Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 139

"Found it? What's the matter?"

Everyone gathered around.

"I am in the wall"

After listening to Ackerman's words, several people immediately analyzed the conclusion.

This is the kindness released by the tavern, and it is also possible that the other party already knows the identity of himself and others.

When they were called to investigate, they were told to be careful of this tavern. The origins of the people inside were extremely mysterious.

The fact is also true.

Like the navy, they did not find all the information about other people except Luo Yi.

It is also known that the Mononoke Princess Perona is a subordinate of the original Qiwu Haimoria, but she has not been offered a reward. It is not a big deal for her to find another place to protect her. Now she is not reduced to a waiter in the tavern, and she is also responsible for controlling the ghost. Perform acrobatics.

As for Brooke, the musician in the tavern, it’s just a skeleton. People have said that they used to eat yellow spring fruit, and then resurrected after death. Even the reward order from 43 years ago was taken out. Can you catch it?

The navy ignored it, saying it was different from the photo on the wanted order.

Therefore, after the five people went through this investigation, they discussed a little bit and decided to speak directly to the above.

Can't do it.

Can't beat and beat, infiltrate and fail, how can this be used for intelligence?

They did not arrange for other people to go to the tavern to inquire, but the cost was too high.

Every time I enter, the consumption is tens of thousands of Baileys, which is only the starting price.

You just order a glass of wine and want to stay in it for three hours?

If the people in the tavern don't drive you away, the guests will let you go. Don't take a place in it.

A lot of costs went down, but no information was obtained. After reports from Bryce and others, the superiors immediately made a decision.

Starting today, you will no longer be paid, and your income will depend on your current hotel.

The five Bryce who got the news did not accept it at once.

what's the situation?

Originally, wages were not much, but now they are not even paid?

"So, we are now treated by CP9?"

Cronin swallowed, ready to ease the atmosphere.

Everyone nodded in unison.

Yes, when CP9 goes out to perform tasks, all the expenses are solved by himself. It is normal to open a tavern and find a job.

But they don't have the level of CP9. The few people here are almost among the best in CP6.

According to the meaning of the above, their current tasks have become irregular tasks, maybe a few days, maybe a few years, so they have no salary, let them hide their identities like ordinary people.

What a mess.

Would you like to change a few people over? If we go out to do other tasks, maybe we can get a promotion and raise salary, enter CP9 or even CP0. What's the difference between doing this now and ordinary intelligence personnel.

"Prepare some gifts tomorrow and go to the Dota Pub."

Among the five, Shelley was the most calm, rubbing his temples, putting down his future first, and preparing to make a good relationship with the target person first, even if he exposed himself.

They didn't kill Ackerman on the spot, which meant that these people had no intention of being an enemy of themselves.

After making a plan, they are in trouble again.

The five of them can't make up two million Pele's assets. What should they give?

According to intelligence, the Dota Tavern has a big business, and its Chamber of Commerce has commercial cooperation with more than a dozen kingdoms. In the past few months, it has also made a deal with the Navy. The Chamber of Commerce has installed Hailou stone technology on its ships, which now covers almost a third of the East China Sea. A wealthy nobleman’s transaction averages his income and earns millions of Baileys in one day.

After thinking about it, the most precious thing in this world is the heart. The gift itself does not matter how much it is worth. The most important thing is how much heart the gift itself carries.

So, they decided to bake a cookie by hand and send it over.

So, as soon as Luo opened the door of the tavern the next morning, when he was about to go out for morning exercises, he saw five Bryce from the hotel opposite, standing at his door, one of them holding a gift box in his hand. Looking at himself with a smile.

"Mr Luo Yi is early."

223. The problem is coming

The running this morning was a bit different from usual.

Just less than 50 meters behind Luo Yi, five people followed him, also following at a steady speed.

Bryce and their strength are not bad, Luo Yi's morning jog is just a warm-up, not like the green tights duo next door, starting 1000 laps.

I ran two laps around the entire Chambord Islands. When buying the ingredients for breakfast, I called the five people behind and asked them to pay.

Holding the fresh vegetables and meat in the bubble ball, Luo returned to the tavern.

At this time, everyone in the tavern had already got up.

Lilai used the power of frost in the kitchen, preparing the ice cubes he needed at noon today.

Auros is sharing his novels with Motriti, telling stories from time to time that she used to wander in the mainland. She is not young, even if one story is a day, she can have no duplicates for several years.

Dibu is placing tables, chairs and benches, preparing for dinner.

Izaro is feeding his horses in the backyard. The weather is good today, and he will ride out to wander around later.

As for Slark, although he did not follow Manjikes to sea, he basically lived on Murloc Island.

Lisa came up and took the ingredients, and went into the kitchen with Diba Ya. There was a sound of chopping vegetables, and it didn't take long to start the meal.

Marianu is holding a paintbrush and is repairing the murals. After all, it is a tavern. It is common for guests to get drunk and damage the walls by accident.

Skeleton Brook was sitting on the window sill holding a cup of black tea, not knowing what he was thinking, because there was only a skeleton frame left, he couldn't see his expression.

On the other side, Perona was sitting in the corner, feeding the messenger with small wings with a ration, and looking at the messenger who was eating well, Perona happily touched the messenger’s head and hugged tightly in her arms. With a bear puppet.

Looking at the totally different scene in the tavern, Bryce and the others were also a little uncomfortable. They sat on the round table on the side and looked at Luo Yi, not knowing where to start.

"Your physical strength is really good, most people can't keep up with my running speed."

What Luo Yi said was also the truth. It was a warm-up level for him, but ordinary people who hadn't practiced would only follow him 100 meters at most. After that, he couldn't even see the rear lights.

Bryce and the others also discussed the matter of exposing strength.

"In fact, when we came here today, we came here to apologize and identify ourselves."

Bryce and they pushed the gift box.

It was in the tavern when I was running, but now it's on the table again.

"Don't have to be so troublesome, I already know, hey, it's such a delicate cookie, and it tastes good."

Luo Yi didn't care. He opened the gift box and saw the neatly arranged biscuits. Not only did they look good, but they also tasted great. He wanted to work hard.

"You knew already?"

The five Bryce were shocked, what do they know?

"Yeah, your cp people are so easy to recognize, Lilai, come over and eat cookies."

Nodded and greeted Lilai who had just come out of the kitchen.

Holding the skirt slightly, Lilai trot over, opened her mouth, and ate the biscuits that Luo Yi had fed her, with a happy face.

Hearing Luo Yi said that, although Bryce and the others looked the same, their hearts were worse than the weather on the Great Route.

He knows we are cp people, when did it start?I knew it from the beginning, or was it because of last night?

"I probably know why you are here. After all, they want to control the entire world, but they don’t have enough intelligence, so they arranged personnel to come over. But you are a bit late. Is it because the navy has concealed intelligence? ?"

I took a box and asked Lilai to share it with other people in the tavern. Brook also poured a cup of black tea for no one. It was indeed a good snack with biscuits. Of course, it would be more appropriate if it was the afternoon.

"You all know this? Could it be that the Navy exposed the news?"

Bryce spoke out his guess.

"Does this need others to reveal the news? You are in CP, don't you know the government's virtues? Although my Dota Tavern is not a big power, but now it has developed, it is indeed very dynamic, and there are also transactions with the Navy. , It will naturally attract the attention of the above."

Luo Yi's analysis was very reasonable, and the five Bryce stopped and nodded.

Also, as intelligence personnel, they didn't seem to think about it from the other side's point of view. If they were themselves, they would naturally guard against whether there would be some people around to gather intelligence.

"It's not easy for everyone. Come here whenever you want. I'll give you a discount."

He waved his hand, Luo Yi's tone was friendly, I don't know, he thought it was a gathering of good friends, but Bryce and the others knew that after entering the door, they didn't say a few words, and Luo Yi said everything.

Their identities have also been exposed. No, they have long been known by the other party. As for the information to be investigated, they have not concealed it. If you ask yourself, it is your own question.

Carefully enjoyed a breakfast in the Dota Tavern, Bryce and the others did not sit more, and immediately returned to their hotel.

It won’t work if they don’t go back. They will have to make their own living expenses.

Luo Yi was not polite, picked up the phone bug, and dialed a call.

"Don't "

"Mosimosi, I am the Warring States"

"Master Marshal, let me tell you"

Luo Yi, who was in the upper body of the dramatist, beat his chest and feet, cried bitterly, and shed tears. After listening to his words, the Warring States Period first slowed down, and the scene in his mind that Luo Yi was pressed under him by the five CPs in turn from his mind. He waved it away and sorted out Luo Yi's words.

It probably means.

I shed blood for the organization, I shed tears for the organization, I dedicated my life to the organization, and I paid taxes on time, but the organization did not trust me.

More simply.

I want to compensate.

The Warring States period felt that he had a headache now, and he couldn't blame too much, he couldn't blame the hat too tight, he couldn't blame Karp for being too stupid, he couldn't blame the bird on his head, he could only blame Luo Yi for being too shameless.

As far as the strength of your tavern is concerned, did you tell me to compensate?

Angry to angry, but the Warring States still considered compensation.

When Luo Yi just cried, he seemed to have mentioned that he was weak and sick. This guy is really lying without drafting it. According to the information, he is a humble and well-behaved child. Why is this happening now?

The Warring States period understood Luo Yi's meaning.

What he wanted was the method of refining the body in the navy.

Why the navy can become a huge strength in the sea is naturally because they have a complete training system summed up over hundreds of years.

Many officers in the navy were also trained in naval academies. For example, the current three generals, as well as most lieutenant generals and colonels in the navy, all graduated from naval academies.

Luo Yi didn't want to be a navy now, but also wanted knowledge, so he called to cry.

So the question is, myself, should I give it?

224. Add skills

It has been three days since Bryce revealed their identities.

In Luo Yi's shop, someone he didn't really want to see came.

"Puff ha ha ha ha another glass."

Tank top, beach pants, flip flops, 69-year-old Karp, very irritating, although the hair has turned gray, but the muscles of the hardcover make most of the guests feel bad.

Luo Yi really had a headache.

At present, this Monchi family, just a Dorag, is still a normal person, speaking simple and clear, and easy to communicate, while Karp and Luffy are simply carved out of the same mold.

The ability of this product to drive the atmosphere is simply superb. He obviously just arrived today, and soon became one with the guests in the tavern. After being integrated into the group, the whole tavern was a bit more lively than usual, and Luo Yi and the others were almost too busy.

With a cup of wine and a large supply of ingredients, Luo Yi touched his trouser pocket. Although there was no wallet here, Luo Yi could feel that the white silver wallet was getting thinner.

In the end, Luo Yi still underestimated the Warring States Period.

He originally wanted to take the opportunity to give the Warring States key points of body forging. If he could obtain the armed and domineering training method, it would be the best. No matter how bad it is, there is a navy six style.

Who knows, the Warring States period gave Karp a holiday and threw it on the Chambord Islands, leaving Luo to eat and live.

Karp's appetite Luo Yi didn't know what to say.

The ability that can make Luo a jealous now, in addition to domineering, is six types.