Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 134

Adding ice cubes to the drinks is common sense. Many taverns will prepare a large amount of ice cubes, but the Dota tavern is different.

After bringing the ale, Luo Yi found that the ice reserve today had been used up, and directly called Lilai over.

Putting down the rag in her hand, Lilai stretched out two small hands, lightly touched the glasses of Bryce and Shelley, and went back to work.

Picking up the wine glass, the cold air is directly transmitted into the body through the palm of the hand, which is refreshing in this gradually hot season.

Luo Yi clearly saw that Shelley's career was getting goose bumps. Obviously, Lilai was unhappy and added a little bit to her drink.

The ale is not only cooling down. If you look closely, you can see that there are more than a dozen ice cubes of the same shape and size in the ale, which is the product of Lilai directly turning part of the ale into ice.

Picking up the wine glass and taking a sip, Bryce's eyes suddenly cooled, Shelley shivered, flushed, put down the wine glass, and moved forward.

Luo stared at Shelley, he didn't believe Shelley's drink volume was so bad. You see this wine is so white, oh no, you see this cup is so deep, it looks so beautiful.

"Good wine."

A word from Bryce directly interrupted Luo Yi's attention.

Seeing Luo staring at him, Bryce knew that he had taken the bait.

Seeing that, just by drinking a glass of wine, they saw Lilai's power and control of the fruit's ability, which has been extremely subtle, especially the ice inside. This is not like someone who just ate the fruit. It has been several years.

The CP people are here to engage in intelligence, and they don't know much about Luo Yi. After all, the number of intelligence organizations is not as large as the navy, and it is impossible to distribute them all over the world. They can only arrange personnel according to needs.

If it is said that the Navy’s Intelligence Shield, then CP is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., conducting in-depth investigations based on some small intelligence.

This time, the navy refused to give them Luo Yi's information. They had to investigate from the beginning, first of all, to find out the abilities and origins of everyone in the tavern, and the others would take their time step by step.

"Would you like to try other wines. Although the business hours are over, I won't raise the price for you, so I will sell them at the original price, how about?"

Luo Yi glanced at Shelley again and pointed to the wine list on the table.

The number of points available above is only a dozen, but the prices are all in four digits, even five digits.

Shelley felt that when Luo was crazy, this glass of wine was worth the cost of a day's accommodation in their tavern, and even the price of some drinks could be spent in their tavern for seven days without a discount.

"Well, try?"

Bryce only knew that it was expensive before, but when he really asked him to order, he suddenly felt that his wallet hurts, and his heart hurts. After this mission, he must raise his salary and must raise his salary.

214. The tavern itself is dangerous

Bryce and Shelley were finally carried back by Ackerman and Shaman.

As for whether he was really drunk, Luo Yi felt it didn't matter.

For the orders signed from them, it costs half a million Baileys to buy drinks from their own side every month.

There is a small hotel in a small area with less than two hundred rooms. It is estimated that the money earned every month is used.

And Luo Yi didn't let them run away. Ackerman and Shaman who came from behind took out their wallets with trembling hands. After leaving 200,000 Baileys, they hurriedly carried them back.

Luo Yi felt that these two people were the kind of people who pretended to be drunk and prepared to let others pay the bill.

But it has nothing to do with his tavern.

It is only a few meters away from the tavern to go home. It is not a drunk driving person, so you can pay for it.

As for the contract, if you dare to deny it, you will get to the Judicial Island every minute.

Today’s benefits are good. Not only do I have a little more private money every month, but I also saw a large amount of waste and made a profit.

Regarding Luo Yi's behavior, Lilai at the dinner table had no expression other than a cold snort.

Everyone knew about the conversation between Bryce and the others last night, all thanks to His Royal Highness Riki who let the food disappear out of thin air.

As the first two princes of the Tallinn dynasty, Riki exercises his skills every day, hoping that one day he can kill the traitors who killed his family and robbed his country.

However, the current Riki strength is not enough and needs to be improved. Since Luo Yi's system was upgraded, Riki went out to assassinate the pirates in exchange for Pele, and let Luo Yi exchange the Book of Experience for him.

As for magical equipment, Riki didn't feel anything wrong with using equipment to improve himself, as long as he could become stronger and achieve his goal.

Therefore, he is also the only man in the tavern with six gods costumes, and his pursuit is to pick up Aghanim's Scepter, stimulate all his potential, master the power of the demigods, and return home for revenge.

Among all the equipment, the one that Luo Yi could not understand the most was Aghanim's Scepter.

The effects of other equipment are similar to those in the game, except for the magic scepter that appeared early.

Every hero summoned by him possesses extremely powerful potential, and the scepter can help them inspire these powers, but if their own strength can't keep up, they can't master this power at all.

Just like before Lucifer, because of the death knell of Wa Shiang, there are endless flame marks hidden in his body. With his demonic system, it can be said that he has gained extremely powerful power and has been in the lost paradise for so many years. The waves were flying inside, and they didn't activate all the power.

Last time Auroth was able to suppress those flames, it was because no one controlled it, and Lucifer also fainted in time to prevent his continuous casting.

Since then, Luo Yi has never synthesized a magic scepter, unless they ask for it, otherwise he will not take the initiative to give it.

Too dangerous.

Just like Manjikes said, if the scepter is given to him, it may directly stimulate the blood in his body, and he doesn't even know what will happen then.

But Luo Yi wanted to tell him, I know.

You will become taller, bigger, ugly, and become three pandas, red, yellow, and blue.

The strongest sword saint in the tavern once shook his head at the magic staff Luo Yi took out, indicating that he did not have the power to hold the magic staff temporarily.

Even the Juggernaut couldn't take it, Luo Yi was wondering how awesome this thing was.

So he consulted Izzaro.

"The power of God, second only to the four basic laws of the world, is given to people who use the power of the law. The power of the demigod in this scepter can give them laws even if they cannot reach the realm of gods. Let people step into the threshold of God and have the opportunity to become God."

That's it.

Riki is going back to kill the enemy with a demigod body, to save face.

As for why Luo Yi could hold the magic scepter and two at a time, Yizaluo also gave the answer.

"You are not from our world, of course this thing has no effect on you."

How straightforward.

When he heard this, Luo immediately pointed to ORZ.

Too much, I still want to try if I can mobilize the domineering domineering hidden in my body, even if not, I have good luck with the domineering appearance. After so many years of bad luck, it seems like a gunman. Luo Yi really wants to experience it. The treatment of the emperor.

The so-called, since ancient times, the spearmen were lucky, once Zhao Zilong monopolized, and the rest shared the negative two, Luo Yi realized that he was the rest.

After the scepter was of no use to him, Luo Yi devoted himself to developing his own body. In the world of One Piece, physical skills are the foundation and everything.

Besides, no matter which world you are in, you need a good body and a kidney that is not bad.

Luo bears the brunt of the list of people most wanting to marry in the Chambord Islands.

With strong financial resources, explosive combat power, and self-discipline of life, anyone who knows him on the entire island knows the level of Luo Yi. Many people who are similar to him, older than him, and younger than him, see Luo Yi When you do, you can't help but twist your legs.

But it didn't work.

There is a mysterious power from the East that has sealed the X life of minors.

And Luo Yi, Nian Fang 28, this is a sad story.

So, after lunch, after a short break, Luo Yi started his exercise life again.

He didn't mean to hide it. The entire Chambordian Islands knew that he was exercising. On the opposite floor, with two flushed faces looking at him through the window, Luo Yi could also see clearly.

"He is not like a 16-year-old kid."

Shelley spoke first.

She is in a bad mood now.

He drank the wine and sold out a lot of hues. While shouting hot, he unbuttoned a button, and even revealed the looming cherry powder, but Luo Yi kept his face unchanged, using his eyes shamelessly. Eating tofu.

Shelley reacted immediately, Luo Yi was just taking advantage.

As for the contract signed by the two of them, it shows the other side of Luo Yi.


The price will be as much as they want, and they will not change the contract at will just because they look drunk.

From Luo Yi's body, they saw the figure of the merchant, but it was obvious to think that there was a Dota Chamber of Commerce under his banner.

"Indeed, it is very calm and will not be tempted easily."

Bryce nodded in agreement.

"At this age, he was able to exercise such self-discipline. Is it the same as intelligence? It was the death of his parents that inspired his fighting spirit."

"This is possible, but the little girl named Lilai is indeed a very dangerous person. When she used her fruit power today, I even felt threatened."

"Huh? Is it so strong?"

"Yes, the chill is not that simple. I think her fruit power may not be ice, but cold."

"A little girl has such strength, so other people are stronger."

"Contact other personnel on the island and collect all the information about the Dota Tavern over the past few years. It seems that the above judgment is correct. The tavern itself is very dangerous."

Bryce thought of the wallets of Ackerman and Shaman, and the bitter look in his eyes.

"Huh, what is he doing?"

With that, Shelley suddenly pointed at Luo Yi below.

215. Recruitment

That night, as soon as Luo walked out of the bathroom after hard training, he saw Manjikes sitting in a circle downstairs. They seemed to be discussing something. When they walked over and asked, he actually got this answer. .

"You are going to sea?"

Hearing their decision, Luo Yi didn't think there was anything wrong.

The people present here have food and drink to cover Pandaren Manjikes, people are ruthlessly talking about the doomsday father Lucifer, the magic of love is spinning around the sword sage Yunier, and the transparent earthly invisible assassin Rikis.

The common purpose of the four of them is simple: to become stronger.

In contrast, Lilai, the Crystal Maiden who pursues a plain life, and Auros who has a heroic development plan, Dibu Mibo, who is full of food and clothing, and Mo who lives a new life without desire and desire. Cui Di, they are more peaceful and didn't ask Luo Yi to do too much.

As for things like going to sea, it’s not very simple. I’ve never heard that heroes can become stronger by squatting in spring water. Don’t go out and chop a few creeps, chop a few monsters, how to mix levels, how to mix equipment, How was it reported?

The death of Luo Yi in the past refers to the operation of the electrocution of the wizard soldiers. It was definitely not due to a mistake, but only for the purpose of killing chickens and monkeys to show the opponent, um, yes, that's it.

Therefore, Manjikes and the others were actually expected to go to sea, but they did not expect that it took so long before they decided to go out.

"Before, in order to lay the foundation for you, a few of us also worked hard. Now you have officially started. In the future, as long as you work hard, we will fly back to see you from time to time."

Manjikes patted Luo Yi's shoulder and waist and said.

"As long as you keep practicing the basics of swordsmanship, it will take one day, and you will reach my height."

The Juggernaut spoke this sentence very shamelessly, although his strength is indeed qualified.

"The pirates on the island are too weak. I heard that the pirates in the new world are all pretty good. I want to see and see."

There was a sound from the chair where no one could be seen, and Riki did not release his invisibility.

"Well, go to sea."

The doomsday father is still concise and concise.

Going to sea is no problem, anyway, Manjikes has the money, buying ships or building ships, hiring crews, etc., are easy.

As for telling myself, it was just a polite notice that everyone lives together and is still a contractor, so I can't say that I'm gone.

And Luo Yi could fly, flying directly to them, there was no other way to refuse except suicide.

"I'm going to make a boat tomorrow, Luo, you will go back and build an altar on the boat."

The four of them only discussed it for a while, and then decided directly, Manjikes said to Luo Yi.

Nodded, Luo Yi directly responded.

Then he realized a very serious matter.

Doesn't it mean that Manjix's daily workload has doubled?

Although I have learned a lot about the method of wine making, but the workload that two people can solve in just one hour a day, now it takes two hours by yourself?

And if Lucifer is not there, do I have to hire a cook?

When I was in the East China Sea last time, I didn't encounter a restaurant on the sea. After all, it was a boat running around at sea. It was normal not to encounter it. So, did I go to the East China Sea again this time and abduct the little cook?