Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 146

"Do you feel anything?"

Zefa and the others are relatively strong, but the improvement of the ethereal pendant is a lot for Ain, but Ain has not found anything.

"Put these on too."

The Warring States took off the wristbands, and Zefa's Wraith Band, and all let Ain wear them.

On the three equipment ships, all attributes were added at 12 points, and Ain moved a little bit, and he felt a difference.

"Am I stronger?"

Ain: "°°

235. Take it out

Ain became stronger, especially when Luo Yi took out a wristband for her to wear, Zefa called Binz, and the two had a discussion outside.

Without using the Devil Fruit ability, the two originally had similar strengths, but this time, Binz felt that he was completely suppressed.

Whether it was speed or strength, he couldn't keep up with Ain.

"Unexpectedly, you usually hide your strength."

After being stepped on the ground by Ain, Binz knew he had lost and couldn't help but say such a thing.

It's just that Ain's own expression couldn't believe it.

Zefa watched the whole journey.

Zefa knew even better than their own disciples how much ability they had.

In the battle just now, maybe it was a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, but after the two fights, Ain's strength was like he had trained himself, and all his strength was used extremely skillfully.

"If you overuse it, you will be too dependent."

Obviously saw Ain's strength improved a lot, but Zefa saw the drawbacks at a glance.

"Yes, my teachers said the same."

Luo Yi echoed a sentence beside.

"Huh? Who are your teachers? If you get the chance, I really want to meet them."

For those who agreed with his own ideas, Zefa suddenly became interested.

"General Zefa has seen it. On that ship, except for the one that will be invisible, the other three are all."

Luo Yi raised his head and chest, extremely proud.

"It turned out to be the three of them."

Zefa felt strange. When Luo Yi and Manjikes got along, they didn't look like masters and disciples, but more like friends.

"These things don't need to be worn during training, but when you encounter pirates, you have a greater chance of winning by wearing them."

When saying this, Luo Yi blinked at Zefa specifically.

Zefa: MMP, if I beat him, I won't give us a price increase.

However, Zefa also had to admit that he was old.

If people who were not from the Dota Chamber of Commerce happened to sail to Ellen Island, Zefa would not have the confidence to bring all his students back.

He almost had his right hand cut off. It was not the fault of Ain and Binz. Even if they didn't come up to help, Zefa knew that his physical strength would not last long, and the opponent's strength was indeed strong.

If at that time, I also wore these equipment

Thinking of this, Zefa was shocked. He actually shook his heart and had the idea of ​​using external forces.

Looking at the wristbands and other things that Ain took off, how is the power brought by these things different from guns, cannons, and devil fruits?

At this moment, Zefa fell into contemplation.

Compared to Zefa, what the Warring States period saw was different.

If Luo Yi's equipment is given to all navy personnel, the overall strength of the navy can be increased by at least 50.

Of course, this is the case without calculating the combat power above the school level.

But the problem is that there are really not many that can be fought in the navy. They are scattered all over the sea, and they always feel understaffed.

It is not that the Warring States period has not thought about how to change, but he is sitting in the navy headquarters, it is impossible to constrain all the navies, and the navy soldiers who do not have continuous training, encounter pirates and wait for death.

Now, if you can spend a little money to make the overall strength of the navy stronger, the Warring States Period feels that when he asks for money, he is absolutely right.

As for how to use these equipment, just go back and study a set of plans.

The question now is what price Luo Yi's equipment will sell.

Seeing that the Warring States period was calm and silent, Luo Yi immediately spoke. The merchandise display was over and it was time to make a move.

"One half million Bailey."


Warring States Period: ω′

"One 500,000 Bailey. If the quantity is large, it can be discounted."

Luo Yi repeated it again and again and added another sentence.

This price is really not expensive, even cheaper than the healing ring.

Warring States thinks a little more, it seems feasible, especially the bracer, after wearing it, the amplitude of the strength is more, one person wearing two, it is almost the same.

At this price

"The effects of the three types of equipment are different. The marshal can buy them as needed. Not everyone has to wear four pieces."

Luo Yi's words happened to be in the heart of the Warring States Period.

But isn't it, the three types of equipment have different growth rates. As long as they allocate them according to their needs, they can reduce the cost of the navy.

Even these equipment can be distributed in the form of military merit exchange. In this way, not only can the enthusiasm of the soldiers be stimulated, but also the expenditure can be greatly reduced.

It is necessary to improve the strength, and as long as the navy is strong enough, there is no need to engage in a system like the Seven Martial Sea under the King to maintain the balance of the sea.

To put it simply, as long as the navy is strong enough, peace in this world will come sooner, and the era of great navigation will end earlier.

Warring States touched his twisted beard, and various thoughts flashed in his mind.

and many more

Warring States felt that he suddenly thought of something.

"Manager Luo Yi, do you still have good things to take out?"

Seeing Luo's confident appearance, the Warring States Period felt that he was still pitting his own money.

"This is already the cheapest. I'm afraid you can't afford the expensive one."

Luo stretched out his hand, but he saw that Zhan Guo's eyes were a little wrong.

"Forget it, this is a chain mail. Try it yourself."

Chain Armor: A braided armour made of metal chains.

Armor: 4

According to the calculation formula in the game, 4 points of armor can reduce physical damage by nearly 20. Of course, it also depends on the wearer's own basic armor. After all, from the calculation formula of armor reduction, The higher the damage resistance, the more armor is needed.

Warring States took a look at Ain and Binz, Binz obediently picked up the chain mail, took off his navy jacket, and put the chain mail on him.

After moving around for a while, I found that although this thing looks full of metal and the lines on it look like fish scales, it doesn't affect their activities at all, and the weight is about the same as ordinary clothes.

Ain picked up his pistol and shot Binz directly in the arm.



The fire splashed, Luo Yi suddenly felt that there was a reason why the navy could not kill the pirates.

If you want to shoot at a piece of clothing and try the protective effect of the clothing, why not put it on the ground or just hang it on the wall and try it first?

Just let people wear it, in case it's fake, then the person who fired the gun shot directly into the chest, or the firearm went off and hit the head

It's wonderful to think about it.

However, Binz, who was shot in his hand, only gritted his teeth and resisted the pain in his arm.

"It can block bullets, and it is easy to move, and it can be penetrated inside."

Warring States direct analysis.

"Master Marshal, I don't just stop the bullet, it seems that the strength of the bullet has been reduced."

Binz said honestly.

"Huh? Is it another magical item?"

The Warring States did not question Binz's words, this is not a trust.

"If there is anything else, please ask the manager Luo Yi to take it out all at once."

The Warring States period has decided that he will not stop unless Luo Yi is pulled clean today.

"This cloak can resist domineering"

With that, Luo Yi didn't know where he conjured a leather cloak.

236. Don't value money too much

Seeing the teleportation array lit up on Luo Yi, he happily waved away at him.

At this moment, Warring States felt that he was a poor ghost.

The things Luo Yi sells are indeed very useful.

At least these things he took out, Dr. Begapunk did not study them.

Needless to say, bracers, wraith straps, ethereal pendants, chain mail, anti-magic cloaks, and speed boots, needless to say, they are extremely expensive, but these are indeed good things. The Warring States period starts with Luo. I bought a copy of each, and I am going to let Dr. Vegapunk try again.

But the two swords Luo Yi took out later made the Warring States' eyes shine.

Broadsword: The classic weapon of the knight, this sturdy blade is quite reliable for killing the enemy.

Damage: 18

Great Sword: A sword that can cut through armor, usually the weapon of choice for new swordsmen.

Damage: 21

Two swords, one wide and one narrow, are both double-edged swords.

The power of the two swords is different. Although they have not reached the level of a good knife, they are much stronger than the Navy's standard sword. I just took a Navy saber and cut it off with a broad sword. There was no dominance. Used.

If the navy is equipped with all these equipment, not only can it easily cut off the opponent's weapons while fighting against it, but it also has certain defensive capabilities.

They have already tried that chain mail. Although it can block the bullet, the body will still be hurt, but it can offset part of the damage.

And what they like most in the Warring States period is the anti-magic cloak.

Anti-magic cloak: a cloak made of magical materials, which can dispel all magic applied to it.

Magic resistance: 15

Although domineering is not magic, but in this world, it seems that all energy attacks are classified as magic.

Zefa and the Warring States have personally tested and found that it can really resist some of the damage caused by the domineering, that is to say, this dress can effectively resist the domineering for the wearer.

This is something I have never heard of before.

They have always known that if they want to fight against domineering, they only have to have a strong domineering, otherwise they can only use their bodies to resist.

Whether it's armed or seeing or hearing, this cloak can resist. Ain, Zefa, in the cloak on the ship, used seeing and hearing to sense the information, and the information he got was not as accurate as before, as if it was partially covered. .

Good things are good things.

Looking at the equipment on the table, Warring States also thought of another question.

If Luo Yi sold these things to the pirates, wouldn't the navy lose any advantage?

No, you have to start quickly, and once you reach an agreement with Luo, you have to take a side look. When he makes money, he doesn’t talk about his conscience. After all, there are many pirate groups who drink in the tavern, and even the Warring States period. I also know that Luo Yi’s Chamber of Commerce also has business dealings with the Red Hair Pirates.