Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 147

With this idea in mind, Zeng Guo directly contacted Kong.

As the former Marshal of the Navy Headquarters of the Warring States Period, and the current General Commander of the Army of the World Government, the Warring States Period is of course to discuss with him on such matters.

Starting from the Naval Academy, the Warring States Period went directly to the holy place of Maria.

This is where the world government headquarters is located, and Sora is waiting for him.

Regarding the arrival of the Warring States Period, no one knew what was going on, and no one knew what was in a package he brought.

Others only know that Zeng Guo He Kong stayed in the office for two full hours. When he came out, his face was red, his face was comfortable, and his walking pace was much lighter.

And through the door that had not yet been closed, they also saw Commander Kong sitting alone in front of his work, holding his hands crossed in front of his chest, his serious faces seemed to be holding back something. To laugh but embarrassed.

The soldier in charge of the gate carefully closed the gate.

Gee tee, the world is getting worse.

Dota Tavern.

It was already night when Luo returned to the tavern.

When I came up from the basement, I heard a loud grunt.

That's Karp's grunt.

After learning the six navy styles from Karp, Luo Yi added two skill points, and he was called a genius by Karp, and he had to drag Luo Yi to join the navy.

How embarrassing, I was secretly engaged in revolution with your son. You directly invited me to be a spy in the navy, not so good.

It was also because Luo Yi was reluctant to nod his head, Karp's one-month vacation ended, but he still stayed here, but no one rushed him, and no one rushed him.

But these Luo Yi are not worried.

What he is considering now is his skill point.

Luo Yi’s previous domineering skills were directly filled up by Luo Yi. Luo Yi didn’t know exactly how many times he clicked, but he definitely didn’t stop at four.

It is precisely because of this that his domineering vision and color have also mastered a variety of abilities. With Luo Yi's unremitting efforts, he can now not only hear his heart, but he has even begun to develop emotions.

That was the domineering look and feel that Princess Otohime had. I didn't expect that I could have it too, and I don't know if I can continue to be proficient and can predict the future.

As for the Six Forms, when he smashed down his skill points, the level of the Six Forms was not directly improved, and his attribute points did not increase. However, in the following days, his mastery of the Six Forms became extremely fast, as if it was a dilemma. Initiation is average, and progress is rapid.

It's just that, let alone mastering the profound meaning, I haven't even learned how to return life.

In the comics, CP9's Rob Lucy cultivated the six-style navy to the highest level and mastered the six-style profound meaning "six kings spear".

The gathered force is cast in the form of impact, which is very powerful. The impact will penetrate the human body and directly cause huge damage to the internal organs.

This is simply a simplified version of the armed color domineering and advanced use of Liu Ying.

In this regard, Luo Yi felt that he still had to master it.

Apart from other things, with the current moon step, it is very comfortable to use.

Although it consumes a lot of physical strength when using the moon step, the feeling of heaven is very comfortable. This is a feeling that many people will not necessarily experience in a lifetime, especially women.

Shaking his head, throwing away the thoughts in his mind, Luo opened the door of the tavern, carried Karp who was sleeping in the yard back upstairs, threw it into his room, and then turned back to the room.


Lying on the bed, the bubble on Karp's nose burst, and he woke up from his sleep with a stick-like smile.

It really is a good boy.

It is a pity that the habit of loving money too much is not good, and it has disappeared for one day today, and he cannot be found in the entire Chambord Islands. Karp is used to this kind of thing.

Turning over, pulling the quilt over him, Karp continued to sleep.

Tomorrow morning, continue to educate Luo Yi, not to value money too much, but to uphold justice and become a navy.

However, when he got up in the morning, Karp was stunned when he looked at the Warring States period sitting in the tavern.

Because the Warring States Period was pushing an open box in front of Luo Yi, and the box was full of Bailey.

237. Unexpectedly well-behaved


When Warring States came to Luo Yi with a deposit of 200 million Baileys, he understood that he had found a golden thigh.

The future golden emperor has mastered 20 Pele in the world, and can even use money to control the Tianlong people, and even use the power of the world government.

This is the charm of money.

Although Luo Yi is still walking on the way to the rich, stop and stop

But it is undeniable that his current assets are indeed much more than last year.

In addition to the money accumulated during this period, Luo Yi decided to send one shot first, maybe several shots could be made.

Turning on the system, Luo once looked at the 50,000 dollars he had finally accumulated and clicked on the contract scroll directly.

After 10,000 knives were deducted, a simple piece of parchment was unfolded in the interface, and gradually turned into a magic circle, lit up in front of Luo Yi.

"All, the latest update, plot interpretation, cute COS, only you can't think of it, you can't see it without you, group number: 626894216, come and join us."

It's still a familiar formula, or a familiar taste.

This time the teleportation array was not big, but Luo Yi felt familiar.

The red magic circle was only like this when Lucifer appeared before.

According to Luo Yi's judgment, the people who came out this time would probably play with fire.

Fire cat?Phoenix?Or Lena?

The light of the formation is getting brighter and brighter, even in the afternoon, the fiery red light still illuminates the entire yard, even the people outside can see the strangeness inside the Dota Tavern.

Sitting in the yard, holding a bag of donuts, Karp, who was drinking tea and chatting with Izallo, was surprised to see what happened before him.

Turning around, almost everyone in the tavern came out, but they acted very ordinary, even faintly expecting, except for Marianu, Brook, Perona, Lisa, and Dibaia.

Soon, the summoned object appeared.

Nearly three meters tall, strong body, dragging a big wooden stick taller than Lilai in his hand, and a mage with two heads on his shoulders.

Ogre magician.

This is not stuttering, this is his name, of course, it can also be called his nickname, Blue Fat.

The stupidity of an ordinary ogre is exactly what the saying "stupid like a bag of stones" describes.Under natural conditions, an ogre is completely incapable of doing anything or making decisions.Not only are they extremely sloppy, sometimes an ogre will find himself trapped in its skin after eating an animal.

This is the setting of the ogres. Their wand-making mind is the main cause of their low reproductive rate.

However, in each generation of ogres, a two-headed ogre magician will be born, and he will be given the traditional name: Agron Stonebreaker as soon as he is born.

It's just that Agron, who has two heads, is just acting more efficiently than other tribesmen with only one head.

"Haha, this is the contract this idiot signed with us."

"I think so too."

Luo Yi wants to return the goods now.

If the Goblin Engineer is only high in intelligence and low in EQ, then this product is definitely low in intelligence.

As a race that can treat big rocks or tree stumps as the same kind and snuggle together intimately, two heads are actually no better than one head.

As for Agron's character, it seemed that he was not just making a rod, he was an idiot when he opened his mouth and closed his mouth.

Looking at Agron, who was constantly looking around him with a happy expression, Luo felt that he had no place to arrange for him. Should he get his contract as soon as possible and send him back?

Speaking of the system update, don’t you still not show the content of this contract?


"It's fire"

Suddenly, Luo Yi heard the call in the yard, it was Agron's.

Attention was drawn from the system panel to the real world. As soon as Luo saw Agron, who threw the wooden stick on the ground, he also sat directly on the floor at this time, with a small flame in his hand. The land is changing, but fortunately, there is no meaning to burn other places.

Luo glanced at Agron's attributes, strength: 198, agility: 109, intelligence: 140.


But this is indeed a mage.

Think about the talents in the game, 100 attack power, 40 power, and 75 movement speed.

Give yourself a bloodthirsty technique, and you can rush to level A.

Bloodthirsty is a spell after all.

"Huh, I'm hungry."

"me too."

The two heads played with the flames for a while, and suddenly said so, the fire disappeared with the tap of both hands, picked up the stick and stood up.

I'm hungry, so I should go hunting. That's this place, where is the prey?Where is the exit?

The other hand that wasn't holding something scratched his head.

The current situation is beyond the scope of his thinking.


"right away."

When she heard that she was hungry, Lisa had already reflected it.

Now that Luo called out, Lisa immediately took action.


Although he has been standing here, Agron didn't mean to talk to him, Luo Yi could only speak up.

Seeing that the individual with two heads and two thoughts has only one name, Luo Yi also feels pain.

This race of ogres has offended some god.


"Huh, it's an idiot."

I don't care if you eat or feed.

Luo Yi also had a headache when he was called like this, so he should think of a way to change it. He didn't know what he would give him after the contract was completed.

"First of all, my name is Luo Yi."

Luo Yi put up a finger, emphasized this sentence, and unfolded the emotional influence of seeing and hearing and domineering. He felt that it is best to change his mind directly when talking to a fool.

"Oh, Luo Yi."

"Okay Luo Yi."

Surprisingly easy to talk.

"Secondly, if you are hungry, go inside and sit at the table and wait. You will have something to eat in a while."

Luo Yi pointed to the door of the tavern.

"I think he is lying to us, how could we have food while sitting."

"I think so too."

Luo Yi: ""

Damn it, so how do you communicate?It seems to have a bit of IQ, at least it will judge based on things, but it doesn't seem to be heard.

"You go in and sit down."

Luo Yi clutched his forehead and said with a headache.

"But I'm so hungry now."

"I smell it too, inside."

Without barking this time, Agron took his short legs and walked towards the tavern.

Luo hurriedly followed, and God knew what the hell would do.

Following the fragrance, Agron, led by Luo Yi, came to the kitchen and saw Lisa who was cooking.