Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 138

This small yellow dot is a bit strange, it will suddenly appear and disappear. Luo Yi switched the map interface to the place where the yellow dot disappeared, and he saw a foot and disappeared into the wall.

Those who can?

Luo Yi immediately pulled his vision and followed the man to the next room.

There are rooms reserved for all heroes. It takes a lot of time to explore them one by one, but Ackerman's speed is not bad.

After a month, even if he was only watching from the outside, he knew which rooms were inhabited and who lived in the tavern. Ackerman remembered it all.

Every time he walked through the room, he would be very careful.

Since he can only traverse non-living bodies, he can walk freely among the walls, first to explore the rooms where no one lives.

Although he knows that all the information about this tavern may be in Luo Yi’s room, after all, he is the store manager here, and based on the corners collected from the island during this time, it can also prove that these people are Luo Yi summoned it.

In other words, they need to figure out what ability Luo Yi has.

From the small map, Luo Yi was also taken aback when he saw Ackerman's fruit ability.

This fruit, shouldn't it be the one I thought.

If so, maybe Ackerman will be cool in the past few years. After the fruit was born in a certain corner of the world, it was eaten by the person whose head was bigger than the body.

Watching Ackerman shuttle in the tavern, Luo Yi said that you might be beaten if you are so arrogant.

as predicted.

As soon as Luo walked to the door of his room, he saw Moritti standing there.

When it comes to stealth and assassination, the Phantom Assassin PA Motriti is an expert.

As the only hero in the entire Dota that can ever disappear from the minimap, you said she will not assassinate?

Luo Yi saw the PA appear at the place where he died every time after the screen went black, and there was a four-digit number floating above the body that was too late to disappear.

The gift of liberation is really liberation, it completely liberates Luo Yi's hands and brain, and even the illusion of anti-killing will not occur.

"Should I go?"

This is the first time that Motriti has asked for an order.

It might be because all the players who can play in the tavern have left, and only she and Auroth are the two strongest players, and Auroth is still learning about Lilai's practice and writes a diary by the way.

"Don't worry, see what the other party wants to do."

Luo Yi nodded first, then said again.

From the map, Ackerman has quickly checked the uninhabited rooms, and now he is walking towards Manjix's room.

Unfortunately, he was stuck.

Ackerman blinked his eyes.

This is the first time he was stuck with bamboo. There is a problem with this bamboo.

221. Stuck again (four more tickets)

Ackerman said that this is the most embarrassing thing he has encountered in his life as an intelligence collector.

It has never happened before being caught by bamboo.

He obviously tried it, and he can penetrate things like plants.

Gently breaking, these bamboos are full of resilience. Although they can be barely broken, Ackerman dared not make a heavy hand.

Once you find that the bamboo is broken here, doesn't it expose your whereabouts? Even if others don't know it is yourself, it will be even more difficult to check the intelligence next time.

It's just that, obviously my own strength is not small, but these bamboos seem to be alive, and when I accidentally enter this gap, I tightly clasp myself here.

Looking down at his current situation, it was indeed a bit bad.

Only half of his body passed through the wall over there, and the other half was now on the other side of the wall.

Looked at the room through the moonlight.

This wall is planted with a whole row of bamboos. It seems that he was out of luck. He chose the wrong wall, but he didn’t know that he would be caught. He had never encountered it before. He swears that he will only be caught by women in his life. Clipped.

Ackerman is now trying to squeeze out of the bamboo.

Although the action is slow, it is still effective.

With both feet resting on the wall, his hips sticking up high, his hands smashed the bamboo vigorously, squeezing the body out centimeter by centimeter.

When I searched it, I didn't find anything at all, which is expected.

As for the decoration style of each room, Ackerman can only think that there are special quirks during construction.

As he squeezed out, Ackerman watched if there was anything worthwhile for him to come in and explore in the room, and then he would get in again later.

It's just that, except for this one wall which is made of bamboo, the other three walls are filled with wine barrels, and even the beds are in the shape of wine barrels.

This is a drunkard’s room.

I knew before that the fur clan at Dota Tavern loves to drink, but now it is more than just as simple as just soaking in the wine.

With hard work, Ackerman finally squeezed out of the bamboo, his head was pinched red, fortunately, did not hurt the bamboo.

After going around half a circle, drilling down from the ceiling, Ackerman cautiously searched Manjix’s room, but found nothing. Instead, he found Luo Yi’s training plan, from version 1 to 100. Up.

There is no time to read the detailed content inside, the number is a bit too much, but what can be known is that Manjikes is Luo Yi's trainer.

Bah, there is a fart, the whole Chambordian Islands knows whether it is good or not.

Not finding anything useful, Ackerman went to the next room.

This room was right next to Manjikes, and as soon as he entered it, Ackerman immediately retreated.

At that moment, he seemed to be in hell, and a demon's face clearly appeared there in his mind.

"What was that just now?"

Ackerman patted his hot cheek and shook his head vigorously.

No, but I'm here to investigate intelligence, how can I back down.

Carefully stretched out his hand.


The feeling that came back from the palm of his hand told Ackerman that it was dangerous.

This is Lucifer's room.

The man didn’t talk much, only three words, he was a very strange cook, and the windows were tightly drawn, and there was no way to see what was inside. It was through the exclusion method that he knew that this was Lucifer’s room. .

What is certain now is that Lucifer has left the island, so there will be no one in the room.

However, why is it so hot in his room? Isn't it a fire?

What did I see just now?

Although piercing the fruit allows him to pass through non-living bodies, the temperature cannot pass.

Ackerman took a deep breath, gritted his teeth, and rushed directly into Lucifer's room.

Unlike the bamboo wine barrels just now, Lucifer's room was all red.

Just taking a breath, the high temperature rushed into Ackerman's nose, and he could barely feel the presence of oxygen. Ackerman immediately flew up and came to an unmanned room, breathing in fresh air.

That room is too weird.

The walls, floors and ceilings are all painted with incomprehensible symbols and patterns. The room seems to be full of stones, not even the bed. It is like a cracked ground with lava flowing in it, from time to time. Out of the flames.

Forget it, there is nothing in this room, don't think about it.

So now, there are only two rooms.

Yoneiro and Riki.

Although Riki can be invisible, he still reveals his figure every time he exchanges for a bounty. Otherwise, who will give you the money.

Therefore, regarding Riki's information, they all believe that they have the ability to stealth fruits.

Ackerman was not polite and looked for the location of the room in his memory.

The results can be imagined.

Yunieruo's room is simply vacant.

Except for a picture on the wall facing the gate with a sword written on it, there was nothing else, not even bedding, only tatami mats.

Ackerman had searched in the walls and the floor. There really was nothing.

No, you guys are simply abuse.

While fighting for Yunieruo, he sneaked into Riki's room.

The decoration of this room will be better, but it is also relatively simple, just like an ordinary room.

A bed, a table and chairs, and a wardrobe.

If it weren't for the various daggers in the drawers and closets, Ackerman would really believe it.

As for Luo Yi and their room, Ackerman felt that it was not needed now. It would be better to wait until tomorrow when it is open during the day when the people in the Dota Tavern are busy below. It will not be too late for him to come up and explore.

After making the decision, Ackerman decided to leave.

The time to come here to explore is not short. If you continue to search, it is estimated that you will be discovered.

However, Ackerman, who originally wanted to move down the wall, got stuck again.

What's the matter?

Even if it was just caught by the bamboo, Ackerman thought that the bamboo had strong vitality, but now, he can't move directly inside the wall.

After trying again, Ackerman found that he originally came down from above, but now he can't even move up, and when he moves back and forth, there are obstacles, as if the wall suddenly has life.

Calculating his current position, it is also on the outer wall of the second floor. If he doesn't break the wall and jump out, if he speeds up, he won't be spotted.

Ackerman didn't know where he was, Luo Yi was holding a small bowl of luminous water, dipping it with a brush, and drew a circle on the inside and outside of the wall.

The spring of rejuvenation, the fountain of life, just like its name, makes this wall full of vitality.

222. Mr. Luo Yi is early

Luo Yi said that he was not a demon either.

The spring water outside the wall was just when Ackerman was still exploring upstairs when Luo Yi went out to paint invisible, and even Bryce, who was in charge of the reception outside, did not find it.

The walls that have penetrated into the spring water temporarily contain vitality due to the life characteristics of the spring water, but it will not last long, unlike the bamboos of the manjikes upstairs, which are directly irrigated and grown with spring water.

As soon as Luo saw Ackerman's whereabouts clearly on the minimap, he caught him where he left.

As for the inner wall, Luo Yi has just painted the spring water now, and the effect will disappear after a while, and the spring water outside will also fail first, so Akerman can naturally leave.

Luo didn't plan to get Ackerman out, so he warned him for the time being. If he came again, he wouldn't be welcome.

Although the tavern can only find magical spring water even if it is explored, it will not be that simple if something bad is done to get the two young ladies in the tavern to take action.

After all, the other party is a CP6 person. Luo Yi is not yet ready to turn his face with the government. At least he will not reveal his identity until the power of the revolutionary army really grows.

I also rely on the tavern and the Chamber of Commerce to earn Bailey to upgrade the system, so it is not good to expose my identity so early.

Although Ackerman was caught in the wall, he did not panic.

His devil fruit ability is indeed working, but it just cannot move, indicating that this wall is now a living body.

Then it is very likely that someone in the tavern possesses the fruit ability, just like the superhuman stone fruit of the Don Quixote family Pika, which can assimilate itself with the rocks it touches.

Ackerman knew that he had been discovered, using the fruit ability to avoid being suffocated by the wall directly, while carefully trying to see if he could move.

It didn't take long for Ackerman to find that the wall leading to the outside had no resistance, so he leaped slightly and jumped directly out of the wall. After falling to the ground, he went directly to the ground and quickly returned to the hotel.

"Why did you jump out of the wall?"

Seeing Ackerman appearing in the hotel room, Bryce asked quickly.

I was ready to do it just now, but found that the tavern opposite was not moving at all, and even the light in Luo's room was dimmed, as if it had reached the point of sleeping.

"I was found, but the other party didn't embarrass me."

Ackerman admitted directly.

Nonsense, if you haven't been discovered, why the wall will hold yourself tightly, especially the strength, it is really awkward.