Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 145

How could Manjix and the others go to sea in such a coincidence.

Luo Yi is now more curious that now that White Beard is still alive, will Miss Barkin claim to be Bai Beard’s favorite woman.

Of course, in order to save his life, it is really possible to say that, at least he can live to deny it.

And once Baibeard admits it, will the top war break out this year?

Thinking about it this way, I suddenly felt very exciting. Will I make a lot of money when I do live broadcast in the tavern?

Of course, Luo Yi said that he just thought about it.

"This thing is interesting."

Zefa touched the small ring on his neck.

Because the fingers were too big, Zefa couldn't take it in, so he could only hang it around his neck.

The ring made of gold is inlaid with a red gem, which looks very precious.

The strangest thing is that after putting it on, Zefa felt that his recovery from his injury had accelerated a bit, and he could truly feel that the strength on his arm was quickly recovering.

Reply to the ring: Some gnomes believe that this ring can bring good luck.

Health regeneration: 2

The 2 points of life recovery per second is really not much in the game, but in the real world, this kind of directly ignores the law of conservation of energy, don't take injections, and you can recover your body without taking medicine or eating, and you can return to 172,800 in one day. A bloody artifact.

Even a person like Zefa with high blood and defense can't hold back a small one.

"This thing is more precious. After General Zefa runs out, remember to return it to me."

Although Luo Yi said so, he also took the opportunity to follow this opportunity to let the navy know that he had this kind of thing in his hands.

Drugs that can recover quickly on the battlefield, as well as rings that can continuously restore life when worn on the body, will inevitably cause the Navy to pay more attention to itself.

As for the hard grab, there are two people, Zefa and Karp, standing in the middle, unless the world government directly chooses to break the skin with itself, it will not do so.

What's more, the navy has its own intelligence and knows that there are many strong men in the tavern. Once they push themselves to another path, they may even break the current balance of power.

In the new world, Shanks is now stirring the wind and the rain. If he follows the plot, he will be among the sea emperors in three years, and the title of the four emperors is officially set.

How awesome, it took so many years from starting in the East China Sea to becoming one of the Four Emperors. The ability of the fruit of face is powerful, Luo Yi basically can imagine.

Shanks: "Give me face and surrender."

Enemy: "RBQRBQ"

The ship soon returned to the Naval Academy.

Those who can enter the academy for training are all elites from all over the world. They are naturally established in the new world. The environment they encounter is different, and the speed of improvement is naturally different.

Watching group after group of naval soldiers ran past, Luo Yi felt that the navy, as the current overlord, did have his merits.

However, Luo Yi always felt that they were missing something when running. Although they were neat, they lacked a little momentum.

By the way, I didn’t say "1234"

A light bulb above his head suddenly lit up, and Luo Yi immediately grasped the key to the problem.

"I'll give this back to you, thank you."

Taking off the recovery ring, Zefa thanked Luo.

"General Zefa can buy it if he likes it."

Although he didn't hesitate to return it to himself, Luo Yi found that Zefa looked at the ring a few more times.

"This thing is also on sale?"

Zefa was taken aback for a moment, his tone a little excited.

"Of course, I am a businessman, this thing is so precious, why don't you keep it for sale?"

Luo Yi answered naturally.

"how much is it?"

After experiencing it personally, Zefa also knew how precious this thing is.

"2.5 million Bailey."

He glanced at the price of 250 gold coins for the recovery ring, and his cost was 25,000 Baileys, and he only earned 100 times. He was indeed a conscientious businessman.

"so cheap."

Zefa had already prepared Luo Yishi to open his mouth, but he didn't expect to sell it at such a small price.

The healing effect of this thing is so strong that even with his system, it would take only one or two days to get severely injured. If it were an ordinary soldier, it would be faster.

"Cheap? How many will Zefa want?"

Luo Yi now understands that the revolutionary army is all poor ghosts.

The navy is different.

What is their background? It is the world government, and where the money of the world government comes from, of course, it comes from more than 170 participating countries.

Compared with the economic strength of the world government, the situation in the revolutionary army is not optimistic. The past few years have been good. Those countries that have overthrown state power and re-established will continue to help them. If this were the past, it would be simply painting Pie to make ends meet.

"Is there a lot of these things?"

Zefa was not calm when he heard Luo ask him how many.

"Of course, as long as Bailey is in place, there will be as many as he wants."

Luo patted his chest to make sure, and again took out ten recovery rings.

At this moment, Zefa couldn't help taking a deep breath. He seemed to see that the Navy's financial preparations were in deficit.

234. Am I stronger?

Warring States is very depressed now.

Sitting in the office of the Naval Academy, Zeng Guo put his hands on his chest, nodding his fingers nervously.

On the sofa next to him, Luo Yi and Zefa sat.

In the Warring States period, Zefa called to pay, and it was not a small amount of money.

The opening is one billion Baileys, and the Warring States period feels a little overwhelmed by his heart.

Although the monthly expenses of the entire Naval Academy are more than that, but what I want now is outside the budget.

Especially what Zefa bought.

Looking at the little ring on the table, Zhan Guo squinted at Zefa.

You said cheap?

2.5 million Bailey, just buy such a ring?

Thinking of this, Warring States didn't just nod his fingers, his feet began to shake.

He went from the Navy Headquarters to the Holy Land Maria Gioria, and took a long time to arrive here because of hearing Luo Yi's presence here.

According to their intelligence, Luo Yi would appear where he had been before, so the final conclusion was that Luo Yi's fruiting ability should be like this.

But now, Karp is still cheating in Luo Yi's tavern to eat and holiday. Luo Yi is here, which makes no sense.

It will take at least half a month from the Chambord Archipelago to cross the fisherman island and then to the trekking island of Ellen. If there is a delay on the road, it will be even longer.

Therefore, as for Luo Yi's ability, Zhan Guo felt that he needed to re-evaluate, as well as the things Zefa mentioned to him in the phone worm.

A small ring actually has the effect of speeding up recovery from injuries, and the price is actually not expensive, but it will not be the same when the number is large.

The things that Luo Yi sold, the Warring States did not take them to test the effect, but Zefa has experienced it personally, so if you buy it, you still have to buy it, money is not a problem, anyway, just ask for it.

"President Luo Yi, long time no see."

The three people sat in the room, no one spoke, and in the end the Warring States Period was the first to break the silence.

"Thank you, the Marshal of the Warring States Period, for giving Mr. Karp a holiday. Should I ask him or the navy for his meal?"

Luo smiled and thanked him.

Seeing Luo Yi's smile, Warring States took a deep breath, feeling that his exploding head almost couldn't cover his hat.

"During Karp's vacation, expenses are personal and cannot be reimbursed."

The Warring States immediately cleared the relationship.

"That's the case, let's talk about this recovery ring, oh, yes, there is also this healing ointment, do you want?"

With that, Luo Yi took out a bottle of healing ointment again and put it on the table.

Warring States looked at what Luo Yi took out, and his eyebrows jumped. This green color was deeper than last time.

In the previous tree sacrifice, the navy bought a lot from Luo Yi.

But how many people are there in the navy? It's all over the world. What's the use of buying 100,000 copies?

Therefore, the sacrifice of the tree was also sent to Begapunk by them.

However, after such a long time, they only got a word from Begapunk.

"I can do nothing."

God is powerless. Who is Begapunk? That is the scientist of the Navy Science Force, 500 years ahead of today's science and technology, and is called a scientist who has surpassed human wisdom for 500 years.

After unlocking the transmission conditions of the Devil Fruit ability, let the object possess the Devil Fruit ability. Even if the thing Luo Yi took out was made by Devil Fruit, there should be some clues.

However, although the order was given, Begapunk said that there was no way to copy it.

Now, Luo Yi actually took out another thing, and Zefa also said the efficacy of this potion, the recovery speed was faster than the tree sacrifice he took out last time.

Even if the Warring States period was just a marshal and had not done business, he knew that Luo Yi was going to make a fortune.

"President Luo Yi, what else do you have, just take it out all at once, let's talk about the price."

Although the things Luo Yi sells are not cheap, the effect is indeed powerful. The tree sacrifices bought from Luo Yi have already saved many people.

Warring States felt that Luo must have something good in his hand, but he just wanted to cut them off as leeks.

"Then I have so many good things, are you sure you want it?"

Luo gave a golden light.

He is in a hurry for money now.

A hero’s contract costs 100 million Baileys. Although the profit of his chamber of commerce is high, if it is allocated to him, it will actually be less than one billion a year. This is why they take advantage and sell things expensive.

If this is the case, ten heroes will be summoned in one year. At most, you can catch a few pirates to make up for it, and buy some equipment and you are gone. What is going on?

"President Luo Yi, take it out, we can afford it."

Hearing what the Warring States period said, Luo immediately took out three things: the wristband, the Wraith Band, and the ethereal pendant.

As a property-added equipment, there are naturally these three things in the early stage. Unless you are like Luo Yi, no matter how difficult the early stage is, you must first save money to buy a pair of straw sandals, so that you can run faster.

But when Luo found out that this was useless, if someone wanted to kill you, you wouldn't be able to run away at all. It might as well have become accustomed to the production of the economy when he developed some attributes.

"These three pieces of equipment"

Luo Yi picked up the three pieces of equipment and introduced them one by one, increasing strength, increasing speed, and even increasing the upper limit and power of domineering.

After listening to what Luo Yi introduced, the Warring States period felt it was better to experience it in person.

Picking up the wristband on the table, the Warring States Period directly put it on his hand.

The elasticity of the wristband was very good, and it didn't feel compact when it was put on the hand. I tried to swing a punch, and the Warring States period really felt a slight increase in strength, and the speed was a little faster than I thought.

Of course, the bonus to his strength is very small, if it weren't for his proficient physical skills, he would not even feel it.

Zefa also picked up the Wraith Band and stayed on his forehead. After all, he felt that the ethereal pendant was not suitable for him to wear.

Putting on the laces, Zefa clenched his fists. His physical skills were better than those of the Warring States period. In the entire navy, only Kapu was stronger than him. Without fisting, he naturally felt the emergence of power, especially domineering. There is really a change.


Zefa shouted directly, the door opened, and Ain walked in.

"Put this on."

"is teacher."

Taking the ethereal pendant from Zefa's hand, Ain cleverly put it on his neck.