Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 171

"Oops, get away."

Luo Yi immediately greeted Manjikes to dodge. This move was obviously directed at Lucifer. Others didn't know, Luo didn't know it for a while. This was a move that just blasted off a mountain.

Even though his strength has improved a lot, Luo Yi is not sure whether he will be killed by this move.

But Lucifer was eager to try, not only was the magic sword in his hand igniting flames, but even the wings that burned only bones on his back began to burn.

However, Luo Yi was desperately staying away from Lucifer and did not see this scene.

"Heat Breath"

A red light wave came to Lucifer in an instant.

The speed of Kaido's condensing moves is not like a half-episode in anime. If it is really this kind of strength, I am afraid that it will not be able to resist if Capp is hammered on the ground.

In fact, it took only one second from Kaiduo's mouth to ejaculation. Luo Yi even directly "shaved" and left, for fear of being affected.

Manjix also followed Luo Yi directly to fire.

Although his blood has been completely activated because of Aghanim's divine blessing, he still needs a period of time to master it.

"Yan Blade"

The flame-burning magic sword was smashed from top to bottom, hitting the heat that was at least ten meters in diameter. The two huge forces collided together, erupting an astonishing impact. Luo Yi and Manjix took off.

Yuniero slammed into the air, and after catching the two of them, he turned around in the air for three and a half weeks before landing smoothly on the ground.


As soon as they landed, they saw that Kaido's heat had ended.

Behind Lucifer, a fan shape opened at the back, and the heat was split in half by Lucifer's sword. It drove towards the sides of his body and directly bombarded the mountain behind, making two penetrations. Big hole in the mountain.

Fortunately, the town of Boluo was not behind Lucifer, otherwise the town would be gone.

"Some strength, no wonder Jack is not your opponent."

Seeing Lucifer accepted his move unscathed, Kaido couldn't help but praised him.

"not him."

Lucifer shook his head and pointed at Manjix, not ready to fight for merit.

Seeing Lucifer's eyes look over, Manjikes straightened his chest and looked like he was reluctant to fight, without the embarrassment of being blown away.

However, Kaido only glanced at Manjix and didn't take it seriously.

It can be seen that even if Manjix defeated Jack, he left a scar on his body, which is not to be feared.

"No matter who it is, you must die today."

As the sea emperor, Kaido is fearless, plus he is a verbal suicide madman.

"Continuous Breath"

Without any hesitation, Kaido directly started the attack.

One by one, flame-like energy bombs came out from his mouth, and they slammed into Lucifer ruthlessly.

"Bang" "Bang" "Bang" "Bang"

When these energy bombs fell on Lucifer's body, a huge explosion suddenly occurred, generating extremely hot temperatures. Luo Yi and the others kept retreating. Even so, they could feel waves of heat hitting their faces. When I breathed, my lungs became uncomfortable.

The bombardment continued, and the sky full of flames and smoke made Luo Yi couldn't see the situation inside. After more than a dozen consecutive attacks, Kaido stopped, and there was no intention to lift the dragon's body.

Luo Yi didn't worry at all.

The law of smoke but no harm, but in the ever-increasing world, this law is followed.

Sure enough, Lucifer just waved the sword in his hand, and the wind pressure it brought scattered the flames and smoke around him. There were no scars on his body.

"At this temperature, it's not as hot as the crater."

For the first time, Luo Yi heard a lot of words from Lucifer while studying knowledge.

"I will bring the end."

Above the burning sword, the flames of the death knell of Wa Shiang were ignited with Lucifer's low spirits.

278. Doom

When Lucifer pointed out, Kaido heard what Lucifer said.

The dragon's body suddenly disappeared, replaced by a human figure with a flame burning on it, falling from the air.

He is tall and burly, with a black shawl, a pair of horns, a long beard like a dragon's beard on his mouth, and a dragon scale tattoo on his left arm.

The upper body is naked, there is a cross scar on the right abdomen, a purple shirt is hung on the waist, two gold chains are hung on the hem of the shirt, and the lower body is wearing dark green wide trousers with a lanyard tied around the waist, just like normal.


After hitting a deep hole on the ground, Kaido crawled out of the hole.

He found that the flame on his body was very strange, it seemed to be burning his own life continuously, and it also restrained his fruiting ability and domineering.

But what about this.

When talking about Kaido, he always said that he was going to commit suicide. He jumped from the sky island, was caught by the navy, and challenged Baibeard or Lingling. Anyway, he did various acts of death. , But he just doesn't die.

It's just that, if you want to die, you can have another devil fruit, so the so-called suicide is just for fun, don't take it too seriously.

But in any case, Kaido's name as the strongest creature on the sea is not a blow.

Even if all abilities were unavailable, Kaido, who fell from a high altitude, did not suffer any harm.

Not knowing where he took out a mace, Luo Yi took a serious look at Kaido's chest. There could not be a four-dimensional fuyi ditch there, so it is very likely that his is the four-dimensional gusset.

Kaido, who was just over eight meters away, stood in front of Lucifer, making Lucifer like a younger brother.

But, my father is your father after all.

Lucifer didn't settle down with Kaido, the death knell was already burning, the bell of battle had been sounded, and the burning sword was not only a flame, but Lucifer's desire.

"Yan Blade"

The blazing sword waved in Lucifer's hand, and Kaido blocked it with a mace.


The sound of metal collision was extremely harsh, and Luo Yi couldn't help covering his ears.

"What a strong force."

Although he did not use domineering, but Kaido held the mace in both hands. Even though Lucifer was expected to be strong, but he thought that this blow would directly fly Lucifer, but he did not expect that the opponent would rely on his own strength. Took it.

Especially on Lucifer's burning flame sword, the flame was imprinted on Kaido's mace, followed the mace to his body, and it burned again.

The mace in his hand also instantly turned red, at that temperature, even Kaido's skin had burns, and he made a sound of "Zizi".

"It's a pity that there is no cumin, salt, pepper and chili powder."

Looking at Kaido with a mocking look, Lucifer once again swung the magic sword in his hand, and the burning flame increased the attack range, and directly slashed towards Kaido's belly.

Kaido did not show any weakness, and swung his mace again, ignoring Lucifer's attack, and slammed it directly on his head, ready to replace his life with injury.

Seeing Kaido's desperate moves, Lucifer didn't have the slightest idea of ​​shrinking. The long flame formed by the magic sword slashed Kaido's abdomen heavily, and his left arm was raised and placed on his head.


Lucifer's legs bent and sank into the ground, but it can be seen from the raised left arm that he actually blocked Kaido's attack with only one hand.


The power of the long flame sword is very powerful, even Kaido vomited blood, especially when the energy in the body could not be mobilized, Kaido's defensive power directly dropped a lot.

There was an extra black knife mark on the six-pack abs, but it did not cause any visible damage. Could it be an internal injury?

The injury was indeed an internal injury. It was brought by Doom and Yan Ren, but it was just a two-cough. This injury does not matter to Kaido.

The mace was raised again, and Lucifer's legs exerted force and jumped directly from the ground. This time, the magic sword slashed directly at Kaido's chest.


With the crimson mace on his chest, Kaido once again resisted Lucifer's sword, and immediately grabbed the mace body directly, and cast a storm of blades, the big top in place.

The huge force turned the situation directly reversed, and Lucifer was pushed on the rod by Kaido's distance, continuously spinning.

However, he didn't panic at all, he even wanted to laugh a little.

Wa Shiondo's death knell is more powerful, but he can't kill himself.


With an angry shout, Lucifer was thrown directly out, Kaido found that the flame on his body had been partially extinguished, and the temperature of the mace had also declined during the rotation.

It was the flame that imprisoned one's own power, and seemed to have no intention of dissipating.

Strange power, what kind of fruit power is this?

Kaido didn't know, but Kaido was not at all shocked. He just picked up the mace.

"Thunder and Gossip"

The black thunder and lightning is wrapped around the mace, even if he has no fruit ability and no domineering, he Kaido is still the king of the sea.

The people in this world are so strange, some people obviously have not eaten the devil fruit, but have all kinds of strange abilities.

Lucifer, who was knocked into the air by Kaido, just adjusted her body in the air before landing and saw Kaido rushing up.

"Armed Color Hardened Yan Blade"

The previous defense against Kaido's attack was armed and domineering, and Lucifer directly used his strength and slashed towards Kaido without showing weakness.


That was the voice on Kaido's mace.

"Bah Bah Bah Bah"

This is the sound of Lucifer's sword.


The two weapons collided once again.

At this moment, the sky broke and the earth burst, flames and thunder and lightning rose into the sky, and the clouds in the sky were washed away by the momentum of both sides, combing a center point above.

On the ground, the earth shattered, flames and thunder and lightning mixed and spread continuously. Luo Yi directly flew into the air with moon steps. The three of Manjiks, Yunieruo, and Riki could only jump on the ground without stopping, keeping balance.

Not far away, the houses in Boluo Town felt like they had encountered an earthquake. The houses closest to the battle between the two began to collapse, and they continued to spread towards the town.

Panic, screams, all kinds of sounds are endless, everyone is running for their lives.

In fact, they were running for their lives when they saw Kaido appear. They only stopped when Lucifer and Kaido were fighting, to see if there was hope.

Especially when they saw that Lucifer and Kaido were playing back and forth, and it seemed that there was a possibility of winning, they stopped and continued to watch the battle, but they did not expect that the aftermath of the battle would spread from outside the city to the city until it was destroyed. Only a quarter of the city did this force stop.

At this time, Kaido found that his domineering and fruitful ability had returned.

279. Scorched Earth

When the earth cracked and the raging flames burned on the ground, even the sky became dark and gloomy, and the scene before him was like hell on earth.

And what caused all this was the battle between Lucifer and Kaido.

Thundering gossip is a special move, even if Kaido is used, it can't be used infinitely, and Lucifer's Yan blade is different, the fire of the death knell of Wa Shiondo in his body is immortal, and Lucifer's power is endless.

Not to mention, because of Aghanim’s Scepter, all the power hidden in his body was activated once before. After more than a year of practice, Lucifer has mastered seven or eighty-eight, and he has just arrived. The strength here is totally different.

During the battle, the older Kaido became more excited, he had forgotten that his subordinate Jack was eaten by the opponent.

Kaido usually finds people and places to commit suicide. Do you think you really want to die?


That is Kaido is using the protagonist's exclusive upgrade skills, constantly breaking through his own strength between life and death, as long as the protagonist has not appeared on the stage, he can upgrade infinitely.

Facts have proven to be so.

Kaido was originally a member of the Rocks Pirates. At that time, Baibeard and BIGMOM were still on the same boat as him. Together with the captain Locks, it can be said to be a very cruel pirate group, said to be the worst. Not too much.

However, the Roger Pirates teamed up with the navy to lure them up.

It was because of that battle that Karp became a naval hero.