Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 132

Sitting in front of him was a person in white clothes, white trousers and white robe, with a mask on his face, who was more than 4 meters tall.

Listen to the voice, it should be a man.

However, Warring States did not like him very much.

cp0, this world government is directly under the highest secret espionage agency, and is the boss of cp1cp9.

Everyone in the world knows cp and cp1cp8. Not many people know cp9, and cp0 is even less.

As cp0, which is directly controlled by the government, why did it come to his marshal's mansion? The Warring States period was very clear. It was not the first time anyway.

"Marshal of Warring States, why don't we CP0 know this person's intelligence?"

The mask man has a strong aura and is not weaker than a general, but the Warring States period does not like it, especially when he asks himself a question with a picture of Luo Yi.

"Why do you ask me about things that you don't even know about cp0? I only have the navy here, and the work of collecting intelligence shouldn't be done by your cp?"

Warring States took a look at the information and only half of it was eaten. There was half a photo outside the sheep's mouth, which happened to be Luo Yi's head. It was exactly the same as the one held by cp0. He patted the sheep's butt and asked it to turn to eat.

"Marshal, this person is very dangerous. When your navy discovers his situation, you should report it immediately, not just investigating with naval forces. As far as I know, this person has several officers who are comparable to admirals. character."

The man was not to be outdone, especially when he saw Zeng Guo's open-eyed nonsense behavior, he was even more angry.

"You mean, as a marshal, I used power for personal gains, engaged in malpractices, embezzled the law, and robbed the law, and covered up the intelligence of a criminal, so now the government is coming to me to ask the crime?"

Do you want to buckle your hat? Who wouldn’t, the Warring States period didn’t even buckle the other party, so you just put it on your own head, you dare to nod and try.

"Marshal, I didn't mean that, I"

The cp0 people shook their heads calmly when they heard what the Warring States had said. They were interrupted when they were about to say something.

"Even if you mean that, if you want to ask me for a crime, you will either be Commander Kong or the Five Old Stars. You are just an intelligence-collecting department. What qualifications do you have to talk to me?"

Warring States folded his hands and looked at the cp0 man with a majestic expression.

"I was wrong, I was almost taken astray by you. I came to ask for information about this man. As far as I know, the Navy has launched all branch intelligence departments to investigate him in the past few months. This behavior, It can be determined that this person poses a great threat to the government and the world."

This person was not stupid yet. After realizing that he had been taken away, he immediately reacted and pulled the topic back.

"Intelligence? What information? Where does our navy come from? Don’t talk nonsense. The navy branch has so many things every day. As a marshal, I only control the overall situation. Of course, it is impossible to control everything. If this is the case for your cp0, I I feel that this matter needs to be reported. Should we choose people carefully to enter, and those who can slander the navy casually, it is estimated that Mary Joa will not welcome you in either."

The Warring States period was not going to talk about things at all.

Although they all work under government departments, the Warring States period does not like cp people, especially cp0.

As for the reason, it is still because they are directly ordered by the dragon people, and they still protect the dragon people at all times.

Without their protection, the death rate of the Tianlong people would increase by at least 50.

Thinking about it this way, the Warring States period even disliked them.

The people of cp0 are about to explode. This marshal is not going to get in right now, he is deliberately provocative. What's more annoying is that he can't offend the other party too much.

Regardless of whether it is the navy or the cp, they all serve the world government. As for the matter of fighting for favor, it is necessary to see who is above it.

Denon?Tianlong people are idiots. Wherever they need to fight for favor, the people below just say a few words and they believe it, and the Marine Marshal Sengoku, even the commander-in-chief of the three armies Kong speaks for him. Although he is not low in cp0, but now It is indeed passive.


Before he finished speaking, the door of the Marshal's office was kicked open.

"Puff hahaha Warring States period, I heard that cp0 rubbish came to you, are you still there? Sorry, sorry, I will leave with a pack of senbei."

Karp walked in, saw the person still there, apologized for what he said with a smile on his face, of course, if he hadn't smiled so happily, the cp0 people would really believe it.

It’s just that, if he didn’t come to the navy for intelligence today, he could still summon the courage to fight the Warring States period, and then everyone broke up. There is nothing to get together anyway, but the information about Luo Yi, even if CP is installed in the navy The people in China didn't get it either. The confidentiality level of that piece of information was too high. It is estimated that only Admiral and Warring States knew about it. So, bear with it today.

As for Karp, even if he came to the Navy to make trouble today, he can't offend Karp.

The world government can have no intelligence organization, but it cannot be without Karp.

As long as Karp is in the navy for a day, his hero's name is the name of deterring this sea, far more precious than CP.

Watching Karp walk into the office carelessly, he didn't mean to leave after taking a pack of senbei. He sat down directly on the chair next to the Warring States desk. At first glance, it was the old fried dough stick. This chair must be prepared for him. of.

The people of cp0 understood right away, and now it's not only that the Warring States period does not give him information, but even Karp has appeared, the meaning is very obvious.

As for what Karp said he didn't know he was here, just kidding, naval hero, tricolor domineering and proficient powerhouse, would not know if there is anyone in the marshal's office.

"Since the marshal refuses to give us the information, we can only investigate on our own."

With these words, the people of cp0 have already reached the door.

Although he had prepared himself to be boring, he also had hope to see if the Warring States period would give them cp0 face, and now it seems that he did not.

If you don't give it, don't give it. We are mostly intelligence personnel, so just send one or two teams over.

"That rubbish came to you for information on Luo Yi?"

After seeing the office door being closed by the soldiers, Karp asked.

"Well, about Luo Yi"

For Karp, there was nothing to conceal about this matter, and the Warring States directly talked about what he knew.

"That's the case, but I still have a piece of information here, just brought it from a soldier."

Seeing Karp took out a messy piece of paper from his pocket, Zeng Guo couldn't help giving him a look of contempt.

"This information? You got it from the soldier?"

After just one glance, the Warring States Period was stunned. This thing is not good.

"Relax, I asked Bogart to take the soldier away."

Karp threw a piece of senbei into his mouth, and said vaguely.

"The damn cp, even the navy has infiltrated the middle and high levels, and it really started from the inside."

Slapped the intelligence on the table with a slap, and the Warring States period gritted his teeth and cursed.

On the table, from the fingers of the Warring States, you can see a few words.

Begapunk, the sacrifice of the tree.

211. Remember to pay taxes on time

Dota Tavern.

Three months have passed since I returned from the East China Sea.

The weather in June gradually started to get hot. In the yard, Luo Yi was wearing a sleeveless vest and was trying hard to swing his sword.

When fighting against Sauron, Luo Yi only relied on his physical fitness and basic sword skills to defeat Sauron, and it was useless to see and hear domineering.

However, after fighting him, Luo Yi immediately realized what he lacked.

Play cool, a powerful skill.

Yes, take a look at Sauron’s skills. If you put it in a certain department, you can turn through six or seven pages to read it.

Luo Yi didn't need too much, as long as it was enough to cough and cough, the faction that could spread down.

However, Yunieruo told him that the foundation was not enough.

My foundation is not enough?

The saying goes well.

The moon stick will be a spear for a lifetime, and a sword will be hidden with you.

The sword is a weapon as difficult to practice as a gun.

But is this the case?

Every man has a gun, but they can't be used, whether they are good or not. Most of these are based on talents. Hard work alone is not enough. The sword is the innate talent of every man. Need to practice?

The answer is needed.

Luo Yi is practicing now.

The so-called sword skill is actually a way of using energy in the body.

And energy exists in many ways, such as physical strength, such as true energy, such as domineering, such as artistic conception.

One Piece has the rules of its own world. If you want to emit sword aura, you first need to have a certain understanding of kendo.

Needless to say, Yunieruo's understanding of the sword, even in a different world, he is also a top master.

But Luo Yi really lacked a lot.

Being able to cut out sword qi is entirely dependent on true qi and physical fitness, and the perception of the sword is indeed touching.

Therefore, Yunero said that Luo Yi's foundation is not enough, which is also correct.

Even with the book of experience, Luo Yi's speed of improvement has dropped significantly, but fortunately, it just declined, and did not stop. Luo Yi could feel his improvement every day.

Every time you swing your sword, it will bring a strong sword pressure. Look at the lawn on the ground. Even if no one steps on it, you will get a score.

Yizhaluo, who was making tea, said that this season, Luo Yi brought the cool breeze when he was practicing sword, and it was really comfortable when no one was chasing him.

Of course, even if Chaos chases into this world, his power of Chaos cannot be released because of the different rules. At most, he can only slash himself with the sword in his hand, but Izallo doesn't panic at all, because of the chaotic horse. , Running fast without your own horse.

"No, Luo Yi, just relying on brute force is not enough, you need to use your heart and swing your sword."

Although Izaro uses a staff, besides a lighting technique, does he have any other skills?

The light traversing various planes, Yizhaluo has seen swordsmanship, more than Yuneruo has cut people.

Luo Yi nodded seriously and closed his eyes.

Swing the sword with your heart, it's nonsense.

As a three-good boy who grew up under the red banner, Luo Yi made it clear that the sword was swung with his hands, and he could only sell swords with care.

Of course, it may also be because of the complete awakening of the domineering look and hearing, Luo's pair of swordsmanship is still very fast.

The improvement in physical fitness and swordsmanship made Luo Yi gradually reach the threshold of a swordsman. I believe it will not take long before his strength will increase by leaps and bounds.

For example, activate another skill bar like this.

The door of the tavern was pushed open and closed again. No one was seen entering or leaving.

A blue figure slowly became apparent from the void.


Nicknamed the invisible assassin, commonly known as the hidden thorn.

Compared to the hidden blade, which is a limited-time stealth skill, the stealth effect of the hidden spike is passive.

In fact, Luo Yi wanted to learn the stealth skills of Hidden Spikes. There was absolutely no other meaning, nor was it because he had seen a certain transparent world series.

"The situation of the hotel opposite has been investigated."

Riki's voice was a little hoarse, and it seemed to have deliberately lowered his throat.

"Oh, it's only been a long time, and I actually found all of them."

Luo sighed.

This morning, the owner of the hotel opposite suddenly changed people.

It is said that the reason is that this hotel was stayed by a female resident, who said that in the middle of the night someone was peeping, causing the business to plummet.

It is unclear whether the specific reason is because of this.

But yesterday evening, someone came to buy this hotel.

It is estimated that the purchase price was very high, which caused the original boss to smile on his face when he left this morning, but it looked like he was smiling and cocked his mouth, and it has not been relieved.

"The person who bought the hotel is CP6, the government's intelligence agency. They came here as spies this time, in order to get information about our tavern."

Riki is actually not easy at all.

Although he can be invisible, he also spent a long time in the other party's store. From the morning until now it is getting dusk, he probably found out the other party's intelligence.

There were a total of four people in the hotel opposite, two men and two women. They looked like partners who came here in partnership to open the hotel. The same is true between conversations. No word can reveal their identities.

I have to say that these people are really cautious, if it weren't for Riki to be invisible, and have mastered the skills of following each other, how to follow them into the room and hear what they said while holding a phone worm.

In short, everything seems to be normal, which is the most abnormal thing, especially Luo Yi's domineering experience, sensing that these people are not weak, at least they are also people who offer a reward of more than 100 million.

Moreover, they have mastered proficient domineering, and can't hear their voices. It is estimated that they have done rigorous training, so they can hide well.

How could such a person be an ordinary innkeeper.