Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 168

Poor Holdem was defeated by Luffy in the original work, and his current strength was not as good as nine years later, he was actually successfully attacked by Luo Yi to the effect.

However, Sipshead did not waste Holdem's efforts.

When Luo attacked Holdem and turned his back to him, that was an excellent opportunity to attack.

In order to prevent his companion from taking the sword in vain, Sipshead decided to cut Luo into two.

"Puff" "Puff"

Twenty percent rang softly, and it rang out in this chaotic battlefield. Sipshead, who could attack Luo Yi within 5 meters, suddenly fell to the ground.

Behind him, there were two holes in the waist.

Riki said that this product is too high, and he can only get to this position.

Luo Yi let out a sigh of relief, seeing that he didn't put away his domineering look, he turned his head to look at Cips Head, ready to make a knife for him.

The reason why he suddenly shot Holdem just now was because Riki greeted Luo Yi, so that Luo Yi attracted Sipshead's attention.

Luo Yi also felt a little tired after casting Ni Lin twice in a row.

This is a skill that consumes a lot of energy and mobilizes a lot of energy.

Although the skill can be used smoothly and has great power, it consumes a lot of spells like Divine Killing and Death Finger. Even if he recovers quickly with equipment, it is not such a usage. The only equipment that cannot be recovered. Is spirit.


Suddenly attacked, Sipshead, with two injured waists, was just about to get up from the ground, and with a soft drink, Riki's dagger pierced into Sipshead's neck.

No way, this kind of enemy who is still on his knees is like putting his weakness in front of him, not stabbing it for nothing.

Seeing Riki taking his head so quickly, Luo Yi almost couldn't hold back his applause.

When playing games in the past, I felt that Riki couldn't pick up people's heads, but now it seems to be the case.

As for the other Holdem, he passed out due to the domineering feeling of seeing and hearing, and crashed into another house, was crushed underneath, and glared at the other pirates who wanted to rescue them, scaring them. Don't dare to move.


At this moment, a loud noise came from the other side of the street.

A huge figure suddenly appeared on the battlefield, and a mammoth that only existed in ancient times suddenly appeared in everyone's sight.

In the battle with Manjikes, he was unable to take down the opponent's Jack for a long time, and activated the fruit ability. The original height of more than 8 meters doubled again and turned into a giant elephant, roaring up to the sky.

When Luo Yi was fighting, he deliberately chose to stay away from Jack. It seems that Holdem did the same. But now, even if they are more than 100 meters apart, there are many houses in the middle, and they still can't resist Jack.

"court death."

Jack’s voice sounded, and the elephant’s trunk waved out mercilessly. Luo saw a black shadow flashing by, and Jack’s trunk moved from the left to the right. When it was uncomfortable than the little elephant, he used his hand to adjust the position. Even faster.

"Is it Manjix who was beaten out just now?"

Standing by Luo Yi's side, Riki saw something.

"Huh? It really is."

At this time, Luo Yi's domineering and domineering experience captured Manjix who was knocked into the air. Seeing his breath, it seemed that he had suffered serious injuries.

272. Send equipment

The devil fruits of the animal family are divided into three categories.

One is the most common common species, that is, the existing animals that can be seen in life and come into contact with, such as the flathead fruit that Agron had eaten before.

One is an ancient species, an animal that appeared in ancient times, just like the mammoth that Jack transformed into now.

The last kind is called the Eudemons, which are the animals and characters in myths or legends. For example, the current Marine Marshal, the Warring States Period of the Buddha, is the form of a giant Buddha who eats the fruits of Eudemons.

Animal fruit can turn people into animals. There are three transformation abilities of "human type", "beast type" and "human animal type".

The human form is the ordinary form, that is, the appearance without changing voice.

The human-beast type means that the body retains the human appearance and becomes a beast. It can also turn parts of the body into a beast. After becoming a human-beast type, the body's abilities will be improved. Animal-specific horns, teeth, claws, body hair, and tail The body parts will be strengthened.

The beast type, that is, the capable person completely transforms into an animal, possessing all the characteristics of an animal, so the animal system should be the strongest in the "close hand combat".

Why should it be said? This thing mainly depends on people.

Jack himself is reckless, and he is absolutely incomparable to be able to use his hands. If he can solve a problem with his fist, he will solve it with his fist. If he can't solve it with his fist, he will be solved by the opponent.

Now that he has become a mammoth, he has a reckless rhythm.

After being hit by Jack’s nose and flying hundreds of meters away, he flew directly out of the city, bounced and fell continuously on the ground, and finally rolled on the ground for a long time before finally stopping. The battle club in his hand was broken, but Baohu Being guarded tightly by Manjikes, he didn't receive any shock.

After stopping, he threw away the battle club in his hand, opened the treasure gourd to pour the wine, looking at the mammoth Jack that was walking towards him, without panic, and opened the system interface.

Hearing the sound of the system, Luo opened the interface and saw the message Manjikes had sent to himself, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Jack directly leveled the house and charged towards Manjikes. He said that the elephant would not run. If your moving speed is walking, I will wash my hair upside down.

"Ember Brew"

Jack rushed over very quickly, especially after his transformation, his overall strength increased by a large margin. Manjikes did not dare to be careless, sprinkled a sip of wine into the area ahead, and immediately rolled over with a donkey, and drew away Jack's Charge and nose.

"No effect."

The spraying of spirits will have a certain impact on the enemy. Manjikes also specifically aimed at Jack's nose, but found that it didn't work at all. Is the resistance too high?

"Thunder Strike"

Just below Jack's abdomen, Manjikes raised the treasure gourd in his hand above his head, instilled his true energy frantically, and slammed it to the ground.


Under the tremendous force, the ground was cracked by Manjikes, and the crack spread quickly, covering the ground where Jack stood on all fours.

The sudden collapse directly shook Jack's center of gravity.

"Sure enough, the body has become so huge, and the weight has also increased. I just don't know how to defend."

With a strong kick on both legs, Manjikes struggling to take off, like an arrow from the string, rushed towards Jack's abdomen, above his fist, his true energy gathered.


After a loud noise, Manjix's fist hit Jack's stomach, and the tremendous force brought about it, after the mammoth that had just stood still shaken, his nose swung directly downward, in that direction, Seems to be directly facing his little elephant

Seeing that his nose was about to hit himself, Manjikes kicked Jack's stomach and fell to the ground with force.

"It's so hard."

Shaking his right hand, he just used his full strength, but he didn't even break the opponent's defense. Even if his stomach was so hard, there was still the layer of skin on it that couldn't even penetrate the true energy.

Manjix was a little bit troubled now, and started running with two short legs.

Originally, when Jack was not transformed, he could still suppress him a little bit, relying on his figure to dodge and counterattack flexibly. Now the defense power after this transformation is really amazing, and his strength has also been greatly improved. Not at the same level.

It is foreseeable that Lucifer will probably make a move if he can't beat it later.

"Boom", "Boom", "Cha"

Jack walked on four sturdy elephant legs and followed Manjikes closely. The only thing he lacked was running speed.

As a result, the trunk continued to attack from the rear, but because it ran not as fast as Manjix, it was a little worse every time.

Manjikes is constantly detouring, the system interface in front of him has not closed. On the small map, a small green dot is quickly approaching himself.

Luo Yi ran swiftly on the ground, Yunero and Lucifer didn't seem to have any intention of intervening in Manjix's fight. Perhaps it was not life-threatening yet, or it might be that Jack was not Manjix's opponent.

However, Luo Yi took a look at his team.

Panda Brewmaster, Doom Daddy, Juggernaut, Yin Thorn, and himself.

There is not a single support, which is also a terrible.

The battle between Manjikes and Jack has gone outside the town. At the entrance, three houses have been destroyed because of Luo Yi's battle, but Jack has stepped on two blocks of houses.

Anti-Japanese hero, this is.

Beyond the ruins, Luo approached slowly and cautiously at first.

Manjix's strength is very strong, and his current attributes have doubled to be the same as him, but the gap is not only doubled.

And Jack, who was following behind Manjikes, was slow compared to someone of his strength.

At least from Luo Yi's point of view, the speed at which Manjikes and Jack are running is simply windy.

"Wear flying shoes."

Thinking of this, Luo Yi also replaced all the equipment on his body, and prepared the Silver Edge. This is a combination of Hidden Blade, Ultimate Orb and Blueprints. After opening Shadow Step, the speed increased by 5 more.

Seeing Manjikes approaching and making a color at himself, well, Luo Yi pretended that his dark circles were winking at himself, and immediately started to act.


With an acceleration, Luo Yi also started Shadow Step along the way, and quietly touched Manjix's side. His speed-shifting equipment barely made Luo Yi and Manjix's speed consistent.

Luo Yi acted as a very important identity, messenger in this battle.

Yes, Manjix asked him to send equipment.

A shot of his right hand on Manjix's body, a piece of equipment was placed in Manjix's inventory.

After the task was completed, Luo Yi immediately turned around and started running to avoid being affected by the battle.

After getting the equipment, Manjix stopped immediately. In Jack's weird eyes, his body began to fade slowly, but around him, three figures of red, blue and green appeared, but they began to become clear.

273. Element separation

The earth, the wind, the fire.

Under the action of Aghanim's Scepter, the blood of Manjix was directly activated.

The consciousness is divided into three. It is not the first time that Manjikes has appeared in this state, but he used to activate the blood of God because he was drunk. He didn't know what happened afterwards. He only knew that after he was sober, he was punished by the elders. I did a lot of things, built a lot of houses, and made a lot of wine.

But this time it was different. Manjikes found that he was very awake.

Each of the three sights is an example, but they are all one with each other. Although the energy he possesses is divided into three parts, it has not decreased.

The abilities of the three elements are different, but they complement each other. Although it is the first time to control the three elements with his own consciousness, Manjix has instantly mastered all the abilities, as if he had used it countless times before.

Well, it should be because of good talent.


Although I don't know what happened to Manjikes, Jack's idea is very simple.

An elephant leg, covering the sky and sun, blocking all the light overhead, with a whistling sound, directly stepped on the three elements.


The wind raised his hand, and a huge tornado rose out of thin air, blowing Jack into the sky, but it only blew Jack, and the surrounding environment was not even affected.

Unbelievable, what kind of power is this?

Jack, who was blown into the sky, also looked dumbfounded. Why did he go to the sky?It turned so badly, it turned a dozen times in the blink of an eye, and if it turned a little longer, it would be fine.

The elephant's trunk flicked forcefully and swept directly towards the tornado below. Juli brought a strong wind pressure. Jack wanted to use this trick to break the tornado, but found no effect.

The tornado can turn as it should be, without being affected by the slightest, and even Jack feels a paste in his head during this continuous rotation, and he starts to feel nauseous.

The tornado didn't last long, and it disappeared in just 6 seconds. Jack, who landed in the air, still had a feeling of motion sickness and seasickness, but after all battles, he found the three elements that had been divided into triangles. Condensing the domineering directly on his front legs, he stepped on the strong wind closest to him.

However, at the moment when he was about to fall to the ground, Jack suddenly changed back to his human form, with his armed and domineering hands, he slammed on the ground fiercely, directly smashing out another piece of cracked ground, and before Manjix How similar the thunder strike is.

But the three elements were not affected in any way.

"Dispelling Magic"

Another ability of Gale can purify most of the buffs or negative effects.

Manjix is ​​actually not sure whether this ability is useful, especially the transformation ability brought by the Devil Fruit, whether it directly changed their species or just brought a state.

It now appears that this transformation is indeed a gain state.

"Throwing a boulder"

A huge stone whizzed up and flew over Jack's head the moment he fell to the ground.

Jack, who hadn't figured out how he suddenly transformed back into a human form, was directly dizzy by the stone.

This is the skill of the earth, but the stun time is not long, only two seconds.

At this moment, a fire flashed by, and his body was burning like a flame. It hit Jack directly with a punch, staggering his body, leaving a black fist mark on his stomach.