baga, how do you know he is a good person? Sabo can't even tell where he is now, maybe he was threatened."

Ace gave Luffy a hard blow to the head, although the Rubber Man was not afraid of pain.

"Oh? Really? So you are a bad guy!"

Luffy shouted fiercely.

Luo Yi couldn't help holding his forehead.

I actually thought of coming to meet the future male protagonist. After I came to the world of One Piece, my intelligence also declined?

190. If you are not serious, you may die

"I am the man who wants to be the One Piece."

I said a few more things about Saab, and explained a little bit that his organization is a secret organization. For Saab’s safety, the less people know, the better, and one day after meeting the great route, it will be easy. Land has gained the trust of Luffy.

Then he turned his head and said to Ace, "Do you want Sabo to come and see you at any time", but Ace realized that the two of them were actually threatened, and then thought that Luo Yi was the head of the good guy Luffy. The last knocked again.

In order to gain the trust of the two people, Luo Yi came to the back of the house of Da Dan's family, with a crystal sword in his hand, and directly swiped a sword aura, clearing a small open space.

The two people who saw Jian Qi for the first time had a dignified expression and a bright eye.

"Sri Lanka One" Luffy:

Sword Qi Slash, in the world of One Piece, can already be regarded as a swordsman.

However, Luo Yi's own promotion is different from Sauron's.

Sauron learned the sword slash only after comprehending the steel cutting.

Luo Yi can also cut steel, just blessing his true energy.

But Sauron was not domineering at the time, and he could choose to cut off what he wanted to cut off. The blade ran across the leaves, but it seemed to be brushed with his hand, but when it fell on the steel, he could easily cut it. Off.

That should be a matter of realm. Luo Yi is not ready to learn, and he is too tired. Why not find a way to study the crit of Phantom Yarn.

Putting away the crystal sword, Luo Yi's ability to transform things out of thin air made Luffy very interested.

Raising your right hand originally didn't need such an action, as long as you operate it in the system, but people of all ages will have something like the second disease, and you don't feel handsome enough if you don't raise your hand.

In fact, it was the same. Less than five centimeters in front of Luo Yi's right hand, a shrine suddenly appeared, and he chose to activate it.

The light of Luffy's eyes directly covered the sunlight above his head.

And Ace's expression became more solemn.

"Are you a devil fruit capable person?"

He knew that the devil fruit was not strange, but the devil fruit on the sea was so strange that no one could say what power it had.

"Forget it, let Da Dan prepare an extra pair of chopsticks, and I will pick Sabo over."

With that, Luo Yi directly activated the flying shoes and flew to Baldige.

Seeing Luo Yi light up the magic circle and disappear, Luffy is very excited now, and even the idea of ​​wanting La Luo to join his pirate group, even if he has not yet gone to sea.

"Sorry, Sister Mackinaw, there may be no way to learn etiquette class today."

As soon as Luo left, Ace finally made time to bow to Markino.

Compared with Luffy, Ace's etiquette is very serious, and he has all the politeness he deserves, just who he is right.

"It's okay, I can come again tomorrow."

It's not business hours, and it doesn't matter if Magino comes out.

It didn't take long to wait, and in less than two minutes, Luo Yi and Sabo appeared one after another in the altar behind.

"Ace! Luffy!"

After a long time, Sabo learned that Luo Yi had built the altar here, but Sabo couldn't wait to meet his brothers.

"Sabo!" X2.

Ace and Luffy pounced directly, and the three of them huddled together.

Luo Yi didn't interrupt the conversation between the three people, but walked to the side and sat beside Markino.

"About Shanks"

Luo Yi knew what Mackinaw was waiting for, and directly told her what he knew.

Shanks, who stirred up the wind and rain in the new world, would report it almost every once in a while. Once Luo told Mackinaw what he probably knew, he didn't say much.

He has only one question now.

How Shanks, who is far away in the new world, managed to make Magino pregnant.

Going to sea for 13 years, is the child 1 year old?

Forget it, in more than ten years, no one knows what will happen. Anyway, he didn't fire his own gun. Who cares about him.

Luo Yi didn't do the job of transmitting information very well. After all, he just read the newspaper and didn't write it all down.

"Next time I come, I will bring all Shanks news."