Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 189

Luo Yi knew Hancock was wayward, but didn't expect to meet her because of her waywardness.

"Bear boy? Actually said the concubine is a bear!"

Hancock looked up to the sky and hid his face, his face full of discomfort.

"Sister! Are you okay."

Sonda Sonia cared.

"Grab the key point for me. You broke the door of my house. Now you are talking about compensation."

When Luo Yi knocked on the table this time, he brought his infuriating spirit and made a loud voice.

How did Luffy communicate with this guy?

"But they don't want to."

Hearing Luo Yi's words, Hancock put his right index finger on his cheek, making a shy look.

"It's useless to act like a baby. If you don't have money, you just work to pay off your debt."

He put his hands on his chest, and looked disgusted.

"Ah, this man is not tempted at all."

Hancock leaned back again, feeling insulted.

"I know that you are the empress of Nine Snake Island. You can afford it with a mere gate. People are responsible for their mistakes."

At this moment, Luo Yi was like an author who had entered the palace. He didn't waver at all, he just wanted to make money.

"Manager Luo Yi, has something happened?"

Just as Luo Yi and Hancock were communicating with each other, a small group of navy walked in outside the tavern.

Bell led the team on patrol. On the way back, he saw that the gate of Luo Yi Tavern was missing. Even the courtyard in the tavern was a bit messy. They wondered if Luo Yi and the others had cleaned up the pirates and came in and took the people away. But did not expect

"Sea sea sea sea sea"

When he walked into the tavern door, Bell was stunned, and the navy soldiers behind him were also stunned.

It is so happy to be a navy in the Chambord Islands.

Not only can you see all kinds of beauties in the tavern, but now you can even meet the Pirate Empress, it's really beautiful.

"Navy?" Hancock glanced at Bell and the others, then stood up suddenly: "I broke the door of this tavern. Can I trouble you and help me compensate?"

"of course can."

"It is incumbent."

"give it to me."

"Get out of here."

Hearing the last sentence, Hancock stared directly, and saw Luo Yi who suddenly came to Bell's side, and made a please gesture to the door.

Hancock wouldn't pay. Luo Yi knew it. The main reason was that his door was broken, and he felt a little uncomfortable. He didn't want to pay for repairs by himself. This made him sick.

Now that the man who repairs the door is coming, let this great god go quickly. She is here, besides wasting her time, she can only look good on this one.

"Speaking like that to the Lady Empress, let's fight, Luo Yi."

"Be more sober."

A slap was slapped on Bell's head, who had drawn the sword, and the true energy containing the power of purification penetrated directly into Bell's body.

"Huh? Damn, I was confused."

The power of purification directly made Bell out of the state of losing his soul.

"Have you never seen a woman?"

Luo Yi clutched his head and pointed to the navy soldiers who were still licking their dogs.

"I've seen it, I haven't touched it."

Bell said very honestly.

Luo Yi also understood that in the naval base in the Chambord Islands, it seemed that there were generals and chores, and even the chefs and buyers were all male and single.

"What kind of ability are you?"

Hancock bit his thumb and fingertips, staring at Luo tightly and asking.

Not only is it not affected by one's own charm, but it can also save others from being tempted by oneself. This ability is too restrained from one's own fruits. In addition,

"I am the one who summons long live fruit ability."

Luo Yi raised his chest and said loudly.

"I will send someone the money for repairing the gate, and my concubine will remember you."

Seeing that Luo Yi didn't want to tell the truth, Hancock put on his cloak and walked directly out of the door of the tavern, bringing a gust of fragrance.

"Just left."

Bell suddenly showed a look of reluctance. Although he didn't know what Luo Yi did, which made his mind sober now, even if there is no feeling of heartbeat, people still like to see the pleasing scenery.

"If you don't leave, it will be more than just opening the door."

Luo Yi was also helpless.

After exchanging a few words with Luo, and probably knowing the cause and effect of the incident, Bell left the tavern with a group of soldiers who had just recovered.

"Huh? Lieutenant Colonel, where's the scar on your body?"

Hearing one of the soldiers say so, Bell raised his two exposed arms, and the scars on them that had been left by exercise or fighting were gone.

311. A sister actually leads a teammate

"Sister, did we just leave?"

Sonda Sonia followed Hancock and asked quietly.

Mary Groud and the second sister protected Hancock in the middle.

"The ability of the man just now"

Hancock walked on the road, ignoring the people on the street who couldn't walk when they saw him.

"What happened to that person's ability?"

Sonda Sonia did not notice the details.

"Luo Yi patted that navy body, and his scars disappeared."

Hancock recalled the scene he had seen before.

On Bell's arm, there were many wounds, stab wounds, and gunshot wounds, which Hancock felt was very familiar, but with a tap of Luo, those injuries seemed to have been erased out of thin air and disappeared.

"Sister wants to"

Sonda Sonia immediately understood what Hancock meant.

"Go back and talk about it."

Hancock interrupted Sonda Sonia and accelerated the pace.

Demonstrating his power of purification was Luo Yi's method to drive Hancock away, and it was also a method to gain friendship on the island of Nine Snake.

He hadn't thought about this before, but after Hancock appeared, Luo Yi made a temporary decision.

As for what benefits can be gained, this is hard to say, but this country is not a government-affiliated country, and even if it wants to do a revolution in the future, or do other things, it may be a big help, but it does no harm anyway.

But not now. Although Luo Yi's purifying power is still increasing, he has not yet reached the point where he can completely purify the hoof of the Tianxiang dragon, and still leaves a faint mark.

Putting Hancock's affairs aside for the time being, as an episode in life, Luo found a carpenter when he went out to repair the door.

Auros was playing with her pigtail, and she felt a little embarrassed.

The layer of magic enchantment he left did not actually block the attack of Hancock.

As a result, Luo immediately saw that Auros who had squinted his eyes with a smile, wrote and painted on the inside of the door, even cut off his finger, squeezed a drop of blood on the door and blended in Go in.

Luo Yi, who was practicing domineering, felt that if he had to set a grade for this door, it would probably be an artifact.

Not only that, all morning, Auros was strengthening the magic enchantment on the surrounding walls, Luo Yi couldn't help but silently mourned for the next pirate who dared to directly face the tavern, and his heart was full of expectations.

Maybe, the next vote is big.

Autumn goes to winter.

When the first snow fell this year, Luo Yi suddenly realized that he had been in this world for more than two years.

After more than two years, I have learned a lot. I have seen and heard the domineering, navy type six, and armed domineering also boarded the skill bar, but did not jump out of the extra points. As for the magic learned from Karl, it has been able to release the size of a fist. The fireball should be regarded as fireball.

That night, after finishing the tavern, Luo Yi decided to eat hot pot, that is, on this day, Medusa approached Luo Yi.

"Are you going back?"

Luo Yi felt a little surprised. This was the first time someone would inform himself before he decided to complete the contract.

"Yes, my strength is enough."

Medusa said so.

Is it so fast?You have only come here without a few chapters.

However, when Luo saw that his three stuck in the 199 measurements, he looked at Medusa, whose agility and intelligence had exceeded 150, and didn't know what to say.

"Need any help?"

During this period of time, Luo had a lot of knives and coins in his hand, as well as a lot of gold coins. Apart from the few pieces of equipment that lacked accessories, he was able to match Medusa.


For Luo Yi's help, Medusa still knows.

I took everything I had to take, and I couldn't put it down on my body. The Silver Moon Crystal ate one, and Aghanim's Scepter couldn't touch it.

According to Carl, she does have the blood of God in her body, but it is very rare. Once activated, her current body may not be able to bear it, and she can only improve herself first with the talent brought by the blood.

As her strength continued to improve and after actual combat, Medusa already knew her own strengths and the strength of the group who invaded her home and captured her sister.

With the current self, he can definitely defeat those people, not to mention that he is not fighting alone.

"You go with her?"

When he heard Carl's suggestion, Luo grabbed the chopsticks in his right hand, clamped the cow blinds, and stopped in the air.

Can you accompany this kind of thing?

Luo Yi didn't understand.

"The world is so big, how do you find her?"

The world of Dota is much larger than the world of Pirates. Even some people here are still in different planes. How do you find them?

"If I leave a mark on her body, I can know the plane where she is. After reaching that plane, as long as I use the shoes of travel, I can appear directly next to her."

Carl explained.

"That's it."

With regard to Karl's method, Luo Yi can only say that you are the boss and you have the final say.

This should be the so-called knowledge is power.

But it's incredible that a sister led her teammates to fight.

"Then when are you going to leave?"

Since he was leaving, Luo Yi asked by the way.

"Tomorrow morning, after finishing the business, I will be back."

Medusa gave Luo a piece of fat cow and said softly.

"welcome any time."

Luo Yi also responded with a piece of lamb.

Although some people are leaving, they still have a good meal. The main reason is that everyone knows that even if you go back to that world, you can come back again with the help of the power of the contract.

In other words, this is their other home, a relatively peaceful home. When they return to the world they were in, they may be participating in the war, and they may even meet their companions in the tavern on the battlefield. After all, they participated. , Is the battle of relics.