Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 191

And Caesar also knew Doflamingo's cruelty, and he was still a little restrained in doing things. He didn't touch his bottom line and traded his wisdom for a better life. What's wrong with this.

"Just, what exactly is this thing?"

Seeing the constantly beating numbers and waves on the instrument that no one else could understand, Caesar was a scientist no matter what, and was very curious about this thing.

"Obviously there is only such a small point, but it contains such a huge vitality. If there is such a cup, it is estimated that even a broken hand and a foot can grow back."

Stretching out his hands, at this moment, Caesar seemed to become a computer agent in a film and television drama, and began to constantly try to analyze the special ingredients contained in this glass of ale.

However, when dense data appeared, Caesar said that he had not gained anything.

This thing doesn't seem to be any kind of material that exists in this world, it is very likely that it was created by someone with the ability.

However, if this ingredient is really made by the capable person, then the ability of the capable person is very terrifying. It is probably a certain fruit of the healing system, which is only a little weaker than the surgical fruit that can give others immortality.

"Do you want to report this result?"

Caesar touched his chin, and he felt that he had better go ahead.

314. Perfect

Doflamingo finally got the report.

Caesar's rod-making, except for research, is basically a negative IQ at other times.

Seeing the vitality contained in the drink, Doflamingo can be regarded as unraveling the reason why the drink in the Dota Tavern is selling so well.

Originally, he didn’t want to do this, but these drinks came from the Dota Tavern. After Doflamingo drank it, if it wasn’t because he was a physical expert and knew every corner of his body well, he didn’t. May feel the weak vitality.

And the reason why Caesar said that the vitality is very strong is because the liquid that emits vitality components is too small, as little as a glass of wine contains not much at all, only two ten thousandths.

To be honest, Caesar drank a bucket by himself, and apart from feeling good and comfortable, he didn't have any other feelings.

"This thing was added to change the feeling after drinking, or deliberately."

Doflamingo analyzed it again.

Not everyone can become the One Piece with no brains like Luffy.

Anyone who can dominate and occupy a power at sea must use their brains to survive.

Unless, like Baibeard, rely on strong strength to defeat everyone, and then become his father.

"None, no, no, no..."

"Please tell me."

After picking up the phone again, Caesar immediately became respectful of the starter Xu

"I will give you three more barrels of wine, extract all the vitality ingredients for me, and bring them to me tomorrow."

"Yes, I promise to complete the task."

After touching the five scratches on his body, Caesar remembered the fear of being dominated by Doflamingo.

Did you choose the wrong path?

If you are in the naval scientific force, at least you will not be beaten by your boss.

Doflamingo beat himself up, but he was aggressive.

Caesar himself is a natural fruit ability person. If he is in the first half of the great route, he will basically be invincible, but in the new world, he is a scientist. Fighting and killing is not suitable for him.

After receiving the order, Caesar looked at the three barrels of wine sent, but didn't dare to think about taking a sip. He went straight into the research room and began to try to extract the vitality components inside.

This thing is not so easy.

Although Caesar knew that the vitality component was in the wine, it was completely integrated with the wine. To extract it without damage, a lot of preparation was required.

As for how much time it takes, it's only one day today. Caesar knew that Doflamingo was wrong to kill him, but there are many things that are more painful than death in this world, and he can do it in several ways.

As a result, in the locked laboratory, the sound of ping-pong-pong, as well as Caesar's painful and troubled shouts from time to time.

Outside the laboratory, a tall beauty with long grass-green wavy hair and golden eyes was standing outside the door.

"Hehehehe, Young Master is really amazing."

Seeing Caesar working hard because of Doflamingo's order, Monet chuckled lightly, holding a notebook in his hand, not knowing what he was writing.


The commotion lasted until the next morning, and as Caesar yelled like relief, Monet pushed open the door of the research room.

She is a member of the Don Quixote family, a cadre of the Red Army, and a person with the ability of the natural department.

Because Caesar was taken over, Don Quixote asked her to be Caesar's assistant, which actually meant to monitor Caesar.

In the research room, it seemed as if a war had been fought, but all that was scattered was the aroma of ale, which was extremely rich. Caesar's cheeks were a little red. Even if he didn't drink, he felt a little bit of alcohol from the volatilized alcohol. Slightly drunk.

Had it not been for Doflamingo to say that he would see the finished product today, Caesar would have slept with the wine barrel.

Ignoring Caesar who was half sitting on the ground, Monet walked directly towards the test tube solemnly installed on the table.

Crystal clear, but glowing with fluorescence, like a crystal, Monet looked a little fascinated.

There was not much liquid here, and Caesar used up a lot of ale before finally extracting 5 ml of spring water at the last minute.

Re-distilling the spring water that has been brewed into wine, Caesar felt that his brain was about to burn out now, after all, he was good at making weapons, not such things.

"Take a good rest today, I will send it to the young master now."

With his slender legs, Monet carefully collected the test tube from the collar. There was a four-dimensional space, and it was absolutely safe to put it there.

Riding the elevator to the palace, Monet handed the test tube to Doflamingo.

"Good job, Monet."

Although it was refined by Caesar, Doflamingo chose to praise Monet.

"Thank you young master."

Without staying too much, after Monet handed over the things to Doflamingo, he retreated.

Holding the test tube and looking at the spring water inside, Doflamingo could clearly feel the vitality in the test tube. He didn't even need an instrument. It was enough to see and see the color.

After the extraction, the condensed spring water was completely different from scattered in the barrel. Doflamingo opened the test tube and drank the spring water inside.

"Good recovery ability."

Even if he is not injured, he can still feel the effect of this spring water.

Just like in the game, even if it is full of blood, you can also have the "spring water rejuvenation" status buff.

"With just such a small tube, you can recover 30% of your physical strength. If you have a large amount of this liquid, even if you are a navy general, I am not afraid."

In an instant, Doflamingo understood the importance of potion replenishment.

As long as you are not killed by a spike and stand in the spring, you will be invincible...if it is not the abused spring.

The blood recovery of 5 per second is the first time that Doflamingo has experienced rapid recovery. He has never seen this ability before, and only the captain of the white beard ship, Marco, who has the Phoenix Flame can quickly recover from his injuries.

And now, this liquid does it.

"Buy a lot of drinks? This is too silly." Doflamingo shook his head, giving up the idea of ​​a rival.

"Go to the underground world to post a reward and check if there is any glowing liquid in the Dota Tavern."

I went to the Dota Tavern as Qiwuhai before, but I didn't gain much. According to recent information, one of the two monsters I encountered in the tavern had not appeared recently, and the other went to the Navy as a swordsman instructor.

Since this is the case, just send those bounty hunters, bounty killers and the like to find clues. Anyway, they will give money if they succeed, and they will not be their own people if they die.


Doflamingo grinned and praised himself.

315. "Swish" "Boom"

"President, are you all right."

Because people were discussing business in Xihai, when Oliver saw the newspaper, it had been three days since Luo Yi jumped into the sea.

He flew into the Chamber of Commerce directly with his travel shoes, and rushed over without stopping.

"It's okay. Would you like a glass of my newly brewed wine? It just opened today."

With that, Luo Yi didn't care whether Oliver nodded or not, so he poured a cup and put it on the table.

"I heard that you jumped into the sea. Don't you know that the capable person can't swim?"

"I know that I gave you your devil fruit."

"Then how do you pay it back"

"I am not afraid of sea water."

Luo spread his hands helplessly.

There is no one else in the tavern now, and there is nothing to tell Oliver.

"Not afraid of sea water?"

Oliver felt that Luo Yi must have gotten into the water in his mind. How could you, a capable person, be not afraid of the water.

He was leaning against the guardrail of the ship, and he would feel soft when hit by splashing water.

Luo Yi didn't say much. In the past few days, many people have expressed concern and greetings to him because of his jumping into the sea. The Warring States period even called him personally, saying that he would arrange a doctor for Luo Yi.

And Luo Yi couldn't explain why he, a "powerful", was not afraid of water.

The blessing of the sea goddess not only allowed Luo Yi to have an increase of 10 in all attributes close to the sea, but also gave Luo Yi the ability to breathe under the sea.

Just as he jumped into the sea, as soon as Luo was trying to go downstream, he was forcibly caught up by Bell.

Moreover, I forcibly pulled myself up without saying anything, and thought I had a psychological problem, so I directly preached to myself.

What life was precious, what life is too short, what people still have a lot of happiness in the world

It was really annoying, Luo Yi said that he was ready to charge.

Later, under the escort of a group of navy, Luo Yi was sent back to the tavern, and even Bell had a thoughtful conversation with a few women in the tavern, asking them to accompany Luo Yi well, so as not to think about it again.

Now everyone knows that Luo Yi and the navy have a close relationship and have extraordinary business cooperation. Even his chamber of commerce is simply a green light when sailing at sea, unimpeded.

However, Bell found that the people in the tavern didn't seem to worry about Luo's jumping into the sea, as if they knew it for a long time, and they didn't mean to stop it, so he reported the matter.

With Bell's report, reporters who had been following Dota Tavern also quickly reported the news.

This is big news.

Since the last time the Dota Tavern shocked the world because of Kaido's death, the store manager actually jumped into the sea early in the morning.

Therefore, Luo Yi was on fire again, and it was on fire for several days.

Luo Yi didn't care about his popularity in this world. When he jumped into the sea before, he also took his own situation into consideration.

As a young man who grew up under the red flag, Luo Yi swims in the sea every day, swimming in the sea water, it is really the first time the big girl has been on the sedan chair.

Luo Yi's swimming level has always stayed in the realm of drowning and barely active. Now that he can breathe underwater, he naturally wants to experience it.

And with the blessing of the goddess of the sea, it was obviously winter sea water, but Luo Yi did not feel the coldness at all. Instead, he felt warm. When swimming underwater, with superhuman physical skills, even if not comparable Murloc, that's not too slow.

It's a pity that he was picked up by Bell and didn't try the effect of the sea goddess blessing.

Don't think that Bell is just a colonel now, but that is because of insufficient combat achievements. Really speaking of strength, the brigadier general is not a problem.

After dismissing Oliver, Luo Yi made it clear that he hadn't missed it, and that he would prepare a big red envelope for his daughter Vera this year, which was considered to appease the hardworking vice president.

After the daily routine of the day, the business hours start in the evening.

There have been a lot of guests recently, and I don’t know if I saw the news of jumping into the sea or what happened. When these guests come, they will greet themselves and talk about the daily routine. They are more annoying than the other, and I don’t know how to order more drinks. .

However, a few strange new guests came tonight.

In the past, it was normal for strangers to come. After all, there was a lot of people on the island, but today is different. Although the few new guests are sitting in various corners of the tavern and pretending not to know each other, they just need to observe carefully. Knowing that there must be a connection between them.

Is this to step on?

Wiping the glass, Luo Yi probably judged their purpose. The people here are too mixed. Even if he is very skilled in seeing and hearing, but once released, the chaotic information is not easy to judge their intentions. You can say, It is indeed a good decision for them to mix in the crowd.

It's just that these people haven't shown their hostility yet, and Luo Yi hasn't taken them to heart for the time being.

If it was before, you should pay attention to it when you sleep at night, but now, the attack range of the four defensive towers covers the entire tavern. Do you think they are four beautiful statues?