Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 155

"Kosha, who are those two people?"

Vivira asked Koza.

"The one speaking is Luo Yi, the president of the Dota Chamber of Commerce, that is, the president of Uncle Oliver, and the one behind Mr. Water, I don't know who it is, I only know that I've been with the president of Luo Yi."

Koza answered honestly.

"Mr. Walter is amazing, he can make water out of thin air."

Oliver said enviously.

"Change into water? Is there a lot of water?"

Weiwei's eyes were full of purity.

250. Rain Banquet

The master doesn't have to be so handsome, it's just the wishful thinking of you Star Dou citizens.

Whenever he thinks of this sentence, Luo Yi will feel that it makes sense.

Yes, can't heroes be bald?

When the income arrived, Luo once again added the knife coin to 20000 knife coin, and began a new round of hero contract.

Regarding the fact that the contracted hero is random, Luo Yi said that he could not control, so although he had a certain plan for the future in his heart, he could not make the plan perfect.

It's like he is now peeking into the location of Qiwuhai. If possible, Luo Yi wants to make Qiwuhai his own.

Therefore, every time Luo Yi was summoned, he faintly knew who he was looking forward to.

The blue magic circle lights up again.

Luo Yi still doesn't quite understand how the colors of the magic circle are distinguished.

If red represents power, green represents agility, and blue represents intelligence, that seems to make sense, but when summoning, there are not only these three colors, and Luo Yi is too lazy to guess.

Anyway, the hero will appear after the magic circle lights up.

So Luo Yi saw a puddle of water.

My Nima, if it hadn't been for seeing the water suddenly turning into a human-like fish-like appearance, Luo Yi would have thought the system was broken.

Luo Yi was fully prepared for the fact that the person to be summoned was not a person, but he was never ready, in what state would the other party appear.

The hero made of water in front of him had a pair of jasper-like eyes, and after one glance at Luo, it became his appearance.

Morph elves, nicknamed water people.

In that dark age, a comet has been moving around the celestial body.

Fettered by the sun and pulled by gravity, this huge hockey puck travels through the dark gaps between the worlds, and it is also changed by this dark journey.

On the eve of the Uloy War, it pierced the sky, crashed to the ground, and emitted a strange light. Both sides of the night war thought it was a sign.

This ice ball melted in the boiling heat, and when the two sides stepped into the boundary river in the war, it merged the strength of both sides.

Immediately after the ice was lifted, Morphling was born in the war, possessing elements of the power of ocean tides, capricious and changing.

This is a big brother.

Although he is a short-handed long-range hero who eats equipment and grows slowly, he still cannot shake his elder brother's positioning.

With high explosive skills and flexible shuttle capabilities, whether it is cutting into the battlefield in seconds, or walking with rhythm, it is first-class.

As for his profile, it's too bad.

The Morph Elf is called this name because he can transform into the other side's appearance.

Not only that, after the transformation, he can also have the opponent's small skills.

As a result, Luo Yi found that his plan could continue.

Especially when the water people themselves dare to be interested.

"The water is surging. There is no water in this world. It seems it's time to try the water."

These are his original words.

Luo Yi didn't know what he thought, just as Oliver had already done business to Alabastan, he flew over directly with the Waterman.

Under Luo Yi's proposal, the water man changed his honor and gave himself a name.

This face is not the appearance of someone in the Pirate World, but one of the people copied from the original world.

With the magical moving props of flying shoes, Luo Yi and the water men flew directly onto Oliver's merchant ship.

According to the information provided by the crew, he came to Yuba.

Looking at the desert where there is no grass, the water people said that they hated this place very much.

"It's simply hell, why there is no water in the world."

Can't stand it anymore, without Luo Yi talking this time, he wants to change this place.

Luo Yi didn't really expect that the Water Man was actually a warm-hearted environmental ambassador.

Riding a camel, the two of them headed towards the rainy ground. It takes a whole day to walk from Yuba to the rainy ground, so it can be faster with a camel.

As the dream city of Alabastan, Yudi has the largest casino rain banquet in the entire kingdom.

But everyone didn't know that this was Krokdal's base camp in Alabastan.

The upper floor of the Yuyan is the casino and casino, but the underground of the Yuyan has been transformed into the site of Krokdal. It has not only a huge banquet hall, but also a cage made of Hailou stone, and it also houses a sea king. A beast of food, banana crocodile.

Luo and their trip had only one purpose.

Kill Krokdal, let the waterman become his appearance, use his Qiwuhai power, hide his identity, and change Alabastan.

As for why the water man came over, one was that Luo Yi had planned to take the position of Qiwuhai, and the other was that the water man just restrained Klockdal's fruit ability.

As Qiwuhai, Krokdal naturally possesses incomparably powerful strength. As a person with natural rustling fruit ability, his weakness is the place where it is touched by water and cannot be elementalized.

In the original book, Krokdal was defeated abruptly by Luffy using his blood as water.

Everyone found a lot of reasons for him. Some people said it was because of arrogance.

Some people say that he was once defeated by White Beard, and he pinned the hope of improving his strength on Pluto, which led to a decline in his strength.

Others said that after he heard Luffy's name, he knew that his father and his grandfather were not easy. Instead of being beaten to death by Dorag and Karp, he might as well be in jail.

And all of this cannot escape the most important reason.

Playing too early.

Every Qiwuhai has been to the New World and knows what domineering is, but except for the Empress’s country in the windless zone, located in the first half of the great route, Krokdal and Moria are both failures in challenging the Four Emperors. Only then did he return to the first half of the great route, constantly looking for external forces to enhance his strength.

It can be said that Qi Wuhai, who lost to Luffy in the early stage, has already lost his fighting spirit.

While talking to the water people about Krokdal's situation, they drove until the sun set and the weather began to drop before Luo Yi and the others arrived in the rain.

There was no stop, directly towards the center of the city. It looked like a pyramid, but on the top of the spire, there was a huge crocodile.

Yuyan is built in the middle of the lake in this city, only the main entrance has a small bridge leading to the gate.


Two men in suits opened the door and bowed slightly to Luo Yi and the water man.

"Go straight in?"

The water man looked at Luo Yi.

"No, just try hard to win money, the boss will come out."

Seeing the domineering development, Luo Yi felt that his knife coin was going to rise.

251. Ruthless Man in Fur Coat

AM's first online casino is online, and the dealers will issue cards online to accompany you!

In the rain banquet, there are various types of gambling, and even very modern gambling machines are available, like the slot machines placed at the commissary in the past.

There are also things like turntables and Pai Gow, which are readily available.

As for the croupier, forget it.

What Luo Yi they have to do now is to continue to win money, and win Klockdal to the end.

People in the entire kingdom know that the hero of the country, Krokdal, runs this casino here, so no one dares to make trouble here.

As for how to win money, Luo Yi, who held the correct answer, said that he didn't need to worry at all.

Holding a small chip of 100,000 Bailey in his hand, Luo Yi sat down in front of the roulette.

The gameplay of roulette is very simple. There are 38 intervals on the whole roulette, which are divided into 136 and 0 and 00 numbers.

In 136, red is an odd number, black is an even number, and 0 and 00 are green.

You can choose odd or even or color for the bet, or you can choose the size of the number, that is, 118 or 1936. The odds are the lowest, only 1:1.

Also divide the numbers into first, middle and later bets, and the odds reached 1:2.

The people who watched the previous game basically bet on those with high probability, and almost none of them pressed one number or two or three numbers alone.

Even if it is pressured, there is no gain, basically it is lost money.

Luo was playing with that chip in his hand, and other gamblers saw that Luo Yi had only one hundred thousand Bailey's chips, and did not take him seriously.

Seeing that the domineering color was turned on, Luo simultaneously mobilized the power of the stars in his body.

When the roulette on the table stopped, after the croupier divided the bets of everyone on the table, Luo Yi also saw the numbers after the roulette stopped.

The second round of the roulette was turned on, and the roulette was spinning fast, and it was impossible to see the numbers on it at all. Only the small beads were constantly rolling on it.

When everyone was betting, Luo Yi put this small one hundred thousand Pele on 26.

Single squeeze a number, the odds are 35 times.

Although Luo Yi's actions are very admirable, after all, the probability of winning a single-handed jackpot is too low, but his gambling capital is really uninteresting.

One hundred thousand Baileys.

Even if you are in the fucking slot, you are really in it!!

In the eyes of everyone who couldn't believe it, the small bead fluttered a few times before it fell into the grid of 26.

Even the croupier looked at Luo Yi with a little surprise.

"It's actually 26."

"Fortunately, I continue to win doubles in this round."

"Damn it, overwhelming the front."

"That kid has good luck."

A small number of people have noticed Luo Yi's "luck", but most of them are more concerned about whether their bets have money back.

It wasn't until the 3.5 million chips were pushed in front of Luo Yi that everyone's attention was attracted.

This sum of money is not a small sum in the casino in this lobby.

As long as millions of gambling games are basically held only in VIP rooms.

And Luo Yi's next move caused everyone to take a breath.

When the roulette began to spin, Luo bet the 3.5 million Baileys all at once to 17.

How confident this is.

The roulette wheel was still spinning, even if they were a little surprised at Luo Yi's actions, no one stopped their actions. Everyone placed their bets and shouted from the side.

"Both both"

"big big big"


This is the hysterical cry of a desperate gambler.

There is a probability of at least 50 for the odds and evens. As long as the dealer does not cheat, they will not lose too much.

However, when the roulette slowly slowed down, the little beads fell into 17 accurately in the eyes of everyone's expectations.