Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 126

200. Crazy Fight to Save the World

It is normal to encounter pirate groups when sailing on the sea.

Cuenca and Leviathan, who were enjoying a family of three, let out a cold snort.

Actually dared to disturb us.

Kunkka picked up the waterjet that had been put down for three days, and Leviathan returned to the room and took out the moldy anchor.

The two were ready to resolve their opponents as soon as possible, and went back to continue to have class with their daughter Nami.

However, as soon as they walked out, the two saw Luo Yi with a look of expectation, and the power of the sea monster was still surging on him.

"I come."

This is how people are. When they have a little strength, they want to show it, just like a kid who has just learned to read, thinking that he is invincible in the world.

When Luo Yi discovered that Battle Furious Axe Chopping was violent, he directly raised a question from the depths of his soul.

Why bring troops?Just cut it all the way by myself, I'm a soldier.

As for the people of a pirate ship, as long as the captain is chopped off, the others will die naturally. How simple.

With the crystal sword in his hand, Luo Yi also saw the opponent's Pirate Flag through the sight glasses.

Alas, the East China Sea is indeed the weakest sea. There are indeed few pirates that can be defeated. As an important experience package in the early stage, Luo Yi has already cut off one of the most amazing ones. Now this is the second-to-last one, how can he follow along. Up.

Black Cat Pirates, Pirate Flag is also cat bones, two cat ears on the head, two golden pupils, it is a pity that Captain Cloe is short-sighted, he is still poor, and he can't even buy suitable glasses. Beginning, always go down.

Every time he pushed his glasses, Crowe felt very upset.

Obviously his intelligence is so high and his combat effectiveness is not bad, why is he so poor?

Therefore, when Crowe encountered the navy, he decided to kill himself.

First he took a small boat by himself, quietly touched the warship, killed all the navy, let his crew hypnotize a crew member pretending to be himself, and hypnotized another navy Monka who was half-dead by himself, making him think he was himself Captain Crowe was caught.

Then, Crowe died in a suspended animation, and became a housekeeper of a large family. He killed the owner and was about to kill the young lady and inherit the family property.

Of course, this plan was created three years ago when the plot started. Now, he is still living hard at sea, mixing with a group of men with IQ problems all day.

However, just a few days ago, Crowe saw the news about the Merchant Shipping of Great Sea Route. According to the content reported in the news, Crowe slightly inferred the route of the merchant vessel and directly switched the route.

Come on, money, finally I have money to buy glasses.


Seeing that the three merchant ships entered the range of the shells, Crowe gave orders without hesitation.

Before the battle, it was the most basic thing that the two ships fired artillery shells each other. The three cannons in the bow of the ship fired at the same time, and the black shells flew out with the sound of "biu".




Three consecutive explosions occurred just in front of the Black Cat Pirates.

Crowe could see clearly that all three shells exploded less than ten meters away.

what happened?

Sure enough, the quality of the shells bought at a discount is bad?

Do you have to be thankful that you didn't explode while firing?

"Continue firing."

Cloe ordered again, but he moved a few steps away from the cannon.


The crew looked at Cloe speechlessly.

But what can be done, the captain of his own is extremely cruel, the kind of one who would attack him if he didn't agree with him.

Reload the cannonball and light the fuse.


"Boom" X3

It was still the case, and the shell exploded before it flew far.

What's the use of this shell?

Forget it, looking at the opposite side does not mean firing, and the distance between the two firings has already been pulled in, so you can directly prepare for the battle.

On the merchant ship, the musket Kadel Hawkeye really could not use a sword, and under the praise of everyone, he gently blew the smoke from the sniper rifle.

The shells fired by the Black Cat Pirates just now were all shot down by him.

Do you think he is just a sniper?Then you are too naive, he is a Gatling sniper.

The gun in Kader's hand is not known to be modified. Not only can he shoot continuously, but the time to fill the pill is also very short.

In short, when the other party fired the cannon and the others hadn't reacted, Kader had already fired. Three bullets were fired one after another, but arrived almost simultaneously.

The timing of the shot was also very precise, just when the opponent's shell was launched.

"Sri Lanka One"

Nami was surprised with emotion.

She has only been on the boat for a short time. I don't know how good the people on the boat are. Even if Kunkka and Leviathan had made two gestures before, it was only two.

Seeing that everyone else on the ship is not surprised, just quietly taking up arms and preparing for battle, Nami is even more convinced that this is not an ordinary merchant ship. As long as she stays here, she will be able to realize her dream.

Children who have never seen the world are so innocent. When Luo sees Nami's expression, he is not ready to preach. Sometimes, no matter how much he talks, it is better to let the child feel it in person to know how weak he is.

It is true that there are shells on merchant ships, but they are generally rarely used.

Under the training of Kunkka, the Dota Chamber of Commerce has its own guards, and it is strictly disciplined and not weak. It can also do it with real swords when encountering pirates. There are also several outstanding talents who have been trained. .

To be honest, in the mere black cat pirate group, apart from the captain's skills are more difficult to deal with, only the guards can solve the rest.

"Remember, the head of the pirate is also one of the important sources of income for our Chamber of Commerce."

Oliver looked at Luo Yi in front of him with a headache, squatting beside Nami and said.

"President, he likes fighting?"

Nami thinks it's better to ask clearly.

Oliver recalled a little bit about Luo Yi's activity on the Chambord Islands, and nodded very surely.

Ignoring the conversations of the people behind him, Luo Yi stood at the bow of the ship, looking at the pirate ship that was getting closer, his mind had already opened the Abyssal Blade, and his goal was directed at Cloe.

In an instant, Luo Yi disappeared in place and appeared directly in front of Clo.

Cloo, who had just seen someone appear in front of him, was about to get out of the way, but he felt a huge force hit his head directly, rolled his eyes and fainted.

Luo Yi wouldn't wait for him to wake up, just swing a sword.

"Ah ah ah ah ah"

The calls came one after another. Due to the location of the Klow station, the battle-furious splash did not cover the entire ship, but most of the crew fell.

In this regard, Luo Yi had only one thought in his mind.

After I went back, I bought five more Battle Fury to save the world.

201. West Robb Village

"Black Cat Kuro, the captain of the Black Cat Pirates, is offering a reward of 18 million Bailey."

"Deputy Captain Kuzan is offering a reward of 9 million Baileys."

"Brother Cats, Bush and Sam, the total is only 7 million Baileys."

"The total bounty for the entire ship is 34 million Baileys. It's really poor. Even the trafficker leader on the Chambord Islands offers a higher reward than this ship."

The corpses of the pirates were all processed into the sea. Due to the splashing power, they could hardly be defended. Except for the fact that Chloe was chopped to death by Lo, there was not a single mouth in the ship.

Anyway, the reward order says that it doesn't matter whether they live or die, Luo Yi and the others don't need to worry about anything.

However, the next village did not seem to have a navy garrison. As soon as Luo and the others separated a merchant ship, led by Kader, they went to the navy branch to exchange the bounty, and then went to Silob Village to join them.

The destination this time, not only Luo said he was coming, but even Oliver wanted to come over and talk about cooperation.

The East China Sea is called the weakest sea, not only to say that the strength of the pirates is weak, but to the overall strength, including economic, chemical and other aspects.

In the entire East China Sea, the only thing that Oliver can admire is the big family in Xi Luobu Village.

A businessman lives here, and Oliver is here to discuss cooperation.

Luo Yi came to see God.

This is the general plot of the animation of One Piece.

Good luck Luffy, adversity Sauron, desperate Usopp.

At the beginning, everyone said that Usopp was just an ordinary person on the boat of the Straw Hat Pirates. Apart from shooting accurately, he didn't have any powerful strength.

But the facts proved that every time the Straw Hat Pirates encountered danger, it was Usopp who came to the rescue. Everyone was cold, but he did not fall.

Of course, it is also possible that the enemy thinks he is too weak and ignores what he means.

But he saved the Straw Hat Pirates more than once or twice, which is also true.

Luo Yi wanted to see now, what kind of virtue this seemingly ordinary person is actually the little liar of the crew on the ship of the Four Emperors in the future.

The ship docked slowly, perhaps because the flag was not the pirate flag. Although the merchant ship attracted the attention of many people, it did not cause any commotion.

After Luo got off the ship, he split with Oliver.

Their destinations are different. Luo Yi is going to the village, and Oliver is going to the manor behind the village.

This is the case for rich people. They like to buy a piece of land alone and build their own house. Then the family lives here. There is no one in the radius of more than a dozen miles. They have to fly a helicopter to buy food

This time, Luo Yi gave Oliver a tree sacrifice, that is, three.

Oliver didn't understand why.

This thing is extremely precious in his eyes. Even if it is on him, there is only a spare part, but Luo Yi said, he will use it later?

Could it be that the president is ready to take this thing out for a deal?That's much better than drinks.

With doubts and excitement, Oliver tidyed up his suit and tie, went to the gate of the manor, and pressed the doorbell.

The door opened, a white hair curled up like wool, with two small sheep horns growing on his head, and his favorite collar was changed to wool. Looking at this butler who is like a sheep, Oliver couldn't help but sigh that the world is big , There are no surprises.

"Hello, my name is Meli, I'm the servant of Master Orlando, is there anything wrong?"

Meli's every move seemed very educated, at least Oliver felt that he was more temperamental than himself.

"Hello, I'm Oliver, the vice president of the Dota Chamber of Commerce. I heard of Mr. Orlando's name, and I want to see if there is any possibility of cooperation."

Oliver explained his intention directly.

"It turned out to be a partner, please come inside, I'll invite the master over."

When Melly heard their intention, he didn't have any doubts, and directly led Oliver into the manor.

Seeing them so credulous, Oliver suddenly became a little worried about cooperation. If a pirate pretended to be a businessman, wouldn't it mean that he would invade the manor every minute.

It didn't take long for Orlando to appear on the stage, and beside him, there was a woman who looked frail and had long blonde hair.

"Hello, Mr. Oliver, this is Orlando, and this is my wife, Novia."

Orlando smiled very brightly, and at first glance he was a good person.

Besides, why would anyone bring his wife to talk about business? I think your wife wants to lie in a hospital bed. Are you sure it's okay to sit here?

"Hello, Mr. Orlando, introduce myself again. I am from Great Airway, Chambord Land Qunda, Vice President of the Dota Chamber of Commerce, Oliver."

This time, Oliver reported the origins of his chamber of commerce, and this sentence has been very proficient in the past few days.

And Orlando's reaction was also expected by Oliver.

Hearing that it was from the Chamber of Commerce on the Great Sea Route, even if he didn't know what was happening in the Chambord Islands, the soul of the merchant in Orlando immediately made him smell the smell of money.

The two immediately began to discuss business cooperation.

It didn't take long before they reached an agreement. Oliver would provide goods from Great Airway and Orlando would be responsible for the purchase. There is no limit to the quantity, the more the better.