Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 190

Early the next morning, Luo came together to see Medusa and Carl off. Lisa also cooked an exquisite breakfast, which was regarded as a farewell to her teacher Carl. Thank him for teaching herself to release a small flame out of thin air.

"be careful."

Luo Yi didn't know what to say, Medusa's departure, it is estimated that he did not come back so early, after all, people have to find it, and don't know where.


When Luo Yi heard two beeps in his mind, a magic circle appeared under Medusa and Carl's feet, and both disappeared in front of him at the same time.

"Complete the contract, get the blessing of the goddess of the sea"

"Contract completed, get Carl's diary"

"The system meets the upgrade conditions, is it upgraded? No"

312. The manager Luo Yi committed suicide.

"The system level is upgraded to level 6."

"The tower function is on."

"Unlock the Dire Shrine skin."

The 50,000 knives disappeared, and the knives that were finally saved cost most of it again.

But everything is worth it.

After the system was upgraded, Luo Yi also saw his three-dimensional growth to reach 6, as well as the plus sign displayed on the Armed Domineering and Navy Six Skill Bar.

"So, after the system is upgraded, can I get skill points?"

After gaining an understanding of the functions of the system, Luo Yi now knew where the skill points came from. No wonder he had increased his attribute points during this period, but he had no skill points.

I just don't know how many skill points there are now, and how many points can be added for armed domineering and navy six styles.

Let go of the extra things first, Luo Yi is going to add some slowly this time, and gradually become familiar with the power, so that he will become familiar with his abilities faster than if he adds it all at once.

Compared with these, Luo Yi now found a different place from before.

I originally thought that after the contract was completed, one would either gain knowledge of the hero or activate some kind of talent tree.

But today did he know that there is actually a BUFF.

"The Blessing of the Ocean Goddess"

When such a small blue circle appeared on the status bar, Luo Yi once again had a new understanding of the contract of the system.

If this is the case, will one day be able to gather the BUFF of the two factions and add him?

I dare not expect anything else, as long as there is the accumulation of the butcher's carrion, the energy transfer of Slark, and the intelligence stealing of the Silencer.

As long as he could make up these three states, Luo Yi dared to ascend in place.

The BUFF obtained this time can be said to be very useful in the world of One Piece.

The blessing of the ocean goddess: The gratitude from the ocean goddess, as long as you are above the ocean, you can be blessed and get all-round improvement.

Luo Yi decided to go for a run and try it out by the way.

And the reward for completing the contract made Luo Yi a little strange.

Carl's diary: In the long time, even a genius like Carl with superior intelligence and amazing memory will inevitably forget some things, so Carl writes everything he needs in the diary.


A serious person who writes a diary.

When Luo took out "Carl's Diary", a sense of novelty suddenly came.

This diary is very thin, so thin that it is not as thin as a high school student's notebook, but after opening it, Luo Yi felt a little tearful.

The e-book is actually wrong, it should be a magic book.

Each page in the diary contains a large amount of content, which constitutes a catalog.

And these directories are clickable.

When Luo opened the "Fireball" at one point and saw that the contents were similar to what Carl taught him, he probably knew the value of this diary.

Recorded here are all the magic that Carl has learned.

Although this knowledge of magic is boring and not easy to understand, this little flaw does not hide the importance of the diary.

Among other things, if a hundred people on the ship of the Chamber of Commerce release fireballs, even a five-second reading is 20 times more powerful than the "Five Fireball Teaching".

Not to mention challenging the status of the maritime supremacy, but when encountering ordinary pirates, it is not a problem to burn the opponent's ship directly.

On the sea, it is not a trivial matter that a ship catches fire, and not everyone can swim from Chambord to Hydra Island like Rayleigh.

Putting away the diary solemnly, Luo Yi began to study the newly opened function.

When building the altar before, Luo Yi wondered if it could build some other buildings.

It now appears that my guess is correct.

The construction this time is a little different from the past.

Although it was also pulled directly from the system, Luo Yi found that this thing can actually choose the shape, and even the altar has added a skin switching function, which can become a dire altar, one that looks leaky but does not Leaky red-black altar.

Mainly the liquid inside is red and looks like magma.

If this is the case, will I have to unlock the night dire spring water later, and then when I save people, I will directly fill them with magma?

Luo will consider these for a while. The current situation is that both towers are ugly.

If possible, Luo Yi would like to see the defense tower of DOTA1, the tower of the night elves of the guard, and the defense tower of the undead of natural disasters.

The defensive tower of DOTA2, Tianhui is a floating stone with a tree vine wrapped around it, and four pieces are engraved on the front from top to bottom. The style is novel and ugly.

The Dire Legion is slightly domineering, it looks like a stone statue, you can probably see the head and upper body above, but there are no arms, the chest looks hollow, and red flames are burning inside, even from the head. Here are some.

Looking at the interior decoration style of the tavern, Luo Yi placed a defensive tower on each of the four corners of the tavern’s courtyard, with Tianhui on the left and Night Dire on the right of .boquge.me.

"Tsk tusk tusk, it's really expensive, a defensive tower actually costs 5000 dollars, it is just taking advantage of the fire, this can buy 500,000 Choppers."

Close the door of the tavern, look up and you can see the six-meter-high defensive tower with twice the height of the wall, and there is an additional state called "Tower Protection" in the status bar, and the armor has increased by 3 point.

In addition, in the status bar of the defensive tower, there is a "real view" status, which can expose nearby invisible units.

As for the attack mechanism, the defensive tower will automatically attack all units except the friendly forces. However, Luo Yi found that he could be set up and modified it to attack the red unit, which is the enemy.

Otherwise, whether it is a nearby shop or a person passing by, it is a neutral unit. Wouldn't it be that a large number of people will die at that time? If a Tianlong person passes by, then the whole book may be over.

Of course, Luo Yi would not be afraid of being tough if the passing Celestial Dragon was hostile to him.

Regarding the current strength of their tavern, regardless of Lucifer and Manjix returning to their original world after escorting the members of the Chamber of Commerce back, they have not yet appeared, but the contract is still there, and they can come over as guests at any time.

Taking a step forward, Luo started today's morning exercise. It has been a long time since no one has run, and suddenly he is a little uncomfortable.

Running directly towards the sea, the closer to the sea, Luo Yi's heart felt a sense of closeness spontaneously.

Knowing that he was standing on the beach, taking off his shoes, and stepping into the sea, Luo saw the change in his attribute column, and his face suddenly showed a happy expression, and he jumped directly into the sea.

And Bell, who had just patrolled nearby, saw the very familiar back from a distance, and before he had time to say hello, he saw him jump into the sea.

"Oops, the manager Luo Yi committed suicide."

313. Vitality

Luo jumped into the sea.

Colonel Bell, who was passing by, tried his best to fish out of the sea.

It is said that the scene at the time was very scary. Luo Yi sank the sea very quickly, and his legs were still accelerating and sinking, and Colonel Bell almost didn't save him.

By the way, because he saved Luo Yi, Bell was promoted directly from lieutenant colonel to colonel.

But this is not the point. The point is why Luo Yi jumped into the sea.

Now everyone in the world who knows Luo Yi knows that he is a capable person.

The capable person jumps into the sea by himself, isn't he looking for death?

In Dres Rosa in the new world, Doflamingo sat on the throne, watching the news reports, thoughtfully.

He didn't believe that the guy who caused him so much headache would commit suicide.

Putting down the newspaper, Doflamingo picked up the phone worm and dialed a number.

Soon, the phone worm was connected, and on the head of the phone worm who was talking to him, two decorations that looked like horns grew on the heads, which looked like ghosts.

"Hey hello hello, Doflamingo, what's the point?"

"Is the things for you researched out?"

"Although thank you very much for bringing me out of the Navy, scientific research is not so easy. It has just made some progress. You know, this is an artificial devil fruit."

"I'm not referring to this, I'm referring to something that was sent to you two months ago."

"Do you mean those two barrels of wine? It tastes really good"


"There is a slight vitality in the wine, and the specific ingredients have not been discovered. It cannot be ruled out that it is made by the capable."

"Hurry up, don't let me down."

"Yes, yes, I know."

The phone worm hung up.

Doflamingo's face is a bit unpleasant, he doesn't even know it. This is how many times he has been in these two years. Why can't things go according to plan?

It's been almost a year since Diamanti disappeared. In fact, his life card was burned out at the time, and his death can be confirmed. Doflamingo wanted to avenge Diamanti, but almost never planted himself. , Fortunately, the other party does not seem to have any intention of doing it.

Later, the plan to unite with Kaido died at the beginning.

He only communicated here, everything was still being arranged and prepared, Kaido was killed.

The person I just called was M Kaiser Courant, a scientist in the Navy’s Science Unit.

Doflamingo got in touch with him through some special channels. He knew that this product was not against Begapunk. He was keen on conducting various brutal experiments and had a completely different philosophy from Begapunk.

For this kind of person, Doflamingo said that he could cooperate. He didn't get the person out so early, but Kaido was gone.

The most critical part of the plan disappeared, and Doflamingo's sense of crisis directly exploded.

After all, no one would have thought that Kaido would die. These sea kings are as strong as monsters, and unless two admirals join forces, it is possible to defeat one of them.

The navy cannot do this kind of thing, it will break the balance of the sea. Pirates cannot be killed, everyone knows, but once the emperor of the sea dies or is killed by the navy, it will cause other people to unite. .

This is the crisis.

Doflamingo doesn’t believe in others, he only believes in his own Don Quixote family, but the strength of their family is not enough to support him in the new world, even if he has become Dresro. The same goes for the king of Sa.

Therefore, he consumed a lot of resources, and when he had just gained a foothold, he fished out Caesar from the Naval Science Unit and continued their plan.

This time, he decided to use these things for himself.

The artificial devil fruit, Begapunk has already produced. As a member of the scientific force, Caesar also knows how to make artificial devil fruits. Even when he came out of the naval scientific force, he also brought a Begapunk with his hand. The "failure product" produced by the gram.

Now, Caesar is under the palace of Dresrosa. Doflamingo has prepared a laboratory for him here, but Doflamingo usually doesn’t come here, and even sent him to other places. Research plans.

Caesar actually didn't want to stay here either. To be honest, instead of working under the boss's nose, it is easier to manage a group of people by himself. The emperor is far away.

Sitting in front of a pile of instruments, looking at a glass of golden liquid in it, this is the ale Doflamingo sent over for his research.

In fact, Caesar has already researched the ingredients here, and they are actually similar to ordinary drinks. The only difference is that there is an extra ingredient in the drinks, which contains a lot of vitality.

However, this kind of ingredient is very small, a barrel of 50 liters of wine, these ingredients only occupy 10 ml, if it weren't for Doflamingo's claim that the wine had any effect, Caesar would not drink it.

Now, the two barrels of wine have been almost drunk by him, and only this one is still being tested.

No way, it tastes so good, I can't help it.

Although Caesar is a scientist, his purpose in life is not to devote his life to science, but to enjoy.

Spending time and drinking is normal operation for Caesar.

With a large amount of research funds, while bringing out a little research results from time to time, by the way, spending these funds where they should be spent is Caesar's guideline.

Regarding this point, Doflamingo is not clear, but he just didn't say it.

The human body gigantism experiment, the artificial devil fruit experiment, does not require a lot of money, even if Caesar spends a little money to go out, Doflamingo doesn't say much, as long as he can produce results. Up.