Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 135

No, it is estimated that Sanji is still learning to cook now. It is estimated that the level of cooking is the same. It is better to hire one directly.

Touched his chin, Luo felt, did he summon two more heroes to try to see if he could cook?

Like, troll dip?

Forget it, hire someone.

Pinning the hope of cooking on the hero, Luo Yi felt that he was crazy.

Lucifer knows how to cook, which has already exceeded his expectations. He hopes to summon a chef at random?Among these heroes, one is more powerful than the other.

So, before falling asleep, Luo wrote a job posting overnight.

Manjikes was preparing to build a ship. It was estimated that it was not that fast. It took ten and a half months to build a small boat. If it was a little bigger, it would take a month before going to sea.

Therefore, the recruitment of chefs is not in a hurry, but it cannot be delayed.

Early the next morning, the news of the pub recruitment spread throughout the Chambord Islands.

It was not even necessary for Luo to contact the newspaper office, and the newspaper office would spread the news.

Although the Dota Tavern opened soon, it has become a feature of the island. However, no matter how busy the tavern’s business is, it seems that there is no plan to recruit people. Now that it needs to recruit staff, it is really too busy.

The most excited are Bryce and the others.

Just yesterday, they were still thinking about how to break into the tavern and obtain information about the tavern. They were distressed about their wallets. They saw that the tavern was recruiting people today.

Isn't it a chef? The people who come out of their CP are also top-notch cooks, and they can definitely apply successfully.

As a result, they carefully read the recruitment notice written by Luo Yi, and suddenly the whole person was not good.

"Recruiting Chef

Requirements: The culinary skills can only stay after the guests' approval.

Salary: 500,000 Baileys per month, including food and housing."

A chef's salary is 500,000 Bailey?

They work as spies in CP, spies, grandsons, and take their lives to work. They all don't have this income.

What to do, do you want to betray the organization?

This thought in my mind flashed away.

No, how can we become slaves to money for justice.

The four shook their heads in unison and glanced at each other awkwardly.

What you were thinking about just now, won't it be the same as I thought!

"It's a pity, are we here early?"

"Indeed, if they knew they were going to hire a chef, why would they buy this hotel?"

"There are also orders for those drinks."

"Let's observe first. According to the information currently obtained from the island, the people in this tavern did not do anything excessive, but were listed as dangerous people because of the force value."

"Then first find a member who is good at cooking to interview."

"This is fine, I'll go and contact the chief."

Observing the Dota Tavern is the task assigned to CP6 above. Now it needs manpower, and it is very simple to find the top dignitaries.

However, Bryce underestimated the popularity and popularity of Dota Tavern.

"Hey, the manager, you are actually going to hire a chef, and you want us to recognize it. Are you afraid that you won't be able to hire someone?"

"Yes, the manager, our mouth is very picky."

"Mr. Lucifer is going to sea? No wonder I need to recruit a new chef. It's a pity, I like to eat Mr. Lucifer's cucumber, that taste"

"Hi, your taste is so unique."

Before opening hours, the pub was crowded with people, but everyone was standing at the door and did not go in. This is the rule, everyone understands.

Luo Yi didn't respond to them either. He directed the temporarily hired workers to set up a temporary stove in the yard, so that those who applied for the job would prepare food directly here. If most of the guests were satisfied, they could consider staying.

There are a lot of people who came to apply for jobs. It is only ten o'clock in the morning. It is estimated that it hasn't been a few hours since they learned the news, but there are already seven people sitting around, nervously waiting for the opening of the pub.

Just seven people, including men, women and children, and among them.

216. The final interpretation right of this event belongs to the organizer

Dota Tavern.

As one of the important tax payment enforcement points on the Chambord Islands, it is also a key patrol and protection target for the island’s navy.

After this year, the navy on the island has summed up an experience.

As long as it is during the business hours of the tavern, it is very possible to see military exploits at the entrance of the tavern.

Don't think this is a joke.

There are always some pirates who have offered hundreds of millions of rewards, and are lucky enough to arrive at the Chambordian Islands, but they do not know how to make trouble in the tavern.

Some are because they don't want to pay for alcohol, some are because they molested people who shouldn't be molested, some are because they make trouble after drinking, and some are because they are too ugly. Anyway, for various reasons, people fly out of the tavern almost every day.

It's civilians. The Navy will pick up the people and take them for a brief treatment. Don't die on the road.

It's a pirate, then I'm sorry, the navy will take the initiative to send the bounty over, and then scribble a sum of military merits on the head of the patrol.

Today, the number of people at the entrance of the tavern has skyrocketed, and the navy has actively sent some people to maintain order.

As for the situation here, public security in other places is not guaranteed.

Don't be funny, as long as the security here is guaranteed, the security of the entire island will not be a problem.

Now, even some people who have not set foot in the Chambord Islands but are always paying attention to the World Economic News can know that there are a group of powerful and painful people who will go out to stroll and catch a few when they have time. The pirate exchanges bounty, and then buys some meat to go home to improve food.

"Everyone shouldn't squeeze, otherwise they will follow us by gathering crowds to make trouble."

Lieutenant Colonel Bell commanded the navy to maintain order, while tidying up his hat, carrying his hands on his back, and walking into the tavern.

Yes, after a year, Bell has become a lieutenant colonel. Except for some of the pirates he usually captures, he is here to pick up achievements.

When I walked into the tavern, I saw eight people in chef clothes standing there, divided into two teams.

The first team consists of seven people who seem to be normal, and the first team is a ladyboy.

Luo Yi was actually a bit speechless.

As long as One Piece’s ladyboys can grow into babies like Xuanmo or Abby, they won’t be dismissed. But looking at the entire Pirate world, only the first beautiful swordsman in the country, "Can Xue Juzhi Cheng", can get along with it. Compare these two people.

And the other seven people have different sizes. The tallest seems to be more than four meters. The youngest is the manager of Luoyi. Although it is no secret that you hired child labor, please restrain yourself.

Bell murmured in his heart, but he didn't care.

Because of the opening of the great pirate era, I don't know how many children need to come out to make money to support themselves, even in the Chambord Islands, it is not surprising.

And that child looks much bigger than the two little girls in a tavern in Luo, at least 13 or 14 years old, and they are also girls. Is the risk of having a daughter so high now?

"Hey, Lieutenant Colonel Bell, you just came here, come, come, help me hold these."

With that, Luo Yi took out a small box and stuffed it into Bell's hand.

"When the guests come in, ask them to pick up a piece of paper. The chefs who apply for the job have numbers on them. Let them write the number on which chef they are satisfied with."

After all, everyone's taste is different. Luo Yi thinks that the taste that the public likes is what their tavern needs. Of course, the cooking skills should not be too bad. Even if the guests like it, but the people in the tavern don't like it, it will not work.


Seeing that there were more boxes in his hand, Bell was too late to refuse. As soon as Luo walked to the chef's side, he took out the sign and told them to wait in front of the stove and order something.

Bell smiled bitterly.

Since he became more and more familiar with Luo Yi, Luo Yi has also become less and less polite.

But this feeling is also good. At least Bell thinks that Luo has become a friend by himself. It is definitely not the reason why he came to drink during a break and didn't need money.

So Bell walked silently to the door and called two navy soldiers to help.

11 o'clock.

The tavern opened on time. Today was also the most orderly time for the guests to come in, and the most crowded time since the tavern opened.

Everyone knows that today’s drinks are 20% off and food is free.

And Mr. Ross, who provided the ingredients, also got the privilege of free drinking.

In the envious eyes of everyone, he directly ordered a glass of the most expensive wine, drank it all, and fell to the ground drunk.

This is a glass of expensive wine priced at 50,000 Baileys, and it takes a long time to brew. It takes only one month to make a barrel. This is still produced under the catalysis of Zhenqi.

It is called ghost spirits. After drinking it, it is said that after drinking it, it can be a scene of soul transition.

As for whether it is true or not, this wine has been on the menu for a month, but no one has drunk it. The main reason is that it is too expensive. With so much money, you can drink a dozen glasses of ale.

Ask when Rose wakes up, he must have lost a lot today anyway.

The eight stoves were temporarily built by craftsmen, and they didn't prepare too complicated kitchenware. After all, buying more Luo Yi felt a waste.

When the opening time came, guests poured into the pub, ordered a glass of wine, and waited for the performance of the eight chefs.

The level of those who dare to apply for the chef does not seem to be low, at least judging from their handling of the ingredients and starting to cook, they are very professional. Even the youngest girl stood on the stool specially prepared for her, quickly. preparing.

Since there is only one pot, there are not many cooking methods that can be selected. Eight people chose to stir-fry almost at the same time.

Hot portions of fried noodles, fried noodles and fried rice were served.

The guests took their own small plates and forks and went back and forth between the eight stoves, constantly tasting the taste.

"The chef on the eighth is probably from CP."

Luo Yi immediately discovered this last chef, his strength is not weak.

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that the opponent insists on exercising, so his current strength is probably comparable to his 70 attribute points.

However, Luo Yi didn't like him more, but the little girl on the 6th, and the ladyboy on the 5th.

Luo Yi thought that the demon should come from the Kamabaka Kingdom on the Monster Island. His cooking was an offensive cuisine unique to the Monster Island. After eating it, he felt a force of strength emerging from his body.

The other little girl was even more awesome. Luo realized that she should have eaten some devil fruit, no matter what it was, as long as she ate it, she could even feel a lot of smell erupting in her mouth.

That is the unique fragrance of food, which seems to be activated for some special reason.

Seeing the crowd gradually surrounded by five, six, eight and three stoves, the result was actually obvious. Several other people who knew they had no hope, after carefully preparing their own dishes for the last time, bowed slightly to Luo and directly go away.

Seeing that the people in the tavern were still satisfied, even Lucifer nodded. Luo felt that he was able to fix the personnel today.

So now the question is, should she want a ladyboy or a little girl.

As for voting?Are you kidding? The organizer reserves the final right of interpretation of this event.

217. Maiden and Shemale

When the business hours are over, Luo Yi and the others don't bother to watch the vote.

Lisa, Dibaia and Cronin are the only three chefs left.

In the last time, the guests were almost conquered by their cooking skills.

Even if you don't have to watch the vote, Luo Yi knows that the scores of the three of them should be similar.

Even if it was that ladyboy, everyone didn't buy it because of his appearance, but he couldn't deny his strength.

But now, to choose who to use, just wait for the manager to nod.

The little girl Lisa, holding her hands nervously on her chest, looked at Luo Yi with her eyes open, hoping that he could choose herself.

When Luo Yi looked at him, she cast a wink at Luo Yi and immediately reduced her points by 50.

The last Cronin looked like an ordinary middle-aged uncle with a gentle smile on his face. If it weren't for the strong aura in his body, Luo almost believed it.

"What do you think?"

Luo Yi didn't choose immediately, but instead turned to ask the opinions of others in the store.

"Lisa." X3

This is the vote of the three female members of the store. Her cooking is delicious and she seems to need help.

"DiBaya." X6