Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 136

This is a vote of the male members of the store. His cooking can become stronger after eating. Anyway, this product only harass Luo Yi, which has nothing to do with him.

There was also an old man who only knew how to drink tea. He squinted at the three of them, and continued to pour himself a cup of tea without speaking.

Hearing this, Cronin's eyes flashed with disappointment, and Lisa dropped her little hand feebly, Dibaya blew a kiss to Luo, and Luo almost wanted to take out a crystal sword and chop him. .

Cronin, who didn't even get a vote, was very decisive, took off the chef's hat on his head, bowed to the crowd, and turned to leave.

Lisa also lowered her head in frustration, bent down deeply at Luo Yi and the others, and stepped out of her weak calf.

The minority obeys the majority. This is a law that needs to be followed no matter where they are. There are only three people who choose themselves, and they cannot be themselves in any way.

"Lisa wait."

When Cronin walked out, Luo stopped Lisa.

Hearing Luo's call to her, Lisa, who was initially weak, turned around immediately, and a force called hope appeared in her heart again.

"Do you need this job?"

Luo asked immediately.


The little head is dotted like a woodpecker.

"In that case, let both of you stay."


Lisa was pleasantly surprised.

"Really, Ms. DeBaya, can you please stay so close to me?"

Luo nodded and agreed, and silently wanted to move aside, so as not to be caught by the approaching Diba Ya.

"What a kind boy, I want to give you a loving hug."

Speaking of Dibaya twisting his nearly 1.9-meter height and sturdy muscles, he sharpened the corners, painted purple eyeshadow, painted mascara, painted blush and lipstick on his big face. Come over.

Just a face occupies a quarter of the body, almost making Luo vomit out what he ate at noon.

He kicked Diba Ya directly, watching him roll over to the wall before lying down, Luo didn't feel distressed at all.

His cooking is an "offensive cooking" unique to the Monster Kingdom. The chef who can master this cooking has an extraordinary status on the island. It can be seen that the revolutionary army used this opportunity to take their own people from Insert it into your own tavern on the bright side.

In other words, it’s like getting money from some place. Go to the film and television academy or even find a few people on the side of the road to make a movie with an investment of hundreds of millions. frame.

Then, everyone was happy.

By analogy, Luo Yi can even recruit a few waiters to the pub, and then someone resigns from time to time, and he continues to recruit.

Of course, the identities of these fighters have been washed out and put on the bright side, how wonderful.

Therefore, Luo Yi left Diba Ya, and he did not rule out that his cooking was indeed helpful to his own strength improvement.

As for Lisa, as long as you are not called Lisa Ron.

Luo Yi heard her voice when she left.

This is not even Luo Yi's initiative, but her heart is too loud.

At only 14 years old, he was actually burdened with a billion debts. Luo Yi didn't want to know anything else, so he wanted to ask what he could do to owe so much.

"Do you have anything to pack? I will take you to see the room first, and then you can bring the things over."

With that, Luo Yi took the two upstairs.

Every room here is very big, Luo Yi originally prepared it for every hero, and the cost of the whole building is not cheap, so naturally he will not save materials.

After all, the cost is also provided by the lives of those kind people who sail on the sea.

"I need to go to the original store and quit my job."

Lisa said embarrassedly.

"It doesn't matter, it can be resolved within this month. This is the key to the tavern door and this room. You can hold it first. When is it right to go to work, and when will you be officially paid."

500,000 Baileys per month may be the main reason for attracting people to come for interviews.

In other words, it is nearly 32,000 yuan of soft sister coin. Wherever this income is placed, it is for high-income people, and it also includes food and housing. This treatment is really good.

"Good-hearted boy, I can move in today."

Dibaya was inserted into the conversation between the two in a timely manner, Luo Yi moved quickly, and the two keys stretched out one, directly blocking Dibaya's enthusiastic hands.

"Give you the key."

It’s impossible to hire two people and cost 1 million Baileys a month.

Luo Yi was not ready to pay Dibaya, even during business hours, did not want Dibaya to leave the kitchen.

It was not because of discriminating against other people's status as a demon. It was his own choice to be a demon. Luo Yi decided to respect him.

Mainly because of this honor, it is really disgusting. Luo Yi was afraid that the guests would not even have the desire to eat.

After Lisa thanked Luo, he immediately rushed to the place where she originally worked. As soon as Luo opened the system interface, Dibu created a clone to follow. If something happens, you can protect the new chef. .

"Dorag let you come, or Ivankov let you come?"

Luo said straight to Diba Ya.

"You are really a teenager. He is so gentle to the little girl, and so cold to me. Is it because my purple color can't compare to a little girl who hasn't developed yet?"

Diba Ya pretends to be enchanting.

"Trust me, let Ivankov give you a shot of female hormones."

Luo Yi said, covering his face.

"Your Majesty is now on a secret mission. I was sent by the leader to assist you."

"Help me what?"

"Huh? Didn't you post your recruitment notice when you wanted a helper?"

"No, I just want to find a chef."


218. It would be better if the price did not increase


Sitting in the hotel, Cronin's current identity is the chef who bought the hotel by CP6. This was their temporary idea after the application failed.

"Unexpectedly, I was actually beaten by a ladyboy."

Cronin also sighed.

His cooking skills are already among the top of the CP6 agents. The reason why he feels a little unwilling to lose is because of the looks of Diba Ya, which is really thrilling.

"That little girl has also come out."

Several people in Bryce added small talk at the front desk. They were actually observing the situation on the opposite side through the window and the door. They also saw Lisa's appearance in a hurry when she came out, as well as the land that came out with Lisa.

"Could it be that you lost to this little girl? But what about that ladyboy?"

Shelley pushed his glasses and exchanged two long, crossed legs.

This question is a good question.

Yeah, where's the shemale?

Since it is recruiting people and it is still voting, it is natural that some people will stay and some will leave.

Although the little girl had just left in a hurry, there was a smile on her face. It seemed that she had got the post of chef. In that case, why didn't the shemale come out yet.

"Get out, get out."

Watching Dibaya hit the door of the tavern and rolled from the inside to the door of her hotel, several people could even see Luo Yi who had just retracted his right foot.

and so?Was it eliminated because of appearance?

Dibaya, who stood up from the ground, gently patted her pink dress, her high-heeled shoe broke a heel, she took off the shoe with some distress, and hung it playfully on the two fingers of her left hand, holding her right hand. A handkerchief glanced at Luo aggrievedly, then walked away gradually.

Bryce patted Cronin on the shoulder.

"At least, you didn't lose to the shemale."


Cronin's eyes were filled with tears, he looked up to see the four people who looked at him with encouraging faces, and nodded heavily.

At least, he didn't lose badly.

"The little girl's intelligence, let's investigate it first to see if there is any hope that she will be our person."

Seeing Dibu following Lisa and Dibaya's performance, they have confirmed that it is the little girl who has obtained the status of chef. As for the reason, just check it a little bit.

As soon as Bryce’s order came out, Ackerman immediately picked up the phone worm. Not long after, a guest who came to stay in the store took out a stack of paper from his bag and placed it on the front desk of the hotel. After pressing the hat on his head to express his gratitude, he took the key and went upstairs.

Shelley, who was sitting at the front desk, skillfully opened the piece, which read all the information about Lisa from birth to the present.

Shelley quickly browsed through the thick dozen pages of paper and put down the information in his hand.

"give up."

Although it was only a superficial scan, Shelley had already remembered everything in his heart.

CP personnel are almost always trained since childhood, especially those who come out to work as agents and spies, and they need to ensure their loyalty, otherwise it would be bad to leave with intelligence.

Shelley is only 14 years old now, and she is not too old. As long as she is trained with care, she can indeed be included, but the problem is that her experience is not suitable for working under the government.

After all, her parents were planted in the hands of the nobles, and the billions of debts they carried were also the hands of those nobles.

Such people, I'm afraid they hate the world to death.

Cronin also read Lisa's information and knew why he lost.

What he loses is not cooking, but ability.

Lisa is a devil fruit capable person, a superhuman flavor fruit, which can stimulate all the aromas of things she has touched. It is indeed very suitable for cooking.

It can only be said that those with devil fruit ability are a BUG in this world.

"Wait, that ladyboy, how come back again?"

Just as they were sorting out their information, they saw Dibaya, who was pushing the suitcase and walking catwalks, and made unknown how many people knelt down and vomited, reappearing in their sight.

"He is carrying luggage, do you still lose to the ladyboy?"

Bryce made up the knife in time and just finished comforting his Cronin. He did not expect his teammates to directly pull open his unhealed wound and sprinkle it with the unique sea salt from the City of Seven Waters.

Pain, heartache.

Unexpectedly, in the end, he actually lost to this ladyboy.

The chefs at the Dota Tavern provided food and accommodation. They knew that it was Dibaya who had lived in the tavern, which meant that he got the position of the chef.

But what happened to Lisa?

According to information, she is now working in a restaurant on GR 52. In addition to living expenses, her monthly salary is used to pay off debts.

Lisa, who has been working for two years, has also honed in the kitchen with a decent culinary skill. Coupled with fruit ability, she has become one of the chefs of that restaurant with a monthly income of 100,000 Baileys.

Damn, the income of chefs in a small restaurant is almost higher than that of them. No wonder they have never sneaked into the kitchen before, because they were afraid that they would know this.

No, no, you have to hold back, and you can't shake the justice in your heart.

Cronin's mood now is like beeping a dog.

"No, you see who it is."

Charman leaning on the window sill suddenly pointed out the window and said.


Following her fingertips, the four of them saw Lisa who was talking and laughing with Dibu.

A small backpack and a small trolley were pushed by the Di Bu, full of cups of kitchen utensils.

"So, both of them were admitted?"

Shelley made a conclusion.

Cronin leaned on the bar, unloved.