Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 125

At this moment, the dragon set appeared.

As a dragon suit, they are responsible for promoting the development of the plot, alleviating the awkward atmosphere, setting off the strong protagonist and so on. It can be said that there is no protagonist without the dragon suit.

With an exciting news, the dragon sleeve descended from the sky, carrying a banner of the Dragon Pirate Group that was burned to only half.

"The evil dragon is dead, and the evil dragon paradise is burned down. We are free."

As a result, the crowd boiled.

It’s very strange that everyone generally chooses not to believe what the protagonist says, and what the protagonist says is just like an editor.

It can be seen that, as the protagonist, you must give up something, such as the trust of the people.

"Nami, you have worked hard this year."

Kneeling down in front of Nami, unlike the cheering villagers, Ah Jian's face was full of tears at this time.


Squeezing the crowd away, the blue-haired girl pounced directly from behind, hugged Nami tightly, and nearly strangled her to death.


As a sister, Nuoqigao has always supported Nami in her own way.

After learning that Nami and the evil dragon reached a deal to buy back the village with 100 million Baileys, Nuoqigao also decided to support Nami.

When Nami was in great pain because of the tattoos of the Dragon Pirates, Nuojigo got tattoos on her arms and chest, and said with a smile: "It's nothing! It's just a decoration! With Na Beautiful!"

This is how she protects her sister as an older sister.

"Since the evil dragon is dead, Nami doesn't have to save the 100 million Baileys, come back."

Looking at Nami who was hugging Nuoqigao tightly, Ajian spoke directly.

"Mr. Ajian? How do you know?"

Nami was stunned.

"We all know." Ajian was not going to make Namido think: "At that time, your behavior was really unbelievable, so we asked Nuoqigao. The whole village knew all this."

"But, if you know this, when you want to escape from here and escape from the Dragon Pirates, you may be troubled by our expectations, so we pretend to be ignorant."

"how come"



Oliver, who came to Luo's side, held back the tears in his eyes and bit his handkerchief tightly.

"what are you doing?"

Luo Yi, who had just briefly explained the situation to Oliver and the others, saw Oliver's appearance and thought that his vice-chairman was suddenly mentally disabled.

"It's so touching, this village is so loving."

Oliver said excitedly.

Not only him, but even the crew members who knew the situation behind him also wept.

The people in this world are pure, good and evil, everyone admires Nami's behavior, how could he make such a decision when he was 10 years old.

The behavior of the villagers also made them feel admired. In order for Nami to escape without pressure, everyone must pretend to dislike her.

"It's nonsense, give this village some help."

Luo Yi spoke directly.


At this moment, without Luo Yi going to say, Oliver is even willing to bring a little warmth to the village at his own expense.

After being squeezed by the Evil Dragon Pirates for a year, the village's materials were almost scarce. Most of the food was burned along with E Dragon Park.

Oliver and the others didn't mean anything, a lot of supplies were carried down from the ship, and nothing else, it was always necessary for a banquet.

"President Luo Yi."

This time, Nami came to Luo Yi's body under the push of Nuoqigao.

"Huh? What's wrong?"

Luo Yi was helping to carry the goods, put down the box in his hand, and turned to look at Nami.

"I want to be a navigator on your ship."

Nami said so.

Seeing her must-have serious eyes, Luo Yi wanted to say something.

One Piece, you are dead.

199. The contract is completed (four changes, make up the day before yesterday)

With wealth, fame, and power, all the men in this world, the "One Piece", Gol D Roger, said a word before being executed, causing people from all over the world to flock to the sea.

"Do you want my treasure? If you want it, go to the sea to find it. I put it all there, only Sauron knows."

The world is beginning to welcome the advent of the "Great Lost Era".

Looking at Nami on her own boat, there was only one thought in her mind.

Starting today, One Piece will not even be able to leave the East China Sea.

And as Nami got on the boat, naturally some people were happy and some were worried.

It was Kunca who rejoiced.

The Admiral and Captain Cuenca traveled at sea all year round. Even in two different worlds, navigation and meteorology are almost the same, not to mention that Luo Yi has never broken Cuenca's books on navigation.

As a result, Kunkka had an additional disciple, Nami Chan.

Every day when sailing in the daytime, Kunkka will take Nami with her, and constantly instill the knowledge of sailing in her, and Nami, who is originally talented and has a lot of navigation skills, learns faster, like a piece Like a huge sponge, it quickly absorbs knowledge.

The village was liberated, and Nami also let go of the burden on her body and can free herself to chase her dreams.

And her dream is to draw a map of the world.

Therefore, in order to realize her dream, she needs a lot of knowledge to supplement herself, and she also needs a ship that can travel the world.

And these, only relying on her and her sister's orange orchard, can not do it.

On Luo Yi’s merchant ship, the top floor had undergone a simple transformation, and a small orange orchard was created, which was transplanted from Namijia's orange orchard, and Nami is also taking care of it now.

No one had done anything before to grow fruits on the boat, but the speed at which the fruit trees matured could not support the consumption of the crew of a boat. It would be better to just replenish them when they docked.

But who wants the president to coax girls?

Now, it's not just Oliver who has seen through everything, but the entire Chamber of Commerce has said that everyone knows what the president is.

Humph, man.

However, Coco Yaxi Village is not without everything, at least the oranges in their village do grow very well and can be sold at a good price.

Oliver did not forget his responsibility while making complaints.

On the ship, the only person in a bad mood was Leviathan.

For tide hunters, the daily routine should be eating, sleeping and playing Kunkka.

Although the strength of him and Kunkka can be said to be evenly matched, but it is because of the contract relationship, the two did not make a heavy hand on each other, if they return to the original world, hum, fuck you.

Leviathan thought so.

But in the past few days, the situation has changed.

Cuenca is with someone else.

For 24 hours a day, Kunka would not even spare an hour for himself.

Leviathan said that unless you want to hug you, you will not forgive you.

But he didn't expect that Kunca had a new love, and he forgot his old love.


Looking back, the cloud blocked the way home.

Looking back, there are thorns.

There will be no more old dreams tonight.

To whom will I tell the dreams I had with you?

Sitting at the stern, Leviathan put down the anchor in his hand, took a bite of the half fish held in his left hand, and slammed the fishing rod out of his hand.

Tide hunters fishing?

Luo Yi even thought Leviathan was crazy.

Therefore, on the third day of the voyage, after Luo Yi made a suggestion to Leviathan, a huge figure appeared in the captain's room.


Compared with human knowledge based on experience, tide hunters' understanding of the ocean is not comparable to humans.

Nami's courses increased again, but she didn't hear Nami's grieving voice. Instead, she happily pulled the two of them to learn knowledge.

With two teachers, Nami was completely engaged in learning.

But Luo Yi, sitting on the bow, doubted life.

"Complete the contract, get the power of the sea monster"

The power of the siren?

It's right that Leviathan's race is a siren, Luo Yi knew that.

However, this was his third contract completion, and the things he obtained this time were different from before.

The engineer's knowledge is knowledge, and it is the knowledge that is constantly improved. That is the medium through which the engineer shares his blasting experience with Luo Yi.

The cultivation system of the Phantom of Moritti is Luo Yi’s second power. Although he has only mastered the skill of the suffocation dagger so far, the gift of liberation he most wants to master is Still practicing.

But when it comes to Leviathan, it's different.

After the contract was completed, Luo Yi's body had a different energy.

This energy can not only greatly increase your strength, but also add a layer of skin to the surface of the body, making it indestructible.

So, what is the situation with the Kraken Shell?

In addition, Luo Yi also felt a slight connection between himself and the sea.

Think about it carefully, Leviathan's first skill is the giant wave.

Big Wave: Leviathan won the rule of the high seas in the sunken island race.

That is Leviathan’s power to control the ocean. Although Luo Yi can’t directly create huge waves like Leviathan, but with this power, he can simply control the sea and sail the ships. Add a little speed, nothing more.

The power of the Sea-Monster is not constant. Luo Yi can feel that his true energy is merging with the power of the Sea-Monster.

The increase in energy requires a period of adaptation. Although I have not mastered the domineering of the armed color, but the power of the sea monster that has just been acquired, the effect and the domineering of the armed color are almost the same, and the true energy can also cause damage to the demon fruit ability. I feel that I am not high enough now.

It’s just that I didn’t expect that I could gain power directly.

If Kwangfayzalo's contract is completed, can he still directly obtain that ancient power?

This is invincible.

The Yellow Ape is just a person with the ability to shine, but Yizhaluo's power is the glory of the endless thousand suns, which is the light of the world.

And the Chaos Knight chasing behind Yizhaluo, every time he reaches a plane, he must destroy the light of the entire world before he is sure to kill Yizhaluo on that plane and go to the next plane.

But just to think about it, the power system of the DOTA world, when placed in this world, seems a little different. They can now use their power because of the contract, and the energy that exceeds this world power system cannot be used. from.

Otherwise, Izalor is not just an old man making tea in the Dota Tavern, he will send shock waves.

"Ring Ling Ling"

While thinking about it, the bell on the observation platform suddenly remembered. The observer rang the bell frantically, holding the microphone with the speaker in his hand, and shouted.

"A pirate ship appears ahead!"