Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 140

If you want to practice the Six Forms, you have certain requirements for your physical fitness. After all, it is the ability to exceed the limit of the human body. It requires long-term training. It is a martial art that can match the body with weapons.

Shaving, telling you to step on the ground dozens of times in a single instant to generate explosive reaction force to move at high speed, it seems to disappear from the enemy's eyes.

Iron nuggets, a defensive technique, can give the body the hardness of sticking. The disadvantage is that it cannot be moved when used. Of course, it depends on who uses it.

Paper painting is also a defensive technique. It removes the power of the whole body and controls the body as easily as painting on paper through the changes in the airflow generated by the opponent's movements. Attacks towards oneself can be avoided by the point.

Moon step, the application technique of shaving, step on the air with strong foot force, produce strong airborne force, and can walk in the air like stepping on stairs.

Arashiki uses ultra-high-speed and powerful kicks to roll up the vacuum and produce slashes to attack opponents.

The finger gun gathers the power of the whole body on the index finger, and releases a blow between the hardened finger flashes, giving the fingertips the attack power of bullets, which can easily penetrate the human body.

These six capabilities are called Navy Type Six, and they are basically only used by the Navy.

The reason why it is said to be basic is that some strong athletes can easily use them after understanding the principles of the six forms.

Like in the comics, Luffy was on Judicial Island, so he shaved it off. Sanji also ran on the Shemale Island non-stop, and then stepped on the moon step into the sky.

After the six forms of cultivation are proficient, they will be able to control their own body freely and master an ability called life return.

The real powerhouses in this world have almost all mastered this ability.

You can freely control your body, hair, and internal organs, as long as you pour your consciousness in, you can freely control any place.

For example, when eating, let the body quickly digest and absorb the food in the stomach, so that you can continue to eat and eat more food than your body weight.

Physical skills and power are all stored in the human body, just like Luo Yi and they now eat the meat of sea kings or sea beasts every day, because these meats contain more energy under the same weight, so there is no need Eat to support yourself.

And if he masters the return of life, he can eat whatever he wants, Luo Yi can control his body to absorb it.

Moreover, you can control anywhere, any place.

In the regret of everyone, Luo Yi announced the end of business hours.

In just three hours, the wine that Karp drank, if sold to customers, had hundreds of thousands of Baileys. This was only three hours.

Moreover, Karp didn't mean to be drunk at all.

This tuition is really too expensive.

It’s totally inapplicable to Karp who cannibalize people’s mouths and take short hands. However, Karp also came here under the instruction of the Warring States Period. He also knew that Luo Yi had been to Windmill Village and met his two grandsons. thing.

If it was just eating and drinking, Karp wouldn't care, but Luo was very grateful for helping him train his two grandchildren.

They will definitely become the best navy in the future.

So, after lunch, Karp was in the yard and explained to Luo Yi the six-style practice method of the Navy.

Karp spoke in great detail.

Many people think Karp is stupid, but in fact Karp is so good.

He refused to be promoted to admiral because he did not want to protect the Denon.

Raising Ace for Roger is to protect him from the government.

Dorag was cultivated to overthrow the world and to practice Luffy since he was a child. It was because his son was unwilling to live up to, so he could only let his grandson come.

It can be said that the entire story of One Piece was planned by Karp. He and Roger created the era of the big pirate. He is a lieutenant admiral and a naval hero. Let his son be a revolutionary army and his grandson. Pirates, expose the ugliness of this world, and then overthrow the world government, Dorag becomes the world leader, he is the emperor cough.

The above are all Luo Yi's personal speculations.

Luo Yi's physical fitness is not bad, put in the navy, basically comparable to some major generals, plus his age, is simply a genius, Kapu likes it more and more.

As for the Navy Type Six, Luo Yi is also quickly mastering it.

The first thing to learn is paper painting.

Luo Yi, who has mastered the domineering look and feel, can be said to be handy in the study of paper painting, and has avoided all his attacks without being serious.

And the second thing to learn is to shave.

This is the prerequisite skill for Lanjiao and Yuebu. All three poses have very strict requirements on leg strength.

Every time you move, there will be a small hole in the ground, and it is not easy to control. Sometimes you rush far, sometimes you get closer, but the method is still mastered. As long as you practice more, you can use it skillfully.

It is not difficult to learn the iron nugget. Luo Yi's mental power, that is, intelligence attribute points, has never fallen. For Luo Yi who has grown in all aspects of his aptitude, he must be a hexagonal warrior in the future.

The hardest part is the gun.

This difficulty is not power, but mentality.

When Karp held the steel plate and asked him to poke him, Luo Yi really wanted to poke Karp. If it wasn't for Karp's body to be harder than the steel plate, he would really do so.

After experiencing wood and slate, Luo Yi gave up on iron.

It's not because I don't want to practice anymore, but because of counseling.

What if my finger is broken?

In this way, after a month of hard training, Luo Yi mastered the Navy Six Type proficiently, and a grid was once again lit on his skill bar.

Seeing the skill bar lit up again, Luo Yi felt that he understood that this skill grid was used in this way.

As for the yellow dot plus sign lit above, Luo clicked it without hesitation.

225. Pretending to be a criminal

Great route.

It is divided into two by a ring-shaped continent that intersects with its cross. The continent is called the red earth continent.

The entrance to the great route is called the Upside-down Mountain. The sea waters from all over the world will flow upstream at the upside-down mountain, sending ships to the top of the mountain, and then through the only downward current to send the ships to the great route.

It is very easy to enter the great route, but there are only two ways to go to the second half.

One is to apply to the Holy Land Maria Gioria to pass over the red earth continent, but can only abandon the ship and walk to another new world, and then buy another ship, plus the Dragon people live on it, basically no one chooses this road.

And the other one is to reach the new world by diving to the fisherman island 10,000 meters under the sea, and then floating up from the other side.

With Slark, the murloc, and the naive drag boat, this submarine passage that many people cannot pass through is extremely simple.

The weather in the new world is even worse than in the first half of the paradise.

If the weather in the paradise changes one step at a time, then the situation in the new world is a dozen changes in one step.

Manjikes and the others are now sailing in the new world, looking at the special record pointer of the new world, the three pointers point to different directions, and they let the navigator choose the route at will and just move forward.

The ship was newly built, using money from the tavern, and there was no pirate flag on the ship. It used the flag of the Dota Chamber of Commerce, although there was no cargo on the ship.

In addition, the number 20 who is coming from Kunkka, there is a navigator, a handyman, a spare cook, and nothing else.

After sailing for nearly a month, I have also been to an island, and found nothing suitable for combat. The people sent out a new member of the Chamber of Commerce to discuss a business with the people on the island.

After setting sail again, at this moment, the four Menjikes were on the deck, coping with the snow falling from the sky, covering almost the entire sky, the gray sky, and even the field of vision became very short, and the distant view could not be seen. Happening.

If it's just snowing, it doesn't matter, but when the snow reaches a certain level, it is not that simple.

Snowflakes are so big that a slice is as big as a person. It is not so much a falling snow, but a falling rock in the shape of a snowflake.

Ten crew members rowed the boat in turn, the boat put up the sails and sailed hard in this area.

Lucifer stood at the forefront of the ship, with a red light spreading under his feet, which accurately shrouded the front of the ship, melting the almost icy sea, and ensuring that the ship could sail normally.

Manjikes took the treasure gourd, held a large sip of wine in his mouth, and squirted it into the sky. Riki was next to him, holding a torch. With the cooperation of the two, flames appeared constantly above the ship, reducing the fall Snowflakes on board.

The master, holding his katana, sitting cross-legged, letting snowflakes fall on him, giving himself a new skin.

The crew were not idle either. They kept clearing the snow falling on the ship, and lit a lot of torches in the cabin to raise the temperature of the deck, speed up the melting speed of the snow, avoid falling snow and increase the load of the ship.

To be honest, this kind of weather is not bad, if it weren't for a long detour, they would have to pass through the sea area full of sea tornadoes and vortexes, so they could simply write a suicide note and put a drift bottle.

Sailing here, it is not easy to change directions, unless Lucifer melts all the snowflakes around the ship.

And through the gap between the snowflakes, you can see that a white shadow gradually appeared in the front.

The white shadow is not clear. At least the crew on the ship didn't see anything in front of them. Even the people on the observation deck didn't find it until they got close.

The time he found out was a bit late.

"Stop the ship, stop the ship, there is a stranded ship ahead."

Through the outline, you can tell that it is a ship, a little bigger than your own ship, and if it hits, the ship will be gone.

Hearing the call from the lookout, the crew all became nervous. One person was about to get down into the cabin and asked the rowing crew to stop the oars, but was held by one hand.

"Keep going."

Manjix said.

"But it's about to collide"

"Will not."

Manjix's tone was firm, and the crew did not dare to disobey. After all, on the last island, Manjix punched a huge tiger to give everyone a meal. Judging from the chewiness of the tiger meat, he I don't think I can hold a finger.

Seeing that the ship is getting closer and closer to one's own ship, when the watchman found out, the distance between the two ships was less than 100 meters. It can be said that it is no longer a safe distance. It is possible whether it is stopping the ship or turning the rudder. Hit.

The crew on the deck stopped the work of cleaning the snowflakes, held their breath, and stared at the ship ahead.

The rowers below didn't know the situation ahead, only knew that they kept sliding forward for a few seconds. Even with the naked eye, they could clearly see the mast covered by snow and the icicles hanging on it.

It seems that this ship has been parked here for a long time.

"Husband" "husband" "husband"

The footsteps sounded, it was the sound of walking in the snow, dominating the new winter clothing Yunieruo, finally stood up and walked silently to the front of the ship.

The katana in his hand was held with the backhand, the body was slightly bent, and the katana was raised high back.

The distance to the ship in front is only 30 meters. At this distance, at their speed, it can be hit in a few seconds. The ship is solid, and now it can be checked.

However, Yunieruo's actions broke the crew's illusions.

A scarlet blade flashed by, with good eyesight, at least seeing the sword aura shooting out, but the others only noticed a red light in front of them, and then it dawned.

The sky that was originally covered by snowflakes was like being combed into the center. It opened in a fan shape from near to far. The ship in front of it that was originally blocked on the road had appeared on the two sides of the ship when everyone reacted. side.

Looking at the flat incision, even the crew who trained with Kunkka almost didn't look for their own eyes on the deck. Guidance Yan Yi was Aini Road on Sky Island.

The snowflakes are still falling, but it has nothing to do with them. The clouds in the sky are also split. Only the sides of the ship are snowing. Even the sailing speed has accelerated a lot, and the end of the sea has been seen.

The blue sky, the warm sun shining down, hit the body warmly.

Manjikes glanced distressedly at his treasure gourd, how much wine he had just sprayed out.

"Yuniruo, can't you do it earlier next time?"

Manjix was a little bit grumble.

"To blame, blame my sword."

Leaving this sentence, Yunieruo returned to the position where he had been meditating before and sat down cross-legged.

Hello, navy?There is pretense here.

226. Recruit Training Island

Yunieruo's powerful strength gave the people on board extremely strong confidence.

When I arrived at the next island, I got the navigator's order to rest. Seeing the calm climate on the island, everyone felt relieved.

Nobody knows where it is. The people on the ship are either from another world or from the first half. How could they know the second half of the great route.

It is because of the courage of the yigao people that they will go here.

The island is not big, and there are no traces of human habitation on the island. It looks like a primeval forest.

No surprise, there are countless islands like this on the Great Sea Route.

After Lucifer cut off a wild boar over 20 meters long to give everyone a meal, everyone got off the boat and prepared a banquet on the coast.

Sailing is like this, you don't know what will happen next moment, as long as you have the opportunity, you will enjoy it.

The ancients summed it up in this way, and come back after all the money is gone, don't let the golden bottle go to the moon.

Manjikes also moved out the drinks he had prepared on the island. When the banquet was held, only meat and no wine were enough.

It is now approaching the night, Lucifer and the chef on the ship are busy, and others are also setting up temporary banquet venues, tables, chairs and benches are all available.

After busying for more than an hour, the banquet began. Under the influence of alcohol, the crew began to brag and whisper, but everyone was on the same boat. Naturally, they knew whether they were true or not.

The banquet did not last too long. After being drunk and full, the slightly drunken crew began to pack their things. Some went to wash and rest first, while another group was in charge of the night watch.