Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 148

So he put down the stick, sat down on the spot, wrapped his hands around his knees, and waited quietly.

Seeing Agron's actions, Luo Yi suddenly made an evaluation in his heart.

Surprisingly well-behaved.

238. Technical Talent

Summoning a hero, plus opening all of his inventory, costs a total of 15500 dollars.

Since the last system upgrade, the hero’s inventory has become six inventory and four packages, and the cost has been even greater.

Fortunately, it is still somewhat wealthy now. The people who were summoned before, with the sponsorship of Manjikes, have all their inventory open, even the engineers.

And now, Luo Yi had to pay for Blue Fat by himself, that is, Agron opened the grid.

Fortunately, he has a lot of sword coins, so there is no problem in summoning two heroes.

Seeing Agron, who was eating with big mouths and squeezing food into both heads with both hands, Lisa felt very happy, and the cooking speed was a little faster.

Agron was eating in the restaurant, crying while eating.

"Woohoo! Never had such delicious food before."

"Oh! Me too."

Speaking of your two heads, will the other only say this?

Luo Yi wanted to complain, but didn't know where to start.

As for the summoning, let's slow it down, anyway, now that there is no chance of fighting, Luo Yi said that he didn't panic at all.

Seeing that Agron was indeed eating, and did not choose to eat people, Luo Yi was a little relieved, after all, he was a cannibal.

And now Agron looked at Lisa differently.

It looks like a pet looks at the owner.

"Boy Luo, is this your ability?"

When stepping out of the kitchen, Karp was the first to speak.

"Yeah, don't you know?"

Luo spread his hands.

"Although I know it, it's the first time I have seen it. It's so amazing. It's really just like that."

Karp sighed.

"Little meaning, little meaning."

Luo Yi hit haha.

He has heard the voice of Karp, and he is ready to change his method to understand his "fruit power."

Especially after yesterday, when he suddenly turned out a large amount of goods in front of Sengoku and Karp, Sengoku and Karp also made eye contact.

That little appearance, at first glance, there is some conspiracy.

In this regard, Luo Yi expressed fearlessness.

As long as anyone in this world knows his own "fruit power", then there is no doubt that he is a traverser just like himself.


Forget it, there are opportunities to watch.

When Agron was full, everyone sat together.

"A lot of idiots."

"It really is."

After he was full, Agron felt as if he had eaten a bear heart and a leopard.

Luo realized that if it were not for the contract, he would have been cold now.

Either he was frozen as Captain America, or he was freed by gifts.

"Wait later, I will ask the contract first." Luo Yi didn't mean to stop: "Agron, do you remember why you came here?"

Hearing Luo Yi's question, Agron scratched his head and began to think seriously.

Although eating a full meal will affect the speed of the brain, Agron should not have much room for decline.

After thinking about it for a while, I remembered the contract in my mind. After all, it was printed in the soul, and I couldn't forget it even if I wanted to.

"In order to be able to defeat the enemy, everyone can eat every day."

Agron exhausted his life's vocabulary and summed up such a sentence.

Luo nodded a little, as expected.

Even by guessing, a group of guys who don't even have a bright mind will probably not have any great dreams.

Defeating the enemy is very simple, just put on the Liushen costume, and you can do it when you go back.

This race can survive to the present, and it is definitely the goddess of luck that has greeted them.

In addition to being physically stronger, the average intelligence of the entire race is no longer just below the horizontal line.

So what is certain is that what they lack is the strength to defeat the enemy and the brain on how to survive.

Forget the last one, Luo Yi directly began to select equipment from the weapon arsenal.

Guardian's Greaves, Blood Essence Stone, Refreshing Ball, Aether Lens, Shimmering Cloak, Scattering Wisdom, Sword

The six pieces of equipment were not on the table, but Luo Yi directly stuffed them into his inventory. He also stuffed five scrolls of City Return, as well as many healing ointments and tree sacrifices.

He wanted to give this goods a heart of fear, but the current system level is not enough, and it is still the last predator's axe. It will not be able to buy it until the system is upgraded to level 6.

I simply said a few words and told him how to use the system interface. Karp, who sneaked his head over from the next door, looked inexplicably.

What are they doing to the air?

Hey, no, the breath of this fat man

Feeling the sudden increase in Blue Fat's strength, Karp tilted his head and kept touching his chin.

Didn't see what was going on, did you just hide your breath?

No, this person looks stupid, not like someone who can do such things.

It's one thing for Karp not to understand, it's another thing for Luo once he has completed the contract.

It can be said that when Luo saw the system prompting the completion of the contract, he was quite relieved.

Sure enough, the contract of an honest person is easy to complete.

Compared to people like Moritti who originally wanted to leave the phantom yarn, the contracts of others were not so easy to realize.

There are only three completed contracts, and one is an engineer. That's also because they don't need much. It is enough for them to study the explosion.

"I am leaving."

"me too."

Agron left a word and disappeared before everyone's eyes.

Seeing him disappear suddenly, Karp said he didn't understand again.

What are you doing?

The person just appeared, and now somehow disappeared, and then the other people in the tavern began to work on their own affairs.

It can be said that in the entire tavern, in addition to Kapu, there are five people like Marianu who can't understand the situation in the tavern.

"Boy Luo, what about the two-headed guy? What race is he? How come I have never seen it before?"

Karp immediately pulled Luo to ask.

"He is a cannibal. He came to fill his stomach and left after eating."

Ignoring Karp, who kept talking about cannibals, Luo Yi directly turned on the system and looked at the system prompt.

"You have completed the contract and gained the technical talent of the ogre magician"

Technical talent?

Blue fat also has technology?

At this moment, Luo Yi deeply felt that the system was really unreliable.

With some disappointment, Luo Xiao opened the talent tree.

When he saw the talent tree, Luo Yi took a deep breath and suppressed the excitement in his heart.

I originally thought that this was the knowledge and skills of Blue Fatty's life as a cannibal.

But I didn’t expect it to be

239. Double Casting (Winter Solstice)

"Land Foot"

A slash kicked out, cutting through the ground and flew straight towards Karp.

But he only saw Karp thrust his left hand in his pocket, a straight fist with his right hand, and directly smashed the slashes away.


Kapu disappeared in place, and when he reappeared, he was already on top of Luo Yi's head, with his fist under his force.

Under the domineering induction of seeing and hearing, Karp's movements have long been discovered, but it is one thing to find out, and it is another thing to find that the body can not keep up.

"Iron Block"

Luo Yi, who was too late to dodge, cast an iron block directly above his head.

Each of the six forms has its own characteristics, and it also has different manifestations to the depths of cultivation.

For example, iron blocks have the disadvantage that they cannot be moved when they are used. However, when the iron blocks are thoroughly mastered, only part of the body can be turned into iron blocks and kept in this state to move freely.

In other words, if you want to move after ironing both legs, you may lack a spider.

Hardly resisting Karp's iron fist, even without using domineering, Luo Yi still felt pain in his brain and his eyes darkened instantly.

This guy just hit the head directly, it's really ridiculous.

If you don't equip yourself with six refresh balls to restore your state, how can you fight against such a strong player?

"Iron Hardened Finger Gun"

The stiff lasting only lasted for a moment. Luo Yi immediately made a counterattack. When he ironed his fingers and used the finger gun, it not only strengthened the power of the finger gun, but also made sure that his fingers were not easily broken.

"Iron Fist"

From start to finish, Karp has only one trick.

But with this move, Luo suffered a lot.


The index finger touched Karp's fist, and it was as if two iron objects had collided, and there was a crisp sound between the two.

With the help of Luo Yi's attack, Karp retreated, flipped in the air and landed easily.

Luo Yi's eyes were half-squinted, carefully comprehending another innate power in his body.

"The technical talent of the ogre magician"

There are only three branches in the entire talent tree.

It cost 10,000 dollars to activate the talent tree, and to activate the talent of the first branch, it cost 1,000 dollars, Luo Yi’s 50,000 dollars, and only one hero appeared, and now there are only 23,500 left.

However, he felt the value of his spending.

Even if the phantom yarn talent cannot be mastered thoroughly, this technical talent is indeed extremely powerful.

The name of the first talent is called double cast.

Unlike the odds in the game, the dual cast here requires Luo Yi to master the use of the technology before he can release his skills twice at once.

This is a passive skill. The effect is to help Luo Yi quickly master the skills he has, and even the use of items will speed up his proficiency.