Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 123

Jian was stunned for a moment, and suddenly didn't react to the other party's introduction.

It turns out that you were not robbed by the Dragon Pirate Group, but even if it came from the Great Sea Route, it is also a human being. Since it is a human, it is not an opponent of the Murloc.

"No, there is nothing here. Go away, as far as possible from this village, the better."

Ajian doesn't care who is pulling the boat.

Since these people have not been discovered by the Dragon Pirate Group, it only shows that they are lucky, and it is right to leave now.

"Leave? Don't believe it, our president said, we will stay in this village."

Oliver didn't know about the Dragon Pirates yet, even if he knew it, he wouldn't worry about it.

The merchant ship of the Chamber of Commerce has been sailing for almost a year, and the number of pirates repelled is quite large. There are not no pirates offering hundreds of millions of rewards. There are only 20 million murlocs offering rewards. What to worry about, it is better to worry about Leviathan. Would you eat these murlocs as fish?

"This village is very dangerous. The entire East China Sea knows not to come near here. You have not been discovered by the murlocs, so hurry up."

Seeing that Oliver didn't mean to leave at all, Ajian was immediately anxious.

It's too late if you don't leave.

"Murloc? What's so scary about murloc?"

Oliver didn't want to understand.

He has also been to Murloc Island several times, and mixed well with Murlocs. In his eyes, Murlocs are not all friendly, except that they look different from humans.

Of course, this is also a preconceived notion.

Because there are murlocs like Slark in the Chamber of Commerce, and the Dota Chamber of Commerce has received the support of the entire Dragon Palace on the Murloc Island, and their own friendly attitude towards ordinary murlocs or mermaids, they are treated naturally and ordinary humans. Different.

Look at the pirates on the island, if you find that they are here to do things, they will be hacked to death in minutes. There is no second choice.

Fight the murlocs on the Murloc Island, unless the fighting power is crushed, otherwise the sea is their ultimate destination.

Therefore, when he heard about the murlocs in the East China Sea, Oliver didn't feel anything to worry about.

"Isn't the murloc scary? You haven't seen it before, listen to me, hurry up and leave this island, the farther the better, in short, this island does not welcome you."

Ajian watched Oliver refused to leave, and went straight forward to push them back to the boat, but Ajian's movements suddenly stopped.

Behind Oliver, a young man walked off the large stern that was lowered from the boat, and what Ah Jian saw was the little orange-haired girl beside the young man.

Why is Nami on their boat.

Could it be said that this ship has really been occupied by the evil dragons?

No, looking at their indifferent attitude towards murlocs just now, they probably haven't seen murlocs, and don't know that there are murlocs on this island.

In other words, this is Nami Xin’s goal, but she just happened to come to Cocoyashi Village?

A Jian figured out the key at once.

"Uncle? Are you the head of this village?"

Seeing that Ajian and Nami didn't mean to recognize each other, Luo Yi directly said hello.

"No, I am the sheriff of this village."

Having said this, Ajian couldn't help but laughed at himself.

"It's okay. I think the villagers trust you. We have a lot of goods from great sea routes on board. If you are interested, you can buy them. Of course, you can also barter. As long as the value is right, we can also. Accepted."

Luo Yi directly looked like a businessman, without the slightest worry.


Oliver stopped directly next to him. He knew that the president was going to start acting hard.

"You are the president?"

Seeing Luo Yi's young face, Ah Jian suddenly knew why the people in this Chamber of Commerce were so reckless, even if they heard the murlocs, they would not shrink back.

A teenager, where did he know the terrible murloc?

"I am, it is not very pleasant to see the vice president talking with you. I want to know what happened."

"There is no reason. There is a pirate group composed of murlocs on this island. The dragon headed by the dragon is offering a reward of 20 million Baileys. You haven't been spotted now, so hurry up."

Jian felt that as long as he said this, the other party would definitely leave in fright, but the facts proved that he was wrong.

"The murloc? The murloc is very valuable, the vice president, the murloc of the population auction house, what is the starting price?"

"President, the starting price of murlocs is 1 million Baileys, if there are female mermaids, the starting price is 70 million Baileys."

"Since these murlocs call themselves pirates, then I'll take a look. You can sort the goods on the ship, and then see how much these murlocs are worth, and give the village as much goods as possible."

"Yes, President."

A Jian heard the content of the conversation between the two, and suddenly did not react.

Are the merchants of the Great Sea Route so cruel?Actually treat murlocs as goods?

196. I haven't tried hard

Evil Dragon Park.

It was built outside the Kokoyashi Village and occupied by the Dragon Pirate Group.

There are two ways to enter the Evil Dragon Park.

One is the gate of the Evil Dragon Park directly connected to the sea. As long as a human with an IQ above the pass line, he would not choose to swim in from here to find the trouble of murlocs.

And the other one is the side entrance of the Evil Dragon Park. As long as you pass through a field, you can reach it directly from Cocoyashi Village.

As for why a side door was left, it was also reserved for the only human member of the Dragon Pirate Group.

But at this time, the navy appeared in the Evil Dragon Park.

A pair of webbed hands are placed on the table, the nose is long and sharp and jagged, there is a sun tattoo on the left chest, and the left arm has the logo of the Dragon Pirate Group.

The captain of the dragon pirate group, the dragon.

"This is the money for this month, accept it."

Sitting across from the evil dragon was a navy in a navy uniform, a hood with two small ears, and a rat beard on his lips, Colonel Rat.

"Zhen Zhi Zhi, you really know how to behave in the world, then I'm not welcome."

After receiving Bailey, who was placing the dragon on the table, Colonel Mouse fiddled with it twice and put it in his pocket.

"Scared hahaha! I have to ask the colonel to take care of us."

"That's natural, money is a good thing."

"Would you like to stay for a drink."

"No, I'll say goodbye when the matter is over. If it is found that the patrolling ship is parked near here, it will be bad."

"If someone complains to the headquarters, I will kill him for you."

"No need, no need."

"Little eight, the colonel is going back, take him to the boat."

Seeing Colonel Mouse leaving, the evil dragon shouted at the pool in the park.

The originally calm water surface suddenly rippled, a Luo Zhixiang, an octopus man jumped out from it, unlike the octopus in the mermaid, Xiao Ba has two slender legs that women envy, and six sturdy legs. Have to make the man's arm ashamed.

"Ah, sorry, please."

"Every time I see your face, I find it funny, this mouse face."

"Hey, Xiao Ba, be careful when speaking, the colonel is our chief customer."

"Oh, that's it, I'm sorry, go up."

Hearing the painless scolding of the evil dragon, Xiao Bayi apologized indifferently, and pointed to the huge jar floating on the water.

A huge jar filled Colonel Mouse and the three navy soldiers he had brought into it.

"Sorry, Colonel, this guy has a bad mouth."

"No, no, it's okay, squeaky."

The damn murloc is really uncomfortable, but it's a good cash cow.

Sitting in a huge earthen jar, Xiao Ba's swimming speed is extremely fast. The pool in the park is connected to the outside sea, and the Colonel Rat and his party directly swim out and send them to the nearby concealed warship.

However, no one has noticed that on this gate specially set up on the land in the Evil Dragon Park, there is a telephone bug, which sticks its head from the top of the wall.

"President Anolo, what are you doing?"

Nami is in a panic now.

When everyone in the village tried to persuade him to no avail, Luo Yi directly pulled himself to the Evil Dragon Park.

Nami didn't know why Luo Yi could find it directly and accurately.

However, when he first arrived, Luo Yi didn't go in directly, instead he took out a phone worm from a small backpack on his body.

"This is a videophone worm. I recorded all the transactions between the dragon and the navy."

Taking the phone bug into the backpack carefully, Luo Yi explained.

For people from all over the world, the phone bug is indeed a luxury item, basically in the hands of the navy and nobles. Nami has seen this thing for the first time.


At this moment, even if she was only 11 years old, Nami knew what Luo was holding in one hand.

Why can the evil dragons fly in the East China Sea? It's not because the navy above them is sheltering them.

Once this matter is reported to the navy headquarters, the evil dragons and colonel mice will all be unlucky.

"Quickly, let's report it to the superior navy."

Nami directly took Luo Yi's arm and said.

"Don't worry about this, wait until I get the goods."

When Xiao Ba is not there, Luo Yi can just cut it over unscrupulously.

His new equipment is now lying in the inventory, telling his desire to use it.

At this time, Luo Yi had replaced his inventory with equipment.

Boots of Travel The Blade of the Abyss Destroys the Death of Daedalus Battlefury Silver Moon Crystal

These six pieces of equipment even gave Luo Yi the illusion of wanting to wrestle with the Admiral and the Four Emperors.

However, reason told him that unless he has mastered the domineering, he should not think so much.

As for why it is necessary to wear good equipment, Luo Yi said that the mobs hadn't been improved anyway, so he could just hack all the way.

He raised his foot and kicked directly at the wall beside the side door of the Evil Dragon Park.


The wall collapsed suddenly, and rubble flying around rushed directly into the interior of the Evil Dragon Park, hitting these murlocs.

Nami hid behind the wall, her body trembling.

If the evil dragon found out that he was here with Luo Yi, he wouldn't kill himself directly.

"Huh? Human?"

The smoke cleared, the dragon lying on the recliner without panic, after seeing Luo Yi's figure, he didn't panic at all.

The commotion attracted the attention of all the murlocs, and everyone from the Dragon Pirate Group appeared in front of Luo Yi one after another, most of them jumping out of the sea.

Let's just say that they are all creatures that live in the sea. They are like amphibians, what it looks like living on the shore every day.

"It looks so ugly, no wonder the starting price is only 1 million Baileys."

Luo looked at the evil dragon with a look of disgust.

When Luo said that, the evil dragon exploded.

Not only because he was ugly, but also because Luo Yi said the starting price.

How could the dragon from Murloc Island not know that there is an auction house that auctions Murloc on the Chambord Islands.

Luo Yi's words directly revealed the fact that he came from the Great Route.

Zhanfeng is the weapon of the evil dragon, in fact it is a big sword.