Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 186

When Luo saw that Lisa was happy, he was really embarrassed to tell her that what this meant was that you have no room to descend, and whatever you do is to improve.

With Luo Yi's affirmation, Lisa was also jumping about with joy, and the speed of returning to the tavern increased a lot.

Perhaps because of the mood, the pub opened that evening and the meals received unanimous praise from the guests.

When Luo came to the morning exercise together early the next morning, there was one more person again.

Feng Xing wanted to go out with the ship, Luo Yi also told her that the merchant ship was still outside the chamber of commerce, if she wanted to, she could fly directly to the altar on the merchant ship, but Feng Xing refused.

What she meant was that she wanted to form a fleet by herself and go out to take risks.

Luo Yi was embarrassed at that time. Your thoughts are a bit exciting, so are you going to start from the upside-down mountain or directly from the new world?

On this point, Fengxing has not yet been determined.

According to her idea, because of the contract, she came to this magical world. She could pay first, teach Medusa's archery, and then go out to travel the world.

Feng Xing, because of his cultivation since childhood, is only stronger than Kunkka. When running, he was able to talk and laugh with Luo Yi, chatting constantly about the world.

Although Feng Xing's appearance is not as stunning as Medusa's, but compared to her Xiaojiabiyu, Feng Xing has a spring-like temperament on her body, coupled with that delicate face, and a proud figure. It is also a beautiful landscape.

When the three of them were running around the Chambord Islands to warm up, they met Bell's patrolling navy again. Luo Yi greeted them in the past. Even if they don’t know why they are so spiritless recently, it may be because they haven’t been here for a long time. Right.

As for Bell and the group of people, watching Luo Yi have another beautiful woman next to him, they smiled at Luo when they were running, and their relationship with Medusa looked very harmonious, which was really enviable.

Is it possible to live like this by opening a tavern?

Why does the air feel so sour?

305. What nickname?

"Press your elbows down a bit, shoulders should not be too high, feel the power of the wind"

In the tavern, Fengxing is fulfilling his promise, teaching Medusa how to use bows and arrows.

She found that Medusa's talent is very good, especially when shooting, very accurate.

But there are still some areas that need to be improved. For example, the talent in physical skills is not so good.

The accuracy of shooting is one thing, but there are some flaws in the distribution of strength and physical strength.

And Luo Yi and none of them are good at bows and arrows, and people who are good at physical skills are not in the tavern. Auros's physique is caused by the blood of the dragon family. It is really melee, and she can't even beat Slark.

But Feng Xing is different. Although she is an intellectual hero, Luo Yi has never used her as an intellectual hero. Except for Shion, Luo Yi's Feng Xing has never produced any other intelligence equipment.

Whether it’s a bondage blow, a powerful blow, or popular, or concentrated firepower, which one looks like a wizard’s skill?

Especially the big move concentrates the firepower, and directly pulls the attack speed to the full. With a thunder hammer, it is an output.

"Very well, you already have some memory in your muscles. Now you need to abandon the habit of the past, shoot more, practice more, and you will soon be able to master powerful archery."

Feng Xing expressed his admiration for Medusa's talent. She just gave a brief guide, and she immediately grasped the essence of it. Although she is still shooting at the same place, things have to be progressive.

Luo Yi, who was practising armed and domineering, looked at Medusa's growth and was very pleased.

According to Medusa, her two sisters are immortal and will not be easily killed. This is the prerequisite for her to be able to practice with a little peace of mind. She is worried that her sisters will endure hardship, so she has to work harder. .

"Hahahaha, this is the Dota Tavern, just let me go to the Pirates"

While Medusa was practicing hard, the door of the tavern was kicked open, and the head of a man with a red moxican haircut, hadn’t finished speaking yet, and an emerald green arrow went straight. Stuck in his head.

"Captain Yanji"

Seeing the machine falling backwards because of the force of the arrow, the group of people behind was shocked and shouted.

Luo Yi scratched his head embarrassedly. He didn't lock the door. The other party was actually quite polite. The force acting on the door actually kicked the door open instead of kicking it badly, which resulted in no magic circle on the door. trigger.

"Kill them and avenge the captain."


Seeing that the captain was so cold, a group of pirates directly raised their butcher knives and pistols, and they were about to rush in.

Medusa, who missed and shot the opponent's captain to death because the door opened, was a little at a loss, not knowing if he should apologize, and the opponent rushed in.


"Ah ah ah ah ah"

An arrow brought a strong whirlwind, not only pierced through a string of enemies, but the whirlwind it brought up swayed the surrounding enemies. The arrow even penetrated the wall of the opposite hotel and stuck on the bar. .

"Vengeance for the Captain"

Although they still yelled so, the others who had not been recruited ran directly to the other side of the street this time.

Just kidding, do you know who it was that just died?

Those were all the cadres of their Gangji Pirate Group.

The captain walked at the forefront, the cadres followed, and finally they were the little pirates.

The captain kicked them away and was shot dead with an arrow. Suppose he was killed by a sneak attack. Looking at the cadres who rushed in later, he couldn't have been attacked.

The woman in the green clothes killed most of the cadres with a single arrow. The survivors were also seriously injured, and it was cold. They were subordinates, but they had no habit of dying.

"Am I killing someone?"

At this time, Medusa has not fully reacted.

During this period of time, although she worked tirelessly to exercise herself, and had discussed with Luo Yi, Sabo and others many times, she really didn't kill anyone.

The arrow just now was indeed a "fire".

For Medusa, who grew up in a greenhouse since childhood, it was a bit unacceptable for a while.

"It's okay. These people are pirates. Killing and arson are all evil. Just treat them as the group of people who attacked you and your sisters. I will ask Major Bell to come over and exchange the bounty. Today we have an extra meal. ."

Luo patted Medusa on the shoulder and comforted.

But when Luo Yi said that, Medusa's heart felt better.

However, seeing Medusa's performance like this, Luo Yi probably understood that there was something missing in Medusa's training.

When I was training before, I was even pressed by Manjikes and Yunero to challenge the pirates who were a bit stronger than myself for actual combat. The fight was a battle of life and death.

As for Medusa, her hands have never been stained with human blood. If she was released to save her sister, she would also be arrested when she turned her head.

No, starting from this evening, Medusa will also have to go out with herself as a pirate to earn extra money, and dare to come to the door to challenge, but if Medusa can play, let her take action.

"Sister Medusa, don't worry, my hometown has also been invaded. You don't have to blame yourself for killing these wicked people."

Feng Xing, but the people who came over, hugged Medusa directly, began to comfort, combined with his own personal experience, began to vividly describe to Medusa the brutal acts of the bad guys, the two immediately resonated, saying that Medusa can't wait now Go straight out and kill a boat of pirates.

"My sister is awesome. Starting tomorrow, I will teach you how to condense magic arrows, so that even if the arrows are used up, they can be replaced by temporary arrows before they are recovered and replenished."

Fengxing started his own guidelines. In addition to the basics, there are also some special applications, such as the way the internal power works, and the influence of the external environment on archery, not just the process of drawing an arrow, drawing a bow, and shooting.

So, with Fengxing’s guidance, Medusa’s abilities have improved as quickly as if flying in a plane. In addition to practicing armed and domineering every day, Luo Yi and Lisa went to listen to Karl’s magic class and try to master it. magic.

Every few days, at night, Luo Yi will take Medusa out, with a sword and a bow, looking for suitable pirate groups on the Chambord Islands. After all, it is not every day that pirates arrive at the Chambord Islands. It can only be said that the number is limited, first come first served.

In order to train Medusa, Luo Yi's attendance rate with her this time can be said to be quite high, so that in less than half a month, the security of the Chambord Islands has improved many times, and the navy will be idle soon. The egg hurts.

And above the sea, a legend began to spread.

It is said that on the Chambordian Islands, the ending point of the first half of the great route, the red sword and the iron bow are a major obstacle to landing on the island. Only through this level can you be qualified to enter the new world.

The pirates who have not experienced the severe beatings in the society are all excited. For the so-called one piece name, they rushed to this island, it is necessary to get through this boss and become famous in the first battle.

As the person involved, Luo Yi went crazy on the spot when he saw the news.

"What kind of nickname?"

306. Come on board

The mastery of armed domineering is not as simple as Luo Yi imagined, but he is not in a hurry. After all, in the original work, it took Luffy a year and a half to learn the theoretical knowledge of tricolor domineering.

According to Luo Yi's current strength, if it is thrown into the navy, there is still hope for being a major general, after all, Zhen Qi can temporarily replace armed domineering use.

It's just that, in terms of offensive and defensive effects, Zhen Qi is not as direct as armed and domineering. This is the difference between almighty and specialization.

Theoretical knowledge, Luo Yi is actually still learning. Lucifer and the others have now coated the ship on an island near the red soil mainland. After that, as long as they ask Toslak to call on the han to pull the ship, they can return from the fisherman island safely. .

However, the days of stability will come to an end.

Luo Yi recently discovered that when he and Medusa went out to make trouble for the pirates, there were always a few familiar auras staring at him.

As for why it was familiar, it was mainly felt outside the tavern, and they appeared a lot, but they had never entered the tavern. Luo Yi thought it was the guard of a certain shop on the same street.

But now it seems that this is a person who is looking at himself.

At this time, Luo Yi thought of the crisis mentioned by Nerif, could it be said that this is a crisis?Are you ready to attack yourself secretly?

It's just that under the domineering color, these people are as bright as light bulbs, and they don't look like a crisis.

Now there are so many strong men in their tavern, and even after Lucifer defeated Kaido, the people who knew how strong Kaido was would naturally not come to death. Only the ignorant were deceived by the paradise. People who are dizzy think that the sea king is nothing more than this.

Of course, there are some strong people who have some doubts about Lucifer's strength.

Judging from the reported photos, although Kaido had burns on his body, the main injuries were stab wounds, densely packed, and countless.

But the wound did not look like Lucifer's sword cut out. Therefore, some people infer that although Kaido was killed by Lucifer, Lucifer must be the Kaido who had teamed up with others to defeat.

Even so, they dare not mess around.

If you can hack Kaido together, you can also hack yourself. Who dares to send it?

Only stunned.

"Medusa, I will shoot an arrow there later."

Walking on the deserted coast, Luo Yi directly opened the system panel and marked an exclamation mark on it for Medusa to take action.


During this period of time, Medusa has also killed many pirates. At first, it was a bit uncomfortable, but when Luo showed the reports about brutal pirates to Medusa, he quickly let him Her mentality has improved, and now she kills without blinking.

He directly raised the metal longbow in his hand, and Medusa pulled hard, drawing the longbow into a full moon.

The people who are monitoring Luo Yi and them, watching Medusa's movements in doubt, you don't have any arrows, how do you shoot?

However, when the blue arrow pierced the sky and rushed towards him, the watcher immediately bowed his head, the arrow pierced the tree trunk in front of him, took away the hair on top of his head, and combed his hedgehog. Got a score.

"Those who can?"

Hedgehog’s head is also suffering from a headache now, probably because the scalp has also been scratched, and the head is painful and cold. Without any hesitation, he turned and ran.

However, no matter how fast a person runs, how can he run past the shot.

Using the energy in the body as a guide, mobilized the power of the ocean goddess hidden in the body, or the power of the Yachi Orochi, or the power of magic, anyway, Medusa can now control water.

The magic arrow formed by water condensed, although the current power is not as powerful as the arrow in her hand, but it is more powerful. With her recovery speed, she can shoot infinitely.

In just an instant, dozens of arrows fell from the sky, wrapping the hedgehog's head in it.

Medusa has not seen or heard the domineering, immobile enemy, she may not be able to find it, but when she runs, she can't escape, let alone on the shores of the Chambord Islands, she has not killed more shelters. under.

However, Medusa originally thought it could leave the opponent's attack, but failed.

The other party just turned around and inhaled, and breathed hard at Medusa's arrow.

This magic arrow, which was condensed by magic, exploded in mid-air, turning into water vapor and smoke, blocking Medusa's sight.

Luo Yi raised his eyebrows slightly, he probably knew who it was.

Baroque Job Club, r5.

It seems that Klockdal is about to attack himself?

Yes, he disrupted his plan in Alabastan, and the Aquaman’s ability restrained him. If he wanted to defeat the Aquaman, Krokdal was not sure about it, so he chose to attack him as the "Summoner". .

Luo Yi's unconcealed summoning ability is to mislead others' own fruit ability, so as long as the devil fruit ability faints or dies, the fruit ability will naturally be lifted. Those who don't know where it comes from Will be sent back.

Don't talk about Krocdal, even the navy and government think so.


Luo Yi didn't chase, the speed of this cargo was actually not fast, as long as a "shave" could catch up, but the opponent's ability was really disgusting, Luo Yi didn't want to do anything.

r5, a person with the ability to explode fruits, any part of his body can explode. He is definitely the first character in the Pirate World.

However, his attack was simple, using booger.

Imagine that when a booger explodes next to you, even if it doesn't hurt you, but the booger explodes on you, you can't stand it.