Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 156

"111.122.5 million Baileys!!!"

In just two games, Luo Yi won so many Pele, and the person sitting next to him shouted directly.

And the chips pushed in front of Luo Yi, although there are only 10, but the golden chips representing 100 million Baileys, they almost didn't blind everyone else.

That's money.

If you have 100 million Baileys, you won't have to worry about eating and drinking in this life.

Xinxin ran the chips down, Luo playing with the one hundred million Baileys in his hand, looking at the croupier with expectant eyes.

As long as she starts to turn the dial, Luo Yi will turn on the domineering, take a look at the future, and then decide to bet.

I have to say that being inspired by the power of the astral body to foresee the future is a good way to make money.

"Deputy store manager, that guy is kind of weird."

The guard in charge of this area ran straight to find a middle-aged man with an anti-gravity hairstyle.

"Take me to see."

The anti-gravity man came to Luo Yi's table with a serious face.

The croupier, shaking his hands, nodded and let him start the next round.

They opened a casino, how could they stop because the guests won money.

The deputy store manager stood behind Luo Yi looking at him, wanting to see if this person cheated.

However, he didn't see anything. As soon as Luo stared at the roulette for a while, he put all his chips on 21.

Then, folded his hands on the table, with a smile on his face, quietly waiting for the roulette to stop.

The water man, who had been standing behind Luo Yi, was also stared at by the assistant store manager to see if he made any movements.

But it didn't.

The assistant store manager used his life experience to see if there were any cheating methods between the two, but he still didn't see it.

Until the turntable stopped and the small beads fell above the number 21, the gaming table was silent.

No one knows what they should say.

Is it amazing?Is cheering?Still screaming?

Not at all, but regret.

This person is really accurate.

I singled a number three times in a row, and they all won the lottery. Everyone thought carefully about why they didn't bet with him just now.

Now, the deputy store manager of the casino has come over. It is estimated that this person will be invited to the VIP box. If they want to follow, they can't follow.

4.287.5 million, the four emperors' heads are worth so much money.

"It's the first time for guests to come. Do you want to go to the VIP room? We will send you the chips later. This gaming table does not have that many chips."

The deputy shop manager put his right hand on his chest and said to Luo Yi like a decent gentleman.


Without any hesitation, Luo Yi stood up directly from the gaming table.

It doesn't matter what the bargaining chips are. On the contrary, your boss will be out of luck. When the time comes, the money won't belong to me. Now even if you win more money, you won't win yourself. It's meaningless.

Seeing that Luo Yi was so talkative, the deputy store manager gave the man beside him a look and personally invited Luo Yi into the VIP room.

As soon as he entered, Luo Yi saw the ruthless man in a fur coat sitting behind a long table in the desert area.

252. Uninstall you...

"Welcome, I am the owner of Yuyan, Krokdal."

The customer in front of me won 4.287.5 million. It is impossible to give money to him. It is impossible to give money in this life.

With so much money, Krokdal can buy a white-bearded head for an additional half. As long as someone can chop off that head, Krokdal doesn't mind using twice the price.

"I'm Luo Yi and this is Water. I didn't expect the owner of this casino to be Qiwuhai."

Luo Yi and Walter sat down across the long table.

As soon as I took my seat, a servant next to him began to bring food up, as if he was entertaining guests.

"The two distinguished guests are not from Alabastan, are they merchants? Or pirates?"

Luo Yi's winnings were so fast that Krokdal didn't even have time to use his intelligence 0 Pele to the present amount, and it only took three rounds.

He has been at Yuyan for so many years and has never seen such a guest. It takes only five minutes from entering the door to now. Not to mention his Baroque work agency, CP, the intelligence agency of the world government. The inside reacted and called out the other party's information.

In order to prevent the other party from making trouble at the rain feast and ruining his own reputation, Krokdal decided to invite them in himself. For now, he needs the identity of the hero of the Kingdom of Alabastan.

"It's just an ordinary businessman, come here to make a little money."

Luo started to enjoy the food unceremoniously, and then saw that there was a poisoned red icon in his status bar.

It is too much to be poisoned.

However, this icon was flickering and dimming, disappearing as soon as it turned on, and then turned on again after it disappeared, without any effect on Luo Yi itself.

With the purifying power of True Qi, unless like the poison of the Venomancer, it can only be dispelled or not dispelled, Luo Yi can already discuss most of the toxins.

It's just that as soon as Suijen Luo saw him eating more happily, black liquid began to appear on the floor.

Is this expelling all the toxins?Is there such an operation?Then when I was playing in the water, I was poisoned to death by the poison, how do I explain the death of the VIP?

Forget it, on the contrary, now it is for nothing, and there is no need to refuse.

"It's delicious, Mr. Klockdale."

While eating, Luo Yi made a polite sentence by the way.

"If the guests like it, I can ask the chef to do more."

Krokdahl looked at the one or two of Luo who were eating fast, and smiles appeared on that scary face, and it seemed that he was not a good person.

"That is really troublesome, I have never eaten this kind of meat before."

Luo put a large piece of meat into his mouth.

Regardless of the poison, these foods taste good.

During the meal, the deputy store manager also pushed in and put Luo Yi's chips next to him.

Luo Yi knew that this thing was not valuable, it was only useful if it was exchanged for money.

And Klockdal's current behavior is obviously going to fall short.

"Are you full?"

Luo turned his head and looked at the water man.

Picking up the napkin and wiping his mouth, the water man nodded.

In fact, he doesn't need to eat these things, he has enough energy. Now he just tastes the taste of human food. Unexpectedly, it is not bad. If it is not poisoned, it would be better.

"When you are full, you can start."

This is how the water man answered.

"You two, please, the guests in our VIP room are all very rich."

Although he said that, Krokdahl didn't seem to have the intention of getting up.

Luo Yi glanced at the water man, is he still acting?

The water man blinked at Luo, forget it.

So the two stood up.

The water man waved his right hand gently, as if he was trying to drive away flies, but the condensed water ball on his hand made Krokdal's eyes open, and the fruit's ability was instantly displayed, turning into sand and wanted to go away.


The speed of the water polo was very fast, and the impact directly pierced a large hole in the back of the chair where Krokdal was sitting, but the chair itself did not waver at all.

There was a cold sweat on Krokdal's forehead.

If this is hit, I guess I can't hold it.

"Who are you? Pirates? The government?"

Krokdal has a bad tone.

"I'm not you."

By Luo Yi's side, the water man immediately changed his appearance, even his clothes and the golden hook on his hand were indistinguishable, with a mocking smile on his face.

Krokdahl's expression was already gloomy and almost dripping out. He directly used the unique abilities of anime characters, and he couldn't see his eyes when he was angry.

"You little ghosts, you really think that the pirates are all in the house."

Krokdal raised his right hand to his lower abdomen, and a small tornado made of sand appeared in his hand.

"Sha Lan"

The small tornado was thrown out by Krokdal, and it flew towards the waterman at extremely high speed.

When he hit the table, he directly smashed the big long table.

Sha Lan's speed is very fast, and as it moves, it will slowly form a real desert storm, but in close combat, it can also crush rocks and trample buildings.

As soon as Luo took a step back, the water man made the same action as Krokdal and raised his right hand.

"Sha Lan"

The move exactly the same as Krokdal, was used from the hands of the water man.

However, the Sha Lan used by the Water Man seemed to be a bit stronger than Krokdal's Little Tornado.

The two tornadoes collided with each other, and the two sides controlled their abilities, constantly trying to swallow each other, but in the end they could only dissipate in the air.

Krokdal is an authentic rustling fruit ability after all, even if the water man adds a lot of his own magic power when using his ability, he can only draw a tie in the end.

"Damn it, is your fruit power the ability to copy others?"

Krokdal felt that he was so witty, and he could see through his opponent's abilities at a glance.

But there is a fart.

He has never really played against himself.

But he doesn't believe that this ability can be copied even with elementalization.

Moreover, the ability he used at the beginning was water, and he was a little restrained, but now, it is sand versus sand.

"Arc Moon Sand Dunes"

The arm of his right hand suddenly became huge, turning into a crescent-shaped sand blade, and slew towards the two of them.

Not only is he transformed into his own guy, another guy who wins money at the casino is also a capable person, and none of you can run today.

"Arc Moon Sand Dunes"

What kind of moves Krokdal released, the water man responded with the same ability, and under you come and me, neither of them took advantage.

Seeing his own attack returning to no avail, Krokdal felt that he had never been so angry.

And Luo stood by, as if watching an advertisement.

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253. Halo

"Desert Knife"

"Desert Knife"

Klockdal yelled, and his arm turned into a huge sand blade, which was sharp enough to cut the ground, directly splitting the ground in half and killing the waterman.

However, the water man’s style of play is no different from the 50-50 game next door. I will use whatever skill you use. The two of you come and go without taking advantage of it. Instead, the guests above the banquet are all underneath. The shock of ran away one after another, sending out a huge commotion, even the VIP room on the ground could hear it.


Compared to his own ability being copied, Krokdahl is even more angry, because the rain banquet he has run for a long time is destroyed.