Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 157

After several fights, he has already seen that the opponent's strength is not the kind that can be easily won, but he dare not use it casually, let alone the rain, the entire rain will be destroyed. .

Krokdal believed that as long as he dared to destroy the city blatantly, his reputation would definitely decline, even if he explained later, it would be of little effect.

Seeing that the water man had been protecting Luo Yi, Krokdal felt that the man named Luo Yi probably had no fighting power. As long as he took him down, he could threaten this fake to fight with him.

Even if his fruit ability is to copy, but in the desert, he is the king, Krokdal has such confidence.

As a result, his next attacks are all inclined to confuse, but the power is not as good as before.


The starting style is exactly the same as Sha Lan, but the effect is different.

This time, when the tornado flew out, it surrounded the entire room. It was really like a sandstorm, and even the line of sight was blocked.

With his eyes narrowed, Luo Yi felt that he needed a pair of windproof glasses.

Seeing that the color is domineering open, the opponent is Qiwuhai, the water man is not afraid, it does not mean that he is the opponent of the opponent, and must always grasp the opponent's movement.

Only at this moment did Luo Yi understand why the Natural System is called the strongest fruit.

Seeing the domineering perception of the color, the whole room was filled with Krokdal's breath. All the sand was made by him, and of course it was part of him.

But it is not difficult to distinguish it, even if he can turn himself into sand, but when he wants to attack, he will inevitably condense his body. This time is the moment when the breath converges.

Just like now, Krokdal suddenly revealed half of his body behind the water man. The golden hook in his hand had been taken off, exposing the poison needle inside, and he pierced it at the water man's head.

Among other things, it can be seen from the purple liquid dripping down from the poisonous needle that Krokdal usually collects him tightly and has not used it. Now he looks suffocated. , Before it pierced in, it flowed out.

The Aquaman is a reserved child. He did not stabb him because of the long and hard golden hook of Klockdal. He felt the threat of poisonousness. If he stabbed, he estimated that he would have to release a lot of energy to be able to stab him. Toxins are eliminated.

For the first time, the water man did not repeat Krokdal's actions, and chose to dodge.

A force at his feet rushed directly forward a few steps, avoiding Krokdal's attack, and turning around was a "desert sword".

It's just that you use a lie to verify the lie, slap the sand with sand, and you end up with sand.

The desert sword penetrated directly through Krokdal's body without any achievements.

The corners of Klockdal's mouth turned upwards, showing a disdainful smile.

Oh, rubbish, how about the ability to replicate? My own ability can cause harm to myself.

The water man who attacked saw that his attack was ineffective, and he probably understood the ability of the place.

He can copy the opponent, or use the basic ability of the functional opponent, but he can't do things like elementalization.

There is no other way. His own ability is water, and now he can release sand. It is also relying on the ability to replicate.

In that case, just follow what Luo Yi said before.

Krokdal's weakness is water, that is, himself. Now that Krokdal's ability has been copied, there is no need to keep his hands.


The water man was just about to take a shot, but found that Krokdal had appeared behind Luo Yi, with the hook in his hand touching Luo Yi's neck.

"Hey, hey, you don't have Parkinson."

Luo looked at Klockdal's hand, hoping that he would not shake his hand, but he didn't show any fear.

The Waterman also stopped his attack in good time. Instead of looking at Klockdal, he looked at Luo Yi.

As his contractor, the water man could feel that his lifting power was not weak, and the reason he was captured was intentional.

"What do you want?"

The water man put his hand down.

"Go outside and fight."

Klockdal said something that sounded scary in the most ferocious tone.

In Luo Yi's previous fighting experience, the person who said this was clearly prepared to escape.


The water man nodded.

Pulling Luo Yi’s arm, Krokdahl looked at the Aquaman warily. Although he did not hurt himself just now, who knows if he still has a back hand. As for the kid in his hand, with thin arms and legs, Coupled with his natural fruit ability, Krokdal said there was no problem.

Under Klockdal's "threat", they left through the back door of Yuyan.

This back door has a tunnel underground, leading directly to the desert outside. It will not be seen by anyone. Krokdal can drown these two people in a piece of wild sand, soak up their water and kill them directly. These two people.

After walking for a long time, more than an hour later, they finally walked through the back door and came to the ground.

Luo Yi couldn't help taking a deep breath.

When they came over, the sun had already set.

The specific heat capacity of sand is already very low, so the temperature during the day is very high, and the temperature drops a lot at night.

If you don’t understand, the sand heats up quickly and cools down quickly.

Compared with the city, it was like coming from a greenhouse to a cold storage.

Controlling Luo Yi, Krokdal was thinking about the means to win the battle.

He himself is an unscrupulous person, does not believe in the people under him, and he has never used any despicable methods.

In Klockdal’s plan, he will first pierce Luo Yi’s body, and the poison will erode his body. If the cloner on the opposite side is worried about his companions, he will inevitably get confused because of his anxiety and cannot exert his full strength in the fight. , Or because you want to solve the battle as soon as possible, many flaws appear.

At that time, as long as he seizes the opportunity to get closer again, or directly displays his powerful ability, he can directly absorb the water in the two of them.

It went smoothly, really smoothly.

Klockdal swears that he really thought so before he passed out.

254. The taste of conspiracy

The Blade of the Abyss is really an all-in-one artifact.

No matter whether you are a miracle or not, no matter how awesome you are, I will knock you out.

Of course, the time of dizziness varies from person to person.

Luo Yi and Shuiren did not hesitate.

The moment Klockdal fainted, they began to be mad.

The setting of the devil fruit ability is that if the user loses consciousness for other reasons other than sleep, such as being stunned or frightened, the devil fruit ability will be invalidated.

Luo Yi who used the Blade of the Abyss, although still standing in front of Krokdal, was not within his arms, but changed a position, grabbed Krokdal's collar, and threw him directly at The water person.

The water man is also welcome, although he is holding Krokdal's face, a water polo is condensed in his hand.

The two moved quickly. Although it was the first time they cooperated, they were so tacitly in agreement that when Klockdal just woke up from the dizziness, he happened to see the palm he had been familiar with, holding a ball of water, cruelly. Hit his face hard.


A water ball from top to bottom was placed on Krokdal's head without mercy. He wanted to use the Devil Fruit ability, but it had no effect at all, and he didn't even have time to resist, so he was shot directly into the desert by the water man. Among.


A mouthful of blood came directly from Krokdal's mouth.

At this moment, Klockdal began to recall a fart.

When the waterman's hand left his head, even if Krokdal was still confused in his head, he subconsciously used the fruit power to elementify himself and stay away from here as much as possible.

He vomited blood again.

It was a sequelae caused by the injury, but it didn't matter, it was better than getting another punch.

"Erosion Reincarnation"

Knowing that he was careless, Krokdal forcefully mobilized his attention to maximize his fruiting ability.

Pressing the right hand on the ground, the fruit power was activated instantly, spread from the ground, and instantly spread to Luo Yi and the water people's feet.

Although Luo Yi had already taken off immediately, a pair of shoes on his feet were directly scrapped and turned into dust floating in the air.

This is not just absorbing water, it is directly corroded.

Is it true that it is a natural one?This move alone can leave a large area of ​​enemies without any foothold.

"Yuebu, are you from the government?"

Seeing Luo stepped lightly in the air, but remained suspended in the air without falling, Krokdal recognized his ability.

As for the other person, Krokdal was a little speechless.

He can be very sure that his abilities have been applied to the person named Walter, but why is he nothing?This is impossible.

Klockdal did not believe in evil, and directly applied all his abilities to the water man.

However, the water man just yawned and looked at him with a smile.

For the first time, Klockdal felt that his face was really awkward.

However, the water man did not give Krokdal more opportunities to display his skills.

The water polo with both hands condensed and smashed directly towards Krokdal.

Krokdal immediately escaped with elements.

"Bang" "bang"

Two loud noises sounded behind him.

Obviously it is just a water polo, but it has the power of a cannonball.

Krokdal knew he was wrong, and the other party's fruit ability was definitely not just a simple copy.

Seeing Krokdal's ability to stop, Luo Yi also stopped the display of Moonstep and landed on the ground.

"Your ability is to copy part of the opponent's ability while retaining your own ability."

Krokdal's forehead had already begun to bleed, but his expression was no longer the craziness and anger he had before. Instead, he was a calm face.

"That's it."

Shuiren admitted it generously.

"I have a question." Klockdal's voice, accompanied by the sound of the wind roaring at night, passed into the ears of the two.

"Who are you guys anyway?"

Seeing Luo Yi’s moon step, Klockdal’s first reaction was the government person, but now it seems that their behavior style is not like that of the government department. At least the government department will inevitably take it out if they want to act on him. A bunch of evidence came out.

"You have what we need, as long as you are willing to take it out, you can say anything."

Luo opened his mouth and said.


Krokdal didn't believe it was that simple, the golden hook in his left hand had been raised, ready to fight at any time.

"Your face."

Luo Yi is not polite.

"It seems that there is no more talk."

Hearing Luo Yi's words, plus the rustling ability of Walt who was holding his face next to him, he knew what Luo Yi they wanted.

The location of Qiwuhai.

Moreover, they still hold the position against their own face. If they really did something, they would be unable to argue.

"Today, you all will die here."

Klockdal knew that he couldn't care less now.

Just suddenly fainted for a short while, it was definitely Luo Yi's ability.

As for what his abilities are, Krokdahl doesn't know, so he has to give play to the advantages of the natural element and use the environment to kill them.

"Heavy Sharan"

In hand, there is still a small tornado.

But the power displayed this time was completely different from before. Just leaving Krokdal's hands, it directly turned into an overwhelming sandstorm, attacking Luo Yi and the water people.

Luo Yi knew that even if he knew how to walk, he couldn't avoid it. At most, he could only keep running away with a shaver.