Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 128

"Thank you."

There is nothing to say, if you can live, who will choose to die.

Pulling over the seat, Luo sat down on his own initiative, and began to talk about the Red-haired Pirates, just like in the windmill village before.

When Usopp saw that his mother was getting better, he immediately believed that Luo Yi was a good person in his heart. Now when he heard him start talking about his father, his eyes went wide and he wanted to remember Luo Yi said. Every word of.

The manor in Orlando.

Oliver, who had the ability to fruit, directly allowed Orlando and Novia to eat the sacrifice of the tree, with little effort.

The two who had eaten the tree sacrifice also felt that their bodies were recovering quickly.

"Sri Lanka One"

Novia sighed.

"Mr. Oliver, is this thing too much?"

Orlando directly saw through the value of the tree sacrifice.

If the quantity is scarce, it is a priceless treasure, if the quantity is large enough, it is a valuable item.

"This thing is in the hands of our president, I don't know it, but when I came, the president asked me to bring a copy."

Oliver was telling the truth. He really didn't know anything about these props. He only knew that Luo Yi could take it out.

Orlando understood that regardless of whether the other party was telling the truth or refusing, this matter can only be discussed with the president of the Dota Chamber of Commerce.

"This thing is called the Sacrifice of the Tree. Just half a month ago, the president and the navy made a deal. A fixed amount of 100 copies will be provided to the navy every month. If necessary, the president of Orlando, I can Ask the president."

Oliver knew that this kind of thing could not be directly said to be dead.

The virtues of Orlando and their husband and wife obviously require long-term medication. The president asks himself to bring the tree sacrifice, and he must make a deal with them.

Oliver really wants to make money, but he chooses not to make life-saving money out of conscience. Therefore, it is up to the chairman to decide the price.

"Really? Your president"

"Our president is also on the island, I will contact him to see."

Oliver knew that he had decided on the identity of the referrer today.

Picking up the phone worm, Oliver dialed Luo Yi's phone directly, listening to the young voice from the phone worm, then he was a child.

After Oliver's brief explanation, Luo once understood the situation, said a few words, and hung up the phone worm.

Their conversation with Usopp is over.

Luo Yi just said briefly and received a call from Oliver.

After knowing Luo Yi's identity, Usopp was very depressed now.

Obviously he was the president of the Chamber of Commerce, and he actually said he was a pirate hunter.

What I didn't even expect was that Usopp, who was dignified by himself, was actually cheated by others and scared to pee.

After bidding farewell to Usopp, without letting Orlando and the others wait too long, Luo Yi quickly came to the manor.

Looking at the young man sitting across from him, Orlando really did not understand.

Why is this child the president of the Chamber of Commerce, while the 30-year-old Oliver is only a vice president. Is it possible that the father of this child is actually the president, and his heart is just retiring?

In doing business, the most important thing is intelligence, but Orlando feels that he is seriously lacking in intelligence now. The key is that what the other party has is what he wants, needs, and needs.

"Mr. Orlando, I'm just here to show kindness."

Luo Yi once again took out a tree sacrifice and a healing ring.

"This is the tree sacrifice you just ate, and this healing ring, as long as you wear it, you can heal your body all the time. Look at Mr. Orlando, which one do you want?"

Cooperating with a large chamber of commerce is indeed of extraordinary significance to their newly emerging chamber of commerce, and the valuation of items must be more accurate than Oliver.

Luo Yi now wants to know what price his magical items can sell in Pirate World except for the tree sacrifice.

204. The Fish Now

"President, I have never seen you do this business."

Walking out of Orlando's home, Oliver looked at the contract in hand, a little worried.

Luo Yi gave the right to sell the tree sacrifice in the East China Sea to Orlando, and sold three healing rings to their family.

The Tree Sacrifice is sold in portions. When they sell in Orlando, they need to pay a cost price of 100,000 Bailey to Luo Yi, and Luo Yi will take 5 for the profit from the sale.

And for the three healing rings, Luo Yi directly sold the high price of 10 million Baileys.

A 10 million Bailey, totaling 30 million.

"Your business talent is indeed very good, but in terms of smell, it is a little worse than those of the older generation."

Luo looked at Oliver carrying a suitcase and smiled lightly.

The Dota Chamber of Commerce had just been established, and Oliver didn't know that he was cooperating with the Revolutionary Army. It was only because of trust that he ignored his sources of intelligence.

Oliver, who is devoted to doing business, does lack a little sense of politics.

Do you think this world is really so peaceful?

Hmph, if I hadn't read the original, I would really think so.

What is the most profitable industry in the Pirate World?

Then you have to ask, no matter in that world, war money is the most profitable.

Their tree sacrifices can play a role in wars. It is no less than guns. It can even be said that the party who is willing to spend more money on supplies can even win more with less, unless the opposing team In, there is a superhuman existence.

Looking at this sea, it is like Doflamingo selling weapons underground, Bucky the Clown’s pirate dispatch company, and the killer organization of the Vinsmok family. This once controlled the entire North Sea by force, but now there is no territory. The family that can participate in the World Conference is really rich.

If possible, Luo Yi wanted to rob the Vinsmoke family a bit, and tied Lei Jiu back by the way.

In addition to these, the most profitable one is, of course, stealing money.

Golden Emperor Te Zorro, you think he earned all his money, it was sent to him by a group of people.

The cost of a tree sacrifice used to be 10,000 Baileys, but as the system level increases, the probability of such low-level items in the lottery has been greatly reduced.

It often takes 20 consecutive draws to make a tree sacrifice, but there are more than a dozen props in hand.

But now, after the system is upgraded, all items need to be purchased with money.

Just buying the tree sacrifice requires a cost of 90,000 Baileys. Is Luo Yi willing to earn only 10,000?Naive, there are more places to spend money.

An altar was built in the manor in Orlando. Luo Yi said that he would give it away later.

In the orange orchard of Namijia, Luo Yi also built an altar and taught Nami how to use the Scroll of City Portal, but she hasn't mastered it yet.

After the business is negotiated, there is naturally no need to stay on the island.

The Dota Chamber of Commerce set sail again.

This time the itinerary can be said to be very in a hurry. Even while sailing, Oliver has to constantly sort out the orders he negotiated. He felt that it was time to start training some talents.

"Recruiting people?"

Hearing Oliver's proposal, Luo thought for a moment, then nodded in agreement.

The recruits this time are different from the previous ones.

Previously, the recruits were all entourage on the ship, such as guards, handymen, cooks, doctors, etc., but this time, Oliver wanted to recruit people who could help with the affairs of the chamber of commerce.

With more and more orders from the Chamber of Commerce, there are more and more things to deal with. Oliver's family alone does not have that much energy.

"Do you have any candidates?"

Luo asked immediately.

Since Oliver said so, he must have already had an idea, and he was interested in certain talents.

"No." Oliver shook his head.

Luo Yi:

are you kidding me?

After letting Oliver get out, Luo flicked his fishing rod, leaned against the railing, and began to study his own system.

After the previous system upgrade, in addition to the basic items and upgrade items, there is also something called neutral items.

Luo Yi wanted to ask.

This thing can't be bought or smoked, how can I get it?

Among other things, the seductiveness of these props made Luo unable to stop.

Scroll: Fallen Axe

You can fuse the flashing dagger and the meteor hammer to turn the user into a meteorite and hit the target area directly. Thinking about it, it feels old and exciting.

There is also the Book of the Dead, which can summon 6 Level 3 Necronomicon units at a time. What else is called the Necronomicon Book?

There is also a scroll: Trident, which can integrate the three pieces of equipment, Sanhua, Yasha, and Huiguang.

Take a look at the current Sanye Opposition Sword, Sanhui Opposition Sword, and Hui Ye Opposition Sword. When taken out individually, the effect is only half of the trident.

There are also ballistas with 400 attack range, Sage's Stone with increased cast range and extra vision, and the two-handed Desolation 2 make Luo a mouthful of water.

What Luo Yi wanted most was the equipment called Phoenix Embers. The passive skill was rebirth, which prevented fatal damage and restored the carrier's health to half.

What, you said this is all level 5 equipment, why didn't you introduce it to the previous level 14.


In the case of full-level equipment, would you choose to bring novice equipment?

Clicking every button in the system, Luo Yi never found out how to obtain neutral equipment.

The update of this system doesn't make it clear, it just introduces the new equipment.

From the corner of his eye, watching the people around him keep busy, Luo Yi felt that since this neutral equipment has the word neutral, it is very likely that it came from a neutral creature.

It's just the judgment of neutral creatures, it's really hard to say.

The map will indeed display three colors of red, yellow and green. Red represents the enemy, yellow represents neutral, and green represents friendly forces.

But even if it is Orlando, which has reached a cooperation with the Dota Chamber of Commerce, the display on the map is neutral. Is it possible that you are going to kill people?

After thinking about it, Luo Yi's fishing rod moved, and with a strong pull with his right hand, a piece of infuriating energy passed directly from the rod to the hook. The subtle infuriating energy was like an electric current, which directly fainted the fish.

Luo kept receiving the rod and moved cleanly.

This is the way that Manjikes told him to practice infuriating qi while going out to sea. It is not a simple thing to control infuriating qi on a slender fishing rod and fishing line. Luo Yi also practiced for a long time before he mastered it. The method of fishing with infuriating spirit.

It's just that the fish I caught today, how do I feel a little problematic?

Why is the fish so fat now, like the bottom of a wine barrel?

Seeing the unnatural appearance of this fish, Luo Yi decided to take a look.

205. Poor Ghost Shield

"What happened to the president these days?"

"Yes, although I also fished before, but this expression is not quite right."

"I heard that the president of Orlando in West Robb Village also had a 10-year-old daughter."

"I understand what you mean, the president didn't take the little girl on the boat, so I feel a little lost."

"Shhh, don't be so loud, don't you see the combat effectiveness of the president."

"Sorry, sorry, I have to talk about this kind of thing secretly."

For the whole day, Luo Yi was fishing frantically, even when he first started to practice fishing, he was not so desperate.

Controlling the qi into the bait can quickly attract the fish to the bait.

Obviously the speed of the boat is not slow, but Luo Yi can catch a fish every less than 5 minutes.

From morning till night, more than two hundred fish were caught. Behind Luo Yi, there are two chefs on the boat. Now they are quickly processing the fish as dinner for everyone on the boat.

This is how the sailing is. In the case of saving the food stocks on the boat, it is natural to eat the fish that were caught and shot to death first.

However, Ming Mingluo continued to have fish bait, but there was no expression on his face, instead he frowned and sighed.