Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 133

If these are not flaws, then what the opposite boss said when he came over for a drink a few days ago is hard evidence.

"In just two months, I will save enough money to open a branch."

Listen, does this look like someone selling a hotel?

"Is there any intelligence in our store that is worth investigating? Obviously, the spies on the Navy side have spent a lot in our store.

Luo Yi groped his chin.

Can't the CP ask the navy for intelligence?

Although, now that the identity of the other party is known, and the purpose of the other party is also known, that is the situation where the enemy is in the dark, and what information they want, we can make it to them.


The door of the pub was knocked, Luo Yi carried the wooden knife and opened the door of the pub.

"Hello, this is Bryce. I just bought the hotel opposite. From now on, everyone will be neighbors. Please take care."

Outside the door, there was a man who seemed to be about 30 years old and about the same age as Oliver, with a delicately wrapped gift box in his hand, which looked like an ordinary neighbor came by.

However, Luo Yi felt that according to the movie and TV dramas he had seen before, visiting should be done by housewives, and not only giving gifts, but also fast food.

"Thank you, I am the manager of this pub, Luo Yi, please take care of me."

Luo Yi accepted the other party's gift and responded politely.

"We just arrived in the Chambord Islands not long ago. I wonder if the manager Luo Yi has any suggestions for us?"

Bryce rubbed his hands together, as if a junior was consulting an elder.

"It's the first time, you really need to pay attention to it. It's very important to do business here."

Hearing Bryce's words, Luo Yi immediately put on a serious face, as if to say something terrible.

"Hmm, what is it?"

Bryce also got serious immediately.

"Remember to pay taxes on time."

Bryce: Σ"a

212. These two are dangerous

Sabah Hotel opened.

Just across from the Dota Tavern.

The boss is four young people, the oldest is only 27, 8 years old, the youngest is only 24 years old, almost all of the same age.

The four claim to be brothers and sisters, but they don't look alike at all, and their personalities are quite different.

The eldest brother Bryce looks more mature, mature and polite, and the second sister Shelley is neat, wearing stockings and black-rimmed glasses, very intellectual and beautiful.

The third brother, Ackerman, is a boy who smiles very brightly. He has a wide range of knowledge and is responsible for receiving guests. No matter where he comes from, he can talk.

The fourth sister, Shaman, has good cooking skills, is also petite and cute, and is very good at meeting the hunger needs of guests.

It was less than three days after the opening, and the praise rate of Sabah hotels directly became the number one hotel on this street.

However, the owners of other hotels were not in a hurry, and even had time to sit and chat in the Dota Tavern.

What is the use of your reputation, how many people can stay in a hotel?

The unacceptable passenger flow is not about staying in our hotel.

Anyway, their service attitude is not bad, and the customer's response is okay. Occasionally, one or two troublemakers were taken away by the navy.

As for competition, there is no need at all. The Chambordian Islands have a lot of people. How many people can only go back to their boats to rest at night. There are not enough hotels in the entire hotel street. There is no competition.

Luo Yi is also a member of CP who admires very much. Everyone is equipped with a large number of secret agents' skills, has extremely rich knowledge, and is able to carry out various infiltration tasks. Now disguised as a hotel operator, he is also very professional. No flaws.

If it weren't for the fact that these four people were not well-intentioned before, Luo Yi might only treat them as ordinary people.

In addition, Luo Yi also admired their patience.

Generally speaking, as an intelligence officer, after living in a place with a hidden identity, shouldn’t they come to the door secretly while the moon is dark and the wind is high at night, but they don’t. Actually, he started taking turns, and he didn't even look for information at all.

Everything is the same as usual, exercise, open a shop, run a tavern, tinker with the system, save money and prepare for a crazy wave of heroes.

Now the summoning hero can directly purchase the contract, and apart from the price is a bit more expensive, there are no other disadvantages.

However, the price of the equipment is not cheap. Luo Yi's six plans to fight wildly to save the world are still short of five.

A demon blade costs 2200 gold coins, which is 220,000 Baileys.

It doesn't sound like much, but his speed of making money is not as fast as expected.

Regardless of the business development of the East China Sea, it is only just beginning. Going to the sea also requires costs. The East China Sea has high profits and high costs. It also needs to buy ships, expand its staff, and buy houses as office buildings and dormitories. Building, all kinds of places cost money.

After more than two months, Luo Yi found that not only did he not make any money, but he posted a lot first, and the dividends during this period were less, which made him a little sad.

"Luo Yi's mood seems to be unstable, sometimes in high spirits, sometimes depressed."

"Is it because of the tavern business?"

"No, the business in their pub is very good. It only opens for three hours at noon every day, but it is always full. Some people even prefer to sit in the yard and have a drink."

"When I went to visit, I saw the price of their drinks, it was like stealing money, but I didn't expect so many people."

"It is said that this tavern is the most expensive tavern in the entire Chambord Islands, but the wines sold here are all good wines. You can't buy them outside. Their chamber of commerce only provides them to the royal families of various countries."

"In other words, is this wine that only people like kings and princesses can drink?"

"If the rumors from the outside world are true, it should be like this."

"Sri Lanka One"

The hotel here does not have any check-out rules at 12 o'clock. When you check in, it counts from when you stay for 24 hours. It only counts as a day if you stay for a period of more than a short period of time.

Therefore, even if the business is booming, they are actually not that busy. They can use the high-rise windows from time to time to see the situation in the tavern, and even secretly install a few camera phone worms and prepare to send videos to 9th Yaoyao. Of course this is not the case. Up.

The phone worms exist because they can't monitor each other all the time. Even if they install a phone worm by the window, it is extremely concealed. They don't directly face the tavern to prevent them from being targeted by the strong opposite.

But they didn't know, Luo Yi and they had already found out.

If they knew that the pictures they could see every day were made by Marianu in different patterns, they would not know how they would feel.

After nightfall, the guests fell asleep and gave the hired staff to take care of the reception desk downstairs. Bryce and others sat in the room, looked at the Dota Tavern below through the window, lit an oil lamp, and prepared Start the meeting.

"After these three days of observation, there are two people on the opposite side who need to pay attention first."

Bryce crossed his hands to cover his mouth and began to analyze the intelligence.

"Did you find anything?"

Shelley pushed the glasses on her face, holding a notebook in her hand, filled with dense information, which she jot down casually after work during the day.

"First, it's the little girl across, Lilai."

Bryce pulled out a picture from under the table.

Dressed in the princess mansion, Lilai with blond hair has a bright smile on her face, holding a dinner plate with a wine glass and a plate of fried rice on it.

"This is a demon fruit ability person, the ability is ice, the fruit ability is suspected to be the frozen fruit of the green pheasant, but her fruit seems to be superhuman. This is a photo of her accidentally cutting her finger."

As he said, another photo was placed on the table. It was Lilai with tears in his eyes. Sitting in front of the bar, Luo Yi carefully disinfected and bandaged Lilai. There were broken glasses on the ground, and A drunkard surrounded by divinations.

"The other person is him."

Still this picture, Bryce said, pointing to the top of the map.

"Meepo is a waiter in the Dota Tavern, but he has strong combat power and most of the people who make trouble in the tavern are thrown out by him. He is also a fruit-powered person who can sort out three clones."

With that said, Bryce took out a photo again, it was a full photo of the tavern, and four Meepoos could be seen bustling in the tavern.

Just find someone to take a few photos of things like photos. The Dota Tavern is visited by reporters every day, and their existence will not be exposed.

As for the information about the personnel, you don't even need them to sneak in, just ask the regular customers of the tavern.

"According to intelligence, Lilai once directly frozen a pirate with a bounty of over 10 million yuan, and Mi Bo also taught a pirate with a bounty of over 100 million yuan."

"In short, these two people are dangerous."

213. Wallet hurts

In order to prove the danger of Lilai and Dibu, Bryce and the others decided to explore the reality of the Dota Tavern.

This is not right. Our hotel is newly opened. The long-term liquor store has not been found. Your tavern is right across from us, and your liquor sells very well. Everyone in the Chambord Islands knows it, so don’t mind. Earn more?

With this thought, Bryce took Shelley into the Dota Tavern.

In general, Shelley is first-class, regardless of her appearance or figure. After long-term physical training, coupled with the influence of world consciousness, fat has gone where she should go.

CPs will make full use of their own advantages, when necessary, the body is also one of the weapons to obtain intelligence.

Shelley believed that, let alone a 16-year-old child, even a 61-year-old old man would also fall under her pomegranate skirt.

This thought continued until she walked into the tavern and saw the skeleton playing the piano, as well as Auros and Moritti chatting at the small table next to him.

The white-skinned Auros, and the white with green Motridi, although they were wearing casual clothes, they showed their figures to the fullest.

After just one glance, Shelley knew that he was being compared.

Damn, half of the business in this tavern is because of them.

Not to mention, Shelley really guessed right.

Half of the business in the tavern was due to the combination of Auroth and Mortiti, a quarter was due to Lilai, and the rest was due to drinks.

Otherwise, the drinks in the tavern are so expensive, and daily consumption is also a burden.

"Manager Luo Yi."

The current time is when the pub business is over. When the guests leave, Lucifer is preparing lunch in the kitchen, and Luo Yi and the others are cleaning up the store. Even Princess Mononoke Perona has not escaped the fate of working.

"Ah, it's the manager of Bryce, we have already passed business hours, but if you want to have a drink, I can ask you one time on my own terms."

Luo Yizheng and Lilai cleaned up the wine glasses on the table together, holding more than a dozen wine glasses in their hands at once, without a slight sway.

"That's really thanks to the store manager Luo Yi, in fact, we came here this time to discuss business."

Bryce did not refuse. Since they are here to buy wine, there is no reason not to drink.


"Yes, our hotel has just opened, and we haven't selected a long-term wine partner. I think the manager of Luo Yi's tavern business is so good, and the reputation in the Chambord Islands is also the best, I want to talk to you Talk about cooperation."

"This is okay, but I'm conscientious in business. The manager Bryce should first understand the drinks in our tavern before deciding whether to buy it."

"What you want, what you want."

With that said, Bryce sat in front of the bar that had been cleared out.

I just don't know why, the people in the tavern seem to move farther away from them intentionally or unintentionally. The tables around the bar are obviously not cleaned up yet, so why go to the furthest one first?

If Bryce asks such a question, Manjikes will be the first to answer.

conscience?Luo Yi really did, but he never brought him out when doing business.

So, two glasses of ale were placed in front of Bryce and Shelley by Luo Yi.

"This is the most common drink in our store. It can be supplied in large quantities. These two glasses are my request. Any more will not work. My master has to cut me off."

No, I can't listen anymore.

Manjikes, who was still leaning on the bar to rest, also stepped on his short legs, dragged Bao Hu to sit down beside the piano, and exchanged Finger Bao Hu’s experience with Brook, who had played for three hours.

"The price of drinks in your store is really different."

Shelley pushed her glasses and leaned forward slightly. Her angle was calculated very well. Luo Yi could just see the looming career line through the top of her shirt collar.

Shelley understands that although his appearance and figure are not as good as those of the two daughters, he can show off.

Sure enough, Luo Yi took the bait.

"Ms. Shelley is indeed different."

It is polite to look into the other person's eyes when speaking.

Luo glanced at the spring light that Shelley had deliberately leaked out, then glanced again, and then again. People deliberately ignored it.

"Lilai, the ice is gone."