Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 178

"I'm coming, what else to bring."

Kadalu looked embarrassed, and asked the two navies to carry the barrels to the warehouse.

This is the wine from the Dota Pub, and it's not ale. The price of these two barrels is enough for his salary for a month.

Taking the short manpower, although there was only more than an hour on the way, Kadalu's attitude towards Luo Yi and them was closer than his relatives, and even the teacher began to call.

Yunero also fulfilled his duties ahead of time, and instructed Kadaru's urgent swordsmanship, which made Kadaru's swordsmanship improved a lot, and all the puzzles in the previous practice were solved.

After that, the word Kadaru called the teacher sounded from the heart.

Arrived at the navy headquarters, the Warring States came out to greet him personally. The Naval Academy needs someone to train recruits. The navy headquarters naturally also has a training camp for recruits. The Warring States period is ready to let Yunero train directly here, so as to fulfill his promise.

In the navy headquarters, not only the admiral, but also a large number of lieutenants and major admirals are here. Every one of them is not weak in strength. It is not a problem for Yunero to discuss and discuss.

"What a strong breath."

It was the first time to meet with Yuneruo. Although I heard Karp mentioned it before, only when I saw it with my own eyes did I know what Karp said was "very powerful".

What to do if I regret it a little, this kind of strong, I am afraid that only generals will not be killed by him.

290. Yonero instructor

When you first arrive at a place, you must first establish a certain degree of majesty.

The reason why Yunero agreed to this matter was related to his desire to develop his swordsmanship.

The entire masked island is gone. He is the only one who has inherited swordsmanship, but there is only one person's inheritance. It is not called inheritance, but inheritance.

Only when he truly develops his swordsmanship can his swordsmanship survive.

Otherwise, one day, the master's swordsmanship will disappear from the world with the passing of his life.

"This is the training camp for the recruits. The person in charge is Lieutenant Admiral Dalmesia, who is the physical instructor of the Navy Headquarters. From now on, Yunieruo will serve as the newly opened swordsmanship instructor position of the Navy Headquarters, with the same authority as the Vice Admiral. ."

This is what the Warring States period said, both to Yunieruo and Luo.

Seeing that, I’m so kind to you. I didn’t have this position. Just because you are coming, I specially made one. Would you consider considering a discount on the equipment sold to the Navy?

From the face of the Warring States Period, Luo Yi saw this undisguised sentence.

Discount?Discounts are impossible to discount. In this life, there will be no discounts and no business will be done. Only by raising prices can we maintain our life like this.

Of course, Luo Yi would not say this.

"Sure enough, strict discipline."

Looking at the naval soldiers being trained, both their momentum and their own strength far surpass the navy on the Chambord Islands.

It's worthy of being the team of this department.

Kadaru was also watching there, and he couldn't help sighing. Once, he was also a member of this group, but now, he is still redeeming his merits.

"Lieutenant General Dalmesia, this is the Instructor Yunero whom I told you about."

Without military merit, it was impossible for the Warring States Period to assign any position to Yuneruo, and could only be called an instructor first.

Dalmesia is a lieutenant admiral in the navy headquarters who specializes in physical skills and six forms. He has special personal abilities. As a dalmatian capable of animal canine fruit, he can maintain the form of an orc for a long time. This is the fruit of other animals. Things that the capable cannot do.

Just like now, he still maintained the orc form, standing in front of Yunieruo, looking down at Yunieruo.

For the new instructor, Dalmesia didn't say much. It was his vocation to obey the order, and this person was personally appointed by the Warring States Marshal, and he must have his unique advantages.

"Swordsman? I'm Dalmesia."

Stretching out his right hand, Dalmesia expressed his kindness to Yunieruo.

"Yuniru, you can also call me the master."


Yunieruo's self-introduction made the Warring States and Dalmesia stunned. Such an arrogant title?

The world who dares to claim to be the master of this world is probably only the Celestials.

"Yuniero, since taking office on the first day today, why not leave an impression on your students."

Warring States also wanted to take a look at Yunieruo's strength now. Although the aura on his body was very strong, it still needed to see how strong it was.


With that, Yuneruo pulled out the samurai sword that he hung on his waist.

"Everyone, gather."

Dalmesia was also very cooperative and directly ordered the soldiers on the playground.

The navy who was performing today's training, got the order and immediately began to assemble. In less than half a minute, the team of thousands of people had assembled and stood neatly in front of Dalmesia.

"I believe you have also heard about it. Starting today, one more instructor will be trained. Your training course will also add a swordsmanship training. This also means that your daily training volume will be once again. increase."

Dalmesia began to preach.

"This instructor Yunero will be your future swordsmanship instructor and will guide you in swordsmanship. Today is also his first day in office. Now let him say a few words."

After speaking, Dalmesia stepped aside, and everyone's eyes focused on Yuniero.

Seeing him at the first glance, everyone secretly said bad.

The instructor Dalmesia is already very strange. He maintains the form of an orc every day. They have been training here for more than half a year without knowing what the instructor is. But at least after his transformation, the characteristics of the beard are more obvious. It's easy to recognize even in human form.

But this instructor, the mask directly covers the entire face, what if they don't recognize the mask someday.

Looking at the team of thousands of people below, Yunero thought about it carefully, then took the katana and slashed directly towards the sky.

The scarlet golden sword aura flew over the recruits’ heads, soaring into the sky, and brought strong air pressure. Everyone tried their best to stand firm, but the team had already staggered, and some people had even fallen to the ground and caught The people around me barely ensured the balance.

Sword Qi has been flying into the sky, cutting through a white cloud, but it seems that a black hole has been cut out in the center of the white cloud. I saw the white cloud rapidly shrinking toward the center and disappeared quickly.

"I'm not very demanding. If you do this, you will be a teacher."

Yuneruo said so.

Navy soldier: ┐′┌

We must have not woken up yet, must be.

Unexpectedly, I was training even dreaming, and I will definitely become a naval admiral in the future.

Even Luo Yi was speechless.

That sword aura just now was several times stronger than his counter-scale slash, even an ordinary swordsman could not display it.

If you let them get to this level before leaving the army, then the navy might have thousands of lieutenants.

Not to mention the navy, even Luo Yi thought Yunieruo was crazy, and the Sengoku and Dalmesia who stood by were also crazy.

What's the matter with the two of you nodding your heads in satisfaction, especially Dalmesia, who has a look of admiration on his face, and seems to be ready to stick out your tongue and wag your tail.

Please, you are in the form of an orc now, not in the form of a beast. Even if you see Yuniero's strength, don't lick the dog.

Was the Warring States satisfied with Yunieruo?

Of course.

With this strength, being an instructor is really wrong to him, but he has already been an instructor, and when he leads the team out for training, he will definitely gradually build up his military merit. Then he will be assigned a position. It is also a lieutenant general and an instructor. If he fudges his idea of ​​justice, the next general candidate may be settled.

And Dalmesia was really frightened by Yunieruo’s strength. As a lieutenant admiral, I have seen a lot of worlds. Yuniero’s strength is very few even in the navy. You can’t admire it. Maybe he will be promoted to general slowly.

"From today, I will be your instructor, Yuniero."

To the navy soldier, Yonero reported his name.

Frightened to frightened, these soldiers did not lose their fighting spirit because of this. After realizing that they were out of shape, they immediately re-arranged the line, and after Yuniero spoke, they all saluted.

"Yes, Instructor Yuniero."

291. Have to add money

"Training this morning, swinging the sword 10,000 times."

The formal training is already the second day.

In order to ensure the maximum development of the potential of these naval soldiers in a limited time, and the need to take into account the training of physical skills and swordsmanship, Yunieruo and Dalmesia discussed and integrated a training content.

For the modified training, Dalmesia has no objection, mainly worried about whether it will be made into dog meat soup.

However, swordsmanship itself is also a kind of physical skills. While practicing swordsmanship, physical skills will also increase. As long as the physical fitness reaches the standard, learning the six styles will become much easier.

In that case, what reason does Dalmecia have to refuse?

Therefore, the training content of the recruits has become the practice of swordsmanship and physical skills.

Younieruo is also satisfied with the group of recruits he is now bringing. Although each of them is not very strong, even inferior to Luo Yi, it can be seen that their foundation is very solid and the nutrition of the canteen is very good. Adequate, the level of medical care is not bad, all equipment is very adequate.

Standing at the forefront, Yuneruo did not just watch them training, but took the lead in practicing, constantly explaining the things that need to be paid attention to in the process of swinging the sword, how to swing the sword in the best way, with minimal consumption, and perform The greatest strength.

If you want to become stronger, you must never let go of practice.

If you don’t practice your hands and feet for one day, you will lose half if you don’t practice for two days.

This is true in any field.

It is precisely because of this that Luo Yi has never slackened his daily training, regardless of the wind and rain, he has maintained a certain amount of training.

Even Yunieruo and them are the same.

Whether it's basic or sword Zen, he has never stopped.

Following Yunieruo’s practice, every time the soldiers swing their swords, they seem to be improving. Although they have not practiced swordsmanship before, in the Navy, physical training and six-style training are after all the mainstream. As for swords, then It is the hobby of the soldiers themselves, and they can learn by themselves after practicing.

Now, with the detailed guidance of Yunieruo, the naval soldiers who already have a certain physical fitness are learning very fast.

One pass is Belden, a powerful swordsman must be a powerful physical master.

One morning, without any other training, only one repeated action, after holding the bamboo sword, chopped from top to bottom.

But the effect of exercise is very good. Every time you swing the sword, you train your whole body's ability. The strength is exerted from the waist, and the strength is transmitted through the back to the shoulders, and then drives the big arms, forearms, and wrists to the point of the sword.

The power of swinging the sword is not just the right hand.

In fact, many people will subconsciously exert the power of their dominant hand during the exercise, but if they want to be a strong person, whether it is left or right hand, even mouth, every corner of the body is his arms.

Younier did not ask them how quickly to complete the training, the important thing is not the amount of training, but the training effect.

Just like a book called "Five Three", some people can occupy the top of the list for a long time without even finishing it, but some people can only make it to the bottom after reading one after another.

Therefore, quantity does not determine achievement, what is important is enlightenment.

Every time he swings his sword, he is very serious, constantly adjusting the correctness of the soldiers' posture, and Yunier gradually discovers which of these people are talented in swordsmanship.

"Really strong."

"His swordsmanship seems to have a complete heritage."

"Yeah, it's like swordsmanship left after thousands of tempers. These new recruits are really lucky."

Knowing that a new instructor has arrived in the headquarters, most of the lieutenant generals have come to watch the training of the soldiers, but watching the strongest Yunieruo swing the sword, it made many swordsman masters embarrassed.

Unexpectedly, just seeing the basics, I actually felt tremendous pressure. After swinging the sword again and again, I couldn't even see any flaws. It was obviously just a bamboo sword. Why did I feel like I would be hacked to death if I went up. .

"It's terrible"

At this time, an extremely wretched voice sounded from behind.

Everyone turned their heads and looked at them, and they looked very wretched, but the opponent's military rank was higher than their own, and everyone respected them honestly.

"General Huang Yuan, are you coming to see the new instructor too?"

The lieutenant general who spoke was a lieutenant general flying squirrel wearing a lavender striped suit, dark blue shirt, discount tie, moxi dry head, two moustaches, and dark purple hair and beard.

As a veteran lieutenant general of the Navy, the flying squirrel has strong strength, rich combat experience, serious and serious character, and the weapon used is also a katana. He is good at swordsmanship and six styles. Knowing that the new instructor is a swordsman instructor, the flying squirrel is also very curious. .

"No, it was the order of the Warring States Marshal."

Huang Yuan's face was full of an expression of "I don't want to go to work", but behind this expression was a helpless "I don't want to be deducted from wages".

"Marshal's order?"

Hearing this sentence, everyone became serious.

"Yes, although this person is now an instructor, the marshal asked me to be a sparring partner for him, but the way he wields a sword is terrible."

Hearing the content of the first half of the sentence, everyone was a little surprised. He actually asked a navy admiral to serve him as a training partner. What is this person's background?