Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 187

"I suddenly thought of a question."

Luo looked at Medusa and suddenly spoke.

"what is the problem?"

"When you go back, how can you find your sister?"


This is really a big problem.

Medusa really didn't take this into consideration. She had always thought that as long as she had enough strength, she could rescue her sister.

But the question now is, where is my sister?

"Go back and ask Carl to see if he has any spells for finding people. If there are, it will be convenient."

Seeing color domineering, Medusa does not have it in his body, and cannot be swallowed like Lucifer, so I don't expect to practice, but there is always magic, exploration magic, perception magic, etc., you should know one.

If it doesn't work, you can only try to rely on the power of technology.

"we can only do this."

Medusa nodded.

The two returned to the tavern, Luo Yi just finished washing, but the phone bug rang.

"President, here comes a boat"

307. Son of Devil

Even if it was midnight, Luo Yi rushed over after receiving Oliver's call worm.

There is someone on board, an uninvited guest.

When Luo came over, she saw a woman wearing purple short sleeves, purple leather pants, purple riding boots, black short hair, her hands tied behind her, and a duck sitting on the deck. Luo one was Seeing the back, I feel familiar.

"President, you are here, President."

When Oliver saw Luo coming out of the cabin, he came to greet him.

Those who are obviously already 30 years old as fathers, have to ask Luo Yi about many important matters, making him feel uneasy as a shopkeeper.

There are people on the boat. Cuenca, Leviathan, and Musketeer are all here, and they have to come forward to solve it themselves.

"Is that her?"

Luo Yi could perceive that this woman’s breath is actually not strong, not even as strong as the current Medusa. Since she is not a strong person, nor is it a navy general, why can’t you solve it yourself?

"Nicole Robin?"

Luo Yi was also surprised when he turned to the front face.

"Hehe, you really came, president of the Dota Chamber of Commerce."

Even if he was caught, Robin did not show any panic. When he saw Luo Yi, he could still smile.

"What's going on? Where are you sailing now?"

Luo Yi did not answer Robin's question, but turned to look at Oliver.

This is the shore of an island. That is to say, after they docked, Robin boarded the boat and captured him.

It's just that Robin hasn't joined the Baroque job club at this time. He should be on the run. Why did he get on their boat? Listening to her, it seems that he came to himself.

"We are now in the flower country of the West Sea. The products here are quite distinctive. Even in the great shipping route, there are no such things."

Oliver probably recounted what happened.

As soon as Luo listened, he opened the system panel and saw a small yellow dot on the minimap.

Nicole Robin's color is a neutral creature, that is to say, she is not malicious for the time being, and is not an enemy. This is why Kunkka and the others did not directly kill people.

And Oliver obviously recognized the person, so he called himself over at the time when the shift was about to 10 o'clock.

Who is Nicole Robin?

The only survivor of O'Hara, the only person in the world who understands the text of history and can reveal the truth about the world's 100-year blank history.

Where is O’Hara? It’s the place where the entire island was wiped off the world map by the slaughter order, even Robin’s nickname, on the charge of “a demon who intended to resurrect ancient weapons and destroy the world” , Are called the children of the devil.

And Robin, the only survivor, was offered a reward of 79 million Baileys when he was 8 years old. After that, he has been on the run for his life to hide from the navy, hiding in the underground world, relying on betraying others to survive. .

She hasn't been cleansed by Luffy's protagonist's halo yet, nor has she experienced the Judicial Island incident. She is definitely uneasy and kind to board.

Luo Yi dared to let Brook stay in the tavern because his reward order was more than 40 years away, completely different from his skeleton appearance.

And Nami got on the ship because she was clean and even a child adopted by the Navy, which was like the offspring of a martyr.

After Luo Yi listened to Oliver, he looked at Robin with a headache, but Robin looked at himself with a smile.

After eating the Silver Moon Crystal, Luo Yi's eyesight at night has also become very good, and he can clearly see that every hair on Robin's face has no pores, just like a microdermabrasion, which is amazing.

Her skin is indeed darker, but this does not affect the fact that she is a great beauty. After all, Robin's original shape is Cleopatra.

Fumbling for his chin, Luo circled Robin. Although he was not as full of flavor as he was 30, Robin, who is now 21, is full of obedient fat.

"Early tomorrow morning, send it to the naval base."

As soon as Luo left these words in Robin's confident smile, he turned and walked towards the cabin.

Robin's face changed instantly.

The script is wrong.

"and many more"

This is unscientific. Everyone wants to get their own interpretation of the historical text, but this person is going to send himself directly to the navy. Is his intelligence analysis wrong?

"Is there anything else?"

Luo turned around calmly and stood still.

"Don't you want to be the One Piece?"

Robin told the so-called dreams of most people in this world.

"No, I just want to make a little money, marry a wife, and live my life in peace."

Luo shook his head and said.

However, even Oliver didn't believe it when he said this sentence.

Did you know what you did wrong?You have great ambitions and live your life in peace and stability.

"You even defeated Kaido, how could you not want to fight for the position of One Piece."

Robin still has the ability to observe words and colors, and he can see nothing from Luo Yi's face, but Oliver on the side betrayed Luo Yi.

"The Kaido incident was just an accident. They ran into it when they were traveling and cut it off easily. It has nothing to do with One Piece."

Luo waved his hand: "If you just want to say this, forget it, I'm going to rest."

After all, Luo Yi left Robin again.

"and many more"

Robin knew that the bargaining chip she just put forward couldn't make the other party tempted, so she could only state her purpose, otherwise, she wouldn't even be able to escape. She really didn't expect that there would be sea tower handcuffs on the ship.

"Is there anything else? By the way, give her a room tonight. Although we are wanted, we are gentlemen and will not abuse women."

Luo looked at Robin playfully.

"I'm here to make a deal."

Robin stared at Luo Yi's eyes and said.

"Deal? What can you do with me? Do you use the knowledge in your mind? Sorry, we are just businessmen and do not need archaeologists who interpret ancient words."

Looking up and down Robin, Luo shook his head.

"I just need to seek asylum, as the content of the transaction, I can do anything."

At the end, Robin even increased his tone.


"Yes, anything."

Under normal circumstances, a woman with a good look and build will inevitably make people want to be crooked, and Luo Yi is no exception.

Especially Robin's fruit ability, flower and fruit, can make any part of the body grow like a flower on any tangible body within the line of sight. In the later stage, it can even conjure a clone out of thin air. It feels exciting to think about it.

"In that case"

Luo Yi seemed to be moved.

Robin swallowed too, and was leaned by Hailoushi in handcuffs. She can't display the fruiting ability now, and she can't lift her strength. She is just a fat sheep that has been slaughtered.

"Open her handcuffs and arrange a room for her."

308. History text

On the merchant ship, there is a pretty single room with a bathroom, a bed, a table, chairs and benches, and all the daily necessities are available.

This room hasn't been used yet, because Oliver specially let people stay when he bought the ship.

He doesn’t know when important people will be on the ship, just like Nami, who has become an indispensable person on the ship with her strong navigating talent, then prepare more rooms for emergencies. Happening.

Arranging Nicole Robin here, Oliver couldn't help but praise himself.

This room is far from the other rooms, and there is nothing to hear outside, but there are only two ways to leave. As long as you look at the stairs and windows, you will not be able to escape.

Arranging several people to guard important joints, Oliver saw Luo Yi who appeared again, and didn't know where he had just gone.

"President, Nicole Robin has been arranged in the upper room, I will take you there."

Nodded, and followed Oliver to the door of Robin's room, Oliver left directly and blinked at Luo. For some reason, Luo Yi felt that Oliver's eyes were a little wretched.


"Miss Robin, please open the door."


Luo Yi was taken aback when the door opened.

The wet hair hadn't been dried yet, and there was only a towel wrapped around him. Luo looked around and found that there was no one around, not even the next room.

Is this opening the door to the world?

"What are you doing? Is it coveting my beauty?"

As soon as Luo decided, the wicked should sue first.


Robin, who had been mentally prepared, was directly asked by Luo Yi.

After running away for so many years, as she grows older, many people are attracted to her body. If she is not witty enough, how can she protect herself to the present.

The reason why he betrayed the previous organization and chose the Dota Chamber of Commerce was the result of Robin's combination of a large amount of intelligence.

The people in this Chamber of Commerce were not the underground organizations she had been with before, but the people in the Chamber of Commerce were so strong that even Kaido was defeated.

And the people with this kind of strength actually open the tavern and open the business meeting honestly, indicating that they abide by a little order, and being able to work with Kaido shows that they are not the kind of people who fear each other.

Therefore, Robin felt that if she could be blessed by such forces, her safety would be somewhat guaranteed, at least compared to those underground forces, it would be much safer.

As for paying, Robin is not unprepared. If it is their president, it is not unacceptable. After all, they are young and more golden, handsome in appearance, not those weird people.

But now Robin feels he has misunderstood.

Close the door and let Robin put on his clothes before entering the room to talk.

"I won't ask anything else. What is your purpose for joining us?"

Luo Yi spoke directly, even though he probably guessed something, he didn't directly explain it.

"I just want to find a safe place."

Robin, in his nightgown, exchanged his erlang's legs. The nightgown that could only cover half of his thigh was not able to cover it at once, and it was looming under the light.

"How I look at it, it doesn't seem to be a safe place, don't you know that the communication between me and the navy is very close?"