Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 173

Luo saw clearly.

Although the display is not so accurate, the effect is still very obvious.


With a huge noise, a big hole was smashed into the ground.

At this time, Yunieruo had fallen by less than half.

"Master Kaido"

This time, what rushed over was a big fat man with a cigar in his mouth, and a man whose whole body was completely dark and his head seemed to be burning.

"Plague" Quinn, "Plague" Jin, and Jack are the same existence as the three plagues.

If they had seen Kaido fall from the sky before, they would at best worry about whether Kaido had killed someone again, but this time it was different.

They not only witnessed Kaido's fall, but also saw Kaido's appearance in the sky.

"What's the matter with this pirate group? Vitality is stronger than one."

Manjikes couldn't help but cursed.

Don't look at Kaido being seriously injured, but he didn't mean to be cool at all. Even the majestic vitality is constantly repairing his injury. Is it necessary to cut off his head?

"The Hundred Beasts Pirate Group, although it has not really reached the scene of the Hundred Beasts, Kaido should have already begun planning. In a few years, this Pirate Group will live up to its name. As for now, there are only Kaido and some Cadres are those with the ability of the devil fruit of the animal type."

Luo Yi explained.

"It's all animals? No wonder, the devil fruit of the animal system can improve physique, so what kind of fruit are you going to prepare for the newcomer named Medusa?"

Seeing Quinn and Jin grabbing Kaido's leg and pulling him out of the ground, they are now protecting Kaido from left to right, beware of Lucifer and Yune who sandwiched them. If.

"She doesn't have much time. After all, she is going to save people. It would be best if there are natural devil fruits, and her early strength will increase very quickly."

The armor on Lucifer's body was broken, and even one of the corners of his head was broken. He stretched out his hand to grab, grabbed the other corner and lifted it up, and took it down with the helmet.

Feeling that your devil horn is worn by a helmet?

Luo couldn't help but uttered a word, and began to search for the skin of the doomsday messenger in the armory.

"I remember, you said the strength of this pirate group is very strong, maybe they also have devil fruits in their hands."

That's what Manjix said.

Luo Yi, who had just found out a set of Eternal Demon Fire Suit, also shined.

That's right, this is the emperor of the sea, he is probably quite wealthy.

At this moment, Luo Yi looked at Kaido, just like Lucifer looked at Kaido, as if looking at a dragon, imagining the next service.

"Go away, choppy."

Although he was injured, Lucifer released an unrivaled aura.

Even if I had just eaten Jack and found that the two people who suddenly appeared had a stronger soul aura than Jack, but there was a bigger and more fragrant cake lying there, Lucifer would look down on them.

"Jin, you left with Master Kaido."

Quinn did not hesitate, the fruit ability was directly activated, and the ancient dragon dragon fruit was in the form of brachiosaurus.

A huge brachiosaurus appeared on the battlefield, and Quinn launched an attack towards Lucifer without hesitation.

"Brachiosaurus Bomb"

Jumping high, with the help of the force of the fall, Quinn stabbed his head, which was connected to the long and thick neck, to Lucifer severely.

Knowing that the opponent is difficult to deal with, the armed and domineering directly wrapped the entire head and neck.

Jhin didn't say much, although he was usually called Quinn fool in the pirate group, but at this moment, he was indeed the best person to leave with Kaido.

An ancient species of dragon dragon fruit, toothless pterosaur form.

A pitch-black toothless pterosaur suddenly appeared with flames on its wings, back, and legs. Two claws grabbed Kaido and flew directly into the air.

They just saw that Yunieruo's moon step is not proficient, at most he can only slow down the speed of falling, and it is impossible to keep up with flying units.

There is Quinn dragging Lucifer, as long as he is given a little time, he can escape from the air.

Master Kaido is only in a coma now. It doesn't matter if they lose this time. When Master Kaido wakes up and continue the previous plan to improve the strength of the Pirate Group, Master Kaido belongs to One Piece.

Staring in the air and flapping my wings continuously, what about my wings?Why can't I feel the existence of wings?

Jhin, who was rapidly lifting off, realized that something was wrong when he realized that his ascent speed suddenly slowed down.

The pain deep into the bone marrow came from the roots of the wings.

Below, there are two familiar wings, and the burning flame is gradually extinguished.

"Aren't you taking me too far?"

Standing on Jhin's back, Yunero was a little unhappy, and put the samurai sword on the back of Jhin's head.

Toothless pterosaurs have no wings to soar in the sky, only toothless.

Seeing that katana pierce the front of his head, consciousness gradually disappeared.

Lord Kaido, were you actually fighting such a strong man before?I don't even know when this person appeared on my back.

At the last moment of his life, Jhin only saw Quinn, who was clutched by Lucifer's neck with one hand, who was still alive and well.

Compared with Kaido, Quinn's strength is also very strong, but the gap is still too much. In Lucifer's hands, he has not even gone through three moves. The magic sword with flames opened his defense. He almost didn't chop off his head.

"Retreat, retreat"

Among the group of beasts and pirates, a person shouted in horror.

That was the strong under Kaido and the Three Plagues, Peggy Wan, one of the members of Quinn's killer organization "Six Volleys".

Seeing the Evacuation of the Beast Pirate Group, no one chose to pursue it.

Just kidding, there are only five of them, chasing a fart, Lucifer is trying to digest Jack and is about to swallow Kaido, but the two are quite different in strength, and I don't know if they can swallow it.

"Have you won?"

"Kaido really lost?"

Halfway up the mountain, the residents of Boluo Town, who had been watching the battle, felt like they were dreaming.

The pirate group of beasts that ruled them for 11 years was defeated like this?

In the sky, the dark clouds gradually dispersed, and the dazzling light shone down and hit everyone's face.


This cry was very ear-piercing, it was a man's voice, as if it had been stimulated, as if the flood that broke the bank could not be stopped at all.

Under his leadership, everyone could not help the joy in their hearts, tears shed without money.

Only today can they really see the sun.

282. Transaction

Regarding the treasure of the Hundred Beasts and Pirates, Luo Yi was intent but powerless.

Rely on him to grab it?That is impossible.

What's more, is their treasure really in this country of harmony?Not necessarily, maybe it was hidden on which island, just like the treasure of the Eight Treasure Navy, hidden in an iceberg.

Therefore, if you want to grab it, this may not be the best place, but it seems that you can grab a little bit.

As for why they did not go, it was mainly Lucifer and the others.

Sitting on Kaido, who was stunned by Yuniero's invincible slash, Lucifer seemed to want to swallow Kaido, but the effect was not satisfactory.

"Can't swallow it?"

Seeing Lucifer a little embarrassed, it seemed that the ability to swallow could not be used on Kaido, Luo Yi was not surprised.

In the game, Lucifer can only swallow small soldiers and wild monsters. Now it is very bad to see him swallow Jack. If Kaido can swallow it, wouldn't it be terrible every mouthful, every mouthful of the Sea Emperor ?

"Why don't you try cutting it?"

Luo Yi tried to suggest so.

"Cut, no."

Lucifer shook his head.

"If you cut it open, the soul will immediately return to Huangquan, and he won't be able to eat it."

Manjix saw Luo Yi seem to have misunderstood something, and explained.

Hearing what he said, Luo Yi was probably a watch.

The soul is the staple food of Lucifer, just like the sweetness on the cone, and the body is like the cone of the cone. If there is no such cone, it might be sweet on the ground. If it is made of chocolate color

"Then don't eat it? I can just exchange it for money."

Kaido’s bounty is 4.611.1 million Baileys. How long will it take to earn this?

Whenever there is so much money, who still works hard?

"It's better to cut it up and eat it."

Manjikes patted his forehead.

Lucifer was sitting on Kaido. The flames of the doomsday kept burning Kaido, inhibiting his fruiting ability and recovery ability, and wanted to weaken Kaido as much as possible.

At this time, the townspeople of Boluo Town also came over with a sense of anxiety and courage.

A middle-aged man in the front took the lead and knelt directly in front of Luo and his party.


Thousands of people knelt down, and the scene was so spectacular. Anyway, when Luo looked over, these people were kneeling on the ground, putting their hands on the ground in front of him, grabbing the ground with their heads, and slamming on it. On the defocused ground.

"Eleven years ago, Mitsuki Mita-sama was killed by Kaido. Under Kaido's rule, the entire Wano country was in dire straits. Today Kaido is defeated by the benefactors, and Wano country will be re-established. En Dade is nothing in return."

The first person directly thanked Luo Yi and several people. Although he was roaring, he could hear the gratitude in his tone, like a torrential river.

"It doesn't have to be this way, we just happened to pass by, passing by."

Luo hurriedly stepped forward to help people up, and greeted everyone to get up.

Thanks or something, it seems as if you and the country's affairs have been resolved, isn't there a general Orochi who hasn't stepped down, and it's just now that Kaido has just been defeated.

Besides, it was not in Luo Yi's plan to work with the Four Emperors at this time, and it was Manjix who did it all by themselves.

I had known that they were going to work with Kaido in the new world, so I should have reminded me a little bit, not too early.

Lucifer’s appearance looks like it’s too hard to be able to eat today. The flames burned, and now the injuries are heavier than when they just fell from the sky. After seeing and hearing the domineering sense of color, the breath in the body is constantly weakening, I guess It won’t be long before Lucifer swallows it.

The disappearance of Kaido will inevitably cause turbulence in the New World waters, and the pirates that affect the entire world will become more and more rampant.

The fall of an emperor will inevitably cause many people to fight for this position. Not everyone has the strength of Shanks, who forcibly creates a world in the new world.

The current balance of power in this world is basically checked and balanced by the world government, the emperor of the sea, and the Qiwuhai. The navy has not yet accumulated enough power to fight against a large number of pirates.

Luo Yi was now worried that the weakening of the pirates might lead to the weakening of Qiwuhai's position. Now he has two Qiwuhai positions in his hands. Once he is removed, many things will be difficult to handle.

After all, the navy still wouldn't do anything against Qiwuhai. Once it faces the navy's harassment every day, how can it do things in a stable manner? When the time comes, the Shadow Demon will be very upset, and it seems that it will be good to go directly after the contract is completed.

Of course, these things are all outside of the country of Wano.

The townspeople in Boluo Town now know nothing about the outside world. After all, it is a country closed and closed. Kuangyue Mitian got off Roger’s boat and returned to the country before he could reform. Up.

Even now, there is still a tomb of the Guangyue family standing on the hill next door. The former palace of Guangyue Mitian has been burnt down by the fire, and it is dilapidated.

Then, these people can only surrender.

What can you do if you don't surrender? Those samurai masters who dare to resist are still digging in the rabbit bowl.

Therefore, even if the Hundred Beasts and Pirates Group had failed and all evacuated, there was still an important factor missing in the change of the country.


In the original book, the One Piece can be improper, and Momanosuke must die, is the hope of the country and the future of the country.

As the son of Mitsuki Mita, he will become the object of allegiance to all the people in the future Wano Country and the source of their confidence to resist Kaido.

But now, Momanosuke is still in the time channel, and it will take several years to come out.

So how will the country be rebuilt?

It is estimated that it is impossible to open the country. It is estimated that after the Kaido incident, people here will become more repulsive to the outside world, but in this case, there must be special cases.