Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 170

However, it is not impossible to defeat the opponent, and Manjix is ​​also ready to do his best.


With a thumb of his left hand, Manjikes directly opened the lid of Bao Hu, and punched Jack with his right hand. He picked up Bao Hu and poured wine into his mouth.

"Asshole, do you look down on me!"

Smelling the scent of wine, Jack immediately saw what Manjikes was doing. He was still in the mood to drink while fighting?Jack felt insulted.

In the case of just delaying time, although the stomach injury has not completely healed, the bleeding has stopped, and his hands are also two sturdy elephant legs, which are directly smashed at Manjix.


With wine in his mouth, Manjix stepped on strange steps, looking like he was about to fall, but he was extremely fast, easily evading Jack’s attack, two elephant legs were rubbing Manjix’s The body passed by without any effect, it just shattered the ground.

"Drunken Master"

The position of the brewmaster of the Oyu Society is not only in terms of drinking capacity, but also requires proficiency in Drunken Boxing.

The effect of Drunken Master is also very simple, dodge, crit.

The drunken fist of Oyou Society is not only a method of fist, but also an application of true energy.

As for why he had to drink, Luo Yi didn't ask, nor did Manjix say.

The special infuriating qi operation mode continuously circulates in Manjix's body, swallowing drinks with big mouthfuls, and feeling the heat coming from his body, Manjix is ​​brewing.

His strength is not above the blood of God, but above the true energy and drunken fist that this body has grown up in and learned from Oyu.

The anger in Jack's heart became more and more vigorous. Manjikes was like an earthworm, and he was about to hit him. It was obvious that he looked more and more like a drunk person, and the pace under his feet seemed to be anytime. They all fell down, but they refused to fall down all the time, and couldn't beat him.

"Haha good wine"

The treasure gourd in his hand smashed to the ground fiercely, but did not leak a drop of drink. Manjikes laughed and jumped up, the infuriating energy in his hand was already ready.

The fist looks ordinary. Compared with Jack's elephant leg, it seems to be a needle to pierce the opponent, especially the needle is very short.

However, Jack really didn't expect that the opponent's strength could actually be improved.

Twice three times No, at least four times before.

Condensing the power of the whole body, the purpose of Jack's attack was to crush Manjix, but when his elephant hoof and Manjix's fist were put together, it was almost like being beaten by Kaido. Like a punch.

It was an unstoppable force that directly shattered his right arm. Not only that, there was also a strange energy that went directly into his body along the right hand, and damaged his internal organs as well.


A mouthful of blood came out of Jack's mouth.

Except for just turning into a mammoth, after being beaten by Manjix on his face without any protection, Jack took on all of Manjix's attacks, but he didn't expect to lose again.

Take advantage of the victory and pursue it.

Manjikes did not stop, or that the hoof that Jack just had had no effect on him, his footsteps seemed to be vain, but they quickly slid in front of Jack, and his two fists were like phantoms, hitting him uninterruptedly. Above Jack's belly.

The wounds that had just healed opened again, and the injuries became more serious, especially the huge strength, and whether a series of lightning was triggered, which directly damaged Jack's internal organs.

After the whole game, Manjikes never touched Jack's ivory.

276. Dragon

Jack was defeated, something that no one thought of.

Looking at Jack, who was lying on the ground, venting more and less, the members of the White-headed Pirates group were going crazy.

In just 5 seconds, they only saw Jack being beaten continuously. Manjikes broke Jack’s arm with one punch, another punch broke his right leg, and another punch sank his chest. .

The remaining fists fell on every corner of Jack's body. The damage was so great that no one else could imagine it. Only Jack felt that he could not hold it.

In the state of drunken fist, Manjix hits Jack with a crit in every punch.

Coupled with the long-term and diligent martial arts in the Oyu Society, even Jacks who have experienced many battles and are still beaten out of consciousness.

"However, this vitality is really abnormal."

After the outbreak, it is inevitable that there will be a period of weakness, and Manjikes gasped heavily, and the Jiu Jin in his body was released along with the true qi.

True Qi has a healing effect, but if it is used to hurt people, it is also very powerful. Jack's body is overflowing with True Qi at this time, continuously destroying his body, but it is not as strong as his own recovery ability.

However, it can be regarded as inhibiting Jack's life recovery, and he wants to slow down quickly, unless Jack can force out what Manjix left in his body.

"Tsk! Let's have dinner."

Lucifer was already a little impatient.

Jack's soul breath is very powerful, and it tastes very good, but I don't know if it is because of the devil fruit's preciousness or for other reasons.

The strength of this Jack is just enough for Manjix as an opponent, even if he finally defeated the opponent with the help of external forces, but the battle is only a victory, there is no fairness.

Seeing Lucifer, who looked almost the same as the devil, walked towards Jack, the men of the Beast Pirate Group only hesitated for a while before giving up the idea of ​​rescuing Jack.

He couldn't even beat him, so what do we go up to, especially when the opponent seems to be very strong.

Then they saw Lucifer raised his left hand and pointed forward. Jack was missing.

"Hurry up and inform Master Kaido with the snails!"

"Ah, yes."

One of them whispered to the other, and that person immediately took out the wisdom snail and began to contact him.

Jack was defeated, it was no small matter.

These people don't know where they came from, but they are really strong. Although Jack is the weakest in the Three Plagues, it also depends on where he is the weakest.

Just like the monthly income is less than 100,000 and more than 100,000, those are two intervals.


Lucifer burped very satisfied.

Digesting Jack's soul, I feel that the whole person is much more comfortable.

Especially the skills in the skill bar have also changed.

Although he didn't get the opponent's fruit ability, this also deducted Lucifer's fear of sea water effect due to the fruit ability.

Looking at the two skills now appearing, Lucifer turned his head and looked at Luo Yi.

And Luo Yi also met his sight very timely.

"Come, teach you."

Luo smiled with joy. I am familiar with these words. After saying this last time, I learned how to be domineering, but now it seems that armed color can't run away.

Pi Dian Pi Dian followed Lucifer to the side, while Manjikes sat down to adjust his breath, digesting his combat experience this time.

For now, although he has defeated the enemy with his equipment, his shortcomings are also obvious, and his attack power seems to be a little insufficient.

If it weren't for a powerful attack with Drunken Fist, plus the auxiliary bonus of equipment, it would be hard to say who won.

My goal is the position of Brewmaster. The current Brewmaster's strength is definitely stronger than himself. I don't know how much. At that time, I will never use these equipment to fight Brewmaster, only relying on my own hard power.

It seems that it is time to learn more about the mess.

Thinking about this, Manjikes followed Luo to listen to Lucifer's lecture.

Lucifer gave a good lecture, at least when explaining the content, the format was not a three-character classic.

In other words, Lucifer could have spoken normally, but he was usually quieter.

This time, what Lucifer taught Luo Yi was indeed armed and domineering.

Luo Yi is also learning knowledge very seriously.

However, they are so leisurely, it does not mean that others can calm down.

In Boluo Town at this time, the people in the original Wano Country had an inexplicable emotion burning in their hearts.

After Mitsuki Mida was killed by Kaido 11 years ago, Wano Country changed his rule.

Everyone knows that the current General Orochi is not a good thing, but what can they do.

The samurai who rebelled back then have now been caught as laborers in the rabbit bowl, and these incompetent people can only survive in the town by following the rules of the country of Wano without being like Like the people outside the town, eating poisonous fish and water, they worry about what to eat for the next meal.

This is the country of Wano now. No one can resist Kaido's rule. People in Boluo Town live under fear every day.

But today, let alone those two cadres who really fought, Jack, one of the three plagues, was defeated.

Although they didn't know where Jack's huge body went, what they knew was that Jack really lost, that's enough.

Maybe these outsiders can really help them defeat Kaido.

However, no one dared to show that thinking so.

They need a back road, a back road in case Luo and they fail.

Therefore, they could not help Luo Yi, but they would not actively stop him.

Everyone understands in their hearts that it is indeed not authentic to put hope on the outsiders. This is clearly their own country, but they have no power to save, or even dare to say.

Compared with the residents of Boluo Town, the Beast Pirate Group is more panicked here.

These people are all Jack's men. They used to be reckless with Jack before, but Jack hadn't lost at that time, and if he lost today, the backbone of these people is gone.

Even the two really beaten adults were dead and wounded. When Holdem, who was buried under the ruins, was dug out, a huge wound on his body slipped from the shoulder to the crotch. The internal organs were visible. His blood is almost drained. Although he has been treated urgently, it is still unknown whether he can survive.

The call has already been made, using the wisdom snails unique to the country of Hino. As for when Kaido will come over, they don't know, they only know that if the other party kills them all, then they are really dead.

The time of fear did not last long.

The sky suddenly darkened.

A dragon, like a stroll in the clouds, flies from the sky.

277. I will bring the end

As soon as Kaido appeared, Luo felt that funding was burning.

The dark clouds in the sky, for example, are like the appearance of colorful auspicious clouds before they appear on stage.

But no, no monkeys, only a dragon head sticking out from the cloud, it will not release water.

Kaiduo's body is very large after transforming. Although the official has not clearly stated his fruit ability, everyone has speculated that it is the animal type fruit phantom beast breed dragon.

In fact, it is not a guess. When Kaido appeared on the stage, the blue dragon that covered the sky had already indicated his identity.

Who is this, this is the man who will let One Piece spend the New Year in prison in the future, who caught this kind of aspiring young man who is about to release his ideals on the streets on New Year's Eve.

Looking up, Kaido's body shape covered the entire sky, and his entire face seemed to be constipated, looking very scary.

"It's so strong."

Under the effect of the medicine and equipment, Manjix's injury has almost recovered. After the previous expansion, he was still a little mentally exhausted. Others were not a major problem. Only after Kaido appeared, he felt a wave of power. Pressure.

"Overlord look domineering."

Luo Yi also felt this power.

If it is explained by fairy-xia novels, it is divine consciousness; if it is explained by fantasy novels, it is the domain; if it is explained by urban novels, it is 404.

This power directly acts on the spirit, and I can't help feeling angry and a little bit of fear in my heart, and the brain also seems to have a power impacting, which is extremely uncomfortable.

To fight against the overlord's domineering, in addition to the same overlord's domineering, you can only rely on your own aura to resist.

Luo Yi discovered that although he usually salted a little bit, but after such a long period of time, even if there is no momentum, but the will is still quite firm, probably because he is used to working hard, and at the critical moment, he doesn't feel bitter anymore.

However, seeing that none of them were affected by Manjikes, Luo Yi suddenly felt that he still had a lot of room for improvement.

"Dare to disturb me drinking Jack?"

Kaido glanced down, but didn't find Jack Man.

He had just received the news that Jack was defeated, and he rushed over immediately. He thought it was Baibeard or Lingling, but he didn't expect that it was someone he had never seen before.

"I ate."

The flame-burning magic sword in Lucifer's hand "smashed" the huge flames, and looking at Kaido, it was as if he wanted one-stop service.

"Eat it? Asshole!"

The dragon head suddenly raised up to the sky and roared, and in the air, a clear air current could be seen converging towards his mouth.

The red light gathered in the dragon head's mouth, like the tail beast bullet next door, constantly increasing its power, even if it has not been launched, you can feel the horror.