Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 185

A cup of tea was brought up by Lisa. Crane touched Lisa's head and showed a smile that was enough to wash people's hearts. He took a sip, and it tasted really good.

"Then we can talk about the alliance."

Milk coffee was placed in front of Gumir, and Luo Yi treated everyone very considerately.

The conversation with Crane was easy and both parties were very satisfied.

The three lieutenants here are not radicals like Aka Dog. Although they insist on different justice, they are not considered pedantic and did not even have any conflict.

After half an hour, an agreement was signed.

The two parties did not require the other party to be responsible for any obligations, but provided some help to each other when needed. For example, the Luoyi Chamber of Commerce could have a certain official status, making it more convenient to sail at sea.

On Luo Yi's side, when the Navy needs help, just provide a little bit appropriately.

This is both an agreement and a transaction.

As a law-abiding citizen, Luo Yi expressed his willingness to abide by these rules, especially the Navy has promised that the 2029 GR of the Chambord Islands, the land conquered and developed by Luo Yi, all turret chambers of commerce and swords The income of the tower bar can be deducted part of the tax.

Don't think that the navy is just an army conquered by the world, but in the real conversation, Luo Yi discovered that the power in their hands is simply unimaginable.

It is indeed a force called the maritime hegemon by Doflamingo.

When the navy left, Luo asked Lilai to collect the agreement and went straight to the courtyard of the tavern.

He is about to summon.

In these three days, so many knives have been earned, and Manjikes and Lucifer have completed the contract. According to his own guess, two places should be vacated.

Unfolding the system, Luo Yi directly purchased two contract scrolls.

Sure enough, the two scrolls had just been successfully purchased, they turned into two streams of light, unfolding in front of Luo Yi.

A magic circle was emerald green, and a wind blew in the circle, blowing on Luo Yi's face.

The other magic circle is amazingly colorful.

303. Popular and Carl

The magic circle light ended and two people appeared.

One has red hair, green cloak, green shirt, green pants, green arm guards, green bow, and brown quiver. It's a healthy color.

There are countless secrets hidden in the western forest.One of them is the forest bow and arrow master Larry Lei, who is favored by the wind god.Windrunner Larry Lei's family all died in the storm on the night she was born. The gust of wind destroyed their houses, and everything went to nothing.

Larry Lei, her name is very awkward, but she also has a more catchy name, called Windrunner, Luo Yi is used to calling her popular.

"Go with the wind."

Flicking his hair, the figure below Feng Xing's neck was an indescribable figure, so Luo Yi couldn't help but glance again and again.

And the other person was rolling his eyes at Luo.

No, he has no pupils.

He was wearing a white mage's robe with gold rims. Under his golden hair, his ears appeared like elves.

At the beginning of its creation, magic was essentially an art of memory, and some people believed that this was its most powerful form.It doesn't require any technology, no magic wand or other magic casting medium, it only requires you to have a magician's heart.

"Glorious prayer!"

Invoker, Carl.

When he saw him appear, Luo Yi's performance was fine, but some people in the tavern were not calm. Even Yizhaluo, who usually sits in the yard making tea, stood up, and Auros stopped Li. In Lai's course, even Nerif had let go of his perception of the power of stars.

"It's really unexpected that it's a character from ancient times."

Itzalo spoke first.

Among the people present, only his life is the longest, the light born with the birth of the world.

In these long years, people who have mastered the art of immortality like Karl will naturally be noticed by these ancient powers.

However, their method of obtaining eternal life follows the rules of the world and will not have any impact on the world, and will allow them to fend for themselves.

However, among this group of immortals, Karl is an exception.

The other immortals are low-key hiding in the crowd, afraid of revealing their secrets, but Karl is different, he never likes to hide his talents.

He comes from ancient times and is more knowledgeable than anyone else, and his mind has more power to allow him to think about infinite self-worth and more spells, those he used to entertain himself in the long twilight when the world was destroyed. Spells.

Carl has a lot of spells. Even the most diligent mage can only master three to four spells at most, but he has mastered no less than ten spells when he was young.

After learning the spells, except for the spells that he found more useful, all others chose to forget. Karl himself couldn't remember exactly how many abilities he learned.

"Everyone, come in first."

While speaking, Luo nodded to Karl and Fengxing, made a please gesture, and took care of Fengxing, lest she feel left out.

Compared with the secret call at the beginning, Luo Yi is now a bit unscrupulous now, even if he knows that in the hotel opposite, the cp6 people have never stopped monitoring him.

A group of people flocked to the inside of the tavern once again, during which Luo Yiduo glanced at Fengxing twice.

I have to say that the world is so wonderful, you jump it and jump.

In the tavern, Lilai, who was lying on the edge of the window, looked down at herself, her cheeks bulged and turned into a pufferfish.

"Is this another world? A curious and wonderful feeling."

The first thing to say is Fengxing.

"This world is very interesting."

Luo said with a smile.

"The magic element here is different from the past."

In Carl's eyes, he couldn't see where he was looking. His eyes were like two light bulbs, pure white, faintly glowing.

"Actually, they are almost the same, only because the world rules are different, so there are differences."

Italo took Karl's words directly.

Several people sat down, and Lisa and Dibaya also served pastries.

The five non-summoners in the tavern all knew little about Luo Yi’s abilities. Although they were surprised by the two people who appeared suddenly, they didn’t show it too much. They just needed to do their own thing, no matter what his abilities. Who is it.

"I won't ask about the content of the contract. If you have any needs, please mention it to me. Let me first explain the situation in this world."

While talking about the basic common sense of the world, Luo thought about a question at the beginning, whether he should write a comprehensive knowledge of the Pirate World, otherwise it would be troublesome to introduce it every time someone came.

I probably explained the situation in this world, Fengxing showed a curious baby appearance, and Karl appeared to be relatively calm, that is, three balls lit up in his hand, one ice, one thunder, and one fire.

"In short, let's live here now, and then slowly learn about the world through other channels?"

Since the contract was signed, there must be some demand. Luo Yi knew about this. As for what it was, the two of them didn't say anything, but Luo Yi could see that they were not coming for strength.

After all, compared with Lucifer and Yunero, when these two people heard about the world's top powerhouses, they didn't have any interest.

When Feng Xing heard that the world had various islands, strange creatures, and unpredictable weather, he showed great curiosity, which was comparable to that of Lilai at the beginning.

And what Carl is curious about is the so-called devil fruits, the devil fruits that can directly empower a person, it is indeed incredible.

"I may need a place where I can study magic, without being disturbed by others, and without disturbing others."

Carl thought for a while and directly put forward his request.

"It's simple, I'll take you there later."

Luo waved his hand, expressing a small meaning.

"In return, I can teach you all the magic I know."

Carl didn't mean to empty the white wolf, but chose to trade.

"Thank you very much, then."

Luo's eyebrows were suddenly overjoyed.

Carl's skills, he rubbed his left hand until he cramped, but he couldn't even get a set of skills.

Hand-handicapped to play Karl can only put four skills in a row, two of which were prepared before the battle.

Now, no need to learn anything else, as long as you can learn Skyfire, thank God.

At that time, as long as he sits at home, he will be able to blow up the entire Holy Land Mariejoa, which makes it exciting to think about it.

"Can I go to sea?"

At this time, Fengxing folded his hands together and stuck out his tongue, as naughty as a little girl.

"Of course, you are free."

"That in return, I"

Feng Xing felt a little embarrassed when she heard that Carl had taught her magic. She seemed to have nothing to give back.

"Can I trouble you, teach Medusa archery?"

"This is no problem."

Feng Xing patted his chest to make sure.

304. Acid

GR 23 has a towering building like an obelisk.

"The use of magic is actually divided into three types."

Sitting in this characteristic building that was built before Luo Yi, Carl stood on the top to explain, sitting below are Luo Yi, Lilai, Auros, Medusa, Windrunner, and even Mariannu. , Perona, and Lisa were all called over.

Carl's Magic Use Class is starting.

When he showed his abilities a little bit, a hurricane blew, an electromagnetic pulse burst, a meteorite fell from the sky, Luo Yi’s knife coin increased again by 12,000, and he also took out 5 million shells to build roads. After that, everyone knew about Karl's power.

"The first type is magic that, like Lilai and Auroth, is born with magical physique and has a great affinity for a certain kind of magical element. With the passage of time, and the control of magical knowledge, you can easily release magic.

But if you want to use this kind of magic, you can only see if fate is taking care of you, so that you are born with this kind of magical physique."

"The second is to directly believe in a certain god, and get feedback directly from the gods, so that people can use the power of the gods to release magic. The disadvantage is that the higher the degree of faith, the stronger the power will be. Will lose all power.

Moreover, there are no gods in this world."

"The third type is the magical call that can be traced back to ancient times. It does not require any talent or any other medium. As long as you have the heart and memory, you can learn.

Anyone can learn this kind of magic, as long as your memory is good enough. Of course, there are also many ways to help memorize, such as pictograms, magic books, etc."

Under Carl's explanation, they understood that unless they were talented, they could only follow the ancient route of learning magic.

As for those present, Lilai and Auros were born with the physique of ice magic. The Windrunner is also the darling of the natural wind, and can easily manipulate the wind. Even Medusa, perhaps because of the child of the sea goddess, even Just a mortal, without the immortality like her sister, but with extremely high talent.

And Luo and they were miserable.

There is no other way, I can only constantly memorize the large number of cumbersome spell models, expand in my mind, check the stability of the model, and connect the spell model with the energy in the body

There are a lot of details and steps in the process of releasing magic. Carl briefly explained the release method of a small fireball. In the afternoon, Perona quit.

Unexpectedly, learning magic is so difficult, it is not as convenient as her devil fruit ability, just like instinct, and using magic, you actually have to use your brain to release a fireball, and you have to calculate in your mind for a long time. Things are really troublesome.

And the second one who was forced away was Marianu. She felt that to learn this thing, it’s better to go back and paint. That’s the power of dreams. Her talent is not in memory, but in Go lazy.

So, Luo Yi and Lisa were the only ones who stayed to study seriously.

Luo Yi felt that after he learned this ability, he might be able to bless it in the skill bar, and just add a little bit at that time.

Lisa’s idea is simpler. Although she also has the ability of Devil Fruit, her ability does not seem to be used for combat. And thinking that if something happens in the tavern, she might become a burden, Lisa wants to improve herself. .

Because Luo Yi pays a huge salary every month, she can now continue to pay the debts owed by the family. Even her parents have been released by the creditors, and the family can be regarded as living a normal life. Lisa had long considered herself a member of the tavern, eager to make some contribution.

The two who studied hard, perhaps because of their unusual talents, spent a whole afternoon in Luo Yi, after the ten-minute release time, a small flame appeared on his palm, which could probably light Sanji a cigarette. Degree.

And Lisa's performance was also very good, constantly remembering those tedious casting process, after twenty minutes of singing, finally released a spark that was twice as small as Luo Yi's flame.

For their performance, Carl praised the two well, and after making it clear that they still had a lot of room for improvement, he invited them out of the magic tower.

Scratching his head, seeing that it was almost time for business, Luo Yi led Lisa to the tavern first.

"Manager, Mr. Carl said that we still have a lot of room for improvement. Are you encouraging us?"

Lisa waved her hands with a little excitement.

She had never thought that in addition to the power of the devil fruit, human beings can rely on knowledge to release magic.

"Well, that's it."