Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 120

Newsbird will not send the news of the great route to the East China Sea for the sake of one hundred Baileys.

For the East China Sea, the weakest sea in the world, the news of the great sea route is extremely mysterious. A diary of a red-footed philosopher can be the object of competition. This weakest sea is worthy of the name.

"Thank you, Mr. Luo Yi."

Mackinaw thanked him directly.

"Sorry, we apologized for the rudeness just now."

Just when Luo Yi was communicating with Markino, Ace pulled Lu Fei and ran over, with his arms close to his body, and bowed to Luo. The 90° right angle made Luo Yi feel a little embarrassed. The posture is too evil.

Luffy also learned Ace's actions, yelling sorry, although he didn't know why he apologized, but Ace did so, it should be right.

"It doesn't matter. If it were me, I would be suspicious. You did a good job."

Although he was only three years older than Ace, the way Luo Yi spoke was nothing like a 16-year-old child.

"Arigado, Mr. Luo Yi."

Sabo was also happy to express his gratitude like Luo Yi.

Especially when Luo Yi secretly gave him 10 City Return Scrolls.

Sabo knew that this was sold by Luo Yi and was expensive.

"Your two brothers are very weak. Both of them are not your opponents. If you have time, you can come and practice with them. It is not that easy to become One Piece."

"Hello, don't underestimate us, my fist is as strong as a bullet."

"Bullets are very weak. They can't even hit people in the great route. They are only used to set off fireworks."

"Ah, really?"

For the first time, Luffy had doubts about his own strength.

"Idiot, don't believe it so easily."

Ace gave Luffy a punch.

"If you don't believe me, you can try it. As long as you can beat me, I will tell you how to become stronger."

Luo suddenly became interested.

Today is the moment when you two left a dark history.

No matter how many years later, he is the one who beat the One Piece.

"Sabo can also go together."

Luo turned his head and said to Sabo.

"Mr. Luo Yi is ready to be serious?"

Taking the water pipe that Ace handed him, Sabo danced out a stick, with anticipation on his face.

"I will fight back. If you are not serious, you may die."

Luo moved with infuriating energy on one hand, raised his hand and flicked it on Luffy's forehead.

"A bag is as painful as a fist with chicken sauce."

"Idiot, you are a rubber man, how could it hurt."

191. Good people

Why do you want to compete with this trio.

One is the promise to Sabo, to discuss with him for an hour every day, even when it is in the remediation of illegal areas or when sailing at sea, it has not been broken.

The other is that Luo Yi now wants to know whether his true energy is useful for those with Devil Fruit ability.

It turns out to be useful.

Under the training of those kind-hearted people in the illegal zone, Luo Yi's domineering and domineering mastery very quickly, or it may be because the domineering level has been reached, and now he is just learning to master.

Under the siege of the three, Luo Yi easily dodges all attacks.

"Luffy has grown a lot, the more Ace is."

Although it did not cause any effective attacks, Sabo couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

"Guo Mo Guo Moruo pistol."

Luffy shook his right hand quickly, and suddenly stretched out to hit Luo, but he was a little bit rushing, even if he didn't dodge, his arm flew to the sky.

Looking at the arm that stretched out from his side, Luo Yi felt that he needed to equip a useless product produced by the Emperor, and his brain collapsed.

Although lacking equipment, Luo Yi still stretched out his right hand and flicked Luffy's arm lightly.

"A bag"

The arm quickly recovered, and Luffy rolled around holding his right arm.

"Are you armed and domineering?"

When fighting Luo, Sabo already had this kind of guess.

Just bend his water pipe with his arm, this kind of thing can only be done by Dorag and the others who have mastered the domineering armed forces.

Domineering itself is an invisible layer of armor. The reason why there are colors in anime and manga is so that the audience can clearly know whether the characters use domineering.

Therefore, domineering is actually invisible, and only those who have also practiced domineering can know whether the opponent has used domineering.

"Damn it, his speed is too fast."

Ace, who has no Devil Fruit, now completely relies on physical skills to fight, but his attack has never hit the opponent, but has suffered a lot of brain collapse on his head, and has already bulged several big bags.

Among the three, Sabo has the strongest combat effectiveness, but in the face of Luo Yi's promotion, his offense is not very effective.

If Saab’s current combat effectiveness has reached the level of a navy colonel, then Ace is only equivalent to a captain or major, and may not be as good as the Captain Crow met when Luffy went out to sea.

As for Luffy, it didn’t take long to train now. Even though Sabo’s "death" and determined to become stronger, stronger and stronger, his true strength, I am afraid that he has not even reached the bounty. It is just a fight. .

Rubber Fruit: Health Points

Even after using True Qi, Luffy was still alive and well, and after shouting the pain, he continued to join the battle.

"Dragon Claw"

"Fly kick"

"Guo Mo Guo Moruo Pistol"

The three of them didn't even look at each other. After a long time of action, even if they haven't seen each other for a few years, they still have an incomparable tacit understanding of others. At the same time, they attacked from Luo Yi's three sides, feeling inevitable.

However, Luo Yi only took two steps, turned around, and found the gap between the three of them. Between them, he punched Sabo’s chest with a punch and was blocked by his barely retracted arm. Knock.

Then the left hand pointed backward and fell on Ace's shoulder. A tingling sensation spread all over the right hand. The palm of the hand holding the water pipe was completely helpless, and even the water pipe fell on the ground.

After solving the two people, Luffy's arm flew over his head. Luo Yi directly grabbed Luo Yi's arm and slammed it hard, giving Luffy a shoulder throw, and slammed it on the ground, if it wasn't a rubber man. If that is the case, it is simply murder.

"Seeing and hearing color domineering is a force that many people on the great route will master. You can know the opponent's attack in advance and easily dodge."

But in all animations, there is a law.

Once commented, the protagonist will become stronger.

Then the villain gets cold.

Of course, there is another situation that when the protagonist is learning, as long as the explanation is provided, the protagonist can quickly learn.

"It's too shameful to have this ability."

The first time I heard of Ace said he could not accept it.

"Armed and domineering, you can grab or touch the entities of the Devil Fruit Ability, even the rubber man can still directly attack it. Your grandfather's iron fist is also because of this power."


Lu Fei, who had just pulled his head out of the ground, looked at Luo Yi with a dumbfounded expression.

The two knew that the battle was over, and if they continued, they couldn't touch Luo once, and they might even be beaten up to the point of being unable to take care of themselves.

For the reason that Lu Fei, the rubber man would suffer from being beaten, there is no way to use him to make sandbags to attract Luo Yi's attack, and then take the opportunity to carry out a sneak attack on Luo Yi.

"Open your mouth."

Hearing Luo Yi's words, the two opened their mouths obediently, and the tree sacrifice was thrown in by Luo Yi.

"It's delicious, I want more."

Although the mouth melted, Luffy still ate the fragrance of vitality, and forgot about his beating.

"Hey, the wound doesn't hurt anymore"

Ace actually reacted first.

When hunting the big bear before, Luffy was okay, and he was very resistant to wear with a rubber, but Ace was different.

The bear's speed and strength are not comparable to ordinary humans. His strength is good, and he can barely cope with it, but his body is more or less injured.

Can not beat Luo Yi, Ace will not use his injury as an excuse.

The enemy will not be merciful because you are injured, as long as you become stronger and become uninjured.

"This is a tree sacrifice, which can quickly recover from injuries, but only has a little effect. The shrine that has just been built has a recovery effect several times that of this thing. If you are injured, you can use the shrine to recover, but you can only recover it every five days. Use it once."

Luo explained to them at first.

Ace's eyes on Luo Yi changed again.

Until now, no one knew that Luo Yi did all this for their good.

As for the altar that recovered from their injuries, they can let them go to exercise, and they are not afraid of injury at all.

As for Sabo's strength, Ace and the others could see clearly.

It did surpass them by a lot. Sabo, who was still comparable to himself before, surpassed himself in speed and strength.

"Mr. Luo Yi is really a good person."

Lu Fei suddenly realized.

"It's dinner bastards."

Da Dan's head poked out of the house, with a cigarette in his mouth again, and shouted loudly.

192. It's so late, why don't you sleep?

"Look, I'll say it's the fruit of Fudge."

On the boat, Oliver was sorting out dozens of orders he had received this time, and Luo couldn't help but complain.


Oliver didn't reply, he was in a good mood and didn't care about you.

For three full days, Luo Yi spent the Dadan family as a sparring partner for Ace and Luffy, and Sabo would also keep making time to come over. The three brothers went together, but they still couldn't change much.

Said it was a sparring, but the three brothers were actually beaten.

However, letting them get in touch with the situation on the great route in advance might really change something in the future.

Both of them are geniuses, maybe no one teaches them, and they can find domineering by themselves.

Luo Yi also told them that domineering is the power hidden in everyone's body, but many people don't use it.

And during these three days, Oliver was not idle either.

Because of the name of the great shipping merchant, Oliver easily came into contact with the nobles of the Goa Kingdom.

These nobles, who are committed to the deep development of the decadent level, are always excited when they hear the words "Great Route".

If you can buy things that can only be bought in the great sea routes from the merchants of the great sea routes, this will improve a lot in an instant.

Coupled with Oliver's fruiting ability, these people easily chose to believe.

The fact is also true.

The Chambordian Islands, located at the end of the first half of the great route, gathers a large number of commodities from the entire great route. Even the scarce goods in some countries can be bought on the island at high prices.

As for the transaction price with these nobles, that is not a problem.

Have you ever seen Tianlong people bargain with others when they spend money?