Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 169

Without any pause, the fire continued to attack immediately.

The three-element raging fire does not have any active skills, only high attack power, fast movement speed, plus a passive sacrifice skill, which can burn nearby local units.

At this time, Jack's fur coat and two braids were already burning.

The wind is not to be outdone, his position is behind Kaido's left, and the wind elements quickly converge on his two hands, and they are constantly throwing out like a qigong bomb next door.

The wind element condensed into a ball, composed of countless small wind blades, hit Jack's body. Although it did not cause much damage, the fire burned even more fiercely after taking advantage of the wind.

"You bastard"

The dizziness didn’t last long. Jack woke up very quickly. The pain from behind his hands stimulated his nerves. He was armed with domineering covering his whole body. He hit the fiery head with a fist, vigorously, like It seemed like he was going to stuff the head of the fire back.


With his hands crossed above his head, Agni directly chose to resist Jack's attack.

Under the tremendous power, the two short legs of the fire plunged directly into the ground, and the arms sank, pressing firmly on the head, and unexpectedly caught Jack's angry blow.

The raging fire is completely composed of elements, without any pain, and even he himself feels that it doesn't matter if he doesn't defend himself.

The words are divided into two parts, and Jack is miserable.

Since ancient times, the sentimental free hatred was wrong, the sacrifice of the raging fire, the attack of the violent wind, and the long overdue earth are constantly beating towards Jack's wound.

Although armed domineering can increase defense power, it does not mean invincibility. The attack power of the three elements is definitely not small. Even the earth with the smallest attack power can barely shake Jack.

Exhaling a lot of gas from his nose, Jack made a judgment in an instant and attacked the guy in front of him who was full of fire.

Agni was not so stupid to continue to take the opponent’s attack. Before Jack’s next fist arrived, the ground had already rushed up, replacing the beating by Agni, and Agni’s fist had already hit Jack’s calf. on.

There is no way, without taking off, you can only hit here.

And the power of this punch was a little harder than before, and even a faint sound could be heard. Jack's calf bones were cracked.

However, it is not without cost. For example, the earth is now really being photographed into the earth and integrated into one.

The agile fire speed is very fast. Although Jack can see him with his eyes, his hands and feet cannot keep up. The fire and the wind are fighting with each other. Even with armed and domineering defense, he can't stop the flame from stopping. The burning flame and the wind blade that is getting more and more painful.

"So strong, is this the full power of Manjix?"

Standing next to Luo Yi, Riki watched the battle of Manjikes, and said with sincere emotion.

It's impossible to say that you don't envy, but that is the ordinary blood, the power activated under the action of Aghanim's Scepter, unlike yourself, only invisible.

"I just don't know how long this power can last."

Luo Yi was a little worried.

In the game, element separation is the ultimate trick of the Brewmaster. After being filled, it can last for 20 seconds. Although more than 20 seconds have passed, Luo Yi felt that this kind of thing is not unlimited, and now, Manjiks It only left a small wound on Jack's body, and there was no wound that could turn the tide of the battle.

274. Die Equipment

Jack doesn't have any good points, but he is tolerant.

As for Manjix, in addition to the fire's higher attack power, the abilities of the earth and the gale tend to assist.

In addition to being able to control the earth by throwing a boulder, it also possesses the magic immunity skill of Spell Immunity. Smashing blow is the ability to target buildings, and there is also a thunder blow, which is not a powerful attack ability.

Gale has the ability to dispel magic, tornado and a wind step that can make oneself invisible, as well as the abilities of Ember Brew.

Agni's combat power is more brutal, in addition to a permanent sacrifice, it can also use Drunken Fist.

Drunken Fist is indeed powerful, able to keep the fire dodge and counterattack at the same time, constantly dropping fists on Jack's body, causing minor damage.

Although the injuries are mild, they are not easy to heal. These are all burns. The fire's body and fists are made of flames. Even if Jack is an awakened animal type fruit capable person, he can recover quickly, but he can't recover instantly.

Especially when he uses the fruit ability, the fruit ability will be inexplicably invalidated, but it is not the situation where he cannot use the fruit ability when he is handcuffed by the sea tower.

Transformation really changed, and then changed back again, not his initiative.

Jack didn't know the specific reason, but he knew it was Manjix, especially after his transformation.

Jack can only vent his anger with the earth if he can't hit the flames, but this guy seems to be very resistant, and his strength is not bad. He has been smashed into the ground several times, and he still looks like a okay person.

"What fruit power is this?"

Jack became a little impatient.

If Manjix can always maintain this state, his Jack will be abruptly consumed by the opponent without exerting his full strength.

However, it turns out that Jack thinks too much.

Manjix was able to perform elemental separation because he insisted on exercising for so long, and after going out to sea, he challenged powerful opponents time and time again, which allowed him to increase his attributes a lot and control the hidden energy in his body. , Has also improved a lot.


When Manjikes was still happily molesting Jack with King Qin walking around the pillar, and constantly leaving marks on him, just when he was about to draw straight characters, the three consciousnesses suddenly merged into one, seeing his fists facing With his head smashed down, Manjikes had no time to dodge.

"Hurricane Force"

A distance directly pushed Manjikes forward, just pushing out from under Jack's body.

Luo Yi, who has been paying attention to the battle, has not been idle. He has prepared these life-saving artifacts a long time ago. When he saw the separation and disappearance of the Manjix elements, he was ready to save people.

The main thing was to watch the earth cat being beaten. Luo felt that it was a risk. As expected, Manjix really appeared on the earth as soon as his skills were lifted. Luo Yi felt that Jack hadn't even watched it. Qing Manjikes has recovered.


With a fist hitting the ground, Jack looked at Manjix who suddenly ran away with a fierce face.

"Is your weird ability over? Then you go to die."

With that said, Jack transformed into a mammoth again.

"For the first time, it was faster."

Manjikes stood up from the ground, and his body's fur, which had been messy after the battle, was actually white again. He didn't expect that the transformation would have the effect of taking a bath.

However, without stopping, Manjix ran straight away.

After the transformation, Jack was too hard to move. At this time, he should dig out his equipment.

Boots of Travel Strikes Breastplate The Blade of Abyss Desolation Sange Sword Thor's Hammer

At this moment, Manjikes is not keeping his hands.

The strength is not enough, the equipment comes together.

Manjix, who was still playing a chase with Manjix, had another emergency stop, and he even stopped with Jack.

"Come again?"

Jack is really annoying.

No one knows the strength of Manjix after his transformation better than Jack. It is really disgusting. He can't use the fruit ability without saying that he will be stunned by a stone from time to time, and then suffer serious injuries.

Jack still has a large burn mark on his stomach now, which smells good, but it is a little painful.


After putting on all the equipment, although Manjix's attributes have not improved much, his attack power and speed have increased a lot. He immediately took off and appeared on the side of Jack's elephant face. He clenched his right hand and hit his cheek heavily. past.


The cry this time was a scream.

Jack turned into a mammoth, with a large area of ​​his right face sunken directly. The huge force could not be resisted at all. The balance of his body was directly broken and he moved to the left.


The violent shaking caused the ruins of the collapsed houses in Boluo Town to fall apart once again, and the dust in the sky rose, covering the place where the two were fighting.

"Master Jack"

Seeing Jack in the end, the people of the Beast Pirate Group panicked. This is one of Kaido’s three plagues. The powerful pirate who offered a reward of 1 billion Baileys was knocked down by the fur clan. It’s impossible. Stand up and hello.

As the saying goes, some people are happy and some are worried, the people of the Beasts Pirates are worried, but the people of Boluo Town seem to see hope.

Even if they were hiding in the town, they could see Jack's tall figure after turning into a mammoth, and the scene of him chasing and hitting Manjix.

But now, Manjix seemed to have exploded, and suddenly he knocked Jack down with a punch, and he was still transformed into a mammoth Jack.

"After all, external forces were used."

Yunero had already prepared to take the knife up and slash it, but he stopped when he saw Manjix suddenly showing off.

"Huh, substitute."

Lucifer on the side said that he couldn't wait, the mammoth soul in front of him smelled so fragrant, how long has it been since I met such a delicious powerhouse.

Lucifer, who was salivating, said that it was the silly Weibull that he met last time. The taste was okay, but it was a bit silly, he didn't like it.

Lucifer is also picky eaters.

"Corrosion", "Strike", "Serial Lightning", "Thunder Strike"

Various abilities were greeted by Manjikes.

The reduced armor of Desolation and Assault Aura directly doubled the attack caused by Manjix.

Unless the armor is as high as a hundred, no one can bear such a deduction.

The series of lightning launched by Thunder Hammer was magical damage. It was almost like a domineering attack directly into the body. Even if it was resisted by Jack's thick fur, it still caused a lot of damage.

On his stomach, the wound that had been hit by the fire was still open, and a large amount of blood spurted out, staining the earth red.

Luo Yi watched from the side, clearly realizing a truth, the wine immortal's big move is really not a skill to export.

275. Drunken Fist

Did Jack lose?

not at all.

The beast-shaped Jack was relieved, maintaining the form of humans and animals, protecting his stomach from the injuries that were still bleeding outwards, and awkwardly resisting Manjix's attack, preventing his injuries from getting worse.

Those with the ability of animal fruits, plus those who are already strong in physical skills, even if Jack is reckless, he knows what he is doing now.

The ability to recover quickly is one thing, but whether there is time to recover is another.

No matter how good the body is, it has to take a good rest to fully recover, just as the Heart of Terror in the game has to be out of combat to have a percentage recovery effect.

Now, both in attack and speed, Manjix has improved a lot from before. Jack discovered that even in his heyday, he may not be his opponent.

The small fist, already dyed red by Jack's fist, Manjix punched again, bringing strong air pressure, and hitting Jack's calf.

No way, people are so tall, and attacking the next game is a last resort.

If you jump up and attack, it is not impossible, but it is more embarrassing in the air, it is not easy to avoid Jack's counterattack, it is better to break his legs first.

The arm color of his right foot hardened domineeringly, blocking Manjikes' fist, but did not block the current flowing out of that fist.

The electric current flowing through the whole body, although the damage caused is not high, but it directly affects the internal organs.

There are too many times.

Jack said that since his debut, he has followed Kaido from the entrance of the great route to the new world. Although he has not lost, he has never been wronged like he is today.

The enemy in the past was hard and tough, and there are so many bells and whistles, but now this fur clan, the strength that it showed before is almost the same as when it did not use the fruit ability, and then it has displayed various abilities. Now you can even hit yourself under pressure.

Even if he was careless, after becoming a beast, he wanted to rely on his powerful flesh to go all the way, but he did not expect that the other party would directly break his own defense.

The key is that this product is too small and flexible, which is really not easy to play.


Now Jack suddenly wanted to go back to the town to pick up his own knife. At least when he was attacking Manjix, he didn't have to squat down and bend over. He could also increase his attack power and greatly improve his flexibility.

This group of subordinates is really useless. They don't know how to send weapons to themselves.

Even so, Jack's two legs are now elephant legs, and they are completely armed with domineering.

If you can't imagine it, you can take a look at a certain ape who has eaten Diting.

With his powerful physical body and the bonus of armed color domineering, Manjix could only break the defense slightly, but the shock he received on his hand was not fake.

Jack’s counterattack was also very sturdy, at least that’s what Manjikes felt. When he attacked Jack, the opponent’s counter shock also made his arm numb. He wouldn’t dare if it wasn’t for a full outfit. Do this with all your strength.

Especially, although Jack has been injured, Manjikes clearly feels that Jack's strength has not weakened at all. The reason why he has not tried his best to fight back now is just waiting for the abdominal injury to recover.

In the sea, there are really countless strong people.

Manjix understood why the new world was divided by these pirates. This is just a subordinate, and the strength is so strong.