Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 137

Is my cooking skills unrecognizable?

On the bar, apart from Shelley, the other three also looked discouraged.

"Half million Baileys a month, two chefs one million Baileys a month, I want to open a pub."

Bryce looked at the recruitment sign that was carried in by the land and could hardly raise the strength.

"Working desperately, I guess I can't even buy a house when I retire, how come there will be girls like me."

Ackerman was also extremely depressed.

"I don't have any clothes to wear, but I don't have enough income to buy new clothes. I want to go shopping."

Shaman almost stuck her face out of the window. Her cooking skills are also good. If she had hired before, she would have applied for it.

"Okay, work hard."

Shelley knocked on the table and interrupted the drama of several people with a pun.

Thinking of the bonus after the task was completed, everyone regained their fighting spirit.

The next day, the Dota Tavern opened.

The guests filled the pub again.

"Today is the new chef's cooking, what do you think?"

The two chefs, Lisa and DeBaya, started working at the same time, and they served food much faster than before.

"Not bad. I liked Lisa's craftsmanship at the shipyard before. Of course, it would be better if the price didn't increase."

It was the boatman Abbott who was talking, and a frequent visitor to the tavern.

"What you said, I won't give you a discount today."

Wiping the wine glass, Luo Yi's face was full of smiles.

219. Ready to sneak in

Searching for information is never a day or two.

Bryce and others, who are in charge of monitoring, will report the latest harvest to their superiors every few days.

For example, the manager of the Dota Tavern is a swordsman.

For example, most of the staff in the Dota Tavern are capable people.

For example, the main income of Dota Tavern comes from capturing pirates.

For example, the Dota Tavern has very good business.

In short, how to get the details.

For a whole month, they have reported that the four people in the Dota Tavern have hired some crew to go to sea, but they still haven’t discovered what threat Dota Tavern poses to the world. Instead, they feel that because of the existence of the Tavern, the entire Chambordian Islands It seems that they have stabilized a lot. At least now the illegal zone of GR 2029 has been taken over by the Navy.

Assisting the navy to take back one-third of the control over illegal areas is no longer a question of finding ways to convict the other party, but rather a way to reward the other party with medals.

The most important thing is that, based on the information they have collected and observations for a month, the people in this illegal zone have been subdued by Luo Yi. Now they are honestly developing the real estate business, building on the ground. As a result, those dilapidated houses that were built randomly were also demolished.

Even at night, after they walked up to the sky to observe them, they discovered that these buildings were still planned to be located, as if they had been specially designed by a designer.


Although most of the people in the illegal zone are criminals, the number of people who are offered a reward is actually not many. Moreover, there are mainly human traffickers who are specially arrested on the island and used to auction at the population auction house to satisfy some people. Special hobbies.

So, these people are criminals, and they are indeed, say no, there is really no wanted order, plus there is no order above, they will not do anything other than the task.

However, after knowing that a place full of scum and smoke was changed by one person, they were also touched.

Just like CP9, CP Organization 09 generally searched for some gifted children or orphans from all over the world to enter the organization. Before their thinking had been finalized, they began to instill some concepts about government and justice.

The same goes for Bryce and the others.

However, they have been performing the identity of the pretender, and they are constantly in contact with everything in this world.

Not everyone is like CP9's Rob Lucy, willing to be the running dog of the Tianlong people, and even proud of it, constantly emphasizing that the Tianlong people are gods.

Bryce and the others have seen the dark side of this world, and it can even be said that they are the dark side of this world.

Although they have only completed two or three tasks in their intelligence career until now, they can only be regarded as newcomers who have just left the rookie in CP6, but their ideas are quite different.

For people who truly have justice in their hearts, they really can't do anything.

The previous investigation was either a criminal group or an organization that committed the crime. These were all villains that deal with the truth.

But this time the task is to let them come over to prove that a person is a wicked person. Various reasons need to be found to prove that they have the sinister intention to subvert the world.

This is really difficult.

After all, according to this month’s survey, the owner of this tavern goes to bed early and wakes up every day, exercises, opens on time, occasionally catches pirates, chats with guests and farts, and really didn’t do anything else.

At night, the five of Bryce sat by the window where the Dota Tavern could be easily observed, and each had headaches.

"The above doesn't seem to believe our intelligence anymore."

Cronin said carefully.

He is the weakest in this group, and also the least experienced. It was only because of his good cooking skills that he was mobilized last time. He did not have his part to perform this task.

"Of course, they firmly believe that the Dota Tavern is conspiring, and the information we give is only their daily life, and there is no trace of conspiracy."

Bryce knows his leadership best.

Although this leader is much better than the second generation of the rod maker next door CP5, but it is also a raccoon, except for power, nothing else.

There is no way, like this kind of leader who is only used to spread messages and back to the top leaders, really does not need any real talents.

"This time, we may have failed."

Shelley pushed his glasses and said calmly.

For a while, everyone fell into silence.

No one knows what a failed mission means better than them.

A penalty for a minor salary, or a traitor, a prison sentence.

After all, they are not only intelligence personnel, but also the face of the government. Here, there is only success and death.

mission failed?nonexistent.

"The entire tavern, except for their room, we have not visited, and even the basement has been visited. It is a wine-making place.

As for all the trading partners they contacted by the Dota Chamber of Commerce, they are also countries that are members of the world government. Everyone is innocent, and there is no difference at all."

Ackerman made a summary.

"Just because the other party has its own power and has a certain number of strong people, do you have to convict the other party? No wonder so many pirates are doing things at sea in the name of freedom."

Shaman looked through the truth.


Bryce yelled and interrupted Shaman.

Who doesn't know what Shaman said is the truth.

Now the pirates in the sea, except for those who go out to sea because of one piece, most of them are extremely brutal villains, and there is still a small part of them who are forced to be rewarded first, and then become pirates. .

It's good for everyone to know these things well, don't tell them, otherwise how can you do things under the government?

"Okay, that's all for today's discussion. It's still waiting for us to give new information. Now that there are fewer people in the tavern, we will try to sneak into the tavern tonight to see if we find anything."

Bryce made a decision immediately.

"Leave it to me about sneaking in."

Ackerman nodded.

The upper part has already expressed disappointment in them, so he still has to take action to see if there is anything found, otherwise, it is very likely that they will open a hotel here in their lifetime.

Thinking about it carefully, it doesn't seem to be impossible.

The five of them looked at each other and laughed at themselves. When did they start thinking about retirement.

After formulating a battle plan for a while, the five people went to their posts.

Ackerman, who put on a black suit, nodded at the other four people, and slowly sank into the ground.

220. The Bamboo


Superman, those with the ability to penetrate fruit, can traverse all non-living bodies.

If Luo saw it, he would recognize it directly.

This fruit ability is exactly the fruit ability of Mr. Tanaka in the movie One Piece: Golden City.

However, at this point in time, it is only the third year since Tezolo has eaten the golden fruit. He has not yet become the golden emperor who will play a role in the world's 20 Baileys in the future.

I didn't expect that the other party was actually a person with the Devil Fruit ability, even Luo Yi, who was familiar with the plot, couldn't think of this.

Seeing and smelling domineering can only roughly sense the strength of the opponent's breath, there is no way to know whether the opponent has any strange abilities.

The Dota Tavern at night is also very calm.

With the four people of Manjix, Lucifer, Yunero and Riki going out to sea, the number of people in the tavern has been reduced to nine. If it weren’t for the arrival of the newcomers Lisa and Dibaia, Luo Yi felt deserted. less.

Although it was a misunderstanding, Luo Yi still let Dibaiya stay. This is a good combat power. Not only can it defeat the opponent with physical skills in the battle, but also can humiliate the opponent mentally, which can be said to be a shrimp and pig heart.

"Come on, Lisa, here is your salary this month."

A pile of Bailey, not a centimeter thick, was pushed in front of Lisa by Luo Yi.

Although it looks good, the number "10000" on each Pele is particularly dazzling.

"Thank you, the manager."

Lisa flattered and accepted her salary.

In this month, Lisa had never thought that work would be so easy.

It only operates three hours a day, and there are still two people taking turns as the chef in the kitchen. Even if they work for three consecutive hours, the other time can be allocated freely.

Therefore, Lisa is also a little worried this month whether her income will be reduced due to working hours.

But it turns out that it won't.

The salaries of the tavern are very high. As soon as Luo goes out to catch a naive pirate, throw it into the naval base to exchange her salary for months or even years.

After joining the big family of Dota Tavern, Lisa never mentioned her family situation, but she got along well with everyone in the tavern, but she knew that she was in debt, and only Luo Yi himself.

Half a million Baileys is a huge sum of money for a 14-year-old child, but on the long road of billions of debts, it seems like a drop in the bucket.

After all, Lisa’s salary for a year is only 6 million Bailey, deducting the amount of her previous repayments. Without raising her salary, Lisa needs to work for Luo for 16 years and work until she is 30 years old. Pay off.

This is already very fast. Originally, Lisa was still planning to use her life to pay off her debts. Now it seems that when the matter is over, she is still young.

"Manager, where's my salary?"

Dibaya brought her face up very enthusiastically. His head was very big, that is, Luo Yi and Lisa’s heads were stacked together, only a quarter of him. Luo Yi was thankful that he had seen a little bit since this time. Immune, otherwise we must let him know what the power of Dagon is.

"Deduction all."

Rolling his eyes at Dibaya, Luo Yi answered directly.

"This is not okay, the manager, you are abusing employees."

When Dibaya pretended to be a daughter, Luo Yi suddenly felt that his immunity had plummeted, and his right hand could not control the urge to pull out the crystal sword.

"Your king is gone. I take care of everything. You pay a little labor. Isn't it normal?"

"Hey, if you want to explain this way, the manager, it really makes sense."

"Okay, go back to bed early."

Luo clapped his hands and let them leave, while he looked at the small map on the system and walked upstairs.

I don't know if it is because of the spring water, or because this building is written with Luo Yi's name, anyway, the entire building and the surrounding area are all on Luo Yi's map.

And now, there is an extra yellow dot in the tavern, which is the mark of a neutral creature.

That's not right, where there is a field of vision, how can the monsters come out?