Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 129

Throwing out the fishing rod numbly, Luo glanced at the round shield by his feet.

Said it was a shield, but he really praised him.

Poor Ghost Shield: A shabby old-fashioned shield, but its blocking effect is better than expected.

What a shit, hetui, rubbish.

Seeing the introduction of the poor ghost shield, Luo Yi couldn't help but want to complain.

When was the equipment of the Poor Ghost Shield? It was the equipment when DOTA1 and DOTA2 first came out, but it was cancelled later because it was so easy to use in the early stage.

Composed of two agile sandals and a round shield, the blocking effects of melee and ranged heroes are different, 20 points and 10 points respectively.

The most important thing is that this blocking effect is that damage from heroes must be blocked, while damage from ordinary units has a 50 chance to block.

The former J8 face, also known as Mask of the Void, wears a Poor Ghost Shield before the skill goes back to the past and is not changed.

But now the poor ghost shield, no matter how poor I am, I will not use you.

Seeing that only melee heroes can use it, and the effect of blocking non-hero unit damage every 6 seconds, Luo Yi directly throws aside, it is not as good as a buckler.

Although it is no longer possible to buy a buckler, the buckler in his armory has become an out-of-print item.

But every 6 seconds.

Now, if you can hurt yourself, you can basically beat yourself up in 6 seconds, but if you can cause damage to yourself, can you still be called a non-hero unit?That's the Roshan Devil, alright.

The Poor Ghost Shield reappeared, but it was among the level 1 items of neutral items. Luo realized that except for one or two useful items, the other level 1 items were not worth mentioning.

As for why this thing came out of the fish's belly, Luo Yi was still at a loss.

Was it because the fish ate these props first, or did these props suddenly appear in the fish's belly when they caught the fish themselves?

After trying all day to no avail, Luo Yi put away the fishing rod depressed.

In the current situation, there are basically only two conclusions.

One is that there is really nothing in the belly of the fish, and the other is that his face is black.

Luo Yi still knew how dark his face was, that the chief of the Snake Shield Bureau stood in front of him, who was all white.

After a busy day, Luo Yi's stomach was also hungry.

The largest fish caught was only a dozen catties, and the smallest one was one or two catties. Not only on his own boat, but also on the other two boats, they also sent them some fish.

The dinner became a full fish feast, all thanks to the chairman alone.

"President, we will be able to reach Shuangyue Village at noon tomorrow."

Eating delicious grilled fish, Oliver seemed to forget the contemptuous eyes Luo Yi gave him in the morning, and said with his cheeks bulging.

"So fast? Looks like you have to prepare well."

Luo Yi’s purpose this time was to take a look at the protagonist group and get to know each other by the way, but Luo Yi didn’t expect that he abducted Brook and Nami first, and now Usopp’s mother and Keya’s parents are not dead. I don't know if he will go to sea.

In fact, without a navigator, the Straw Hats estimated that they would be wandering in the East China Sea all their lives.

After finishing the backpack, Luo Yi knew that he was like an old grandfather, constantly sending equipment to the protagonist group.

As for the hidden boss in Shuangyue Village, Shuangyue Koushiro, Luo felt safe.

His father was one of the famous craftsmen in the country of Wano. He escaped from the country of Wano. It has been 41 years since then.

The two famous swords forged, He Dao Yiwen and Yan Mo, are one of the twenty-one tools of the big knives.

His name is Shuangyue Kosaburo.

I have to say that Oda's name is too simple.

Calculating time, Luo Yi knew that the time he traveled was a little late.

Those seniors in the past, when they came to One Piece, they must first save the female swordsman who fell down the ladder, Koishiro's daughter Guina.

In addition, various fancy wrestling techniques were used to explain why an ordinary staircase could kill Guina, who was stronger than Sauron at the time.

To be honest, Luo Yi really didn't understand.

He felt that with his current physical fitness, even if he fell from the third floor, his head hits the ground first, he would smash the floor first, instead of throwing himself to death. He can only say that he was born too early. Die to the plot kill.

Anyway, in a spot next door, when Guina climbed up the ladder to get the whetstone, she climbed to an altitude of 10,000 meters, chatted with Kaido for a few words, and the two fell off together.

Recalling the plot in their minds, after a night of rest, the islands began to appear in their sight.

Luo Yi didn't take out his fishing rod until the boat came to shore slowly, so he gave up.

"There is no detailed map of the island. It seems that someone has to ask where the village is."

Oliver was muttering as he stepped off the boat, just to see a huge stone, jumping up and down in front of him.

Wait, it's not that the rock is jumping, it's that there is someone under the rock.

That was a child, who looked a little older than Nami. In this spring season, he was wearing only a small vest, but he was sweating, carrying a huge rock, and practicing leapfrog on the beach by the sea.

"This kid, how can I get to Shuangyue Village?"

Luo Yi, who had just stepped out of the boat, saw the object of Oliver's question, and his whole body was ill in an instant.

You actually asked him?

I'm afraid you have found one piece, but you can't find Shuangyue Village.

206. Pointing Swordsmanship

Facts have proved that Sauron has absolute confidence in his way of recognizing his way.

If the sea fans most want to see Sauron eat that kind of devil fruit, it is definitely that the direction fruit has not run away.

The lost Sauron can appear at the most critical moment every time. The Sauron, who is not lost, has absolutely skyrocketed by 300 combat power, cutting all the way from Huaguo Mountain to Nantian Gate without blinking his eyes.

But in fact it is impossible. As a swordsman, Sauron has his own pride. A swordsman who has reached the top by relying on fruit ability is not a swordsman.

As a man who wants to make his name resound in heaven, he absolutely cannot tolerate the breach of his agreement with Guina.

If he can't reach the peak, it means he is just such a man.

And it turns out that holding the author’s thigh is indeed the fastest way to stabilize the peak.

Under the guidance of Sauron, Luo Yi relied on his domineering and domineering experience to successfully bring everyone to the place where the flow of people was most concentrated.

Shuangyue Village.

This village has only 41 years of history, and it is the village that Sagetsu Kosaburo arrived here after leaving Wano Country.

God knows how a person builds a village, no matter how one man and one woman are needed to be able to create a race.

"This child's talent is really amazing."

Oliver looked at Sauron who hadn't put down the stone on his back even though he was leading the way, and couldn't help but praise him, at least he didn't even have the strength to lift the stone.

"After all, what you are carrying is different from what you are pursuing."

Luo nodded in agreement, but also gave the reason.

Stress will make a person grow, but it must also be divided.

The same pressure, put on different people, has completely different effects.

Just like a child nowadays, when he is criticized by the teacher, he begs his grandfather to sue his grandmother and ask his parents to denounce the teacher.

However, the previous children were able to carry it down firmly, and tried every means to keep their parents from knowing, so as not to suffer from the scene of mixed doubles, but also to the teacher's home to apologize.

This is the difference.

As for Oliver, if he were to become fatherless and motherless, and his wife fell to death, he would only take care of his daughter wholeheartedly. How could he pick up the famous knife and say that he would kill the eagle eye.

"You go around in the village, this village has a lot of resources, and it's very distinctive."

Villages built by people from the country of Wano have a taste of Wano country, at least Sauron has always been like a samurai.

With that said, Luo Yi walked directly towards the place where he saw the strongest sense of color.

One Heart Dojo.

It is the only swordsmanship dojo in Shuangyue Village. Many children on the island learn swordsmanship here, but no one can beat the master's daughter.

However, since Guina got cold, Sauron became the strongest in the entire Yishin Dojo, second only to Koushiro.

How strong Koushiro is is not reflected in the original work, but what is certain is that the samurai who came out of Wano are not weak, especially in terms of domineering.

While others were still studying the entanglement of domineering and the hardening of dominance, Wazoku had already referred to domineering as Liu Ying, which meant flowing domineering, and started destroying it from within the enemy.

Seeing and hearing the domineering induction, the power contained in Koushiro's body is not much less than that of Lucifer and others, and he is also a powerful person comparable to a general.

From what he said when he taught Sauron, there are swordsmen who cut everything in this world, but he can cut steel with the same knife.

The so-called "strongest sword" is the power to protect what you want to protect and cut off what you want to cut.

To him, a sword that can cut everything is not a "sword".

In fact, when Sauron awakened Zhantie, he had already grasped the threshold of seeing and hearing domineering and armed domineering.

It's just that they don't have this concept in their hearts, so they have never tried to channel the energy that has been latent in their bodies.

Domineering things can be inspired by exercise.

Luo Yi didn't know why Koushiro didn't tell Sauron the domineering thing directly, was it because Oda hadn't compiled it yet?

Hmph, Luo Yi didn't believe it, the ability of foreshadowing fruit is not imaginable by ordinary people.

When he stepped into the dojo, he looked at the painting style as the background board, but the terrifying Koshiro was actually strong. Sure enough, squinting his eyes was the most terrifying.

"Please have tea."

Koushiro noticed the anomaly when the ship docked.

There are also three people on the boat who are even more distressed than Luo Yi, not much different from him.

The presence of such a team here will naturally attract attention. Fortunately, Koushiro did not feel malicious.

Luo Yi walked directly to the dojo, his purpose was too obvious, and Koushiro had to stand up to greet him.

"Good tea."

Quietly sat down opposite Koushiro, Luo raised his teacup at one end and took a sip.

Then, the two men sat quietly in the yard without speaking.

Koushiro was waiting for Luo to explain his intentions, and pour cups of tea, he didn't believe you didn't speak.

And Luo Yi was mainly thinking about whether to talk about the Revolutionary Army. He knew that when Dorag rescued Saab a few years ago, the Revolutionary Army was supplying the Yixin Dojo.

"Teacher! Teacher! I want to go to sea."

Just when the two looked at each other, Sauron ran in.

"Huh, you came back so early today?"

Koushiro knew that Sauron was exercising outside at this time. As for when he could return, it would depend on when he could find his way back.

"It's you? A guy with a good sense of direction."

Seeing Luo Yi, Sauron remembered how the people with the Dota Chamber of Commerce "found" the village.

"It's me, Xiaoluzhi."

Luo smiled and nodded, looking like Koushiro.

"You are the road fool!" Sauron roared.

"Sauron, treat your guests politely." Koushiro said calmly.

"Yes, teacher, I'm sorry." After hearing the instruction, Sauron immediately returned to normal and apologized to Luo.

Seeing Sauron's appearance, Luo Yi also admired Koushiro a little, and his daughter was gone. This prospective son-in-law can be so good, so powerful, and admire him.

"You just said you are going to sea?"

Koushiro was a little worried.

People who can't find home on the island, after going out to sea, even if they find one piece, they can't find the village.

Koushiro has absolute confidence in the attributes of Zororochi.

"Yes, there were two people fighting on the beach just now. They are very strong. I think only going to sea can make me stronger."

Sauron said firmly.