Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 122

Moreover, when he really arrived at Cocosia Village, the treasure on the ship was snatched by the evil dragon gang.

"Why can't we go? We are here this time, but we want to do business with most of the islands in the East China Sea."

Luo said with a smile.

"No, there is a dragon pirate group on that island. Those are all murlocs, their captain, the dragon, but the fierce pirate who is offering a bounty of 20 million Baileys, can’t go there. The merchant ship will be attacked. You will all die."

Nami has personally seen the strength of the evil dragon gang. For the murlocs who can swim on the seabed, the humans who rely on ships to navigate the sea are really too weak.

"A mere 20 million murlocs with Bailey's reward."

Luo Yi was not surprised by the 20 million Bailey's offer, but rather disdainful.

"A mere 20 million? He is the pirate with the highest reward in the East China Sea, and he is also a murloc. The murloc's wrist strength is inherently more than 10 times that of a human, and he is as strong as a monster."

Nami fought hard.

"You have to know that the island where our chamber of commerce is located is the end of the first half of the great route, the Chambord Islands, and the pirate groups that can reach the Chambord Islands are all pirates offering a reward of more than 50 million, and even a reward is offered every year. A hundred million pirates arrived there."

"50 million? Hundreds of millions?"

Nami said that her outlook on money has been refreshed for the first time.

Just a reward from a pirate, is it worth the money to buy back the village?

While chatting, Luo Yi’s fishing rod suddenly began to shake. Luo Yi immediately grabbed the fishing rod. The fishing knowledge he learned from Kerby must first set the line, then close it, put it in, close it again, and wait until the fish His physical strength is not too much, and if he pulls hard, the line is broken?


A huge sound came from the bottom of the sea. The ship Luo Yi boarded was in the middle of the three ships, and a huge figure suddenly appeared in the middle of the water between the three ships.

The size is very huge, they are almost catching up with Luo Yi and their boat, white and green colors, a huge bull head appeared in front of Luo Yi.

Oh no.

Luo Yi didn't know, how could Nami didn't know, this was a fighter from the Dragon Pirate Group, with the ability to easily destroy the entire village.

And its presence here means that they have entered the territory of the Dragon Pirate Group and have been discovered.

The crew was attracted by the moo, holding weapons in their hands, ready to fight.

However, Luo Yi in front of him did not seem to show any panic.

"It's a pity that I didn't catch any fish. Although I don't know why there is a manatee here, but tonight's supper, I decided it was beef hot pot."

Slowly drew out a scarlet long sword, Luo looked at moo with bright eyes.

I haven't eaten a decent meal of meat in three days.

194. Cocoa West Village


Two calls, full of grievances.

No way, when a red light flashed and nothing happened, one of the horns on his head was cut off.

Moo moo cried on the spot like a child weighing several tons.

Luo Yi did not choose to eat it in the end, but let it be responsible for pulling the boat.

Slack is not there, Leviathan is pulled by Loyal to act as an interpreter.

God knows why Leviathan still understands the dialogue of underwater creatures after crossing the world.

Maybe it's like having a dog in your house that has never been out, but you can chat with a neighbor's pet lizard.

In short, Momo managed to escape the fate of being made into a beef hot pot, but became the tool of the Dota Chamber of Commerce to pull boats. As a tool cow, you cannot have your own ideas.

Let you go east, you must go east, let you go west, absolutely cannot go to the new world.

Regarding the fact that Luo suddenly subdued the manatee, Oliver, who had just lay down, was excited in the cold wind in his pajamas.

The previous naives allowed them to travel freely to and from Murloc Island, or to some islands in the New World, without any problem.

But now, there is another manatee in the Chamber of Commerce. Oliver knew better than Luo Yi what it meant.

"Moo-moo understands people's words, and let him learn to write when he turns around. Leviathan doesn't fight with Kunca every day, and it seems a bit reluctant to act as an interpreter."

Learn to write?

Moo raised his right hand, the thick fin, I was afraid it would be difficult to hold a pen, let alone writing.

"Okay, when I look back, I will find someone to make a pen that Moo can pick up."

Hearing Oliver say so, Moo knew that his nightmare was coming.

As for running?

What to run.

The moo from the great route, although only a sea beast, has a lot of knowledge.

Those humans who can easily swing a flying slash are not easy to provoke. If they dare to run, they will be cut in half.

Nami on the side looked dumbfounded.

Such a powerful sea beast was directly subdued.

I'm afraid I got on an incredible boat.

Sure enough, the merchant ship from the great sea route was really underestimated. Without the strong on the ship, how could it come out of the great sea route.

The destination this ship is heading to is Kokoyashi Village, and President Luo Yi is another strong man who defeated Moo Moo with a single sword. Maybe it really can.

At this moment, Nami's heart was tangled to death.

One is that I don’t know if I can rely on outsiders to rescue my village. The other is that I deceived Luo Yi. After arriving in Coco Yaxi Village, the evil dragons will inevitably expose their identities. Then, what will Luo Yi and the others do? To yourself.

This sea is not so friendly to those who deceive their companions.

"This sea has all kinds of abilities. Some people can lengthen and shorten, some can ignite a raging flame, some can create a tsunami, and some others." Luo Yi watched and followed. Nami behind herself suddenly said, "I can see through people's hearts."

In a word, he directly hit the most worried part of Nami's heart and looked up at Luo Yi in surprise, not knowing what to say.

Have you exposed yourself?No, no, no, how could someone be able to see through what others are thinking? Isn't this ability too foul.

Just stay surprised, stay surprised.

"Entrusted by a mermaid lady, when I came to the East China Sea this time, in addition to trading, she had to cut off her younger brother. In the entire East China Sea, there are only murlocs among the Dragon Pirates. "

Luo Yi's domineering appearance, he heard the thoughts in Nami's heart clearly, but did not directly explain it.

The purpose of my own trip, in addition to having the opportunity to see the appearance of the protagonist group in the original book when they were young, of course, is also to fulfill the promise with Xia Li.

Luo Yi knew that the relationship between Xia Li and the evil dragon was not good, but he didn't expect that it would be so bad that he would not care about life and death.

However, from a principle point of view, if his elder brother is a heinous bastard just like the evil dragon, he would not mind killing off his relatives.

Luo Yi turned around and returned to the room, Nami didn't dare to run around on the boat.

This time it was indeed an accident. It would be best if the treasure could be stolen. If not, I would continue to look for the next target. Nami has been through this all the time, but this time it was really different.

Looking at the manatee in front of her obediently pulling the boat, Nami had a faint feeling in her heart that the end of the dragon is here.

All night, Nami lay in her room, unable to fall asleep.

I haven't encountered this situation before, but it was all because of nervousness, fear of being discovered when stealing, and losing a layer of skin if I didn't die.

But this time, it was because of expectations.

Luo Yi's scarlet slash, let Nami see what is the strongest in this world.

In the original book, before the beginning of the plot, the evil dragon is the ceiling of the East China Sea's strength. It is the bounty of 15 million Baileys. Bucky, the clown with overlord luck, can be frightening.

The sky gradually lit up, and the village of Coco Yaxi was already close in front of him, just standing in the captain's room, you can see the island gradually appearing in front of you through the window.

This is not a great route, and there will be no sudden changes on the route, but as the island approaches, everyone can see the situation on the island.


This island, unlike the Gothic Island and Windmill Village that I visited before, lacked that sense of vitality, it seemed like it had lost hope of living.

The fact is also true.

In Coco Yaxi Village, where Nami grew up since childhood, everyone is so gentle and kind. Knowing that Nami alone was carrying the burden of buying the village back, everyone silently endured the oppression of the evil dragon group. Pretending not to know about this, I don't want to put more pressure on Nami, and can't let her know that everyone puts hope on Nami.

As for resistance.

Do not be silly.

Only Luffy has such an excellent talent, who has exercised since his childhood, and advocating freedom, will he chant the slogan of defeating the dragon.

As for the other pirates, who would do things that are of no benefit.

However, in addition to lifelessness, Luo Yi and the others also saw something different.


Ordinary people may not have noticed it, but the few strong men on the boat all saw the hope buried deep in their hearts from these people.

"President, what kind of merchandise does this Cocoyashi Village have?"

Oliver belongs to the person who can't see through.

Devil fruit ability people want to become stronger, not relying on fruits, but on exercise. What Oliver lacks is exercise, so his fruit ability can only affect ordinary people.

"Is there any suitable product here, do I need to tell you? Are you the president or am I the president?"

At this moment, Luo Yi brought the characteristics of a permission dog to the limit.

195. Murloc is very valuable

Cocoa West Village.

In the original work, there is no mention of who the head of this village is. It may have been cold.

However, there is indeed a person in charge in the village, and that is the sheriff in the village, Ajian.

Although he was a sheriff, under the rule of the evil dragon, he had already existed in name only.

As for why it is his staple food, it may also be because Ajian is the only person in charge of force in the entire village.

As the main force of resistance when the Dragon Pirates invaded, Ah Jian was covered with scars all over his body. Under the treatment of Dr. Gao, the village doctor, although he recovered, his face was covered with scars. Like the zombies under Ya.

The medical skills in One Piece are as funny as they are. Some wounds will leave scars, and some wounds will just be fine.

And a village doctor who is good at tattoos is a miracle if he can save people. He also hopes not to leave scars, for fear that he has not yet woken up.

In short, when he saw three huge ships thinking about his village coming, Ah Jian's first reaction was bad.

I don't know what's wrong with these three ships.

The evil name of the Evil Dragon Pirate Group spread throughout the East China Sea.

Wait, isn't it the manatee from the Dragon Pirates who is pulling the boat in front of the three ships?

Could it be that these three ships have been snatched by the Dragon Pirates?

Then why not go to the evil dragon paradise, but come to them.

The people in Cocoyashi Village suddenly became nervous.

They have been ruled by the evil dragon for a whole year.

During this year, no villagers were killed. As for why, it was probably because the dragon wanted to control Nami, so it would not go too far.

But it's just that they don't lose their lives. These murlocs have not done too much.

The evil dragon group who treats humans as inferior creatures will not let go of the opportunity to bully them. In the past year, countless people have been injured and disabled, and almost everyone in the village has been bullied.

As the ship approached, the atmosphere of the whole village became more solemn.

Then came curiosity.

Hey, this manatee, unlike what they knew, had a horn missing on its head, as if it had been severed by a sharp weapon.

The ship docked on the coast, and Oliver disembarked first.

"Hello, we are the Chamber of Commerce from the Chambord Islands, a great route. We want to stop here for supplies. Of course, if there is something that can be traded, it would be better."

They said that they needed to be supplied as a polite. They only came out of Goa Kingdom yesterday, and the supplies on board were enough for them to sail for a month.