Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 167

Is it one of the three plagues?

For Kaido's subordinates, Luo Yi knew that the only ones that met his strength were the three disasters.

And under the three plagues, there is a group of cadres who are called "True Fighters", and each of them has the strength to act on its own.

Behind that powerful breath, there were indeed two decent forces that were almost the same as me now.

Luo Yi also took out the crystal sword and was ready for battle.

Sure enough, just for a moment, the breath rushed in front of him.

He is tall and strong, with a ponytail and two braids, a metal jaw on his mouth, and two ivory-like decorations on his head and shoulders, with spiked willow nails. Wearing a feather-like coat and using two sickle-like weapons.

A man nicknamed "Drought", one of the "Three Disasters", the confidant of the Four Emperor Kaido.

The place it walked on was dried up and decayed like a drought, and eventually perished.The big sign of the Beast Pirates, the captain of the Mammoth, has a bounty of 1 billion bel.

Devil Fruit Animals are those with the ability of ancient elephant fruit mammoth form.

However, this powerful general, the former admiral and the staff officer, and the titan who retreated after destroying two warships, was said to be a supernatural powerhouse, but later received a nickname.

A reward of 1 billion, 900 million ivory.

270. Help me up

Sitting at the entrance of Xinshou Village is one of the four heavenly kings, which is really unreasonable.

Under normal circumstances, this is the first town they have just landed on the island. Even if they meet people, they should start with ordinary cadres.

There will be three plagues as soon as they come up. Is this pirate group of beasts no one?

By the way, artificial devil fruits have not yet appeared, just relying on the collection of animal devil fruits, they are indeed not able to build much combat power.

Standing at the forefront, the aggressive Jack, fortunately, was just a "drought", not the "Hanging King" next door. He was killed, resurrected, and then killed. Jack with an external bracelet in his hand.

However, Luo Yi felt that Jack's setting seemed to be based on the setting of the neighboring Tsuburaya, and he couldn't beat it no matter what.

"This person is mine."

Manjikes put the hip flask behind his back, held the big stick tightly with his right hand, did not know where he took out a straw, held it on his mouth, and looked at Jack with satisfaction.

Yunero evaluated the opponent's strength and silently let go of the samurai sword. This is not a good whetstone.

Lucifer thrust the flame-burning sword into the ground and sat down directly. This time, he was waiting for the meal.

As for Riki, he had already hidden his figure, hiding in a place no one knew.

It is a dream to want the head to be discussed with teammates. The head is for grabbing.

Luo Yi also picked his opponent and followed Jack. He hasn't eaten the fruit yet, and there is no lion's name on his stomach.

From the aura, this person's strength is not much different from his own, maybe a little bit stronger, with a domineering look and feel, Luo Yi expressed fearlessness, not to mention, there are two big brothers sitting behind him.

"Six types are you navy?"

Taking a look at the wound on his subordinate's body, Jack recognized the attack method.

"not me"

Luo shook his head and denied it, but Jack went crazy before he could finish speaking.

"I didn't expect the navy to arrive on this island. If so, you don't have to go back."

With a roar, Jack rushed up with the Schotter knife in both hands. Manjix didn't talk nonsense, and with a swing of his battle club, he rushed up.

Manjikes, who was only a little over one meter tall, looked like a newborn baby in front of this man over eight meters tall.

A knife smashed, like a broken bamboo, and a stick swung out with anger.

The battle stick attached to the infuriating spirit collided with Jack's scythe, but it exerted a force completely incompatible with the figure.



The huge air pressure rushed towards the surroundings when the two played against each other, and many people were thrown up and down, but they were all Jack's men. As for the people in the town, when Jack came over, they had already run far. Far away, for fear of being affected.

Jack and Manjix had already fought against each other without seeing the people around them clearly.

Luo Yi was not polite, and directly displayed the "shave", rushing to the future lion on his belly, and the lion would attack his own jack.

Holdem has long looked at Luo Yi. The weapon in his hand is a star-shaped machine knife with a star guard. It usually looks the same as an ordinary sword, but in battle, the blade can be turned into a whip. attack.

In fact, his strength is not too weak, he can barely see Luo Yi's movement using "shave", and his right cell phone shuts the knife and cuts forward, using Luo Yi's crystal sword abruptly.

"Sword Dance"

Said it is a sword dance, in fact it is a quick sword swing, every move, every style, is basic, but extremely powerful.

"Ding" "ding" "ding" "ding" "ding"

The collision of the swords, the sound is the most crisp, but in Holdem, I found that the battle was not so easy.

This person's strength is not as good as his own, and his speed is not as good as his own. The crimson double-edged sword seems to be entwined with domineering and increased a lot of power. The attack speed is not fast. .

However, the problem appeared in his own attack.

Can't hit, be dodged, defended, and counterattacked.

Various situations began to appear. After the two of you came and played dozens of moves, the battle situation began to change.

"Damn monkey."

Seeing Luo jumping up and down to dodge his own attack, Holdem decided not to hide himself, and once again the sword collided, the machine knife in his hand suddenly changed shape.

The original intact blade suddenly turned into one section after another, with a thin iron wire connecting it together, and it slashed directly towards Luo Yi.

When hard weapons become soft weapons, the opponent's fighting methods become more flexible and changeable. At least Luo Yi is not daring to hold on, and hastened to avoid it.

But Holdham’s weapon was not an ordinary soft weapon. As soon as the mechanism was turned, the wire quickly tightened, and the whip turned into a knife again, slashing towards Luo Yi’s head, looking at his proficient appearance. I don't know how many people have been pitted.

"The iron block is so powerful"

Seeing that it was about to be cut, Luo Yi's zhenqi quickly mobilized, raising his left hand, and coming first, blocking the knife.


Holdem felt like he had chopped a piece of steel, and he was numb in both his mouth and his arm.

This thing is really wretched, it is still hidden without revealing it.

However, Luo Yi was not as relaxed as it seemed.

With Holdem's sword, nothing left his hand at all, and his left hand was also directly weakened now, and it couldn't be used.

In the eyes of outsiders, it was directly shocked.

There was only a thin red mark on his left arm, and he quickly recovered, too fast.

Not equipped with any equipment to increase attributes, only five refresh balls and one blood essence stone, which adds a little intelligence and skill enhancement, and the speed of recovery is very fast. Although the left hand is weak, it is immediately numb and strength. Surged up.

"It's me."

Haldem's attack was trivial, Luo didn't bother to care about him, he decided to just use his ability.

"Six-style inverse scales"

A huge slash flew out, cut through the ground, and rushed towards Holdem at a speed faster than shaving.


The speed is too fast, and Holdem has no time to dodge, so he can only stand in front of him with a horizontal knife and force Luo Yi's attack.

The huge force and sharp sword aura even pushed Holdem back abruptly, and his feet made two deep marks on the ground, but they were still knocked into the house and collapsed. The house is buried.

This is a flying slash that is formed by transforming the foot of the land into the hand and combining his understanding of kendo.

When he was practicing before, Luo Yi had already reached the threshold of Jian Hao, and the six forms of learning allowed Luo Yi's physical fitness to improve rapidly, and incidentally, his sword skills also improved.

"Master Holdham."

"It's okay, Master Holdham."

A group of subordinates who had been watching the battle immediately came up to the ruins in a hurry, and quickly found Holdem.

Holdem, who was stuck by a few beams, was full of anger.

"Help me up."

I can still deliver.

271. Just being beaten up

Climbing out of the ruins, Holdem had already suffered obvious injuries.

He hadn't mastered the domineering, it was not easy to fight Luo Yi's sword aura, and then the collapsed house was more like the last straw on the camel.

"Damn it"

When Luo found out, when people in this world were angry, they would only shout horrible, not even a damn thing.

However, during the battle, who cares about you, Luo Yi directly raised the sword, and when he was about to strike, his back suddenly became cold, and he quickly bent over and leaped forward.



There was a cut in the clothes on his back, and severe pain came from his back. The wound from left to right became deeper and deeper, and it was about to be chopped down to the waist. The hot blood sprayed out and soaked the back.

"It's so risky, I almost got cut in half."

Standing with a sword, Luo saw and heard the domineering frantic unfolding. He got a little result in the battle, and he actually started to be proud, and he was almost successfully attacked.

The person who attacked himself was tall, with white hair, a dark brown fur coat, and no other clothes. On the arm of his left hand, "" was hot. I don't know, I thought it was Cos Tuanzang.

Sipshead, this person is also one of Kaido's subordinates and one of the future man-made devil fruit capable people, and he has not eaten it yet.

Luo Yi also remembered such a character after seeing his sheep-like hair.

Since he was immediately killed by Sanji after he played, Luo Yi almost forgot him.

"I was avoided, what a dangerous kid."

Sipshead carried a sword that was about the same length as the others over there on his shoulders.

As the saying goes, one inch long and one inch strong, this sword is almost three meters long, it is more terrifying than a spear.

Luo glanced at the crystal sword in his hand, one meter two, 15 flaws.

"You are also very dangerous. You even attacked. I didn't see you appear just now. Have you been hiding in the dark?"

As soon as Luo looked at Holdem who was on the side, he had crawled out, and together with Sipshead menacingly, he wrapped himself up, but it was not a shame.

"Sipshead, I don't need your help."

Holdem also put cruel words on his mouth, but he was embarrassed, and there was really no credibility to say it.

"I'm not helping you, I'm just implementing Master Jack's order to solve the trouble here as soon as possible."

Sipshead replied without showing any weakness.

Combining their looks, Luo Yi found that there was a cat and a sheep quarreling here.

However, Luo Yi also took the opportunity to recover from their quarrel.

The blood return speed is calculated in seconds, even the wound that spurts blood is healing quickly.

"Your recovery speed, is it an awakened animal type fruit capable person."

Sipshead, who was arguing with Holdham, discovered the problem first.

Luo Yi’s injury recovered too quickly, the original wound, normal people have become weak due to blood loss in this case, even those with strong physical skills will take a few days to recover, which is why he doesn’t. The reason for the rush to make up.

But now, Luo Yi's breath is gradually returning to stability, this recovery speed is really abnormal.

"Just take it as it is."

"Reverse Scale"

Luo Yike didn't have the habit of commenting. When fighting in the future, he should not be too turbulent. It is best to be cautious and eliminate the enemy until he has no cells. Then relax.

Sword Qi, still slashed towards Holdem, did not expect Luo Yi to make a sudden shot again and again, Holdem hurriedly raised his sword to resist, his strength was slightly insufficient, and the sword directly slashed on Holdem's body. , Cut out a wound with deep visible bones.