Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 180

After looking at the title and then at the two photos, everyone couldn't help but sighed and understood why the previous person said that Yunero was much stronger than Kadaru.

The photo was taken on another ship, and the angle was chosen very tricky.

In the lower left corner of the first photo, Yuniero is wearing a navy cloak. The fur that has been draped on his shoulders is covered with the navy cloak. Under the wind, he can see his loose samurai pants and warriors. skirt.

However, Yunieruo, standing on the front deck of the Navy, occupies only a quarter of the photo. On the other half, a severed ship is sinking slowly.

In the second photo, a close-up of the cut surface of the ship was very clearly shown. At that glance, the cut was cut by a sharp blade, which surprised everyone.

This is too abnormal.

Even though most of the people in the tavern are not strong, they still know their own power.

Especially for those shipbuilding craftsmen, Abbott said that if he were to come, he would probably go down with an axe and cut off the handrails of the ship’s guardrail.

Therefore, as to how strong Yunier really is, the people here have a little idea. At least for so many years, the last time he was in the newspaper for this kind of thing was Hawkeye Mihawk, the "world's first swordsman" The ship was chopped off and won the title of Qiwuhai.

"Manager Luo Yi, it would be too much if you don't give us a waiver, but we are watching Yunieruo become stronger."

Abbott shouted immediately.

God sees Yunier getting stronger, what do you know besides his name?

However, under Abbott's leadership, other guests also shouted waivers.

"10% off today."

Luo waved his hand and made a humor by himself. He could still tease. If a group of people, then the big guys would have fun together.

Anyway, if you get a 10% discount, you will not lose money unless you get a 10% discount.

However, Luo Yi didn't expect that when he arrived at the navy, he actually began to make merit.

It is not unreasonable to think about it, Yunier is strong and the Navy needs such talents, but without any military merit, it is impossible to directly arrange a position for him.

The navy recruits are not only released in the training ground until they reach the full level, but also have a higher experience of going out to fight monsters. It is normal to take the recruits out for training.

"I see that your star road has ups and downs."

Just as the guests were reveling, Nerif suddenly lowered his head and said this to Luo Yi.

"ups and downs?"

Luo was stunned for a moment, he understood what Nerif meant.

Star Road is the future.

The ups and downs represent crises.

I have a crisis, or is it coming?

But the question is, who?

Although Luo Yi himself also learned the power of stars from Nerif, the problem is that he has not learned anything except for a purification and a short-term prediction of the future that incorporates the domineering look and feel.

"I just saw a little sign. The stars in this world are different from the original ones, and the power of the stars is much weaker. It will not be easy to change in the future."

Nerif explained.

Okay, I guess Nerif didn't see what happened to him in the future. The rules of the two worlds are different. For example, Mrs. Sally of Fishman Island can also make predictions, but cannot change what will happen in the future.

As for the crisis, take one step at a time.

"Don't "

Luo Yi, who was counting money, picked up the phone worm.

294. Eat it?

Luo Yi received news from the revolutionary army.

They speak very secretly.

"Manager Luo Yi, we have sent you the materials here. When would you come and get it."

"You unload the cargo first, I'll come over now."

The conversation between the two was very simple, and even no one else knew what they were talking about.

It sounded like the goods from the tavern had arrived, but only Luo Yi knew that it was the goods sent to Wano Country.

The current situation in the country of Wano is not too complicated. In the past few years, Orochi has been preaching that the Guangyue family is a sinner who wants to persecute the country of Wano, and that Orochi is the hero who saves the country of Wano.

But now, suddenly Orochi became a sinner, and the fact that Guangyue’s family was betrayed and killed by Orochi’s family was directly exposed.

Those who came forward to speak were all the people who had a reputation in Wazaki Country at the time. They had a high reputation in the local area. So many people supported Guangyueri and came to power, and they were quickly recognized by everyone.

After all, it has only been 11 years, and Mitsuki Mita's influence in Wano Country is actually not small. The only ones who were deceived were the children born in the city during these 11 years.

It has been the fifth day since Luo Yi left. Guangyue Rihe temporarily assumed the position of general. He ordered the demolition of factories across the country, gave priority to restoring the environment of the country, and organized everyone to open up farmland.

Many things are not so smooth. The entire Wano country has a large population, but under the rule of Orochi, the food is concentrated in the city. The environment outside the city is worse than one place.

Just like the current Jiuli, because of the battle between Lucifer and Kaido, the only city in Jiuli was destroyed, and the food production no longer existed.

However, the people in Boluo Town, as well as the various citizens in places like Jianlou Town, Bianli Village, etc., need to ensure that they can eat fresh food, not those outside the city who drink it for a while. Diseased dirty water, and beasts that have genetically mutated.

It can only be said that Rihe's kindness prevented her from abandoning some people to save most of them.

However, the current situation in the country does not allow them to be self-sufficient. At this time, foreign aid is needed.

There are two ways to enter Wano Country. One is to pull a carp to board the waterfall and let it be fate. The other is under the other waterfall in Wano Country. There is a cave. As long as you split the waterfall, you can enter the diving port. Transport crew and cargo in passing pods.

It was here that the ship carrying the supplies of the Revolutionary Army arrived in the Shiramai area within the territory of Wano Country, and it was connected with the aging Hanohei Goro.

In the revolutionary army, there were no people from the country of harmony, so when it was handed over, it seemed a little cautious.

Before Orochi, Kazuki had implemented a closed-door policy. It is an extremely exclusive country. With the powerful warriors here, it has become a pure land free from pirates and world governments. The command.

And Guangyue Mitian, who followed Roger to sail to the end of the world by Lovedrew, returned to his own country a few years ago, and was about to start the reforms he had done before, and it was cold.

This time, because Luo set up the line, Dorag decided to come personally for the important land of Hezhi Country.

"Mr. Dorag? You actually have time to come here."

Although it was Luo Yi who proposed it, he did not expect that Dorag would attach such importance to it. You must know that, in the countries where Van Dorag has been to, not only has the leader changed, but the central idea has also changed, which can be called MLM industry. Carry the handle.

"Konokuni is an important ally, of course I must take it seriously."

Dorage said naturally.

Wearing a cloak, Dorag looked at the people moving over there with excitement, and couldn't help feeling a little distressed.

These are just simple foods.

But these people, when they saw so much food being moved here from the boat, were directly moved and cried. They expressed gratitude to their group, and they didn't even know who they were.

This look is so similar to those countries exploited by the Tianlong people. People can't eat or wear warmth, yet they are powerless to resist.

Seeing the people who were happily carrying the goods while constantly thanking the revolutionary soldiers, Dorag became more determined, and what he was doing right now was right.

The world is sick and needs a cure.

"Boss Heigoro, I didn't expect that this place was for you to come over."

"Yes, if it weren't for Mr. Luo Yi to negotiate with His Highness Hihe three days ago to accept overseas funding, His Highness Hihe is still having a headache for food from all over the country."

"I am embarrassed by a little girl."

"Someone has to take on this big responsibility."

The bloodline of the Guangyue family can now be said to support the beliefs of all people in the country of Wano. Even if Nihwa is a woman, and there has never been a history of women serving as generals in the history of the country of Wano, but their name is " Temporary” and wait for the return of the real heir of the Guangyue family, Momosuke Guangyue.

"Boss Heigoro, let's take the supplies home first."

Hegoro is the underground gang boss in the flower capital, and in Wano Country, Ximei, Linghou, Baiwu, and Tuwan each have their own gang bosses. Now the people in Hihwa are basically them. A few organized.

As for the original Chisao Nine Knights, several of them were still struggling to travel through time and space, and now they were still helping Rihe, but there was still only one He Song.

"Thank you guys."

Although Hyogoro looks similar to a goblin, the prestige accumulated in the past has not disappeared due to his figure and prison disaster, but rather like the leader of the entire Wano country.

"By the way, when we were dismantling the factory and reclaiming farmland, we found a devil fruit. Would you need it, Mr. Luo Yi?"

When all the goods were unloaded and distributed to various parts of Wano Country according to demand, Luo Yi and Dorag, together with Hegoro's team, returned to the capital of flowers, Hegoro said so.

"Devil fruit? You can pick it all up."

Luo Yi once again realized the fact that he had a dark face, and he could only grow up by relying on krypton gold and lucky friends.

"Yes, but this fruit seems to be the fruit that the big snake ate before, so now no one wants to eat it, and no one dares to eat it."

That's what Hyogoro said, and Luo became even more curious when he heard it.

After the group arrived in the capital of flowers, Luo Yi and Dorag came to the general's mansion. Together with a few retainers, Rihe communicated with Dorag. It was mainly about funding. They needed to discuss the transaction. Content.

And Luo Yi followed Hinggoro to another place.

Seeing that it was covered with scales, the upper leaf was divided into eight, and the tip of the leaf first widened and then narrowed, as if it were a snake head.

The devil fruit of Yaki Orochi?

Since he has only seen black and white in the comics, Luo Yi is still a little unsure, but the shape of the devil fruit does have a certain relationship with his ability.

So the question is, this devil fruit, do you want it?

Or, Medusa, do you want to eat?

295. Slip

In the tavern, everyone gathered around the table, looking at the devil fruit on the table.

"Eat it?"

Luo Yi looked at Medusa and asked.



From coming here to the appearance of the Devil Fruit, it has actually been less than half a month, and Luo Yi said that this Devil Fruit is very precious.

Although it is an animal type, it is the phantom beast species in the animal type fruit, which is equivalent to the blood essence stone of the blue world, and the heart of the fear-ao in the blood world.

According to Luo Yi, the natural fruit of the animal system has a certain increase in the growth of the body, which can increase her cultivation speed, but it takes time to obtain truly powerful strength.

But if it is a natural type, it is possible to gain powerful power in an instant.

Of course, what Luo Yi said is possible.

Natural fruits also have strengths and weaknesses. Some require continuous development to be able to exert their strength, while others can become stronger as soon as they are eaten.

Therefore, eating devil fruits to become stronger is just a shortcut, and how close this shortcut really is depends on luck.

"I eat."

Medusa just thought for a while, then picked up the fruit on the table.

She weighed the pros and cons in her heart, knowing that the devil fruit can be met or sought, and now this one is extremely precious. If you give up now, no one knows when you will get it next time and what fruit it will be. .

With one bite, Medusa's face changed instantly.

It's too bad, what should I do if I want to vomit.

However, when he thought of the preciousness of this thing and his two sisters, Medusa tried to endure this uncomfortable smell and swallowed it.

This time, I didn't chew and swallow slowly. I took a bite without chewing. I just swallowed it down, which immediately felt a lot more comfortable.

A devil fruit is very big, but after eating it, there is no feeling of fullness. I took the spring spirits prepared by Luo Yi early and poured it directly into his mouth. The fragrance filled the whole mouth, which made Medusa have A feeling of rebirth.

"We underestimated Agron's taste."

Seeing Medusa's food, Luo Yi suddenly felt that Agron was indeed a big pit, and even his teammates would not let it go.

"Does this fruit have any abilities? I have fought with the last capable person. Apart from being a little tougher, I have no other skills."

Luo Yi asked curiously.

After all, it is a kind of phantom beast, like Marco's phoenix, with super strong regeneration ability, and the fruit of the Great Buddha of the Warring States period can release shock waves.

However, when Luo Yi was fighting with the big snake, Luo Yi didn't feel any pressure on the fruit of the Yaqi Orochi. Maybe it was because the capable person was too rubbish, so he didn't exert the power of the fruit.

Medusa also closed her eyes, feeling the extra power in her body.