Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 164

After chewing on both heads for a while, they said this.

Luo Yi silently passed the starter

A true warrior, dare to taste the taste of devil fruit directly.

You know, when it came out that the devil fruit had the taste given by Ollie, Luo Yi admired the person who said this very much, because it meant that the person had eaten it, and both had eaten it.

And Agron actually ate the devil fruit without changing his face, and made an evaluation.

You are simply a gourmet.

"After eating this fruit, you can gain an ability, how do you feel now?"

Luo asked when he saw that Agron had even finished drinking.

"There seems to be some strange power."

"Indeed it is."

With that, Agron began to deform.

265. Success

Black hair began to grow, turning gray on the head and back.

Agron's original pointed and long ears have gradually been retracted, and his body has become a bit taller, and it seems that he is even more silly.

Mustela fruit · Honey badger form.

Seeing Agron's transformation, Luo Yi suddenly felt that things seemed to be developing in a strange direction.

The animal fruit is the fastest awakening fruit. After awakening, it can possess strong vitality and resilience, and it matches Agron's... very well.

Luo Yi didn't know how to describe it, but judging from the current situation, after eating the devil fruit, it was effective.

Even if the power of the devil fruit cannot be used in the original world, after taking the fruit, they can change their physique in a disguised form, making it more effective when practicing.

"I seem to be stronger."

"I do feel that way."

Agron's two heads communicated happily, raising his hands, seeing the claws growing on them, and scratching his arms without leaving any scratches.

"He seems, not very clever."

Medusa tugged at Tara Yi's sleeve and whispered.

Luo nodded and looked at Medusa with some admiration.

"How do I think he has become smarter?"

Lilai squeezed her little head in from the side.

Luo Yi gave Lilai a thumbs up.

What you mean by this means that the ability of Pingtou Fruit has raised his IQ?

Fat Lan just looks silly, but he still has a brain.

"This is a devil fruit..."

Last time Agron came and left, he didn't even know what was going on in this world, so he occasionally came over to have a meal and brought some food back to his people.

Now, it is the first time that he has officially learned about Devil Fruits, he really didn't expect Luo Yi to eat such precious things for himself.

No matter which head he used to think, Agron knew that this kind of thing was very precious even in this world.

It's because I'm worried that I'm not doing well in the tribe.

At this moment, Agron will attack himself.

But this is not the point. The point is whether the devil fruit ability can continue to work after returning to the original world.

If possible, as long as you get Medusa a natural devil fruit, you can increase your strength in a very short time.

Therefore, Luo Yi asked Agron to go back to the original world to try, and bring back some food by the way.

Agron, who originally seemed to be good at IQ, finally showed his less intelligent side.

Anyone who is normal will realize that they have been used for experiments.

But Agron felt that Luo had only called him this time because he wanted to take care of him. He also ate the devil fruit and wanted to take some food back. What a great man.

Picking up the food, Agron disappeared directly into the tavern.

Everyone opened the system interface and looked at the messages in the chat bar.

After being outside of Pirate World, they can't even check each other's status bar, and can only get in touch with each other through the chat window.

Soon, news of Agron came out.

Agron: "You can transform."

Agron: "I said so too."

Seeing this news, Luo Yi was the most satisfied one, and Medusa also let go of her hanging heart.

Now that he could use the Devil Fruit to improve his strength, Luo Yi decided to look for it with all his might.

As for how to find it, just ask someone else.

Such as the navy, such as the revolutionary army, such as the pirates of the new world.

Especially for Doflamingo, Luo Yi already knew how to wei and xie him.

Who is Doflamingo? He personally gave the Superman series·Golden Fruit to Gild Tezolo, who became the future golden emperor, and he also gave the Natural Element·Burning Fruit to Sabo, let him inherit Ai His last will.

And Luo Yi knew that he was still collecting animal devil fruits for trading with Kaido.

As an intermediary in the underground world, selling arms, code-named "joker", his intelligence network can be said to be very comprehensive. Collecting devil fruits is no problem for him.

So now, it depends on what kind of devil fruit Medusa wants.

"I... haven't figured it out yet."

Medusa shook her head.

The devil fruit's picture book is very thick. She has been practicing for almost a whole day, and now she has only seen less than a quarter.

"It doesn't matter, this matter is not in a hurry, I will find a way to get some fruits back."

Luo nodded to express understanding, and let Medusa take the worry to heart.

Seeing Luo Yi's still very immature face, but giving people a sense of peace of mind, Medusa couldn't help but blush.

After seeing Lilai on the side, she always felt uncomfortable in her heart.

However, Luo Yi did not respond, and directly looked for the bulletin board, wrote a sentence on it, and hung it outside the door of the tavern.

"Those who provide devil fruit can enjoy free drinks for ten years.

Note: Only drink inside the pub."

The empty glove white wolf, Luo Yi said there is no pressure.

How much money can a person drink for ten years, but he can get a devil fruit, if it is a powerful fruit, it will make a profit.

The news of the Dota Tavern’s request for the Devil’s Fruit was not only spread in the Chambord Islands. Whether it was the navy, the government, or the revolutionary army, anyone who had something to do with Luo Yi knew Luo Yi’s needs.

Marine Headquarters, Marin Vando.

Warring States is now a little used to it.

Isn't it that Luo Yi wants Devil Fruit? Ten years of free drinking is really not tempting at all, and he is not in the Chambord Islands.

As for what you want fruit, it is definitely used to cultivate talents.

Many soldiers in the Navy have eaten Devil Fruit, but even so, whether they can be promoted has nothing to do with Devil Fruit ability. It mainly depends on their strength and military merit.

Therefore, Zeng Guo didn't have any intention to intervene in this, until Crane found him and proposed that he could use Devil Fruit to make a deal with Luo Yi.

This is indeed a good suggestion.

They all know that Luo Yi is a businessman, and the kind of businessman who loves money very much.

He needs the Devil Fruit now, so their navy can just find a way to exchange something with Luo Yi, such as the pieces of equipment that are currently on fire in the navy. A lot of credit for neutrality.

"Then, try one first?"

The Warring States period felt that Crane’s suggestion seemed good. They were a navy, and they couldn’t sell the Devil Fruit. Many of these things were harvested from the eradication of the pirates. Now they bought a lot of things from Luo Yi, which led to a tight budget. However, the inventory is insufficient, it is better to try bartering.

"Who do you want to talk about?"

However, the Warring States soon fell into another problem.

266. Octopus?

New world.

Covered with scars, and the white fur on his body has turned khaki, Manjikes is dragging a giant beast over fifty meters in length on his way to the boat.

On the island that has just landed, the area where humans live only occupies less than 10, and the rest are some powerful beasts.

During this period of travel, I have passed through several islands. Almost half of the islands are occupied by powerful creatures, and with the form of ships, the strength of creatures has become stronger.

Manjikes was dragging a crocodile, and Manjikes, who was only one meter tall, made him almost invisible.

"Back to start

On the coast, Lucifer had already set up the kitchen utensils, Yunero was sitting beside him, and Riki suddenly appeared beside Manjikes.

"Yes, for today's dinner, the opponents here are good, very suitable for tempering themselves."

Manjikes dragged the crocodile behind him, trying not to make too much dust.

"Come on, give it to me."

Lucifer took over directly and started to handle the cooking skillfully.

The energy contained in these beasts is also huge, no less than that of sea kings.

Although Lucifer prefers to swallow it directly, but I don't know why, he now likes cooking more and more.

Seeing a group of people showing their admiring eyes because of the taste of their own cooking, Lucifer enjoyed it very much. It was much more comfortable than before relying on strength, and the sense of accomplishment was overwhelming.

Manjix went back to the boat and took a shower, and his qi was running to recover from his injuries.

Soon it came during dinner.

"Luo Yi said that he needs Devil Fruit recently, preferably a natural one. He also found someone to print this Devil Fruit Illustrated Book. Have you all read it?"

While eating, Manjikes placed the illustrated book next to him and looked at it page by page.

When Luo Yi came over with this thing a few days ago, he also told them about Medusa, knowing that the girl needs the strength to go back and rescue her sisters. They also asked Luo Yi to pay attention to whether they could harvest the devil. Fruit starter

"Medusa's talent is good. If you exercise for a few years, your strength will not be worse than ours. Unfortunately, there is not enough time now and we can only rely on external forces."

Yuneruo kept putting food into his mouth, but it didn't affect his speech. He didn't even take off the mask, and stuffed it directly in from the gap below.

"After all, it was an emergency, and the place where she lived was also very dangerous. Even if she wanted Leviathan to help out, she was still powerless. The relationship between the goddess of the ocean and the god of the deep does not seem to be very good."

Manjikes recalled the record between the two gods in Oyosha.

"Look back and pay more attention, don't care about the illustrated book, as long as you get the fruit, send it back and let them compare by themselves.

Yunieruo said that he had never opened this kind of thing at all, and he was not eating it anyway.

"makes sense."

Manjix closed the picture book.

"You are about to master the energy in your body, don't you ask Luo Yi for a magic scepter?"

Yunero looked at Manjix and said.

"Wait a little longer, it's a little too close to being complete."

That's what Manjix said.

On the other side, Riki heard the conversation between the two and couldn't help but speed up the meal.

His improvement was much slower than that of Manjix, and he even used the book of knowledge.

There is no way, except for this natural invisible body constitution, Riki does not possess the blood of God like Manjikes, is not a demon like Lucifer, and does not have the inheritance like Yuniero.