Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 179

Covering your face, wouldn't it be the illegitimate child of the Tianlongren? Is that a newly invented mask to isolate the outside air?

As for the second half of the sentence, everyone knows what happened to Huang Yuan. You guy who cuts nails with domineering is qualified to say such things?

"Wow, the training is over, what a strong fighting spirit."

Seeing a group of navy soldiers who helped each other to rest after training, Yunieruo had already felt the powerful breath outside the training ground.

It was a good whetstone, Yuneruo felt so.

Swinging the sword all morning did not make Yunero feel tired, even his body just warmed up.

Unexpectedly, the navy's handling efficiency is so high, and I only asked the Warring States Period to discuss with the swordsman master yesterday, so Huang Yuan came directly.

The three major navy generals, Yunieruo also learned a lot from Luo Yi. It was one of the top combat powers in this world. Yunieruo originally had the mind to challenge, but he did not directly cause Luo Yi to trouble. Enter the navy headquarters.

It seems that Luo Yi's proposal is good. When you come to the navy headquarters as an instructor, you can use your power to accomplish many things.

"Right here, or another place?"

When he walked in front of Huang Yuan, Yu Neruo spoke directly, from his tone of voice, he could hear that he couldn't wait.

"If you demolish something, you may have to pay compensation."

Looking at the surrounding buildings, Huang Yuan felt that it was more reliable to go to the beach. At least his year-end award this year should be kept.

No, I got the order of the marshal, the person in front of me is so powerful, he has to add money.

292. Say it early

"Sky Cloud Sword"

Like a wishful divine sword from the distant earth, Huang Yuan held his right hand in front of him, pulling it to the right, and a sword made of light appeared in his hand.

Sky Cong Yun Jian, also known as Kusana Sword, is a divine sword that emerges from the body of the terrifying monster "Yaki Orochi".

It's a pity that the "Yaqi Orochi" in this world is just a demon fruit capable person, and it was just cut off two days ago, and it didn't lose equipment.

As for Huang Yuan's Sky Cong Yun Sword, except for its plagiarized name, it has nothing to do with the so-called Sky Cong Yun Sword.

"Nice weapon."

Yu Neruo nodded in satisfaction, looking at the extremely solid Sky Cloud Sword in Huang Yuan's hand.

Since going to sea, the number of times that he has really let go of the fight is only a handful, and the people who fight him can't last long.

The only time he was most comfortable to release was the time when Kaido slashed Kaido with Invincible, but Kaido had been injured in the previous battle with Lucifer, and he just made a repair, not a battle.

"It's so terrible, how good is it to take care of this old man?"

Seeing Yunieruo holding the sword in his right hand, Huang Yuan said this again slowly, and the whole person suddenly disappeared into a ray of light.


Yuneruo quickly turned around, and the samurai sword went from bottom to top, slashing towards the void, just on top of the sky cloud sword that had just appeared on his head.

"What a strange way of moving."

He didn't actually see how the yellow ape appeared, only relying on his breath and intuition to judge the position of the yellow ape.

As a natural person with shining fruit ability, Huang Yuan possesses the ability to turn his body into light.

When Luo saw Huang Yuan's ability, he couldn't help but smile contemptuously. Didn't he become light? That year, who didn't become light and boiled Dagu into soup.

As the fastest man in the Pirate World, Huang Yuan has always looked like an old cadre, but he still has strength.

In just one second, the sound of iron strikes seemed to be remembered on the beach.

Huang Yuan’s sword is fast and very direct.

Speed ​​is weight. Even Yunieruo can only concentrate all his attention to keep up with the movements of the yellow ape.

Fortunately, although his speed is fast, his own power does not seem to be that strong, and it did not cause him much confusion.

And Huang Yuan is getting more and more frightened as he fights. What should I do? This person is really strong. Doesn't it take a long time to fight, and what to do if I can’t make it to lunch? Isn’t it good to discuss it?

The samurai sword was swung quickly in his hand, and every cell in his body was mobilized by Yuniero, feeding each other with the yellow ape.

However, less than a minute after the match, Yunieruo was a little disappointed.

Huang Yuan is indeed a strong man, a strong man who makes him dare not be distracted when fighting, not because of anything else, just because he is very fast.

The magical movement and the extremely powerful light speed kick are all the performance of Huang Yuan's strength, but from the perspective of swordsmanship, it appears to be relatively ordinary.

His swordsmanship is almost no swordsmanship, it is entirely based on physical fitness and fruit ability to win quickly, with many flaws.

After the two fought less than a hundred moves, Yunieruo completely suppressed the yellow ape in swordsmanship, so that he could only use the fruit ability to avoid Yuniero's attacks and counterattack.


Yunieruo gave a soft drink, and the samurai sword in his hand quickly swiped from right to left, blocking a foot that appeared out of thin air. The huge kinetic energy made Yunieruo continue to retreat, and his feet were deeply stuck in the beach, but still Withdrew more than ten meters.

Kicked at the speed of light, condensing photons on the calf, and kicked out in an instant. The speed is very fast and powerful enough to destroy a huge mangrove tree like an island, but it can't kill a supernova.

It is precisely because of this that there is a joke of this sea, which is filled with water released by Huang Yuan.

In fact, once Huang Yuan fights seriously, his strength is good.

However, Huang Yuan is still in trouble now.

He didn't want to be serious either, he just wanted to quickly go back to eat and make tea and cut his nails after the boring discussion.

But he is not serious, but the other party is serious.

Every time the sword is taken, the angle is extremely strange. If it weren't for the predominant sense of seeing and hearing, and the elementalization of the body, I am afraid that I would have been lying in the Navy Hospital long ago.

Because of this, Huang Yuan had to do his best to fight Yunieruo.

"It's terrible."

After seeing Yunieruo retreat with his foot, Huang Yuan put his hands in his pockets, with a calm look.

Sky Cong Yunjian?It had been chopped up by Yuniero long ago.

Either how could he say that his strength is strong, he is armed and domineering, even with One Piece Deputy Captain Pluto Leili can act pooh, the sky cluster cloud swords that cut each other will be broken if they are broken.

Yunero also took the samurai sword in his hand and received it behind him.

He could see that the opponent didn't have any intention to fight, so he wouldn't let the other party perfunctory, and this person was not the object he wanted to challenge.

However, the two of them stopped fighting, and the lieutenant-general, major general and others who watched the battle were dumbfounded.

This is a general-level battle. Even if it doesn't seem to be fighting so seriously, their beach, the beach used for running training, has completely changed its appearance.

Under the explosion of the speed of light kicking, under Yunieruo’s sword aura, under the action of the yellow ape’s shining fruit, this noon beach reflects colorful rays of light in the sun, and a lot of sand is heated by the explosion of photons. , Became a crystal.

The original spacious beach, because of the introduction of three talents who can blast, a Crescent Bay was blown up here. Now, because of the fight between Yunieruo and Huang Yuan, the beach here is once again sinking a lot, even The sea water followed the deep marks cut by the two on the ground and left in.

"Is this going to be remodeled again?"

"It's better to transport a few ships of sand outside and fill in here again."

"This is indeed better, but forget the previous pit. Soldiers swim there very well. They are in direct contact with the sea and do not need to be maintained."

"This new instructor is also a powerful person. He can actually fight with General Huang Yuan like this. If I change me, it will be the limit to be able to take a kick at the speed of light."

"It seems that this batch of recruits is lucky."

Everyone talked about each other.

"I heard that the new instructor has the privilege of freely finding people to learn from here. Although we can't beat them, should we ask about Kendo?"

A lieutenant general who was good at using swords suggested it, but when he finished speaking, he saw that Lieutenant Flying Squirrel had gone out.

"Lieutenant General Flying Squirrel, what are you doing?"

"Of course I went to ask for advice first, and when you have to come together, you have to wait until when.

With a natural look, the flying squirrel rushed towards Yunieruo directly with a "shave", the katana in his hand had been pulled out, and he slashed at Yunieruo.

Then, everyone saw that the flying squirrel was lying on the beach in front of Yuniero, his chest spraying blood on the ground continuously.

"Huh? You're here to consult Kendo. Say it earlier. Seeing you rush over, I cut it off."

293. Star Road Ups and Downs

"Have you heard?"

"You opened the scene and caught me off guard. Send me a glass of wine and I will answer you again."

"A glass of ale, thank you Miss Lilai."

"Guest your ale."

In the pub, business is as hot as ever.

There is no financial crisis, no world war, the people living on the Chambord Islands, how much income each month, they probably estimated.

In the tavern on Hotel Street, you can see new arrivals every day, coming to the Chambord Islands from different places to travel.

Here is a paradise for shoppers, here is a sacred place for consumers, and here is a legal sales gold cave.

"Good wine, just say whatever you want."

"Did you know that there used to be a swordsman named Yunero in this tavern?"

"I've heard, the one who went to sea some time ago."

"Exactly, I heard that he was going to the New World, but just a few days ago, he appeared in the navy headquarters as a recruit instructor."

"Is it true? How do you know this kind of thing?"

"Because you haven't read the newspaper today, hahahaha"

"Fortunately, I didn't watch it, otherwise, how can I drink a glass of wine for nothing."


The atmosphere in the tavern is as good as ever. Many people come together. Luo Yi is now considering changing the opening hours of the tavern.

Opening at noon is actually not very good. Although for the people in the pub, opening at noon allows them to have more free time in the evening, but it is actually not very friendly to the guests.

In fact, most of the guests who will come during the noon time period are those who have not worked in the afternoon.

After all, when you get to the pub, you have to drink.

Therefore, in order to increase the income of the pub, Luo Yi plans to amend the business hours to night, 7 to 10 o'clock.

"Luo Yi store manager, Mr. Yuneruo has become a naval instructor, don't you consider giving us a discount?"

The boatman Abbott is one of the few frequent guests in the pub.

He is single, no one helps him spend money, no one cares when he is out of the blue, he is a good drinker.

It can be said that at least half of Abbott’s monthly income goes to the tavern.

For this "generous" guest, Luo Yi has never been stingy with his kindness.

"Then give you a 11% discount."

As soon as Luo wiped the small cup Lilai had given him, he nodded solemnly.

"No, store manager"


Even if he knew that Luo Yi was joking with himself and had never overcharged himself a Bailey, Abbott still cooperated with Luo Yi to activate the atmosphere of the tavern.

"However, Mr. Yunero is so amazing, he can actually be an instructor in the navy headquarters."

"Yes, I remember the instructors in the navy. The worst were all major generals."

"That's not at the same level as Major General Kadaru?"

"Impossible, Mr. Yunero is much better than Major General Kadaru."

"Yeah, haven't you read today's newspaper? It's noon now."

"I don't have time, I have been busy all morning, and finally came to relax."

"I bring the newspaper. Look at the headline Yuniero, the new navy instructor, arresting the 200 million pirate Kotaro offering a bounty."

Seeing someone carrying a newspaper, everyone around them gathered around.

"Sri Lanka One"