Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 121

These nobles who wanted to live the life of the dragon people, but they learned the style of the dragon people very thoroughly.

"President, this order from the Goa Kingdom can bring us 2 billion in profits every year."

After finishing all the orders, Oliver trembled and said excitedly.

Even Luo Yi was surprised.

This is indeed a lot, as long as three years, you can buy a white beard for more money.

"I see, I want to buy a new boat, right."

"The president still understands me."

Buying a ship is not a big deal. With the increase in orders, there are a lot of goods that need to be carried every time you go to sea. It is inevitable that several merchant ships will sail together.

"Who are those new on board?"

Asked the dozens of people who had just arrived on the other two boats.

"That is the newly recruited crew of Captain Cuenca. They are all civilians in the Kingdom of Goya. After hearing our treatment, they all expressed their willingness to join."

With a salary of 100,000 Baileys a month, I would be willing to do it if I had a system.

Not everyone has the conditions to run a store.

"Then what's the matter with this girl?"

On the main ship, there is an orange-haired man who looks only about 10 years old. You are a child laborer.

"This girl just arrived on this island today. She said that she had no family and she wanted to find a job by herself. I think she has a good command of sailing skills, so she agreed to let her Get on the boat."

"President, please have tea." The little girl also came over immediately with hot tea very well-behaved.

As soon as Luo took the tea, looked at the short hair, smiled very cutely, but the little girl with a little shabby dress, directly reached out and gave her a headshot, then turned to talk to Oliver.

"So is she working as a navigator on the ship now?"

"Yes, Bill has been tested, and the sailing skills are better than Bill."

"Oh, it's so powerful at such a small age."

Hearing Luo Yi's compliment, the little girl smiled again at Luo Yi, almost cute.

"If you are ready, let's go. By the way, remember to lock up the money on board."

"Don't worry, President, I keep the keys personally."

Although I don't know why Luo Yi said this suddenly, Oliver patted his chest to make sure.

"I can rest assured that."

Don't worry about a ghost.

The little thief cats are all on the ship, can the treasure on the ship be kept?

I'm broke if I leave it to you.

Luo Yi really had a headache.

"Where shall we go next?"

"The closest to here is the Kocosia Village."

"Okay, I'll go back and rest first, these three days have exhausted me."

"President, walk slowly."

Seeing Luo Yi's back, the little girl tightly held the dinner plate in her hand.

"Don't be nervous, Nami, the president is very nice."

Oliver watched Nami's movements, bent down and comforted softly.

Such a small child was about to come out to ask for a living. Oliver thought of taking a newborn child. If she did the same one day, she would feel bad.

"Ah, thank you Uncle Oliver."

Uncle?Am I so old?

Forget it, I am also 30 years old, and it is not unacceptable to be called an uncle by an 11 year old girl.

Oliver arranged the order and let Nami go out first.

After going out of the room and seeing no one around, Nami changed her cunning look on her face.

Three days ago, the news that merchant ships on the Great Sea Route arrived in the East China Sea spread throughout the East China Sea in just one day.

This is no small matter, especially after Nami knows about it.

Because her hometown was occupied by the Dragon Pirates, in order to be able to redeem the village, Nami agreed with Aaron that she could buy back the village and her freedom as long as she collected 100 million Baileys.

However, 100 million Baileys can be collected by a little girl like her.

With her identity as a child and a girl, Nami spent a year getting into various ships and stealing the treasures on it.

Not every time you get on the boat, you can steal the financial report. During this period, you are inevitably beaten and injured after being discovered, and you can only bandage yourself by yourself.

This year, Nami has only collected less than 5 million Baileys.

According to the current situation, it will take 20 years to save 100 million Baileys. Even if the village is redeemed at that time, I am afraid that the people in the village will be cold because they cannot pay the protection fee.

One month an adult is 100,000 Baileys and a child is 50,000 Baileys. This burden is not small.

However, in just one year, hope emerged.

Merchant ships from the great sea route still have three ships at once.

After Nami learned the news, she rushed over in a small boat just in time for them to set sail, so she immediately made up a reason and got on the boat.

As the ship set sail, everyone was busy, and Nami stood beside Kunka by virtue of her sailing skills and replaced Bill.

This time the voyage is a bit long, it takes a day and a night to arrive.

During the day, Nami wandered about on the boat from time to time, familiar with the structure of the boat.

At night, after most of Nami slept, Nami sneaked out of her room.

"It's so late, why don't you sleep?"

"Ah, the president hasn't slept so late."

193. Tonight's Supper

"Don't be nervous, I'm not a good person."

Seeing Nami's appearance of being caught, Luo couldn't help but want to tease her.

If you want to say this, I'm even more nervous.

"It's not easy to come out to ask for a living at such a young age."

With that, Luo Yi took out a mango from nowhere and handed it to Nami.

"It's so sweet and bitter, but it's so delicious."

After eating the mangoes, Nami suddenly felt that her whole body was much easier. The burden of 100 million Baileys on her body was quite heavy for a long time.

Magic Mango: The bittersweet and bitter flavor unique to Kiddy Island makes amphibians unable to resist.

0.6 Health Recovery

Use: swallow mango

Immediately restore 125 magic points.

Cast range on allies: 400

Although I did not eat the mango all at once, the recovery effect is still there.

"If you like it, I still have it here."

With that, Luo Yi took out another mango.

"Thank you, President, why hasn't the President been asleep yet?"

With a cute smile on Nami's face, she tried to pass the test cutely.

"I slept in the afternoon, and I am not sleepy now, and there is an extra kitten on the boat. I am quite interested."


"Yes, if Nami can't sleep, do you want to go fishing with me and see if you can catch the kitten."

"Well, all right."

Nami was really embarrassed to refuse now, so she could only follow Luo Yi to the debris warehouse and took the fishing rod, and the two went to the side of the boat together.

Hanging the bait, and flicking the hook, Luo Yi's strength was extremely strong, and he threw it tens of meters away. Under the moonlight, even the fishing line could not be seen clearly.

"Although it is rude to say that, if you can, can you talk about your past?"

Leaning on the railing and waiting for the bait to be hooked, Luo Yi seemed to accidentally lift it up.

I have to say that Nami's acting skills are still good.

At this moment, he immediately changed into a pitiful appearance, frowning, and squatting down with his hands on his knees, as if he had fallen into painful memories.

By that, it was a speech burst into tears.

It's just that Luo Yi is a little surprised that Nami's speech is actually mixed.

In her words, her parents died because of the war since she was a child, and she was picked up by her adoptive mother. The adoptive mother was killed by bad guys last year. She had to go out to work and earn money to support her sister-in-law who could not take care of herself.

Wait, when did you have a sister stickman?

However, Luo Yi didn't reveal Nami's lie, instead he listened carefully, sighing from time to time and responding.

"Sorry, reminds you of something bad."

When Nami finished speaking, Luo Yi spoke directly.

"Well, it's okay, I feel a little better when I say it."

What Nami said was true. Although what she said was not the truth, part of it was indeed something she had experienced.

Sometimes, speaking out the distress in one's heart is indeed a way to release stress.

"Since you still have a sister to take care of, it is better to pick up your sister as well. Our Chamber of Commerce will return to the Great Route at that time. If you are not here, wouldn't your sister be left unattended?"

Luo Yi had a sincere face.

"Ah, no need for this one. There is an uncle in our village who will help take care of my sister. I just need to bring the money back regularly."

Nami waved her hand and refused.

"Don't worry, you won't deduct your salary. Wouldn't it be better to take your sister around? Although our chamber of commerce is not big, as long as it is a family member of our chamber of commerce, we have the responsibility to take care of it to the end. Don't worry, let your sister Put it in my store, I have someone to take care of her."

Luo rightly spoke up.

"I really don't have to bother the president, my sister and my sister her"

Nami really didn't expect Luo Yi to be such an enthusiastic person.

During the day, the vice chairman Oliver said he was a good person. Isn't that too much of an overkill? He actually asked the crew to take care of the family members who cannot take care of themselves?

"What's wrong with your sister? By the way, Nami, which village you are from, go to your hometown to pick up your sister after you come out of Cocosia Village. Don't worry about trouble, you will be a family when you board my merchant ship."


My family is already dead.

Nami has tears in her eyes.

However, looking at Luo Yi's sincere eyes, it was as if Bermel had treated him.

"No way."

Nami called out suddenly.

"No? Why not?"

Luo Yi looked puzzled.

"I can't go to Coco West Village. I haven't entered the range yet, so I can quickly change the course."

This guild leader is a good person, a good person, and he can't harm him.