Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 161

Even in the world before him, humans were very scared to see him, as were the people on some islands that he had visited before.

But this island is a bit strange.

Leviathan, who was surrounded by the crowd for the first time, said he was a little uncomfortable.

However, a little girl passed through the crowd and came to Leviathan.

"and many more"

The voice was crisp and loud. Hearing Nami's voice, Leviathan used his formidable power to squeeze a clearing around to prevent Nami from being crushed.

"We are a passing chamber of commerce, what island is this?"

When the surrounding voices gradually subsided, Nami asked.

"Little girl, this is Surf Island."

Ahead, a young lady wearing a wetsuit squatted down, and after shaking it twice, she answered Nami's question with a smile.

"Surf Island?"

Looking at the clothes on the surrounding people and the surfboards they were holding, Nami probably understood what was going on.

"You guys are going to surf the big wave just now? It will be deadly."

I've really seen someone who is not so deadly, I have never seen such a deadly person.

"Don't worry, we have good water, and everything on the island is determined by surfing. He just stood on the top of the wave. He is definitely the best surfer. Starting today, he is ours. The owner of the island."


Everyone was taken aback by the strange customs on this island.

Cuenca: Very good, Leviathan will stay here as the island owner, don't go back to the boat.

260. Writing machinery, pronounced surfing

Seeing Leviathan and Cuenca pushing the boat back to the sea with one hand, the islanders on the island were shocked.

Is that human being?

However, even though they were scared, looking at their appearance, they seemed to recognize Leviathan. A few islanders stood up to show them the way and detoured the boat to the other side of the island. There was an area without sandy beaches, but instead A large protruding rock can just stop the boat behind and prevent it from being photographed by the waves.

Surfing Island is not a small island, and the characteristic of this island is that the sea around the island will occasionally set off huge waves hitting the mountain wall. Therefore, all the residents live on the top of the mountain.

And because of the waves, the status of the surfing island is divided according to the surfing technology.

Being able to surf in the biggest waves without incident, will be able to obtain the highest status, because it represents that he is the strongest on this island.

After stopping the boat, leaving some people behind, Cuenca followed the islanders to the island.

I originally thought that the people on this island were not very good at their brains and used some strange ways to determine the strong on the island like some barbaric tribes, but they didn't expect that they would actually see the elevator.

The elevator is installed in the mountain, which looks like a wall, but in fact it is equipped with a button, which can be turned on by pressing it. After passing a passage completely covered by metal, they came to the front of the elevator.

There were more than one elevators. The originally straight passage suddenly became a row of passages. There was no problem with hundreds of people going up and down at a time.

Take the elevator and go directly to the top.

In the elevator, Cuenca, Leviathan, Musketeer, Oliver, and Nami took the same elevator with a middle-aged man named Monroe.

According to him, he is the previous island owner here.

And the big wave just now was a big wave that they rarely encountered on the island for so many years, so so many people rushed out with surfboards.

He is no exception. As long as he rushes best here, he can continue to sit in the position of the island owner, and if there is a rookie, the position of the island owner will change.

However, they did not expect to see Leviathan, and they still stood directly on the top of the wave, just like the master of the sea.

"But we are not from Surf Island."

The negotiator became Oliver.

He was originally not here, because he received a phone worm and flew from Alabastan.

Although he doesn't know how to use domineering, but after repeated learning and use, the city return scroll can still be used.

"It's not enough to be the island owner."

Monroe clapped his hands and settled the matter directly.

"You are such a clever ghost."

Oliver couldn't help but admire Monroe's logic.

This seems to make sense.

The elevator door opened when it was opened. At a height of several hundred meters, it only took more than a minute to reach the top. The elevator door opened and you saw the spacious city.

Oliver's eyes narrowed slightly. Just now, Oliver and Monroe talked about his clothes for a while. It seems to be made of a special material. Even on the bottom of the sea, it can be protected, even if it is a knife. Can't scratch his clothes.

Oliver feels that this is not just a material issue, but a technical issue.

"Island owner please."

Monroe stood respectfully outside the door and saluted Leviathan.

Everyone looked at Leviathan, waiting for him to make a decision.

"Then go?"

Leviathan was once a ruler, but the realm he ruled was called the high seas.

To put it simply, he is actually in charge of a place that is not human. There is an undersea kingdom with human ships sailing on it. He is in the high seas area. You can wave whatever you want. No one can control yourself. .

This is what he calls rule.

Later, he really couldn't stand the trivial conflicts between the Nanhai people and the land people, so he chose to leave and ran to the shallows to cruise alone.

Therefore, now suddenly let him be the island owner, he is actually very unhappy, but when he saw Nami's eyes braving golden light and the appearance of """ in it, he still brazenly responded , Although his scalp itself is very hard.

"Island owner, please allow me to focus on the situation on the island."

Although Monroe was the last island owner, he did not seem to dislike the fact that he was pushed down.

So Monroe started an introduction about the island.

In fact, with the exception of surfing to choose the owner of the island, the other things on the island are not much different from the outside world, and even better than many islands, almost all of which are mechanized.

Farming the fields with machines, transporting with machines, cooling with machines, and detecting waves with machines. In addition to surfing, it can be said that this is almost a comprehensive mechanization.

You should be called the mechanical island here, written mechanically, and pronounced as surfing.

Oliver grumbled.

But Leviathan, the new island owner, watched Nami the whole time, and didn't seem to hear what Monroe said.

"The right of an island owner is to be able to enjoy all the conveniences on the island, but it also requires certain obligations, such as determining the overall development direction of the island."

Monroe did not explain everything all at once. According to the rules of the island, after the birth of the new owner, the original owner needs to assist him for six months to one year until the new owner is fully familiar with his official duties.

"I'm not the owner of the island."

Leviathan shook his head and said.

"Why island owner."

Monroe rushed up suddenly, holding Leviathan's fingers tightly, crying in mourning.

"Being an island owner, I must live on the island." Leviathan used affirmative sentences.

"Of course, otherwise how to call the island owner." Monroe nodded naturally.

"Living on the island, I can't sail with Nami, so I am not the owner of the island."

At this moment, Leviathan seemed to suddenly understand what he wanted to do, and refused again.


"Mr. Monroe." Oliver saw what Monroe wanted to say, and immediately interrupted: "The identity of the island owner should require his own consent."

"This is indeed the case."

Monroe also suddenly realized this. The reason he didn't think about it before was because no one had ever refused the identity of the island owner. After all, Surf Island had the highest status as the owner.

"That's it. After all, Mr. Leviathan is a member of our Dota Chamber of Commerce. He is unwilling to leave the Chamber of Commerce, and you can't force him to stay. Isn't it? I think you will continue to be the owner of this island and wait for the birth of the next one. Right."

Oliver sang this peace and went on.

"Then Monroe Islander, we won't talk about this. I just heard you talk about the technology on the island. I think we can talk about cooperation."

Oliver took Monroe to stroll around the island. It seemed that he was like the owner of Surf Island, leaving the others to hang out on their own.

Time soon arrived at night. Nami solemnly called the two of them to a teacher and expressed her thanks when she was learning knowledge with Cuenca and Leviathan.

Leviathan almost made his mouth crooked with a smile.

And at this moment, Luo Yi, who had just fallen asleep on the Chambord Islands, did not notice that a magic circle was lit up in his room.

261. Sister

Early the next morning, when Luo Yi's biological clock awakened him from his sleep, he began to panic.

Question: What should I do if I wake up and find myself lying on her body with a woman who can make the four hundred and four beasts appear?

Luo Yi was completely awake, especially when he found that he had reached the center and found two basic points with his hands.

The woman has a silky long blue silk hair, which is softer than the hair of those girls whose hairpins are removed from their heads on the bus.

Exquisite facial features, the skin on her face doesn't have any blemishes, even if she loves Shiranui and is critical of Luo Yi, she can't say that she doesn't look good, after all, she has already reacted.

It seemed that she had discovered Luo Yi's waking up, and the woman opened her confused eyes, her long eyelashes flickered a few times, and Luo Yi also saw her pupils.

The cyan pupils with the same hair color made Luo Yi mistakenly think that this was some of his wife of a paper man who had come out of the second element.

Rubbing her eyes, the woman raised her head and glanced at Luo Yi, then closed her eyes again and leaned on his chest without speaking, but Luo Yi had already seen the woman's red ears.

So Luo started thinking about a question.

Even if I drank a glass of wine before going to bed yesterday, I didn't sleep naked last night.

In other words, oneself is taken advantage of.

Be angry, unless you reproduce the scene of the victim last night when you are awake, let yourself see it and forgive you.

So what should I do now, Luo Yi turned on the system.


The time is right in the morning, and now I should be ready to go out after washing myself, but the map in the lower left corner shows that my location has a big green dot, which is the green dot representing the hero.

So Luo Yi chose the green dot.

Medusa, strength: 3, agility: 3, intelligence: 3.

Oh, it was Medusa?

Seeing the name on the top of the system panel, Luo Yi's eyes widened, his hands clenched a lot.


With a low voice, Luo Yi immediately let go of his hands, no, the voice was too crisp.

"Should we get up first?"

Luo Yi made a suggestion.

If you don't get up again, I might have to do what Shenzhou 8 and Tiangong 1 did.

The age of 16 is exactly the age of vigor and vitality.


Hearing this, Medusa turned over, got off Luo Yi, and wrapped herself in the quilt.

As soon as Luo jumped up from the bed, he immediately put on his clothes, and intimately placed a long skirt thrown on the ground on the pillow. As for the other clothes, Luo Yi really didn't find it.

She is the youngest of the three sisters of Gorgon, and the most lovable stunner among the daughters of the sea goddess because only she is different from the sisters, she is a mortal.

This actually saved her life. That day, a group of masked people invaded the area where the Gorgon lived and dragged her two immortal sisters from home, indifferent to their beauty or tears.

One of the intruders also caught Medusa, but after a disgusting glance, he pushed aside: "This woman smells like a mortal womb, we don't want it."

Sitting with his back to Medusa, Luo opened the system and looked at Medusa's profile.