Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 172

In order to become the strongest creature in the world, Kaido relies on his special physique and constantly challenges his limits.

However, above this sea, there are only so few who can fight.

Baibeard is getting older, and his whole body is dripping with drips. The four curvy nurses surround him all day, which makes people enviable, and he doesn't bother to bully the patient.

BIGMOM's strength is also strong enough, but they have been fighting for so many years, and the opponent and their own abilities are all clear. After a long time, it will be boring.

There is only the navy, and every time you change people to fight with yourself, or a group of people rush up, it is not stimulating. Kaido likes to trouble the navy the most.

But even so, these PYs of the Navy, Kaido also knows their length, the number of times, will get tired.

But today, he met Lucifer.

This person's power is very strong, and even has a faint tendency to overwhelm him. Although the armed color is not as good as himself, the strange flame power has caused great pressure on Kaido.

Kaido could feel that he was fighting a beast, a beast just like himself.

For his own offense, the opponent does not dodge or dodge, and only relies on his own strength to take it forcibly. This fighting method is exactly the same as his own.

It is precisely because of this that Kaido expressed that he is very satisfied with this opponent.

The same is true for Lucifer.

His strength is very strong, but the relative speed is much weaker.

But Kaido was different from him. It was not only power, but also the speed was not too slow, at least from the time of the fight, Lucifer had known it.

Stepping on the scorched earth under his feet, Lucifer's flames continuously burned the surrounding ground, increasing his own speed, and constantly burning Kaido's body.

With a powerful physical body, this can instantly ignite the flames of ordinary people, and the impact on Kaido is not great, but it burns his pants, leaving behind a field that is protected by some force and is absolutely indestructible.

Anyway, the whole body is on fire now, Kaido doesn’t care, the mace in his hand dances like a tiger, the big stick has become red, and it feels hot. If it’s not armed with domineering protection, Kaido will To throw away the weapon.

However, Lucifer was not much better, and the armor on his body was also shattered, revealing his body hidden under the armor, with no trace of muscle in sight.

It’s just that no one thinks it’s weird. Maybe it’s in the form of a demon of the phantom beast species. After all, it’s not even a big Buddha.

The town of Boluo next door was already under the hands of the two, and all of them were destroyed. Fortunately, the people living in the city ran very fast. Luo Yi also developed a domineering attitude and helped the masses to evacuate. Crying child.

God knows why when there is a panic, some children fall or get lost with adults.

He carried two in his hand, four in his arm, one hanging on his chest, and two on his back. Manjix and Riki on the side were similar to him, especially Manjix, he used the treasure gourd The rope hung directly on the back of the four children.

Everyone kept fleeing to avoid being attacked by the aftermath of the battle. When they saw the parents who were looking for their children on the road, they would go over to confirm. The single child.

Lucifer's scorched earth coverage is extremely wide, and the strength of the two is really huge. While fighting and moving, all the houses in the city burned and turned into a piece of scorched earth.

The battle lasted for half an hour. The people in the town had all moved to the mountains outside the town, watching the original prosperous town ruined, and even the only place that produced normal food in Jiuli was destroyed. In everyone’s hearts, But there is no distress.

To win!

Must win!

At this moment, everyone in Boluo Town clasped their hands tightly in front of their chests and prayed to the bottom.

For so many years, even Master Mida couldn’t defeat Kaido, but someone could fight him for so long, and Jack, one of the three plagues, had already lost the two real fights. Even Kaido’s men, I didn't know where to escape.

As long as you defeat Kaido, you can overthrow the rule of the serpent, and the country of Wano will surely change back to the country of Wano once again.

In fact, everyone understands that it's not that they didn't resist, they just resisted, but never fought.

As long as there is no Kaido, the entire warrior of Wano Country can definitely kill the entire beast and pirate group, provided that they still have a sword in their hands.

Below, Lucifer's flames were chopped out one after another. On the ground, countless cracks continued to form. Because of the flame, the ground was not only water-free, but even became extremely black, like a stone.

When the two fight, each foot will trample a huge pit on the ground.

"Is the sea emperor all this virtue?"

With a straw in his mouth, Manjix looked at the scene caused by the battle, marveling in his heart.

"Almost, when there are two people, even the sky splits."

Luo Yi thought of the scene where the red hair and the white beard were fighting each other.

"There is a turning point."

Yuniero, who was also watching the game, suddenly spoke.

280. Invincible cut

In some battles, it takes days and nights to decide the outcome, but in some battles, the situation can be changed in an instant.

Just like Lucifer now, stepping on the scorched earth under his feet and carrying a mace on his shoulder, Yan Blade pierced Kaido's stomach fiercely and passed through.


Do not.

In addition to inspiring Kaido's fierceness, the pain didn't seem to cause any substantial harm to him. Instead, Kaido was blown away by a stick.

After spitting out two mouthfuls of fire and respecting his opponent, Lucifer turned over and stood up again from the ground.

"Asshole, it hurts."

Holding his stomach, Kaido let out an angry growl, vomiting a lot of blood in his mouth.

If it was just a simple penetration, Kaido would still ignore it, but when the flames of the death knell of Wa Cheondo burned in the body, it was that simple.

Lucifer was able to resist the flame and even transform it into his own strength, not only because of his strength, but also because of his special physique.

Kaido's body is also very special, but it is two concepts with Lucifer's body.

The flame of this death knell was not only burning his internal organs, but also burning his soul. Even when he mobilized his domineering, he felt that he was affected.

"Come on, continue."

Lucifer did not stay any longer, raising the magic sword and rushing up again.

After fighting again, Lucifer could clearly feel that Kaido's strength was much smaller than before.

He intends to retire.

Lucifer discovered Kaido's purpose at once.

The reason that his magic sword can pierce Kaido's body is because Kaido is too confident in his defense, but he did not expect that his strength can be increased.

Kaido's pressure on Lucifer was much greater than in any previous battle, and it also allowed Lucifer's body to continuously emerge.

In the end, a sword wrapped in armed domineering and flames abruptly pierced Kaido's domineering attached to his body and pierced his body.

Kaido said that although it was not the first time, Lucifer's great sword was really hot and hard. When it was pierced in, it was very uncomfortable and couldn't adapt.

Especially the other man with a mask and a samurai sword in his hand, waiting eagerly at the side, judging from his aura, he was stronger than the man in front of him.

He Kaido is just reckless, not stupid.

Baibeard and BIGMOM did not reach the necessary moment and would not attack themselves. The reason why the Navy did not kill themselves was because they wanted to rely on him to maintain the balance of power in the New World waters and to counterbalance the other two pirate regiments.

But these few people who didn't know where they came from, not to mention their strength, are even more immortal.

Only by living can you become stronger. If you are gone, then don't even think about suicide.

Kaido also knows to weigh the pros and cons.

His goal is One Piece, and he cannot die until he reaches the ultimate island, Ravdrew.

This person's power was already enough to break through his own defenses, and in the subsequent attacks, the power actually went up straight, Kaido felt that he needed to beat him in another way.

He was hesitating whether to become a dragon or not to be sealed with all the power in his body as before.

"Huh, rubbish."

A sword slashed across Kaido's chest, leaving a deep scar again, but due to the high temperature, no blood flowed out, and the wound was already scorched.

"Thunder and Gossip"

A powerful move was used again. This time, Kaido used all his strength again and collided with Lucifer's flame-burning sword, smashing the ground that was already in ruins again for several meters.

The flames and thunder and lightning intertwined together, and a dragon rose into the air in vain and rushed directly into the sky.


This time, even Luo Yi was stunned.

Your script is wrong.

The dignified sea king, who knew all day to find the thrilling beast Kaido, actually ran away?

It's incredible.

Lucifer flapped the wings behind his back angrily, but found that he had lost the ability to fly for a long time.

"Throw me up."

Seeing Kaido flying higher and higher, directly beyond the range of his own ability, even if he wanted to confine Kaido's abilities and unable to do anything, Yunieruo's voice suddenly came out.

Without hesitation, he thrust the magic sword into the ground, folded his hands in front of him, and Yuniero fell directly on Lucifer's palm.


With all his strength, Yunieruo was thrown out, and with Lucifer's strength, Yunieruo seized the opportunity and took off directly.

Like an arrow from the string, Yunieruo turned into a red light, rushing towards Kaido at a speed that was invisible to the naked eye.

Kai Yilong Duo originally flew straight up, seeing that the domineering color did not turn off, and naturally felt what was happening below.

Sure enough, the swordsman made a move.

When they were fighting, the swordsman had already arrived nearby, otherwise it would have been impossible to appear so soon.

It's just that you, a guy who can't fly, actually want to fight against yourself in the air, naive, so naive.

Even if I don't want to fight, it doesn't mean I'm really afraid.

Turning around in the air, the huge body is not at all dull, and the heat in his mouth has begun to prepare.

Yuneruo was wearing a mask and couldn't see what his expression was now, but the samurai sword in his hand, after holding a sword flower in front of him, suddenly received his waist.

"Heat Breath"

Huge energy, carrying a hot breath, fell from the sky, not only aimed at Yunieruo, but also aimed at Lucifer below.

"Invincible Slash"

A sound that resounded through the sky came into everyone's ears.

It was like a rocket accelerating again in the air, and Yuniero suddenly disappeared.

"" "" "" "" "" ""

The sound of slashing sounded constantly in the air, and everyone only saw the heat that Kaido spit out, as if it had been chopped away from the middle by everything and split into two.

On his body, a red gold streamer ran continuously on his body. In the sky, blood blossoms bloomed, and in an instant, Kaido had countless wounds on his body.

Even his giant dragon's figure couldn't hold up so many scars, especially when the power of each sword was extremely great.


A long scream almost resounded through heaven.

The people on the ground were dumbfounded.

Looking from the mountain, they only saw Yunieruo rushing towards Kaido, suddenly turned into a streamer, cut through Kaido's heat, interrupted his bad breath, and directly cut countless numbers on Kaido's body. wound.

The originally aggressive dragon rolled his eyes in the air. The huge body seemed to have lost its strength and began to fall from the air. The dragon also disappeared in the air and turned into a human form.

At this moment, it was not only Kaido that fell, but also the confidence of the members of the Beast Pirate Group who had just arrived on the battlefield, as well as the fearful mood of the townspeople in Boluo Town.

281. See the sun

This time, the high-altitude fall was higher, faster, and stronger than when Lucifer used his doomsday ability.

The human-shaped Kaido had countless small wounds, but the combination was extremely shocking, especially the damage these wounds caused to him was also quite huge.

Invincible Slash is a sword skill that Master Yu Neruo has realized after he has exerted his sword skills to the extreme.

With a frequency of 1.7 times the usual attack speed, continue to attack the enemy for a period of time.

During this period, Yunero himself was in an invincible state, and the speed was so fast that the enemy could not attack him at all.

Kaido, who descended from the sky, quickly became a head-down posture, while Yunero stepped lightly in the air several times, suddenly reducing the speed of descent.

Moon step?