Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 124

As soon as Luo Yi said, the evil dragon decided to send him to death himself.

"Oh, I didn't expect that you are still a lumberjack. It seems that you cut the trees and built this place yourself."

Looking at the weapon of the evil dragon, Luo Yi's taunting ability was directly full.

"Hmph, the inferior human beings actually want to resist the murlocs, go to death."

With a kick on both legs, the dragon's speed was very fast, and it rushed towards Luo like a cannonball, and the peak Zhanfeng in his hand slammed down towards Luo Yi.

However, in Luo Yi's eyes, this evil dragon's attack was really rubbish. In addition to relying on the racial talent to give him a relatively strong power, even the fighting style was messy and full of flaws.

When he flipped his hand, the crystal sword appeared in his hand. Luo first came first and cut out with a sword. It directly collided with the dragon's weapon, sparks splashed and made the sound of metal collision.


Numerous screams rang from behind the evil dragon, and he was a little surprised that this human being was able to take over his own attack, and turned his head in surprise.

But only to see that one of his subordinates seemed to have been chopped, with deep bone wounds on their chests, one by one falling to the ground.

"What did you do? Is it a devil fruit capable person?"

Anger surged directly into my heart, and as the dragon roared, Zhan Feng once again slashed towards Luo Yi.



The call this time was a bit smaller than just before, mainly because some people couldn't call it out.

The evil dragon looked back again and saw the situation behind him, he was almost crazy.

The subordinates who had fallen to the ground had a wound on their backs, and when they spurted blood together, they couldn't survive.

"Oh, they fell down before I tried hard."

Seeing the look of the evil dragon astonished, Luo Yi was very satisfied with the effect of the new weapon.

197. Evil Dragon Group Annihilation

When the men behind him were whiplashed one by one, the evil dragon felt extremely depressed.

For the first time, he was suppressed physically by humans.

The reward of 20 million Bailey is too little for the strength of the dragon.

Luo Yi estimated that the level of this evil dragon has a reward of 70 to 80 million. If you work hard, the reward of over 100 million is not a problem.

It's a pity that some people don't cherish their talents at all. For specific cases, you can refer to the chapter of Shang Zhongyong.

Battle Fury: The person holding this powerful axe can chop down a piece of enemy at a time.

Due to the upgrade of the system, Luo Yi obtained the last synthetic equipment of Battle Fury, the Demon Blade, plus Perseverance Ball, Suppression Blade and Scroll, giving him the first Battle Fury.

As we all know, when there is only one piece of this equipment, it is basically useless to fight in groups, but it is the best choice to clear troops and lead the jungle.

There is no way to resist the splash damage caused by Battle Fury. It is directly a physical attack. If you want to resist it, you only have to pile up armor.

But, where does the armor come from this group of murlocs?

If the beach pants on them are also considered cloth armor, they can indeed withstand the dust attack.

Therefore, after several consecutive collisions with the blade of the evil dragon, the evil dragon did nothing. On the contrary, the murlocs behind him were attacked by the invisible sword aura, and fell to the ground one after another. The splash attacked again.

Until seven or eight consecutive attacks and collisions, Luo Yijian cut off the peak of the evil dragon with one sword, no sword aura appeared again.

There was no way. There was a crit attack just now. The murlocs who were barely supported by the dying breath were completely cold, and even the evil dragon was cut on the right shoulder by Luo Yijian because of the sudden break of the weapon.

"The blood of a murloc is also red. Why do you say that a murloc is a superior creature."

Looking at the bright red blood flowing down the crystal sword, and the dragon's right shoulder that had been soaked in blood and hanging down, Luo Yi looked at the dragon as if playing.

At the hole in the wall of the evil dragon park, Nami heard the screams of the murloc inside and the angry roar of the evil dragon, plus the words Luo Yi said at the end, curiosity defeated the fear in her heart, and cautiously poked out Head.

As a result, she saw a scene she wanted to see very much in her life, and she really saw it now.

Those murlocs she was familiar with were lying on the ground, their bodies covered with wounds cut by swords, blood ran all over the ground, dripping into the pool, soaked in the sea water.

The evil dragon had already thrown away the peak cut in his hand, and his right hand could not be lifted due to the injury on his shoulder.

No matter how strong the murloc’s physical fitness is, the nerves that control the muscles have been cut off, in this case, it is impossible to raise his hand.

Nami was so surprised that she covered her little mouth, couldn't believe it, but had to believe it.

Seeing unscathed, she looked like Luo Yi who was on a leisure vacation. How could Nami not know that she was free and the village was free.

Even the previous navy was recorded by Luo Yi. As long as it was handed over to the navy headquarters, even the decaying navy would be replaced.

All in all, the future of Coco Yaxi Village was changed by Luo Yi in the year when the evil dragon arrived.

Is this the strong from the great route?

The Dragon and Pirates that made the whole village desperate, and the Dragon and Pirates that Nami can only hold a glimmer of hope, are they defeated?

"Nami, I didn't expect it to be you who brought such a strong person."

Seeing Nami with half of her head exposed from the back, a grinning smile appeared on the face of the evil dragon.


Although the evil dragon looked injured, the shadow imprinted on Nami's heart was still there. Seeing his appearance, Nami just wanted to say.

Farting, it's not me, obviously this person came here by himself.

"But it doesn't matter, even if he is strong on land, once he gets into the sea, it is the world of murlocs."

With ruthless words on his mouth, the dragon moved cautiously towards the pool.

Just jump into the sea, can't beat me or run?

The speed at which the murlocs move in the sea can only be caught up with the sea kings.

In the evil dragon’s mind, as long as he jumps into the sea, he can escape successfully. As for revenge, as long as the man appears in the sea, sinks his ship, and drags him into the water, he can still be killed. .

The reason why the evil dragon is an evil dragon is because of his cruel character, all evil, and strategic retreat, which can be understood by his dead brothers.

With this thought in mind, the evil dragon let out a few ruthless words and jumped directly into the pool.

At a distance of only three or four meters, one swoop is just a roar.

The evil dragon only felt that his eyes were dark, and he didn't know anything. When he woke up, besides being able to twist his head, the severe pain from his limbs told him that his hands and feet were abolished.

And what Nami saw was different.

When she saw the dragon preparing to jump into the sea, her heart seemed to be caught by something.



Luo Yi directly disappeared in place and appeared next to the dragon that was halfway through, just like teleporting, without any movement.

As Luo Yi's crystal sword cut down, Luo Yi's hand muscles and hamstrings were precisely cut off by Luo Yi, and the depth of the cut was not shallow, almost cutting off both hands and feet.

This is the effect of the Blade of the Abyss. The current Great Stun Hammer can not only stun opponents actively, but also has its own flashing assault effect. Who of this Nima has a sword?

It is possible to jump in by jumping the knife, but the Blade of Abyss can directly control the opponent's eldest brother, and another group control technique, whether it is a group or a chase, is extremely powerful equipment.

Although the dragon lying on the ground was defeated, it still didn't let down its heart.

"Abominable human puff"

Luo Yi didn't bother to listen to his nonsense, so he swiped his sword directly, not only cutting open his mouth, but also cutting off his tongue.

"Your sister asked me to give you a word, in the next life, be a good fish."

In the unbelievable look in the evil dragon's eyes, Luo raised the sword in one hand, and a generation of bullies, the dragon pirate group, was destroyed.

The only remaining octopus, Xiao Ba, is carrying a crock pot and swimming happily in the sea.

"Do you have anything to take?"

After solving the evil dragon, Luo flicked the crystal sword in his hand, threw away the blood, and directly put it into the weapon arsenal. He turned his head and said to Nami who had not reacted yet.

"Ah I?"

Nami was taken aback again. Why did you ask me this question? I didn't seem to say that I was a member of the Dragon Pirates.

"Yes, didn't I say that, in this world, some people can hear other people's voices."

The high level of domineering experience and color made Luo wake up with special abilities. Hearing his heart is just one of them.

At the moment of "I", how could Nami not know, Luo Yi really knew what she was thinking.

However, after thinking for a while, Nami suddenly smiled with relief.

"No, no more."

198. One Piece, you are dead.

Luo immediately dismissed the corpses of the evil dragon gang, and set fire to the entire evil dragon park.

In the air, the smell of grilled fish exuded, Luo Yi and Nami screamed in despair.

Compared to Luo Yi, Nami blushed faster.

Pulling the embarrassed Nami, Luo Yi took her back to the village directly.

At this time, the entire Cocoyashi Village was in a daze.

Don't talk about them, it's Oliver and the others, and they don't know what the hell his president is doing.

This village looks very poor, really poor. Apart from agricultural products, there are almost no other valuable things in sight.

Regarding Nami's identity, Oliver and the others do not know.

Now, Luo Yi suddenly said that he was going to chop the murloc, which made them even more at a loss.

But looking at the big guys on the boat, the musket was gently wiping the sniper rifle with a range of more than three kilometers in his hand. Cuenca and Leviathan had nothing to do with each other, and they "discussed" on the coast again. Fortunately, Luo Yi's "dissuade" many times, but they didn't really move.

Oliver carefully prepared the goods Luo Yi said.

They brought three ships of cargo out this time, which, if not to mention, was worth hundreds of millions. They took a few million from it to give people away. Oliver said it was fake if he didn't feel sorry for it.

However, he felt that the president had his own reason for doing this, so he didn't ask much.

As for why the new navigator was taken away by Luo Yi, Oliver didn't want to ask more.

Look inside the Dota Tavern, Lilai and Marianu need not say, now there is a little girl named Perona, Oliver said that he has seen everything.

As a real professional elite, Oliver knows what to ask and what not to ask, especially the personal affairs of the leader. The less he knows, the longer he can live.

Now, watching Luo Yi walk back with Nami and seeing that Nami's face still has a little blush, Oliver is even more convinced that his judgment is correct.

Humph, it's so envious.


Behind the crowd, a girl with blue hair and a red headband tied to her forehead was looking through the crowd, carefully commenting on Nami.

In the village, a large number of villagers have gathered.

Due to the merchant ship, most people rushed back nervously, for fear of what might happen.

Bringing Nami to everyone, Luo Yi gave her a light push behind her back.

Nami staggered, turned her head to look at Luo Yi with some worry, but got his gentle smile, and she was completely two people when she just killed the Dragon Pirate Group.

Standing at the forefront of the crowd is still Ah Jian.

Among other things, this guy's ability to occupy a C position can't match him in the entire village.

"Mr. Ajian, that evil dragon is dead."

The spinning windmills on Ah Jian's hat stopped.

So suddenly?

Not to mention, Nami also felt suddenly.

But this is not important. What is important is that the dragon is dead?

When Nami said these words, the whole village fell into silence.

People don't know whether they should celebrate, mainly because they didn't see it with their own eyes.