Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 163

"Domineering is the power that resides in the human body, but the devil fruit is an external force. Only one bite can gain power. It should be effective if you eat it."

Luo Yi actually didn't know if it was useful, but if he wanted to quickly improve his strength, it wasn't that simple. It had to pay a price.

"I am willing to try."

Medusa did not hesitate too much.

The amount of training today is actually not much, that is, I ran in the morning and practiced the power system of the Phantom Veil for a while. I didn't learn anything, and I felt sore all over, but I felt much better after eating the food.

As for the improvement of strength, Medusa is actually not quite clear about it. Judging from the so-called system panel, he seems to have become a lot stronger, but it seems that there is still a long way to go to defeat the enemy that came that day. gap.

"In your spare time these few days, you can see if there are any fruitful abilities you want. The records above are actually not comprehensive, and some have been eaten by people. You can choose a few more, and I will find a way. Get some more devil fruits."

Devil fruits are not so easy to obtain, especially the strength of their chambers of commerce is not enough to support them looking for devil fruits. The greater hope now is that they can be bought from some larger forces or at some auctions. .

As for what kind of fruit ability is better, Luo Yi still prefers the natural line.

"After eating the devil fruit, can it be used in the original world?"

At this time, Lilai suddenly said a very crucial word, and everyone immediately reacted.

Yes, they only wanted to improve their strength, but they forgot that the rules of the two worlds were different. The power of the devil fruit might not be used when returning to the original world.

"Maybe, we can find an experiment."

At this moment, Luo suddenly lit up a light bulb on his head and said with a finger.

"Experimental product? Are you prepared?"

Auros instantly understood the point of the matter, and looked at Luo Yi with relief.

This kind of courage to experiment with knowledge is very good.

"Yes, I'll get a devil fruit first, and then call him to try it."

Luo Yi blinked at Auroth, indicating that she thought the same as herself.

After the matter was settled, everyone went back to their rooms to rest, meditation for meditation, and sleep for sleep.

"Any thing else?"

Seeing Medusa following behind him, Luo Yi asked curiously.

"Then that I will be with you"

Medusa touched each other with her index fingers on her chest, and said with a flushed face.

Luo Yi also thought of the scene when he woke up this morning, and couldn't help taking a deep breath.

It's too exciting, absolutely not, it will be blocked.

"Don't worry, you don't have to do this, we will all do our best to help you."

Luo Yi raised his hands and comforted.

"But you are already with me"

Medusa's face turned redder, and her head dropped.

But Luo Yi's eyes floated past her head, and he saw the two heads suddenly retracted from the corner.

There is no need to look at the sight, Luo knew right away, it was Lilai and Perona. The long blond hair and double ponytail were so easy to recognize.

"Forget it, come in first."

Luo sighed, opened the door of his own room, let Medusa go in, followed up with his heel, and locked the door.

At the corner, three people ran out. Perona and Lilai surreptitiously walked in front, for fear of making a noise. Marianu in the back, although there is no expression on her face, it can be seen that she did not come voluntarily. , With a picnic basket in his hand, and senbei in his mouth.

"Marie, don't eat it yet, you will be found."

Perona whispered "hush", interrupting Marianu's eating of senbei.

"Then I will go back to the room first."

Marianu directly put away the remaining half of the senbei and was about to leave, but was stopped by three negative ghosts.

Marianu gave Perona a blind eye directly. It was obviously that you wanted to come by yourself. Why did you pull me? I was not interested.

Marianu, who was too lazy to care about them, spread a blanket on the ground and took out green tea.

"Choo Choo Choo"

"It's louder, hey."

Perona yelled nervously.



At this moment, Perona felt that Marianu shouldn't be brought together, but in case she was going to suffer later, it would be better to be punished by one more person.

With this idea in mind, Perona and Lilai force Marianu to take them together.

Just when Perona and Marianu were entangled in the quiet matter, Lilai had already put her ear on the door of Luo Yi's room and listened carefully.

The system’s minimap is limited. If the other party is unwilling, they will not be able to get the other party’s vision at this time, or even the status bar. This is the system’s anti-harmony function. Lilai has no other way but Choose to overhear.

This morning, Medusa came out of Luo Yi’s room, and her beauty made Lilai feel the crisis, especially the size of the production, which made Lilai jealous, and she will start drinking more milk tomorrow. , And grow up quickly.

"What are they doing?"

Perona opened her mouth, and Lilai understood what she was saying.

"Can't hear."

Lilai replied.



The door suddenly opened, and Luo smiled and looked at Lilai and Perona lying at his feet, as well as Marianu who looked behind.

"Come in and sit down, can I trouble Marie for some snacks?"

Marianu nodded and walked briskly to the kitchen.

Lilai and Perona helped each other to stand up, rubbed their palms and elbows, and followed Luo Yi into the room.

Looking at the neat sheets, Perona couldn't help but mutter.

"So fast."

264. Taste

Since that day, Medusa has been training with Luo every day.

For some unknown reason, Lilai also got up early in the morning, and the three of them ran around the Chambord Islands quietly, Luo ran two laps, Lilai and Medusa ran a lap.

Luo Yi was very pleased that Lilai, the mage, finally found the right way to improve, and when she turned around, she replaced all her magic equipment with Thunder Hammer Cannon Ice Eye Desolation Holy Sword.

Ping a is king.

As for Medusa's talent, Luo Yi also discovered that the growth is indeed not low, but the speed of growth, if it were not for the book of knowledge, would be quite slow.

The use of the book of knowledge has a cooling time, and it takes only five days to use one.

Within five days, Medusa's strength increased by 3 points, his agility was 7 points, and his intelligence was 7 points.

But the later, the higher the difficulty of improvement, of course, the degree of each attribute improvement also becomes different.

She can't judge how strong Medusa's enemy is. She just knows that she will become stronger. When the strength is almost the same, she will return directly. If she can't save it, she will return to practice.

As for the devil fruit, Medusa also knew that there should not be too much hope, in case it has no effect after eating it, in case it can't bring the fruit power back.

I remember that Luo Yi said that when he first started training. If he is strong, he is really strong, so he does not need to rely on external forces.

And Luo Yi, who was thinking of a way to engage in Devil Fruit, also knew why Medusa suddenly appeared in the middle of the night, and his extra talent tree.

"Complete the contract and obtain [Tidehunter’s Sea Monster Power]."

"The contract is successful and Medusa is obtained."

Medusa's contract was only successful after Tide's contract was completed, so Luo Yi could make a judgment because the contract quota was full.

At present, he has contracted 20 heroes in total, and 4 have completed the contract, that is, there are still 16 people who have not reached the contract.

It seems that if you want to continue to summon, you need to complete the contracts of the previous heroes.

That being the case, Luo Yi was not in a hurry to summon, but the system upgrade was not available, and some equipment could not be purchased, which made Luo Yi a little bit embarrassed.

But it doesn't matter, you can solve most of the problems by making more money during this period, and the remaining small part of the problem requires more money.

Of course, this is not a problem.

This body is only 16 years old now. Although it will be 17 in a few months, it is still very young.

Days passed, Luo Yi didn't expect that it was Shanks who would get the Devil Fruit for him.

The red-haired pirates who occupied the territory in the new world, when talking with Luo Yi to buy wine last time, Luo Yi mentioned that he wanted to see if there was any devil fruit in Shanks' hands.

Unexpectedly, Shanks was so concerned that he got one after only three days of speaking.

Using the flying shoes, Luo Yi came directly to Shanks' stronghold.

Since the last time the system was upgraded, even the messenger could use the equipment, Luo made a special trip to their stronghold and built a shrine. Later, they were all delivered directly by the messenger.

Nine barrels can be packed in one flight, and it only takes two minutes to go back and forth. There is nothing more convenient than this.

"This Devil Fruit is not on the Devil Fruit Illustrated Book. We don't know exactly what ability it is."

Shanks put a box containing the devil fruit in Luo Yi's hand.

"Thank you, I will give you free drinks for the next year, and I might have to trouble you at that time."

Luo patted his chest to make sure.

"Really? The store manager needs Devil Fruit, right. If that's the case, I'll take care of it for you."

Hearing Free, Shanks hugged Luo Yi directly like a brother.

"For my friends."

"That's it, a devil fruit is worth a year's worth of wine, I understand."

Luo Yi: Hey, hey, I didn't say that.

Luo Yi yelled this sentence in his heart. Although Shanks settled the matter on his own, Luo Yi did not refuse. The Red-haired Pirates still has less than 20 million Baileys for a year. Well, no matter how you look at it, it's all made by yourself.

And Shanks chose to have a good relationship with Luo Yi because Raleigh often went to the Luo Yi tavern to drink. Of course, part of the reason was because the tavern was not simple, and there might be times when they would ask them for help in the future. .

After chatting for a few words, Luo Yi knew a little about Shanks' current situation and said that he would pass a message to Markino for him, so he flew away.

Calling up the system interface, Luo first called the ogre magician, Agron.

Fortunately, although the brain is not bright, the system interface can still be seen. Even if the brain is full of muscles, the intelligence is at least above the average.

Hearing Luo call him over, he soon appeared in the tavern.

It's the afternoon now. Everyone gathered around a round table and looked at the box with devil fruits on the table.

"A good food for you."

Luo Yi pushed the fruit in front of Agron.

Agron picked up the devil fruit, first smelled it with the left head, and then with the right head, there was no smell.

The others in the tavern looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to eat to see the effect.

In fact, when they knew that Luo Yi wanted Agron to eat the fruit, they all cast contempt at Luo Yi, despising him for bullying the honest people.

Medusa was more embarrassed.

Luo Yi did this to improve her strength, but he hired others to do experiments.

If there is something wrong after Agron eats it, it will be fine.


Agron ate wildly, biting off half of the fruit on the left, and putting the other half into his mouth with his head on the right.

"The food is not as good as before."