Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 162

This part is about her identity and some circumstances.

In the second half, Medusa ran to find the goddess of the ocean, begging her to give her strength, and to save her sisters with strength.

As for the current time, it was after Medusa found the goddess of the ocean, she waited so hard to get no results, and as a result a contract appeared in her mind.

The sea goddess thinks about it for a day, and Medusa's disappointment accumulates one more point. At this time, an unknown voice promises her that she can give her powerful strength, and Medusa does not hesitate to sign the contract.

When she walked out of the teleportation formation, the extra memory in Medusa's mind told herself that this sleeping boy was the one who signed a contract with herself.

What happened later, like a ghost, Medusa, who had never left her home, decided to dedicate her beauty so that the other party could treat herself more carefully.

Seeing Medusa sitting barefoot on the bed after she was dressed, Luo tried to communicate with her at first and learned about the content of her contract.

"In other words, do you want to become stronger?"

Looking at Medusa's attributes that were even stronger than his own at first, Luo Yi felt that the contract this time was a bit difficult.

As for how Medusa appeared, it must be because of the contract scroll in his hand.

However, it has been a month since the last time I came back from Alabastan. You have been too late.

"Yes, the contract said, you can help me become stronger."

Medusa lowered her head, not daring to look at Luo Yi's eyes.

"I will try my best to help you find a way, but I can't give you strength like the sea goddess. You can only rely on cultivation to become stronger."

Luo Yi felt that he had better make things clear.

If it follows the original trajectory, the goddess of the ocean will eventually bestow Medusa with power, not so much power as a curse.

The curse will take away all of Medusa's beauty, her lower body will turn into a snake tail, and her hair will turn into small snakes, which looks terrifying.

However, the curse will also give her great power.

You know, Medusa's nickname is Yijie.

And this position has never wavered in so many years.

Split arrows, mysterious snakes, magic shields, petrified gaze, every move is extremely powerful.

Especially her hero glory on the official website: Initial Power and Guardian of Light tied for the bottom 14th.

Even so, Medusa is still able to resist controllable output, just get up slowly.

And now, what extent Medusa can do without cursing power, Luo Yi said that he was really not sure.

"I can."

Medusa lifted that pretty face, her eyes filled with determination.

"Follow me first."

He took out a book of knowledge and asked Medusa to take a photo on the spot. Luo Yi took Medusa to Auros' room, and pushed Medusa in in the eyes of Auros looking at the scumbag. Before long, Medusa put on a casual sportswear and walked out of the room.

"I'm going for a run now. You will follow by and exercise first. When you come back, I will teach you a set of meditation methods. I will introduce you to the world later."

Medusa nodded firmly, followed Luo Yi out of the tavern door, and began to trot. Luo Yi also began to talk a little bit about the Pirate World.

There are many cultivation methods in Luo Yi’s hands, such as the true energy of the Oyo Society, the swordsmanship of Yunieruo, the veil of the Phantom of Mortriti, the technical talent of the blue fat ogre magician, the power of the oracle’s astral body, and the tide The power of the human siren

Wait, what the hell is that last?

Seeing that a branch suddenly appeared on the talent tree of the system, Luo Yi was a little confused.

262. Devil Fruit Illustration

In the Chambord Islands, the one that received the most attention this year was the Dota Tavern on this island.

Although everyone’s focus is different, some are Manjix’s drinking buddies, some are loyal fans of Lilai, some come to see Moritti and Auros, and some come to listen to Italo. Storyteller...

But in fact, everyone is very concerned about Luo Yi, the owner of the tavern.

Just like this morning, Lieutenant Colonel Bell led the team on patrols as usual, but found that at this point in time, Luo Yi, who should be out for a run, did not appear.

This is weird. After more than a year, Luo Yi has been unimpeded, unless it is said that Luo Yi has gone out, but the people who were still in the tavern yesterday, the ship of the Chamber of Commerce did not come back, how could there be no one That's it.

Bell thought silently. After the patrol was over, he went to the Dota Tavern to give condolences. After all, the manager of Luo Yi often discounted himself.

However, after half of the patrol today, I heard familiar footsteps from behind.

No, there seems to be one more person.

Looking back, Bell was instantly silly.

Not only is he stupid, but the whole team is stupid.

How can it be so beautiful!

He looks like he's in his twenties, wearing ordinary casual clothes, and his face flushed a bit from running. It looks like that everyone who looks at it won't move.

I heard that the beauty of the female emperor of Nine Snake Island is enough to petrify people. Many people still don't believe it. Now it seems to be true. We have been petrified.

"Control the frequency of your breathing, don't breathe with your mouth, don't walk in a mess... slow down, don't stop, walk forward slowly, and wait for the breath to stabilize."

In so many years, Medusa is the first time to exercise.

Luo Yi felt that her previous physical fitness could not even be beaten by kobolds, and her two sisters probably didn't have any fighting power. Their abilities were immortality, not strength.

However, Medusa kept gritting her teeth, even if she was tired and panting, she didn't have any intention to stop, and she followed Luo Yi's footsteps to ensure she would not fall.

The exercise here is really hard. Medusa has never experienced it before. As the child of the sea goddess, when is it her turn to exercise.

However, after this time, her sisters were taken away. She went to ask the Ocean Goddess for help, but she didn't get any response.

In that case, it's better to accept this contract that doesn't know where it came from, and cultivate strength on your own.

"Get up."

Seeing that Medusa just wanted to stop, Luo Yi directly took Medusa's hand and forced her forward slowly.

It's normal to be tired, and it's normal for the body to want to rest, but it can't stop now.

But, why did you hear the sound of something breaking?

"Good morning, Lieutenant Colonel Bell."

Pulling Medusa and Bell to say hello, Luo Yi did not choose to stop, Medusa's heartbeat and breathing are still fast, and the body that lacks exercise does not recover so quickly.

Gradually watching Luo Yi and Medusa walk away, Bell decided not to go to the Dota Tavern for this period of time.

After all, the vengeance of a wife is not shared.

In fact, after only one morning, a top peerless beauty appeared in the Dota Tavern, and it spread throughout the Chambord Islands.

Before business hours arrived at noon that day, there was a long queue at the entrance of the pub.

They want to see what this beautiful petrified woman looks like.

Then, the business was booming, and everyone returned disappointed.

Because Medusa was taken out by Auros and Mortiti to buy all kinds of daily necessities.

However, it was not so disappointing. Marianu, who had already seen Medusa this morning, drew the appearance of Medusa, hung it on the wall, and everything was fine.

Everyone paid obediently, and they were embarrassed to say that they came to see a woman. They just wanted to come again tomorrow, trying to find a way to see what this Medusa looked like.

And looking at the tavern with such a hot business, Luo Yi is now considering whether he should think of another reason tomorrow, let Medusa leave without failing, and greedy these people to death.

Holding a stack of paper in his hand, there is a training plan written by Luo Yi on it. In addition, there are various methods on how to increase strength.

The cultivation method of Pirate World is very simple, devil fruit, physical skills.

Even a swordsman exercises physical skills.

And want to rely on physical skills to become stronger, you need domineering.

Manjikes had tried it before. They weren't from this world, and they didn't have domineering in their bodies, so this path could be given up.

As for the Devil Fruit, Luo Yi thinks he can think about it, but he needs to get something else first.

Devil Fruit Illustrated Book.

The existence of this thing has always been a mystery.

Ordinary people will never have the Devil Fruit Illustrated Book.

Basically, only the Tianlong people or some powerful families can see the illustrated book.

For example, when Sanji was a child, he saw the Devil Fruit Illustrated Book in his family and remembered the Invisible Fruit.

But that was a big family with a history of 300 years and once unified the entire Beihai.

However, Marshall D. Titch, who was in the Whitebeard Boat, had seen the Devil Fruit Illustrated Book when he was a child and learned about the Dark Fruit.

Luo Yi can be sure that the goods have no influence, but he can see it, you say it is strange.

So Luo Yi asked Oliver to find a way to get a book of devil fruits, and pay attention to whether there are devil fruits for sale in the auction.

"It's time to save money again."

Luo sighed.

It is impossible to ask the Chamber of Commerce to pay this money, and in the end it can only come by itself.

And the price of Devil Fruit... the starting price is 100 million.

However, Luo Yi thought of a good target. If it were him, he should be able to get information about Devil Fruit easily.

It's that this person doesn't seem to have a good relationship with him, and I probably refused to ask him for help. It seems that he can only think of a way to threaten him.

Luo Yi is still thinking about how to do it.

As the other party, I really can’t think of a specific starter

It seems that this matter has to be helped by the Revolutionary Army.

Dorag doesn't know if there is a Devil Fruit Illustrated Book, so ask when he flies to find Sabo in the afternoon to practice.

After making a decision, Luo opened the system interface and switched to Medusa's template.

Strength: 4, Agility: 7, Intelligence: 7.

Luo Yi felt that he should praise her. Just running in the morning, her attributes have improved so much. She deserves to be said to be the child of the Ocean Goddess. The talent is still good. Apart from the lack of blood, there is nothing too much. Shortcomings.

As for whether it was because of the book of knowledge, Luo Yi didn't know.

In the afternoon, after having lunch, Luo Yi taught Medusa all the meditations of the Phantom Yarn, and threw the people to Mortiti's guidance. Luo Yi flew directly to Alba for the first time.

By coincidence, Dorag was also there.

"You want a devil fruit illustration book?"

Hearing Luo Yi's needs, Dorag rummaged in his room and really took out a thick devil fruit illustration book.

"It's not all the devil fruits recorded here."

Dorag exhorted, Luo Yi also nodded to express understanding, if the sweet fruit had not been eaten by the empress, he really wanted to give Medusa a petrified fruit.

263. So fast

"Devil Fruit?"

That night, when Luo Yi put the Devil Fruit Illustrated Book in front of Medusa, she was actually a little at a loss.

Medusa has already understood what a devil fruit is today.

Simply put, it is a very precious thing.

As long as you eat it, you will gain a kind of ability at the cost of being unable to swim in your life.

She can't swim, she doesn't care.

Medusa, who was a mortal, didn't live in the water originally, and her sister had no other abilities. Apart from being good-looking, she only had immortal features.

"Is she effective?"

Auros raised the key to the question on the side.

When practicing seeing and hearing domineering, Auros also participated. She was also interested in the power system of this world, but found that she could not learn it at all.

So, according to Luo Yi, domineering is the innate ability of people in this world, which can be obtained through development and training. They do not belong to this world themselves, and even the use of power depends on the power of the contract. Just let them bring their own abilities.

It’s even more miserable like Izaro. No power is given. Only the consciousness and body have come to this world. After all, it is one of the ancient powers. If he really brings the power over, the light of this world will be assimilated by him. .