Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 142

When the three-day period was over and a group of people gathered again, although everyone was wounded, the overall energy and spirit were different.

"Not bad."

Zefa nodded in satisfaction.

Only the hands, no one died in the hands of the beasts, it can be said that the previous training in the academy was not in vain.

Everyone did not reply, although they were quite exhausted, they all saluteed.

Manjix leaned on the railing, drank, looked at the well-disciplined navy, and turned his head to look at his crew. This behavior is a bit like that. Kunkka is so powerful that he can kill a group of ordinary people in a period of time. Training to this level.

"Take a rest today and set sail tomorrow."

Zefa also knows the principle of relaxation, and the dangers on the sea are no less than those on the island, so he should replenish his energy before setting off.

However, ideals are very full, reality is very skinny, sometimes you want to rest, there are always people who will not let you stop, but also urge you to move.

Manjikes, who was still drinking, suddenly put down the treasure gourd in his hand and looked up at the other side of the island.


A loud noise came out, and even from the coast, you could clearly see the huge smoke rising from the opposite side.


This time, even Zefa's expression became serious.

At the Chamber of Commerce, Lucifer and Yuneruo had nothing to gain on the island. Instead, Riki fought hard for three days. The cool batch seemed to have improved.

And now, all four people are on the boat, waiting for the magnetic field of the recording pointer to be recorded.

In Zefa's domineering look, he sensed an extremely powerful aura on the other end.

Obviously, it is not from the chamber of commerce next door, who would it be?

This breath is very strong, almost catching up with himself during the victory period, and Zefa naturally didn't dare to take it lightly.

He is 65 this year, a little smaller than Karp of Warring States Period, but he is also a figure of the same era, and he naturally knows the cruelty on the sea.

It's really hard to say whether the other party can deal with the navy's troubles.

As for asking people from the Chamber of Commerce to help, Zefa felt that it was a shame for the Navy.

It's just that he won't speak, which doesn't mean Lucifer and they don't want to do it.

Feeling the powerful aura, Lucifer and Yuneruo were both extremely excited. The flame-burning magic sword and the samurai sword in their hands were all about to move. If they hadn’t found the other party rushing straight in their direction, they would have rushed out and slashed. Up.

Now, both of them are adjusting their state, ready to wait for the fight, you can

"Who will come first?"

Yunero's katana was turned in his hand, and his masked face lifted, looking at Lucifer.

"Huh? I'm coming."

Lucifer was not polite.

"That's not good, if you eat it, I will find someone to discuss it."

Yuneruo shook his head, but he knew what kind of virtue Lucifer was. If he returned to the original world, the two must have separated into two camps.

"Points, high and low."

The flames of the Burning Demon Sword in Lucifer's hand rose up, and his eyes seemed to project golden light.

"Just to my liking, let's warm up first."

With that, Yunero jumped off the boat directly, Lucifer followed closely, and the two fell on the beach and chopped up.

The scorching air waves, the flying sword energy, the melting sand, the broken tree trunks, Lucifer and Yunieruo two from the beach into the forest, only heard the sound of constant fighting.

Manjikes covered his face speechlessly, how did it develop into this?

On the other side, Zefa, who allowed the soldiers to rest in place, was also dazed.

He originally thought that the two people were going to find the person on the opposite island, but he started fighting.

Why did they fight?Infighting?

Zefa couldn't figure it out and didn't bother to do it. He picked up the inhaler he carried and put it in his mouth, and took two puffs forcefully.

Next, it may be a fierce battle, but you can't let asthma affect the battle.

And Zefa is now sure that the other party is coming for his own side.

If it is a person who is looking for a strong person to learn from each other, he will definitely change the direction when he feels the movement of Lucifer and Yunier, but the other party does not, but rushes straight toward him.

Before long, a huge figure squeezed out of the forest after cutting down two big trees that blocked his way.

The man is burly and obese. He is nearly seven meters tall. He has a lot of flesh on his upper body, but his two legs are unusually thin. His hair is like Super Saiyan III, spreading to his legs, and his sideburns exploded into braids. There are stitch marks on the arm, neck and face. It seems that he has suffered a serious injury before, and he carries a naginata on his shoulder.

As for the old woman behind him, Zefa simply ignored it.

"Mom, I found the navy."

"Well, kill them."

"Good mom."

The conversation between the two was concise and concise. Zefa rushed up without any hesitation, with armed domineering clinging to his hands, six-style shave, and instantly appeared in front of the fat man, punching the fat man into the air.


Iss Barkin was so scared that his sunglasses crooked.

"Ah, it hurts."

Weibull hit the ground a few times and then stood up. It was obvious that Zefa's attack did not have much effect.

Zefa's expression became serious.

I know my strength. Although my strength has gone backwards a lot now, my own punch is that those lieutenant generals will vomit two mouthfuls of blood. This person does not even have a hand.

"Hmph, hit me so hard to find death."

Weibull held the naginata in both hands and rushed directly towards Zefa. The speed was not as slow as Zefa's just shaving. Just like Zefa's attack on him, Weibull's naginata was wrapped around the armed and domineering, towards Zefa. Cut off his head.

"Armed Color Hardening"

Zefa, who was too late to dodge, could only wrap his domineering arrogance on his hands, and took the blow abruptly, sparks flew everywhere, although his arms were fine, but the huge force coming from him forced Zefa back. Tens of meters away.

The two legs made two deep scratches on the ground, and Zefa staggered. Then he stood firmly, and his arms trembled slightly.

"What a terrifying power, it's like when White Beard was young."


When the navy recruits saw Zefa being repelled, they all rushed up nervously.

"Get down."

Zefa shouted loudly, and everyone stopped.

"This is not a battle that you can participate in. You all go to the boat and wait. If I fail, you must survive, my beloved students."

229. Good price negotiation

Edward Weibull.

After the beginning of the plot, the war on the top ended, and it appeared in the sight of everyone.

Just after his debut, Huang Yuan said that he has the same powerful strength as the white beard when he was young.

And the reason why he is famous is because he cut off Zefa's right arm during the battle with Zefa.

Zefa, known as the "black wrist", was awarded this title because of his powerful armed and domineering. Although he is old and has asthma, this does not prove that Zefa is weak.

The battle with Weibull was very fierce, and both sides were masters of physical skills.

At this time, Zefa had no weapons in his hands. For him, his body was the best weapon. This was also the reason why he didn't like Yellow Ape after serving as a naval instructor. Yellow Ape relied on the fruit ability too much.

Every time a fist was thrown, it was wrapped in a very solid armed domineering, and it collided with Weibull's Naginata, and countless flames sputtered out.

Zefa was also secretly frightened.

Regardless of whether the opponent is domineering or armed, they are almost the same as their own, but they are young and strong, but they lack combat experience, and they are basically beaten.

It's just that the defense of this body is really strong, Zefa rarely encounters such an attack that can resist him with his body, even without blood vomiting.

If this situation continues, whoever falls to the ground first will lose.

As for who this person would be, Zefa felt that he must be himself.

The attacks of the two collided once again, and Zefa fought hard against the naginata, hitting Weibull's stomach with a punch, and he could only reach here.

The fist plunged deeply into Weibull’s belly, and the demented face showed a painful look, and then it looked like it was hit by a car from a sand sculpture domestic drama, like a cannonball, flying out dozens of meters away, continuous It finally stopped after breaking a dozen trees.

"Cough, it hurts so much"

Weibull spit out blood and rolled around with his stomach, Zefa's attack finally worked.

It's just that Zefa is not comfortable.

Even when the navy recruits stood on the warship, they could see Zefa's arms trembling slightly.

"Binz, we are going to help the teacher."

Ain was worried.

"Huh, you actually said it first."

Binz had taken off the military cap on his head, held the sword tightly in his hand, ready to move.

"Corporal Hill, regarding the violation of the order, we shall be punished when we return."

Having said that, the two did not stay any longer, directly shaved off and rushed into the battlefield.


With a loud shout, Binz landed and started a strange dance. The devil fruit ability was activated, and the surrounding plants grew wildly as if they were controlled. The thick vines tightened Weibull. Tied up and pulled into the air.

The vines entangled Weibull's limbs and head, even his body.

As a person with lush fruit ability, Binz can control nearby plants and accelerate their growth.

This is a coveted ability. With lush fruits, he can even solve the world's food crisis. As long as Binz is not too tired, he can even be among the top rich in the world.

Then, this ability was used by him to fight and bind.

It seems to be used well.

"fall back"

The two were very skilled in cooperation, and Ain rushed directly to the trapped Weibull.

As a person with the ability to regress fruit, as long as anything she touches, whether it is a living thing or a non- living thing, it can go backwards for 12 years.

This is a very buggy fruit ability. When Ain and Binz encounter an enemy that cannot be solved, they will choose to play such a cooperation.

If I can't beat you, then I'll beat you 12 years ago. If I can't beat you again, go back another 12 years.

"Get out of the way."

Zefa did not expect that his two disciples were so reckless that they did not follow his orders to stay on the boat.


It's too late for Ayn Shirt to begin.

When she had just approached Weibull, and the fruit ability had not yet captured the opponent, the tied Weibull was just a force that broke Binz's vine.

The naginata in his hand, including armed and domineering, slashed towards Ain.

Seeing Naginata getting closer and closer to him, Ain was so frightened that both eyes fell out.


This idea flashed through my mind.

However, seeing that the Naginata was about to be cut, Ain felt that his eyes were dark, Zefa's stalwart figure was directly blocking Ain's front.


Weibull yelled, and Naginata cut it down mercilessly. He didn't care whether he cut it or not, he cut it first.

However, the arms that had been entwined with armed colors suddenly stretched over and blocked Weibull's offensive route.