Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 127

Regarding the issue of profit, the two of them also refused to give in to each other. However, looking at the atmosphere of the conversation, you know how smooth the matter is. There is no meaning to arrogance. It can even be said that they have a very happy conversation. There is a way to meet a confidant. a feeling of.

However, when Orlando talked with Oliver for a long time, and when the contract was about to be signed, Oliver showed his assassin.

"Mr. Orlando, I have medicines unique to Dota Tavern. Would you like to think about it?"

In the previous communication, Oliver was talking normally, but in this sentence, he began to use the fruit ability.

Sure enough, Orlando was immediately attracted by Oliver's words.


Although attracted, Orlando also knew that it was just a little bit of interest. In fact, he and his wife’s body were in physical condition. Even their daughter was also free and weak and sick. This seems to be family inheritance. Orlando has made a lot of money. Please also Many doctors have failed to cure their illnesses. Probably only by resting can prolong life.

"Yes, this is a medicine that can directly restore vitality and injuries."

With that, Oliver put the tree sacrifice that Luo Yi had given him on the table.

In fact, from seeing Novia, Oliver probably guessed why Luo Yi offered him a tree sacrifice.

The bodies of the businessmen and couple do not seem to be very good.

Sure enough, when the tree sacrifice appeared, Novia's eyes were directly attracted by the healthy color.

"Madam, you can try one if you want."

Under the power of hypnotic fruit, Oliver's voice was like a whisper of a devil, causing Novia to stretch out his right hand involuntarily, pick up a tree sacrifice, and put it into his mouth.

202. The spring breeze in February

Walking on the village road in Xi Luobu Village.

Luo Yi likes the villages in Donghai very much.

Compared with several other sea areas, the villages in the East China Sea feel calm and serene.

Because it is not a great route, there will naturally be no islands struck by lightning. Every island has a pleasant climate and is very suitable for human survival.

Of course, peace also means dullness. There are no islands with unique characteristics in the East China Sea. Each island is basically a farming period. When everyone is self-sufficient, it relies on merchant ships to trade.

The village road in Xiluobu Village is very spacious. It is actually the way people walk out. Due to long-term trampling, the land does not grow grass and forms a road.

There were wooden fences on both sides. Luo tapped it twice, and it looked solid, at least there was no problem sitting on it.

Seeing and hearing the domineering development, the entire island is very safe, the only large animals are artificially raised pigs, cattle, sheep, etc. In other words, there is not one that can be hit on the island.

The guards in the Orlando Manor on the island are just ordinary people.

The population of Xi Luobu Village is small, at least Luo Yi has not seen anyone in his current field of vision.

"Who are you?"

Passing through the fields, Luo Yi was about to step into the village, when he was stopped by a little boy with a yellow turban on his head and a pirate skull printed on it.

Looking at his long and pointed nose, Luo recognized him at a glance.


The role prototypes are Aesop's Fables The Shepherd Boy from The Wolf and Pinocchio from Pinocchio.

As for Usopp's name, Uso is a transliteration, which means lying in Japanese.

Fortunately, when Oda created Usopp, 100,000 cold jokes hadn't appeared, otherwise, his nose might be a little stranger.

And behind Usopp, there are now three little ghosts.

Although there were only three dragons and hardly appeared in the later stage, Luo Yi still recognized them.

Green pepper, radish, onion.

You don't need to remember, but you will know their head shape and hairstyle.

It’s just that the three little ghosts have just learned to walk. The onion-headed mouth at the back has a pacifier. He will fall after three steps, but he seems to be afraid of being fallen, with tears in his eyes. Followed staggeringly.

"Before asking someone's name, it's polite to introduce yourself."

Luo Yi didn't report his name.

As for how to contact Usopp, Luo Yi was also prepared to say something, but it should not be too obvious.

"Hmph, don't be surprised when you say it, I am the captain of the Usopp Pirates with 8,000 people, Master Usopp."

His hands on his hips broke Usopp.

"We are crew members."

The green pepper head and the turnip head proudly stood beside Usopp, posing the same posture, while the youngest onion head looked at the appearance of the three of them, and akimbo his hips in a way, of course. It's better if you don't have a pacifier.

"There are 8000 people?"

Luo suddenly put on a shocked look, the look was so grandiose that even Luffy would not believe it.

"Hey, hey, it's too fake."

Usopp waved his hand and complained calmly.

"It doesn't matter whether it is fake or not, you say you are the captain of the pirate group, just so, I am a pirate."

As he said, Luo Yi put his right hand behind his back and made a digging action, holding the crystal sword directly in his hand, with a terrifying smile on his face.

"Sea Pirates"

Under the sun, the crystal sword exudes a penetrating light, like a long sword condensed by bright red blood. A group of children who grew up in a greenhouse, who had seen this battle, were directly frightened and collapsed to the ground.

"Ah, yes, kid, report your bounty."

With that, Luo Yi raised the crystal sword in his hand, and pointed the tip of the sword against Usopp's long nose, as if it was about to pierce him in the next moment.

"I, I, I, I, I are brave sea fighters, how can they be, how can they be afraid"

She has a cowardly personality and loves to brag, but she yearns for the "brave warrior on the sea" very much. He yearns for his father's skill and bravery. This is Usopp.

At the age of 10, his current character is not only timid, it is very timid.

At least for now, his legs are shaking uncontrollably.

"So timid, it doesn't look like it's a bounty guilty. I give you a choice. If I answer my question, I will let you go. How about?

Looking at the tip of the sword, which was only one centimeter away from the tip of his nose, Usopp's head tapped like a woodpecker. The three little ghosts behind were all scared and stupid. They wanted to cry but didn't dare. appearance.

However, Luo Yi's next sentence directly stunned Usopp, and even the two legs that seemed to be excessively indulgent suddenly recovered, as if they had drunk a kidney treasure.

"Where is Jesus Bu's home?"

Who is he?Why do you ask where is my home?Why do you know your father's name?

As soon as Luo watched Usopp stunned in place, the crystal sword moved to the right, then stretched forward, and placed it on his shoulder.

"Where is Jesus Bu's home?"

Luo Yi asked again.

"What do you want to do when you ask this question?"

At this moment, Usopp's heart was full of courage.

My father is a pirate, and this person is a pirate. Now I ask where my family is. Could it be that he is here to seek revenge?

No, I can’t tell him, otherwise my mother

"Oh, his captain ordered a lot of drinks in my tavern. If he rarely comes to his hometown, he will help him visit his wife. When we meet next time, he can also report his safety."

As he said, Luo Yi smiled again.

Don’t laugh, it’s scary.

Usopp roared inwardly, but listened to Luo Yi's words.

"Have you met my father?"

When he said this, Usopp immediately covered his mouth.

No, in case this person is a liar, damn it, I actually exposed myself.

"Huh? You are Jesus Bu's child?"

Luo suddenly showed a surprised expression, put away the crystal sword in his hand, and "kindly" lifted the three green pepper heads from the ground, and patted the dust on them.

"Have you recognized me long ago?"

Usopp only wanted to shoot Luo into a hornet's nest with a slingshot.

Judging from Luo Yi's just a moment's surprised expression, he seemed to have known it a long time ago.

"I didn't expect you to be quite clever. Wouldn't you ask me to sit in your house?"

With his hands in his pockets, Luo didn't feel any embarrassment for his act of scaring the children.

"Hmph, there are 8,000 subordinates in my family, do you dare to come?"

"Of course I dare, I have cut more than 8,000 people."



The spring breeze in February, like a pair of scissors, cut open the crotch of Usopp and their crotch. I don't know why, but I always feel that it is chilly underneath, which is probably scared to pee.

203. Goodwill

Usopp's nose is exactly the same as his mother.

Luo Yi still doesn't understand how Jesus Bu was so fucking concerned, anyway, let Luo Yi look for him, he would never look for such a thing, so he could poke himself to death with a hug.

However, now the woman who can stab people to death is now lying on the bed, looking like she is going to be cold.

The original book says that Usopp's mother fell ill shortly after Jesus went out to sea.

In order for his mother to persevere, Usopp kept falsely claiming that the pirates were coming, but his mother finally did not hold on, and it was cold.

"Let her eat it."

Taking out a tree sacrifice from his arms, Luo Yi threw it directly to Usopp.

"what is this?"

Usopp looked curiously at the shiny little bead in his hand.

"This is medicine."

Luo Yi was too lazy to explain.

After a while, Usopp gritted his teeth, squatted down in front of his mother, and put the tree sacrifice in his hand into his mother's mouth.

The ritual of the tree melts in the mouth. In addition to the good taste, the effect also comes into play immediately.

As I said before, these restorative drugs restore vitality with a fixed value.

For people like Karp, the tree sacrifice is basically useless, but for people who are dying and whose physical upper limit is not high, this recovery is half-life.

The woman who was already so weak that she could only lie on the bed, took a few breaths, and sat up from the bed with Usopp's worried and surprised expression.


The woman seemed to want to say something, but she saw Luo Yi frowned, put her hand directly on her wrist, and instilled a real energy.

"Although the body has recovered, the mental damage is still there, and the vitality is still being lost, it just needs to live longer."

Compared with seeing and hearing domineering, the feedback brought by Zhen Qi can more directly know the physical condition of the opponent.

Even if he only learned acupuncture points with Manjikes, Luo Yi still had a little medical knowledge, and he immediately identified the problem.

As for what kind of disease it is, it's probably heart disease.

"Wearing this, don't take it off, you can keep your body healthy. Regarding the things about Jesus cloth, don't worry, he is doing well now, I believe he will be back in a few years."

Luo Yi didn't know how to comfort him, after all, what Jesus did was not what a normal person did.

What can you expect from a man who left his wife and child and went to sea with a strange man.

A recovery ring was sponsored by Luo Yi. Although Usopp’s mother was surprised at Luo Yi’s origin, she also obediently put on the ring. A warm current continuously returned from the ring to her body. Recovering her declining physical strength.