Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 165

He can only rely on himself.

Therefore, he also needs to rely on external forces, such as the magic equipment Luo Yi gave him, such as the system that can be used now.

"In so long, it seems that I have never seen you take a serious shot."

Manjikes suddenly said this to Yuneruo.

And Lucifer's attention was also attracted.

His strength is the closest to Yuneruo, and the two have discussed it many times on weekdays. Even Lucifer also admires Yuneruo's swordsmanship.

"Luo Yi said that there is a'world's largest swordsman' in this world. I want to challenge him to see if my swordsmanship is stronger or the world is stronger."

Yuneruo took the katana hanging on his back and said such a sentence.

"Then why did you follow us out to sea?"

Since you want to challenge him, what are you doing with us? We won't do it.

"I don't know where the other person is."

Yuneruo answered like this.

Okay, I will give you full marks for your answer.

Manjikes gave Yunero a thumbs up silently.

"The record pointer is full, right? What will we encounter on the next island?"

"I don't know, but just move towards the most violent one."

They did this all the way.

"But, look at that needle panicked."

With that, Manjiks pointed to the navigator on their ship.

At this time, the navigator was staring at the record pointer in his hand, his scalp numb.

Although he knew that the four people on the ship were all ferocious, no matter which island they went to, they had nothing to do with the crew. To put it simply, they were sailing the ship, and the battle would not belong to them, even if they wanted to To.

But now, if they follow the previous route, they will inevitably choose the island where the three record pointers shake the most.

Of the three record pointers, two of them are very calm. If you choose these two routes, the navigation will be very smooth.

And the third one, the shaking frequency, I'm afraid it will make some people unable to extricate themselves.

Just as the navigator was in distress, Yuniero suddenly appeared behind him.

"Leave tomorrow morning and take this route."

"Ah... yes."

The Navigator was really going to cry this time.

The new world is indeed very scary. The weather changes anytime and anywhere, and even the magnetic field of the island disappears, and the sea rarely appears calm. Now that there is no wind or rain on the island, they are considered lucky.

After a good rest, everyone set sail.

It’s not easy to rely on them to find devil fruits, but it’s not impossible. The new world has significantly more devil fruits than the first half. It doesn’t matter if there are no fruits. Kill people and let the devil The fruit is born in a certain corner of the world, which saves trouble.

The voyage continued, and the weather became worse and worse. Looking ahead, the waves were raging and the currents were rushing, and there was no place suitable for navigation.

"There is something wrong with this ocean current."

"It's not just the ocean currents, even the weather. Do you have to wait and then move forward?"

Sometimes it is necessary to stop sailing temporarily and wait until the weather improves. However, the navigator’s suggestion was rejected.

"No, the weather here won't get better, it's bad at any time."

Manjix just looked up at the sky and made a judgment immediately.

The navigator suddenly realized: "Is that so, what happened to the octopus on the boat?"


267. Danger

Why is there an octopus on the boat?

This is the doubt that flashed in the minds of all crew members, but it did not include Manjix.

As early as when this octopus climbed up from the boat, they had already discovered it, mainly because they felt that this thing was too weak, so they didn’t give the starting point.

But now, with the help of Boju on his head, the giant octopus, which is more than two meters tall, stood up and raised two of its legs.


The octopus made a strange noise and tapped his head with his tentacle.

"Let everyone pay attention, something is coming."

Manjix moved his ears, immediately reminded the navigator, opened the system interface, and started calling.

Sure enough, not long after Manjix finished talking, the sea was not calm and it became more boiling.

Countless carps are constantly jumping and swimming forward on both sides of the boat.

The ocean current also began to become turbulent, but a clear path flowed out. The sails had been retracted, and the ship took the ocean current and moved directly along the ocean current.

"Octopus, do you want to stir-fry, barbecue, or sashimi..."

Lucifer didn't respond to what happened, instead staring at the octopus, thinking about how to make an appetizer for a while.

Yuneruo was standing at the front of the deck, holding the katana tightly in his right hand. Even with a mask, everyone could feel his excitement.

"Why are there so many carps? Are they not freshwater fish?"

"Now the point is not this. The current is too fast and the rudder can't be controlled."

"That's not the only way to follow the ocean current."

"Can you eat the carp here?"

"I said that this is not the point."

The crew tried hard to control the ship, but found that the effect was very little, and the people who had stowed the sails could only rely on the outer ship to control the speed of the ship. Now the rudder is extremely difficult to turn, especially in In this turbulent ocean current, once the steering is too large, there may even be danger.

The teleportation array lit up on Manjix, and Slark suddenly appeared on the ship.

Manjix: "Thank you."

Slark: "It's really dangerous enough."

Even if they are murlocs, they don't like to run into unstable seas, just as people don't like wind and rain.

Jumping from the boat into the sea, Manjikes called the crew to prepare the ropes, tied the boat tightly, and waited for Slark's action.

Before long, several huge carps appeared in front of the boat. Slark was sitting on one of the carps and waved to the boat.

The crew made a concerted effort and threw the rope out, tied it into a booster knot, and put it firmly on the carp's body, stuck between the mouth and the fin.

The carp is very powerful. After all, their body length is more than ten meters, and the largest one is almost thirty meters long.

The rope had just been set, and under the force of the carp, the boat accelerated and rushed forward.

"The clear water is almost like a mountain river."

"River, carp, are we already on the river?"

"How is it possible, we just came over from the sea."

"But carp is a freshwater fish."

"Is this the point? Shouldn't you think about what is going on on this island?"

The quarrel and exclamation of the crew continued.

However, under the drag of the carp, they have gradually seen what is happening ahead.

A waterfall.

What kind of strange current is this? Why does the seawater flow toward the bottom of the waterfall?

If the boat rushed directly to the waterfall, wouldn't it be smashed into pieces by the huge current from above?

However, the spectacle in front of them has once again refreshed their understanding of the new world.

The carp, swimming up against the current, is swimming towards the top of the waterfall.

Together with the carp that was pulling their boat, it rushed into the waterfall with all its strength, and with it, the boat was directly erected and driven in the waterfall.

so amazing.

Even if he was born in a bizarre world full of all kinds of magic, Manjix was also very interested in what happened at that time.

Everyone tightly grasped the things around them that could fix themselves. At this time, the boat was beyond their control and had already rushed to the waterfall. If it didn't reach the top, it would have to report to Huangquan if it fell.

The turbulent water flow from top to bottom, and the ships rushing up against the waterfall, made everyone's heartbeats start to violently accelerate.

Seeing that the top of the waterfall is getting closer and closer, the boat and the waterfall are getting tighter and tighter. Finally, under the condition of weightlessness, the carp rushed to the top of the waterfall, and the boat left the sea and rushed to the sky by inertia. , And then fell down.

The ship smashed heavily on the water, if it weren't for the good quality of the hull, it would have fallen apart a long time ago.


Before everyone was relieved, a shout came into everyone's ears.

Vortex, Maelstrom, more than one.


Slack snorted coldly, and directly began to control the carp pulling the boat, dodge the range of the whirlpool constantly, looking for a safe road around and around.

It can be said that the sky is infinite.

Even if it looks like a sea, there are countless vortices, but between these vortices and vortices, they really found a way out.

After a long time of shuttle, the ship finally bypassed this vortex zone and came to a calm sea, where even the sky began to clear.

After completing the task, Slark untied the ropes on the carp, and after saying goodbye to Manjiks and the others, he flew away directly. He was here to help.


"It's too thrilling. After this adventure is over, we still talk to the captain and the others, the dog's life is important."

"Forget it, I'm afraid I'll be gone after I finish talking."

"...That's true."

Maybe it’s because they have been so long with Lucifer, and everyone’s heart tolerance has become much stronger. After the tossing just now, they didn’t even have the intention of stopping to rest. They unfolded the sails and moved towards Sail ahead.

On the observation deck, a piece of sand has been seen through the telescope.

"What island is this?"

This is everyone's question, and compared to the crew, Manjix and the others are a little excited.

Lucifer smelled a lot of powerful souls, and the Sword Saint also felt the breath of the whetstone. Manjix took a sip of wine and Riki's two daggers rubbed against each other.

The crew members, who were not panicked, suddenly felt that their hearts were uneasy.

The situation is wrong.

The more excited the captains are, the more dangerous they are.

268. Harmony

"If something happens, call the bug to contact us immediately, do you know?"

"Know... got it!"

Looking at the departure of Manjikes, the crew was worried in their hearts, but they also became more aware of the importance of strength, and decided to work hard from now on to become stronger.

The four of them walked in groups and rushed directly towards the strongest one sensed by the breath.

As for where this island is, what matters to them.

Behind the beach is a forest, and the Manjikes did not even feel the breath of living creatures in the forest.

The forest is not big, but the more they move forward, the doubts in their hearts gradually increase.

There is a problem with this island.