Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 141

This is outside. Even if you drink, you don't dare to get drunk. After all, you are not sure about your safety.

Until late at night, the crew in charge of the night watch, by the moonlight, found a ship approaching the island.


Through the telescope, I saw the letters on the pure white flag, the pattern resembling a seagull, and the standard ship shape. It was clear that it was a navy.

But I have to guard against it.

No one knows if the pirates robbed the navy's warships and used them to deceive the trust of merchant ships or the navy while sailing at sea.

The bell rang to wake up everyone who was resting. Everyone came to the deck at the fastest speed, carrying lights and weapons, watching the approaching ship vigilantly.

The navy’s warships are very large, and they are a younger brother in comparison with warships in this merchant ship.

On the warship, a man dressed in a navy soldier's costume was carrying a tachi at least two meters long and a huge shuriken on his back.

It can't be called a shuriken anymore, it can't be hidden in the hands at all, so let's call it a big dart.

This navy, which looked a bit like enduring, gave a military salute to the other navy in front of him and began to report.

"It is reported that a ship was found on Ellen Island in Trillin, flying the flag of the Dota Chamber of Commerce."

"Turn the course, don't get too close to that ship, it may be a pirate pretending to be."


Binz saluted, and immediately followed the procedure.

The pirate not only plays the role of the navy, but also pretends to be an ordinary person. When the opponent relaxes his vigilance, he suddenly moves.

The course of the warship has changed, but it can be seen that they still have to dock on the island, and even the gun barrel on the ship has been pointed at the other side without turning away.

Negotiations are useless.

Should the other party prove that he is a member of the Chamber of Commerce?Then the other party asked you to prove yourself as a navy.

So, just stay alert, even if you are ready to fight.

If the opponent wants to fight, they can fire at any time, or they can immediately prepare for the battle, and if they do not do anything when they arrive on the island, then be prepared to fight on the island.

However, judging from the performance of the soldiers, if there really is a battle, the casualty rate is not low.

On this warship, with the exception of a few commanders who are the old navy, the others are all recruits. The oldest are under 25 years old. They have just completed training in the Naval Academy and come out for actual combat.

Although these people have good talents, they belong to talents. The real battle depends on strength.

The warship docked peacefully, and the people on the merchant ship did not send anyone over to negotiate, but after knowing that there were other ships docking, it was estimated that it was difficult to sleep tonight.

Since it was late at night, after the warship docked, it was a matter of arranging a rest immediately.

Even if there is a ship docked there on the other side of the beach, they must be energetic.

At night, with the exception of the Manjikes four, although the Dota Chamber of Commerce took turns to rest, they were not much better than when they were sailing at sea.

Until the next morning, Lucifer went to the forest early and captured two beasts as breakfast, and a group of people once again enjoyed the meal.

On the other side, the navy is also ready.

Smelling the smell of meat floating over the other side of the beach, looking at the congee and cabbage in my bowl, alas

During the meal, both sides were watching each other.

Yunieruo and Lucifer stared at a navy with purple hair on the navy side. There was no other clothes on their upper body, only a navy coat was draped over their shoulders.

Looking at the age, it seems that it is not too young, the strength in the body seems to have declined a lot, presumably when he was young, he was also a top powerhouse.

Lucifer and Yuneruo usually have discussions, but because of the contract, they can't fight life and death, so they choose to go to sea to find someone to fight.

However, since the opponent is the navy, it is better not to mess around.

Luo Yi said, now let's abide by the rules of this world first, the pirates in the new world are very strong, enough for them to challenge.

Maybe I saw that there were not many people on Manjix's side, but the number of people on the navy side reached more than 200, which was more than ten times that of the Dota Chamber of Commerce. After breakfast, the navy sent three people here. Come to negotiate.

"Corporal Hill of the navy headquarters, are you from the Chamber of Commerce?"

After the three men paid the military salute, the navy at the front spoke.

"Hello, I am the secretary of the vice president of the Dota Chamber of Commerce, and my name is Warren."

On the side of the Dota Chamber of Commerce, someone who seemed a little smaller than Oliver came to greet him.

He is Oliver's newly recruited secretary, and he usually takes him around to study the business of the Chamber of Commerce. This time he was called here to see if he could develop business in the New World by the way, and by the way to give Manjiks a hand.

"It seems that it is a merchant, you are on this island"

The two communicated with each other and probably learned about each other's situation.

Hill returned to his team. Like the purple-haired navy report, the people from the Dota Chamber of Commerce only stopped temporarily and would leave when the record pointer was full of magnetism.

And Manjikes also knew about the navy.

It turns out that this island is a training island for the navy's recruits. The beasts on the island and the pirates who occasionally come to the island are their training targets.

The content of training is actual combat.

227. Beard

The navy has a large number of people. After gathering, they are divided into teams and begin training in the forest.

While waiting for the pointer to record, Manjix had nothing to do and entered the forest.

There are many beasts in the forest, and the powerful ones are far from being able to deal with these naval recruits, so they are also told that they can go deep.

As for what will happen if you violate the order, you should say otherwise.

Warren and the others are making permanent pointers to the island, and some people are exploring the interior of the island to see if there is anything worth taking away.

For example, plants that are only found on this island.

Of course, after knowing that this island is a training island for naval recruits, they knew that there was little hope.

It's not a big deal, but you can't give up, otherwise how will the chamber of commerce develop.

Both Lucifer and Yunero acted alone, only Manjix acted with the chamber of commerce personnel, and could protect them when necessary.

And if Riki didn't look at the mini map, Manjiks would not know where he went, but they would also be wandering around the island.

"Ain, Binz, in this battle, unless necessary, you are forbidden to use fruit abilities."

The navy team set off, but a two-person team was left behind.

"is teacher."

She has long, supple sea-blue wavy hair. The female navy named Ain is the only woman in this team and one of the strongest recruits in the team. The other is the one who endures next to her. Binz dressed up.

Zefa held a toothpick in his mouth, and his face was full of relief.

If you want to become stronger, you can't rely on fruit ability. The most powerful thing in the world is your own body. As long as you keep exercising and master the two-color domineering, you will definitely become stronger.

And if you rely too much on the fruit ability, you will only become a general like Huang Yuan in the future.

Of course, Zefa didn't say this.

Today, they are all the elite newcomers from the navy. The training in the academy is just to train their physique, but when fighting the pirates, they won't keep your hands on you like studying in the academy.

Therefore, Zefa has been prepared today for possible casualties.

After the explanation was completed, the team composed of Ain and Binz went straight into the forest.

Zefa, on the other hand, was sitting on a warship, unfolding a domineering look, watching the situation on the island at any time.

Walking through the forest, Ain and Binz soon ushered in their first opponent.

It was a big cat. It looked like a leopard, but if you looked closely, it had three tails.


Without any hesitation, Ain shot directly, but did not expect that the leopard reacted quickly, jumped to the side, and avoided the attack, turned his head and grinned at Ain, let out a low growl, and the three tails twitched and twitched quickly. A deep impression was directly made on the big tree on the side.

Ain and Binz immediately cooperated.

Binz had a knife in his hand, and leaned sideways with the beast that was leaping over. The blade cut through the beast's tail, trying to cut off the opponent's offensive means first, but he didn't expect that sparks flew and nothing happened.

"It's so hard."

Binz's hand holding the knife was trembling, but he didn't expect that his own attack would not even leave a scar on the opponent.

When Ain was attracted to attack in Binz, he had already extended the distance with the beast, with two guns in his hand, and fired two shots, one aimed at the forehead and the other aimed at the abdomen.

However, the speed of the beast was very fast, and Ain's two guns fell on the ground, without any effect.


Although it did not attack, Ain still attracted the hatred of the other party, and the beast directly ignored Binz and turned his head towards Ain.


He stomped on his feet, and Ain suddenly disappeared in place. When he appeared, he was already twenty meters away. While avoiding the attack of the beast, he raised his hand twice.

This time, the beast still in the air suffered.

The bullet flying out of the spiral hit the abdomen, splashing two blood.

"Attack its belly."

The copper-headed iron-tailed tofu waist is not just a description of the wolf, but almost all animals have this characteristic, not to mention the strange creatures in One Piece, the body is harder than one.

Binz had a headache.

He can also shave, but he can only shave. Regarding the speed of his body, he probably can't keep up with the opponent.

Even so, he got on.

Just be careful. With Ain playing cover, Binz felt that he still had the power to fight.

Seeing Ain's attack and accomplishment, Binz also directly used the shave, and instantly appeared beside the beast. Before the opponent could react, he cut it out and landed on the abdomen of the beast.


In terms of reaction speed, cats are very fast. Even if they are frightened by Binz, they still dodge. Although the abdomen is injured, it is not fatal.

While dodging, the three tails swept towards Binz.

Binz, who turned around in time, blocked his tail with a big dart on his back, but didn't block the huge force. He was directly kicked off and hit a tree before stopping.

He still underestimated the other's strength.


Ain just took a look, then immediately raised his pistol and fired bullets continuously at the beast.

Due to the abdominal injury, the speed of dodge decreased, and Ain hit one of the two shots until the bullets of the two pistols were finished. The last bullet hit the wound that Binz had just cut out, and the bullet directly penetrated The deep pain inside the body caused the beast to turn around and run.

Seeing the other person leaving, Ain ran to Binz immediately.

"I'm fine."

Holding his stomach and standing up, Binz didn't even vomit blood.

Under Zefa's teaching, they attached great importance to physical exercise. They just broke a tree and it didn't matter. The pain passed away.

"Take a break and move on."

Putting on the bullet, Ain sat down beside Binz.

Similar situations appeared in various places on the island. Although everyone was trained in the academy, it was the first time to fight beasts, and the strength of these beasts was good, and injuries were inevitable.

The navy is conducting its own training here, and the chamber of commerce is exploring the island. It can be said that the two sides do not enter the river, and there is no intersection between the two.

Lucifer and Yunieruo have penetrated deep into the center of the island, and the two are going to find the strongest guy on the island to chop off, which can be regarded as a stretch of their bodies that have not been serious for a long time.

Neither the navy nor the chamber of commerce noticed that a small boat above the sea was drifting with the flow and gradually approaching.

On the boat, a tall man with a white beard holding a moon knife in his hand.

Next to him, a meter tall, with a cane, sat aside an extremely ugly woman.

228. Naginata

The training time for recruits is not long, just three days.

Zefa was very satisfied with their performance. Under the domineering induction of seeing and hearing, all the recruits encountered a lot of difficulties, but between life and death, their internal potential was also stimulated.